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(of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelingseasy to like; agreeable


Capable of being liked
appealing friendly nice pleasant attractive charming engaging pleasing sympathetic winning agreeable amiable genial winsome affable charismatic congenial easygoing enjoyable good good-natured likeable preferable relishable sweet sweet-natured delightful satisfying pleasurable fine heavenly gratifying delightsome lovely delectable welcome jolly dulcet blessed grateful blest savory beautiful savoury great splendid enchanting marvelous entertaining wonderful marvellous fun amusing delicious pretty fair felicitous dreamy darling luscious tasty fascinating joyous cheery copacetic superb exquisite exhilarating magnificent favorable acceptable sublime super mild comfortable glorious neat brilliant capital supercalifragilisticexpialidocious favourable palatable peachy swell to your liking spiffy peach dandy suitable pleasureful ready pussycat to one's liking to your taste to one's taste replayable diverting magical exciting fabulous grand fab terrific thrilling fantastic smashing brill ducky cool magic adorable beaut ripping cracking groovy corking spiffing champion beezer topping wizard bonzer frabjous top-hole out of this world excellent exceptional satisfactory positive comforting stunning enviable lovesome flashy gorgeous worthy euphoric ravishing valuable glamorous photogenic elegant precious sound seductive presentable tasteful sunny hunky clear tempting cunning resplendent A1 rad reputable drop-dead prime dollish glossy dainty cute honourable splashy snazzy eye-catching good-looking ace flamboyant sterling beauteous admirable commendable comely zingy soothing fetching knockout rapturous superior taking aesthetic delicate slick pulchritudinous boss statuesque glamourous spanking intoxicating well-favored choice hospitable showy sightly arresting in order dishy foxy hunky-dory radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent copasetic first-rate passable shipshape first-class recreative paradisiac select gnarly ecstatic telegenic alluring super-excellent paradisal recherche stupendous paradisaical calming esthetic paradisaic irie blissful amazing captivating convivial balmy happy cordial refreshing divine jovial rewarding fine and dandy cheering sensational interesting relaxing heartening cheerful beguiling spectacular gladdening heartwarming scrumptious outstanding awesome funny humorous absorbing witty droll chucklesome encouraging comical bright hilarious yummy stellar merry snug festive fulfilling worthwhile inviting joyful tremendous ambrosial desirable enticing sapid gay lush lekker splendiferous perfect noble notable appetizing toothsome compelling enthralling intriguing riveting tip-top stimulating engrossing succulent delish flavourful flavoursome appreciated mouth-watering lively clever fit distracting soft restorative piquant side-splitting priceless keen finger-licking mouthwatering cozy easy bosting adequate goodly ambrosian flavorsome moreish nummy toothy flavorful yum-yum scrummy mooi restful propitious opportune jim-dandy flavorous celebratory cosy nectareous phenomenal superlative yummo nectarean timely light-hearted appetising bonny convenient A-OK rare very pleasant heaven-sent very agreeable much needed top-notch gladly received par excellence very good escapist fantasy sensual titillating suited welcoming silvery adapted appropriate golden sexy extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant rich amazeballs incredible well suited bodacious babelicious adorbs bootylicious wanted fabby consoling gripping promising very palatable very enjoyable easy to take fantabulous extremely attractive matchless peerless gladsome supreme extraordinary ineffable dynamite ideal constructive productive wondrous clubbable very nice renewing rejuvenating solacing elevated preeminent noted immortal memorable majestic famous esteemed well-known heroic shining renowned distinguished triumphant exalted august splendrous effulgent remarkable famed venerable eminent celebrated proud dazzling honored time-honored illustrious very pleasurable couthy beneficial heart-warming splendacious wicked hot fantastical long-awaited longed-for desired contenting compulsive astonishing restoring sustaining sufficient substantial nourishing satiating happiness-inducing top-shelf something else noteworthy solid unputdownable outrageous colossal greatest festal very attractive greatly to one's liking welcomed eloquent well-written ingenious readable smooth farcical way-out out of sight colorful colourful gala comic solid gold hitting the spot well written laughable jocular facetious ludicrous waggish rib-tickling mirthful worth reading easy to read above average of a high standard novel whimsical rollicking bully topflight prizewinning blue-chip high-class brave bang-up quality frontline on fleek classic first-string four-star slap-up blue-ribbon five-star classical premium gilt-edge superfine top-of-the-line gilt-edged banner nifty supernal honoured joshing wacky jokey boffo gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy bearable habitable tolerable comfy supportable inhabitable sufferable endurable for grins cut up warm cushy edible sustainable accommodating tenantable functional homey civilized lodgeable homely homestyle drinkable eatable pleasant-tasting plush too funny for words snuggly homelike livable civilised comestible useful made well fit for human habitation worth living snug as a bug in a rug sugar-coated home-cooking saporous relishing saporific mellow good-tasting sweetened aperitive moving stirring provocative poignant striking impressive scream inspiring riot fun-filled gas rousing entrancing affecting be a ball


Having a kindly disposition
friendly affectionate affable amiable genial congenial cordial warm convivial companionable company-loving sociable gregarious outgoing clubbable comradely neighbourly hospitable approachable easy to get along with accessible open unreserved easy-going good-natured amicable kindly benign amenable nice agreeable obliging sympathetic cheerful well disposed benevolent good-humored good-humoured couthy warmhearted warm-hearted cheery gracious chirpy lovable social easygoing jovial engaging courteous decent gentle mellow pleasant complaisant mild conversable neighborly perky polite bonhomous kind receptive welcoming well-disposed likeable good-tempered personable sweet considerate caring delightful soft tender compassionate kindhearted charming softhearted helpful tolerant loving mild-mannered winsome fatherly maternal motherly lovely pleasing understanding lenient respectful kind-hearted goodhearted sweet-tempered tenderhearted tender-hearted large-hearted peaceful happy charitable calm temperate chummy matey easy good comforting liberal buddy-buddy paternal palsy-walsy swell humane unassuming humble modest good-hearted big-hearted soft-hearted well meaning well intentioned accommodating angelic merciful brotherly unoffensive easy to get on with forbearing harmless appealing civil sensible urbane assent civilized facile hearty civilised enthusiastic fond heartfelt sincere earnest wholehearted genuine inviting eager solicitous simpatico palsy amorous deep empathetic responsive winning in favour cozy clubby copacetic breezy regular cosy quiet placid thoughtful meek laid back in accord in favor in agreement downright neighborly wonderful generous selfless moderate reverent soft-spoken shy bland moral retiring non-confrontational cool pacific peaceable dove-like lamblike forgiving demure sisterly dovelike wholesome beneficent altruistic giving humanitarian unselfish magnanimous noble extroverted eleemosynary unstinting soft touch cooperative benefic chivalrous indulgent pitying greathearted tactful propitious open-handed great-hearted dutiful lavish princely bleeding-heart big bounteous public-spirited attentive benignant regardful bountiful philanthropical fatherlike clement gallant heart in right place philanthropic all heart openhanded openhearted feeling munificent supportive freehanded patient well-mannered deferential unpresumptuous ingratiating bighearted even-tempered self-effacing sweet-natured prepossessing lively bombastic boisterous vivacious talkative witty extraverted spirited waggish sprightly fun blithe fabulous gassy free ungrudging sensitive concerned unsparing devoted empathic fulsome favorable protective freehearted self-sacrificing favourable free-handed doting prodigal mannerly encouraging sentimental diplomatic nurturing high-minded commiserative do-good honest honourable honorable just permissive well-bred approving compliant gentlemanly well mannered handsome lofty ladylike soft-touch decorous open-hearted fair loose careful reassuring genteel appreciative condoling accepting complimentary human polished profuse willing generous to a fault intimate soothing conciliatory sparing patriarchal consoling excellent long-suffering pardoning hail-fellow-well-met reasonable positive pally fraternal self-denying harmonious commiserating gratifying sympathizing cheering courtly collegial cultivated suave sympathising mindful parental abundant maternalistic bleeding heart laudatory loyal mollycoddling condoning pampering hail-fellow accommodative flattering broad-minded commendatory acceptable ready natural adoring equitable uplifting eager to please upright perceptive inspiriting plenteous eager to help mushy righteous extrovert unstinted refined comprehending willingly given discreet well-behaved high uninhibited politic fulfilling almsgiving going easy on disinterested avuncular lax self-forgetting light well bred overindulgent moralistic ample spoiling denying incorruptible well-meaning mother sheltering close faithful allowing interested stoical excusing permitting yielding serene plentiful touchy-feely watchful conscientious resigned communal inspiring extravagant full stoic uncomplaining reverential like-minded commending heedful dear worthy assuaging soft-shell observant glowing ethical respectable tranquil unflappable virtuous admiring rave ruthful heartening unrestrained restrained longanimous principled upstanding useful stimulating boosting unctuous discerning aware elevated great lordly calming submissive being big lovesome cultured open-minded self-controlled self-restrained affirmative applauding approbatory heartwarming gladdening debonair good-mannered smooth clubable insightful formal having heart in right place loving and giving poised predisposed well behaved acclamatory well spoken approbative well brought up praiseful well-spoken well-intentioned parent self-forgetful unprejudiced vulnerable bubbly suitable becoming confident immaculate soft-centred personal thoughty guestfriendly matriarchal amusing confiding hilarious jocose entertaining kindred funny amical comical attached vibrant happy-go-lucky compatible jocular on good terms understandable nonmalignant emotional vigilant rich beneficial nonthreatening paternalistic goody-goody angelical spotless social-minded holy pharisaical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive unerring patriotic contributing donating socially concerned prosocial pitiful advantageous very kind worried anxious couth cosseting emollient letting assuasive favoring humoring acquiescent piteous responsible forthcoming stately informal marshmallow softie brother's sibling familial genealogical adaptable pliable profitable taking captivating enchanting unmarred pietistical pristine unflawed chaste graceful pietistic favouring humouring soft-shelled nonjudgmental overpermissive communicative relaxed guiding docile vicarious appreciating protecting supporting caretaking placable idealistic public- spirited old softie heroic as nice as pie beneficient valuable non-malignant live with backslapping Robin Hood good scout unmean Christian condescending obsequious punctilious familiar tight handy wellmannered sublime valiant goodish non-hostile virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful unkind unrelenting cruel excessive procrustean inexorable overgenerous favorably inclined favourably inclined well brought-up praising unconstrained knightly composed going along with salutary willing to forgive favourably disposed overabundant immoderate intemperate profligate wasteful thriftless improvident conflict-free attention-seeking ardent jolly bluff trustworthy buddy buddy easy-oasy equable chilled willing to please wild able to live with barley-sugar concordant agreeing square shooting accordant right nice user friendly on tap on deck dependable incorrupt in favor of okay recommendatory inclined assenting Santa Claus welcome proper merry casual free-and-easy unstinging exuberant reserved unobtrusive simple down-to-earth unpretentious jejune vapid dull subservient spiritless obeisant forbearant tame flat subdued kin elegant willing to help enduring imperturbable unexcitable upbeat joyous jocund glad chipper enlivening upper up sunny amatory passionate overfond undemanding fervent demonstrative straight right true persistent philosophical persevering intuitive over the top living with romantic enamoured lovey-dovey addicted enamored has heart in right place equanimous untiring mild-tempered unruffled self-possessed inexcitable passive cognizant conscious sunny side up going easy with stand-up subtle judicious delicate impassive philosophic fortitudinous weak sensitized impressionable reactive spineless boneless consolatory bound up close-knit silly over impressible sensitised emotionable perceiving knowing unimposing expressing adoration clean-living all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded prudent seemly with the patience of Job supersensitive finely tuned dexterous wise skilled adroit skillful cautious tactical deft skilful savvy turned on to touchy feely tuned in relieving dextrous satisfying rewarding easing treating with kid gloves treating something with kid gloves heart-warming congratulatory warming softening invigorating succouring revivifying sustaining allaying envigorating remedying restoring mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating analeptic bolstering revitalising lightening health-giving upholding alleviating freeing refreshing panegyrical honeyed adulatory eulogizing sugary encomiastic saccharine eulogistic laudative encomiastical with highest recommendation fair-spoken eulogising sycophantic plauditory celebrating honouring highly favourable fawning highly favorable honoring well-wishing with high praise


Having appeal in an endearing, sweet or lovable way
dear sweet endearing lovable adorable winning charming winsome cute attractive darling engaging lovely delightful appealing captivating disarming fetching enchanting loveable pleasing precious lovesome angelic taking bewitching pleasant adorbs cutesy nice irresistible simpatico cunning sympathique sympatisch doll face alluring agreeable fascinating inviting seductive likeable fair prepossessing charismatic entrancing magnetic pretty beguiling glamorous bonny amiable desirable comely enticing enthralling luring eye-catching good-looking striking ravishing delectable glamourous handsome dainty gorgeous tantalizing tempting nice-looking smashing mesmeric tantalising beautiful elegant beauteous dreamy bonnie as pretty as a picture easy on the eye cuddly persuasive stunning interesting affable congenial arresting genial graceful nubile fanciable sultry delicate tasty fit provocative personable sightly intriguing aesthetic absorbing seemly heavenly likely beckoning good esthetic divine goodly knockout elfin on fleek well-favored cherubic ingratiating insinuating luscious mesmerizing arousing spunky polite cultured friendly sexy sophisticated hypnotizing spellbinding hunky suave cultivated enamoring titillating witty smart debonair couthy civilized well favoured worldly pulchritudinous come-hither well bred hypnotising teasing mesmerising civilised magnetising larger than life electrifying worldly-wise magnetizing compelling innocent entertaining diverting rapturous seducing dazzling hot sensual bootylicious sensuous dinky cherubical childlike perky fragile warm-hearted cherished affectionate drop-dead beseeching fine drawing attracting siren sirenic cherishable kawaii trim dreamboat eyeful dishy foxy bijou nurturable prizable appreciatable presentable picture-perfect drop-dead gorgeous good-natured twee chocolate-box pretty-pretty canny sweetheart easygoing aces sociable okay gregarious white-hat magical good egg all heart all right bodacious infatuating exciting engrossing as nice as pie choice babelicious conciliatory pacifying mollifying placating peacemaking conciliating placatory pacific appeasing propitiatory propitiating silky insinuative saccharine ingratiatory inveigling convincing silken deferential sexual lush drawing attention out of this world exquisite wonderful shapely radiant beddable becoming buxom blooming stylish fine-looking hypnotic riveting orphic scrumptious fabulous erotic wholesome sensational easy on the eyes a ten come-to-bed sexually attractive very beautiful well-favoured well favored admirable Orphean illecebrous warm welcoming beaut goodlooking ambrosial a sight for sore eyes mouthwatering mouth-watering appetizing open cordial encouraging fair-haired white-headed appetising sublime physically attractive grand resplendent splendid aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing statuesque willowy fashionable dollish voluptuous dapper curvaceous superb camera-friendly classy symmetrical telegenic refined photogenic ideal well-formed prettyish showstopping sheen


Having similar qualities
kindred allied related affiliated corresponding like similar akin alike associated cognate parallel analogous comparable connected interconnected kin matching agnate attractive close closely connected closely related congeneric connate connatural consanguine germane homogeneous incident likeable correspondent equivalent resembling suchlike uniform resemblant identical ditto such homologous consistent same undifferentiated equal congruent consanguineous linked consonant correlative conforming interchangeable synonymous homogenous correlated complementary indistinguishable duplicate much the same commensurate congruous near proportionate consanguineal unvaried undiverse joined much of a muchness the same unvarying tantamount matched in league substitutable even conformable with a common ancestor cut from the same cloth amalgamated united confederated federated unified integrated incorporated bound coupled commensurable fraternal partnered twin reciprocal compatible standardised standardized twinlike reminiscent analogical coequal undifferenced on the order of harmonious of the same family of the same blood in partnership with a common forebear carbon copy selfsame Xerox double dead ringer on par of a kind patrilineal agnatic natural birth biological biologic relative autologous homologized proportional generic general universal same-blooded interrelated answering affiliate agreeing conjoined belonging partner associate accompanying approximative same difference concurrent of a piece approximate facsimile like peas in a pod look-alike Tweedledum and Tweedledee spitting image like two peas in a pod like Tweedledum and Tweedledee mated fellow companion jibing exact attendant sister equaling substitute equalling incidental accessory auxiliary symphonious congenerous allying not unlike congenial relating invariant one and the same approximating fungible coextensive concomitant supplementary combined joint married leagued confederate tied undistinguishable syndicated cooperating aligned wed friendly all alike solid harmonised harmonized regular smooth in cahoots in agreement of the same kind all of a piece all the same all one convertible hand in glove symmetrical obverse paired concordant on a par harmonizing complementing blending comparative coterminous tallying amounting qualified supplemental coincident according harmonising contingent concurring on the same wavelength same as like-minded in accord of one mind equalized cooperative equalised conditional very approaching very same even-steven coordinate exactly the same even-stevens identic exchangeable to the same degree evenly matched on the same page impossible to tell apart of the same mind coordinating toning conterminous coinciding looking like looking alike unanimous with one voice counterpart closely linked carbon copy synonymous with commensurate with connected with allied with cognated relatable almost identical respective verging on bordering on as good a match much the same as the same as as good as of a piece with the dead spit a dead ringer dependent transposable commutable invariable in the same category of that ilk workalike mutual converse reciprocative swappable changeable interconvertible not a million miles away from treadmill stack up with on a plane break even on level pegging dual twofold co- duplex binary double-edged bipartite double-barreled interdependent referring reliant geminate clone drawn copied second duplicating bifold balanced carbon-copy completing interrelating supporting complemental supportive with nothing to choose between them nip and tuck on a level side by side close together level pegging neck and neck all square level in a position of equality conclusive opposite integrative integral filling crowning commutual finishing completory perfecting balancing by comparison modified allusive metaphorical not absolute reasonable vying contrastive in proportion restricted fair rivalling provisional not positive rivaling in comparison with reservation accordant coherent nonconflicting suitable sympathetic in tune coming from the same direction singing the same song conformable to correspondent to correspondent with harmonious with in accordance with congruous with compatible with according with consistent with accordant with concordant with in rapport in harmony with at one with in agreement with more or less the same

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