Synonym of like the cat that swallowed the canary


Uncritically content with oneself or one's achievements
satisfied complacent smug assured confident self-satisfied proud secure content pleased sure certain pleased with oneself pleased with yourself conceited pompous vainglorious egotistical vain egotistic overweening egoistic bigheaded prideful egoistical important biggity biggety swellheaded consequential happy gratified contented serene wisenheimer gloating triumphant unconcerned obsequious self-important stuck-up self-conceited self-opinionated self-righteous self-congratulatory proud of oneself self-assured self-contented self-pleased self-possessed self-regarding resting on your laurels self-approving easy-going self-admiring like the cat that got the cream arrogant imperious haughty lofty domineering self-confident high-handed patronizing supercilious overconfident cocky presumptuous pretentious patronising narcissistic egocentric snobby snooty snobbish uppity self-centered holier-than-thou uppish self-affected high-and-mighty swaggering self-engrossed selfish boastful pontifical huffy impudent bumptious self-promoting condescending self-adulatory brash cavalier highfalutin immodest disdainful lordly self-glorifying hifalutin toplofty toploftical sniffy blusterous bossy peremptory self-centred overbearing magisterial superior stuck up ostentatious aloof dismissive insolent elitist big-headed opinionated too big for one's boots scornful toffee-nosed cocksure puffed up too big for one's breeches hoity-toity swollen-headed bloated cool hubristic orgulous blustering contemptuous self-serving full of oneself stiff-necked audacious high and mighty assuming dictatorial autocratic braggart bombastic saucy impertinent self-flattering huffish self-loving self-assertive self-asserting chesty masterful braggy pontificating self-gratulatory self-complacent self-dramatizing authoritarian blustery forward bragging high-hat self-applauding dominating extroverted unreserved extraverted presuming uninhibited dogmatic commanding august judicial stately majestic highhanded dignified regal stuffy imposing

Antonym of like the cat that swallowed the canary

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