Synonym of like a child with a new toy


Exceptionally pleased, happy, or satisfied
on top of the world delighted ecstatic elated euphoric on cloud nine on cloud seven overjoyed thrilled treading on air beside oneself with joy delirious enraptured exultant in seventh heaven jubilant jumping for joy rapturous transported walking on air as happy as Larry as pleased as Punch blissful cock-a-hoop in raptures on a high over the moon tickled pink as happy as a sandboy made up wrapped as happy as a clam pleased happy chuffed glad joyous joyful gratified satisfied tickled rapt charmed like a dog with two tails contented thankful gleeful gruntled gladdened blissed out enchanté stoked floating on air pleased as punch well pleased thrilled to bits pleasantly surprised captivated excited entranced fulfilled amused in transports of delight enchanted sent very pleased beside oneself with happiness diverted entertained triumphant only too happy ravished deliriously happy extremely happy happy as a lark happy as a clam content merry mirthful felicitous cheerful grateful animated blithesome exhilarated radiant rejoicing beaming lighthearted tickled to death can't complain jocund sparkling genial up jovial complacent smug appreciative in high spirits cheery gay laughing sunny bright unworried jolly untroubled blithe chirpy relaxed comfortable smiling exuberant pleasant at ease upbeat honored honoured at peace hilarious festive carefree chipper peppy rhapsodic light-hearted buoyant wonderful serene enjoyable in good spirits tranquil proud placid appeased pleasing effervescent flattered spirited lively grinning frolicsome convivial bubbly jocular peaceful blessed intoxicated orgasmic exalted boon optimistic prideful perky gladsome hopeful beatific pleasurable smiley flying occupied interested cheered without a care in the world engrossed beguiled willing glowing ebullient airy sprightly breezy high-spirited appreciatory light playful blest jaunty gratifying jocose reassured gloating esteemed dignified flying high looking good delightful heartwarming high positive fantastic vivacious peart sparky sportive happy-go-lucky good-humoured good-humored rollicking amusing humorous rhapsodical winsome boisterous riotous uproarious larking jumping grooving zippy saturnalian zingy zappy rocking flipping wild fun-loving full of hope mad of good cheer full of the joys of spring rip-roaring doing handsprings complimented lauded enthralled assuaged agreeable thrilled to pieces electrified atingle providential sober poised measured collected composed pacific possessed commodious having fun enjoying oneself privileged loving it high as a kite vigorous heartening triumphal aglow overwhelmed comforted relieved consoled blissfully happy easy unruffled hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed funny comical comic crowing soothed solaced facetious crank glorying triumphalist exulting elevated good unconstrained entertaining celebrating in transports of pleasure in transports of joy giddy pacified enrapt wigged out heady welcome self-possessed enthusiastic satisfying in transports heavenly carried away filled with joy gone spaced-out harmonious crazy cool perfect turned-on idyllic dreamy floating paradisiacal sanguine paradisiac rousing well rosy paradisal fun paradisaical paradisaic magical in ecstasies secure safe Panglossian in the twilight zone in ecstasy like the cat that's got the cream in a good mood protected calm sheltered popping feel-good starry-eyed full of beans rose-colored revered venerated confident involved engaged well-pleased absorbed pleasantly occupied at one's ease at rest home-like eathful at home cared for beautiful cheering obliged indebted beholden pleasurably entertained filled with gratitude in someone's debt obligated in your debt under obligation much obliged

Antonym of like a child with a new toy

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