Synonym of living with


Present participle for to tolerate, endure or put up with (something)
tolerating enduring bearing taking standing stomaching countenancing accepting brooking hacking supporting wearing abiding handling absorbing sustaining biding pocketing going meeting coping managing putting up with sticking out sweating out suffering swallowing bearing with submitting to tholing undergoing sticking standing for withstanding allowing permitting weathering admitting going through acknowledging coping with going along with yielding to waiting out toughing out facing braving indulging sanctioning conceding receiving grinning and bear sitting still for seeing grinning and bear it meeting with hanging in hanging in there staying the course bowing to sitting tight admitting of hanging tough living through sitting and taking it resigning oneself to conceding to biting the bullet sticking it out sweating hearing of resigning oneself reconciling reconciling oneself maintaining keeping up with abiding by feeling digesting bearing up under standing up to passing through acquiescing green-lighting licencing licensing passing sitting out lumping it seeing through to the bitter end toughing out it seeing through seeing out confronting making do cutting your coat according to your cloth experiencing encountering shouldering assuming condoning authorizing taking on bearing the brunt of coming up against submitting oneself to subjecting oneself to carrying sitting through coming to grips with riding out ignoring recognising humoring stringing along having hearing consenting to recognizing blinking at letting winking at turning a blind eye to authorising approving of humouring agreeing to acceding to consenting deferring playing the game agreeing facing the music taking one's medicine taking it capitulating took one's lumps facing up to allowing for onfanging getting used to acclimatizing oneself to making the best of becoming accustomed to reconciling oneself to becoming resigned to surrendering to capitulating to acquiescing to sitting and take becoming reconciled to withtaking adjusting to learning to live with accommodating oneself to


Present participle for to give little or no attention to
disregarding ignoring overlooking discounting brushing aside forgetting neglecting passing over dismissing omitting overpassing bypassing excusing forgiving pardoning remitting shrugging off slurring over whitewashing blanking contemning unheeding conniving missing unminding glossing over cold-shouldering laughing off letting go letting pass papering over setting aside tuning out blinking at brushing away brushing off paying no attention to paying no heed to paying no mind taking no notice of turning a deaf ear turning a deaf ear to glozing over leaving be letting off easy shutting eyes to turning a blind eye turning a blind eye to winking at leaving out of account looking the other way making light of sending to Coventry taking no account of letting slide condoning sparing burying sinking stomaching taking deliberately ignoring putting up with swimming with the tide turning blind eye to shutting your eyes to letting ride letting someone off with grinning and bear it wiping slate clean bearing with conniving at making allowances for standing for going along with playing past looking past letting bygones be bygones rolling with punches letting something ride abandoning shirking skipping forsaking discarding deserting deferring avoiding pretermitting scanting rejecting postponing overleaping evading procrastinating depreciating eliding underestimating leaving undone skimping on not caring for losing sight of thinking little of procrastinating over failing to look after leaving alone paying little attention to turning your back on passing up not caring failing to remember keeping one's distance failing to care for not troubling oneself trifling with failing to provide for throwing to the winds having nothing to do with keeping at arm's length turning one's back on closing one's eyes to misheeding paying no mind to taking no notice disbelieving excluding slighting pushing aside minimizing dispelling underselling dispensing with looking through winking doubting minimising dissimulating turning blind eye turning back on failing to notice turning deaf ear letting it go not taking into account closing your eyes to burying one's head in sand playing down pooh-poohing laying aside giving no credence to taking with a pinch of salt acquitting acquiting exonerating reprieving absolving accepting clearing exculpating justifying freeing amnestying liberating releasing letting it go by having mercy on dealing leniently with forgiving and forgetting making allowance for


Characterized by patience and indulgence
forbearing patient tolerant long-suffering easy forgiving mild moderate indulgent merciful accommodating clement easy-going kind stoic stoical uncomplaining understanding calm lenient longanimous resigned restrained self-controlled self-restrained charitable considerate cool gentle humane humanitarian soft-shell thoughtful unflappable being big going easy on going easy with serene imperturbable unexcitable unruffled placid accepting tranquil equable composed even-tempered impassive mellow submissive philosophical good-natured easygoing phlegmatic philosophic unemotional self-possessed chilled with the patience of Job relaxed enduring nonchalant casual insouciant meek unconcerned collected docile amiable blithe laid-back unworried happy-go-lucky dispassionate fatalistic pleasant unperturbed deferential undemanding unhurried together easy-peasy good-humoured good-humored peaceful nonplussed affable free and easy cool, calm and collected stolid indifferent acquiescent compliant selfless unflustered breezy informal lax quiet friendly persistent persevering leisurely soft understated downbeat equanimous untiring inexcitable mild-tempered passive tender chilled out live-and-let-live low-key level-headed at ease low-pressure devil-may-care fortitudinous pacific liberal detached sober peaceable rational logical realistic unassuming warm soft-hearted flexible carefree practical sedate conciliatory warm-hearted modest sensitive compassionate tender-hearted sympathetic moral enlightened ethical wise profound temperate deep deep-thinking learned amenable untroubled permissive easy-oasy genial broad-minded mild-mannered good-tempered flat jejune subservient subdued spiritless obliging vapid complaisant obeisant smooth tame forbearant dull cordial agreeable open-minded generous unfazed


Patient self-control
forbearance patience tolerance resignation restraint leniency indulgence long-suffering moderation self-control endurance fortitude lenity temperance toleration clemency long-sufferingness mildness stoicism sufferance abstinence avoidance longanimity refraining self-restraint patientness resisting going easy on acceptance permissiveness laxness calmness imperturbability lenience passivity coolness phlegm unflappability kindness softness consideration indifference broad-mindedness open-mindedness composure charity liberality liberalism bearing sympathy magnanimity fatalism serenity submission understanding philosophicalness complaisance cool passiveness equanimity compassion dispassion guts lack of bias lack of prejudice mercy nonresistance meekness sensitivity lack of protest lack of complaint acceptance of the inevitable indecision looseness philosophy self-possession soft-heartedness laxity compliance acquiescence condonation sanction allowance condoning anger control anger prevention non-resistance docility concession freedom grace humanity mercifulness charitableness liberalness license altruism benevolence permission forbearing impassivity submissiveness humility resignedness humbleness deference lowliness acknowledgement modesty conformity acknowledgment stolidity stolidness impassiveness good will self-discipline grip sobriety Dunkirk spirit resistance resilience stamina anger management toughness hardness hardiness steadfastness vigor opposition strength steadiness vigour tranquillity tranquility unexcitability persistence equilibrium staying power poise perseverance grit constancy inexcitability putting up with submission to surrender to resignation to yielding to passivity to placidity capacity backbone gutsiness heart even-temperedness intestinal fortitude even temper

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