Synonym of loitering

Alternative for loitering

loiters, loitered, loitering

Synonym: delay, dillydally, idle, linger, stay, stop, tarry, wait,

Antonym: hasten, hurry,


Present participle for to move or act at a slow speed
dallying dawdling delaying lingering lolling sauntering strolling lagging idling loafing crawling creeping diddling dillydallying dilly-dallying dragging lallygagging lollygagging moping poking shilly-shallying tarrying mooching moseying skulking ambling dabbling drifting flagging going slowly halting hovering lurking pausing procrastinating rambling shambling shuffling slackening sloughing trailing traipsing wandering hanging about frittering away hanging out passing time putting off getting no place fast hanging around waiting staying wasting time remaining plodding puttering straggling falling behind killing time dragging one's feet dragging your feet sticking around stalling meandering lagging behind goofing around pottering marking time staying put horsing around stopping limping dithering haunting hesitating temporizing pootling tootling trailing behind taking one's time roaming temporising dropping behind walking slowly moving slowly fooling around toddling pottering around hanging fire abiding biding hanging on resting trudging inching dwelling frequenting swanning tailing hanging back whiling away time bimbling spending time oozing vacillating maundering walking taking your time trifling retarding tramping hanging round tromping fannying about kicking around waiting around lounging about humming and hawing bumming around doing nothing much playing a waiting game passing the time tooling slouching losing time filibustering nosing snailing staggering residing lodging lounging fribbling holding back tottering faltering doodling goofing off promenading perambulating straying postponing deferring stravaiging bringing up the rear hiking creaking along fooling about warming a chair pottering about roving havering wavering enduring puttering around fiddling around beating the meat continuing monkeying around pottering round swithering stumping adjourning holding on playing for time sitting tight kicking your heels percolating sashaying taking a walk staying behind using delaying tactics messing around spinning one's wheels farting around putting off doing something taking a stroll taking the air ankling going for a walk holding off creeping around prowling twiddling your thumbs idling away the hours filling in time frittering frittering away time taking one's own sweet time whiling away the time fiddling about piddling burning daylight slacking streeling shirking stonewalling schlepping along coasting floating trilling going for a stroll kicking about diddle-daddling boondoggling fluctuating frittering time away diminishing dropping failing falling back decreasing lying in wait for strolling along taking it easy dragging your heels hemming and hawing pussyfooting around blowing hot and cold dragging behind waning ebbing shlepping along scrounging around sitting around fooling with trifling with whiling away sitting on one's butt buying time slowing jellying hobbling twiddling loitering along playing games with going aimlessly slowing up inching along falling off ranging losing strength prolonging protracting dangling drooping sagging living playing stumbling goldbricking cooling waiting about staying close waiting nearby standing spreading erring scrambling straddling hanging down lumbering sticking settling taking a raincheck suspending action postponing action letting slide deferring action kicking the can down the road staying nearby moving at a snail's pace poking around strining out awaiting hanging waddling doddering shelving remitting stopping over lying around squatting bunking roosting nesting outstaying perching galumphing floundering clumping barging scuffing scuffling slogging stamping lumping stomping holding the phone draggling peregrinating putting over holding up holding over laying over flogging shifting lurching changing pounding boogying getting some exercise walking casually hoofing it getting some air boogieing sweating it out holding the fort putting down roots remaining behind staying out establishing oneself keeping on establishing yourself putting back holding off on rescheduling putting on the back burner leaving to another time putting on hold suspending putting on ice proroguing limping along creeping along wearing on advancing slowly hanging heavy appearing to pass slowly slowing down going on and on going on too long relaxing becoming tedious chilling out fiddling acting the fool amusing oneself mucking about faffing about playing the fool clowning lounging around lazing around mucking around playing around larking around pratting about having a lark mooching around having a laugh clowning around resting up lolling around keeping it up gripping latching on holding fast clinging on clinging carrying on persisting holding out going on grasping keeping a hold on seeing it through clutching persevering sticking it out


Present participle for stand or wait around without apparent purpose
lingering pottering idling lazing loafing lounging skulking waiting tarrying hanging around killing time wasting time hanging about hanging round mooching about mooching around whiling away time lolling bumming dawdling dallying dillydallying hanging out chillin chilling footling lazying droning kicking back goofing off kicking around hacking around vegging out slacking taking it easy relaxing lying around vegetating goldbricking passing time frittering away skiving malingering doing nothing lounging around fooling around frittering away time bumming around sitting around slowing down sprawling reclining sauntering slouching lying mooching outspanning stalling trifling basking lying about loafing around twiddling thumbs loafing about kicking your heels lazing around lounging about standing around marking time knocking around whiling away the time lolling about whiling away hours not lifting a finger lolling around unwinding slumping flopping daydreaming vegging hanging resting dossing whiling away the hours fooling away piddling around piddling about staying remaining hovering frequenting haunting reposing sitting making yourself at home frittering time away leaning luxuriating draping oneself stretching oneself idling away time idling away the hours sitting on one's hands filling in time consuming time twiddling your thumbs passing the time amusing oneself creeping slackening lying back leaning back lying down on job languishing stagnating whiling frittering mouldering slummocking degenerating bludging lollygagging moldering sitting back and do nothing batting about slouching about whiling away sitting back kicking one's heels fannying about batting around going to seed slouching around lazing about bobbing off drifting strolling evading shirking dreaming piddling taking things easy letting down chilling out loosening up mooning unbending de-stressing drooping slacking off batting playing taking time off entertaining oneself enjoying oneself staying loose letting it all hang out taking a break fiddling easing off letting up easing up unbuttoning taking time out stooging moping taking a breather putting your feet up winding down decompressing mellowing out letting yourself go messing around taking five flopping about flopping around vacillating deteriorating existing ambling wandering meandering hibernating decaying weakening futzing chillaxing letting one's hair down doing nothing in particular going to pot twiddling one's thumbs lying dormant fiddling around messing about stooging around sunbathing lolloping unlaxing stooping putting one's feet up knocking off cooling off composing oneself letting oneself go making less tense lightening up settling back simmering down collecting oneself making oneself at home taking one's time having a break stopping work taking ten feeling at home letting your hair down breathing easy taking your ease lying down sunning warming oneself hunching sagging standing down warming yourself toasting yourself sunning oneself quietening quietening down swimming in spreading out stretching out toasting oneself calming down quieting down crouching bowing bending wilting


Present participle for to prevent from progress
retarding arresting checking decelerating delaying handicapping braking clogging detaining hindering impeding obstructing encumbering postponing slowing down stalling deferring hampering curbing hamstringing holding back holding up inhibiting setting back slowing up interrupting keeping back putting back restraining restricting slackening slowing cumbering staying trammelling trammeling baffling baulking balking bogging choking crimping dawdling decreasing downing faltering fettering flagging hesitating interfering with lessening loafing miring poking reducing retardating putting a brake on backing off bogging down choking off closing off hanging up letting up shutting down shutting off taking down bringing to screeching halt throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of tempering stunting curtailing limiting diminishing lagging abating moderating regulating procrastinating quieting reefing qualifying embogging reining in winding down losing speed putting the brakes on cutting down cutting back anchoring it keeping waiting losing steam hitting the brakes letting down flaps getting in the way of thwarting frustrating cramping blocking foiling shackling stymieing preventing hobbling handcuffing hog-tying stopping barring manacling embarrassing short-circuiting tying up constraining crippling deterring getting in the way halting bridling disrupting opposing borking intermitting interfering cramping one's style standing in the way of repressing derailing forestalling confining withholding prohibiting debarring tying remitting fazing entangling binding shelving scuppering crabbing stonewalling inconveniencing cutting off throwing a spanner in the works protracting pausing discontinuing proroguing prolonging holding bottlenecking putting off burdening neutralizing muzzling warding off contravening counteracting resisting neutralising damming rattling discomfiting freezing staving off chaining disconcerting holding off on catching holding over making late capturing enmeshing ensnaring netting screwing up fouling up shutting out lousing up boxing in straitening snagging discouraging saddling with giving a hard time entrapping throwing a spoke in the wheel of hemming in tethering suppressing dissuading stifling quashing smothering disturbing affecting suspending influencing tampering forbidding confusing discommoding incommoding jamming troubling conflicting outlawing sandbagging bitting averting warding tabooing interdicting enjoining snookering puzzling defeating spoiling confounding mystifying stumping keeping in putting an end to holding in holding down scotching nonplussing putting on brakes putting an stop to stemming the flow of nipping in the bud flummoxing cornering giving the run around putting paid to pigeonholing putting the kibosh on putting on back burner upsetting putting on hold throwing a monkey wrench into hanging fire holding off dead-ending debilitating leashing weighing down dragging one's feet tiing one's hands


The state or condition of being inoperative
inoperativeness idleness inertia lethargy indolence sluggishness shiftlessness sloth slothfulness slowness stagnation dormancy torpor unemployment hibernation dawdling droning joblessness laze lazing leisure loafing otiosity pottering slouch stupor torpidity trifling truancy vegetating inactivity inertness dilly-dallying time-wasting goof-off time own sweet time time to burn time to kill time on one's hands laziness inaction quiescence nonaction languor negligence remissness slackness hebetude skiving laxity apathy vegetation immobility desuetude disuse dullness heaviness stagnancy lassitude lifelessness passivity doziness listlessness dilatoriness sedentariness dolce far niente sleepiness quietness languidness drowsiness indifference weariness faineance enervation supineness laxness inactiveness fatigue passiveness torpidness unresponsiveness disinterest lackadaisicalness leisureliness tiredness dreaminess faineancy languorousness torpescence docility impassiveness nonparticipation do-nothingness stasis stillness rest stolidity neglectfulness motionlessness somnolence leadenness otioseness ennui calm accidie tardiness weakness submissiveness sluggardness narcosis slacking shirking disinclination procrastination feebleness unconcern numbness unconsciousness neglect fainéance acedia repose immobilization disregard phlegm paralysis inanition immobilisation exhaustion slumber impassivity coma unproductivity impotence status lack of progress lack of exertion demotivation quiet no effort senioritis deadness neurasthenia asthenia anergia lack of energy malaise dopeyness frailty indolency non-intervention oscitancy debility faintness unmindfulness sleep insouciance heedlessness staticity lack of effort suspension deliquescence doldrums fecklessness quietude deferral depression disinclination to move lack of motivation prostration resignation emotionlessness invisibility inexpression underdevelopment expectancy abeyancy potential frazzle burnout collapse time on your hands sluggardliness status quo jadedness insensitivity lack of change abandonment discontinuation abeyance no change anesthesia stupefaction narcoma trance carus analgesia callousness insusceptibility shutdown stoppage standstill verdancy growth layoff halt breakdown insensibility anaesthesia stopping career break


Lacking in speed
slow unhurried leisurely sluggish creeping dawdling deliberate lagging measured easy slow-moving laggard plodding ponderous leaden moderate gentle relaxed sedate slow-going steady comfortable dilatory labored laboured lazy sluggardly tardy tortoise-like undemanding unrushed crawling dallying dillydallying dragging languid leaden-footed lethargic listless pokey poking poky snaillike snail-like snail-paced behindhand idle lackadaisical laggy late lollygagging slothful torpid apathetic delaying dreamy drowsy imperceptible indolent inert passive phlegmatic postponing procrastinating tortoiselike remiss supine slow-paced lingering slack gradual unhasty stagnant sleepy heavy inactive lax slow-footed time-wasting patient tarrying putting off slow and steady painstaking backward unpunctual casual relaxing problem moratory neglectful negligent flagging easygoing nonchalant leisured calm easy-going restful effortless laid-back stalling temporizing shelving dilly-dallying tabling deferring Fabian temporising delayed dull behind languorous enervated belated overdue behind schedule indifferent running late dormant behind time debilitated not on time delinquent somnolent tired latish unenergetic lifeless weary comatose fatigued draggy impassive dopey moony blah having spring fever quiescent weak exhausted lacklustre slumberous lackluster snoozy spiritless neb lymphatic too late moving slowly without energy long-delayed held up hebetudinous behind target stupid undeveloped dense underprivileged imbecile checked moronic arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal free slackened on hands and knees unproductive burned out sedentary somnific spent deferred later postponed jammed put off hung up last-minute eleventh-hour long-overdue stupefied unenthusiastic shiftless flat slithering shuffling quailing inching sneaking grovelling worming skulking writhing slinking wriggling squirming shambling groveling hobbling nebbish narcotic stretchy unmoving stolid wimpy sleepyhead static limp quiet depressed out of it on all fours barely moving dead yawny faineant unresponsive fainéant insensitive insensible dozy logy neurasthenic asthenic in arrears


Of little importance
trifling insignificant trivial unimportant small negligible petty frivolous inconsequential silly idle inconsiderable minor tiny paltry slight fiddling footling incidental measly minuscule minute nugatory piddling empty light nominal pettifogging picayune superficial derisory piddly piffling pitiful puny shallow worthless dinky foolish little mingy miserable niggling pathetic exiguous peanut poxy valueless banal chicken hollow idling inane insipid jejune marginal pimping vain vapid nickel-and-dime no-account of little account of little consequence of no account of no consequence not worth mentioning small-fry de minimis of little importance small-bore Mickey Mouse no big deal no big thing not worth bothering about meagre insufficient inadequate meager inappreciable insubstantial minimal scanty pointless meaningless irrelevant scant immaterial skimpy useless inferior futile casual lightweight deficient poor sparse secondary of no importance stingy wretched mean token low infinitesimal inessential limited base unproductive beggarly ineffectual contemptible peripheral lesser nonessential cheap twopenny-halfpenny unsubstantial barren scarce slender profitless imperceptible non-essential miserly modest ineffective unavailing unprofitable minimum unnecessary senseless fruitless pitiable shabby frothy second-rate short small-time subordinate penny-ante shoestring ungenerous trite lousy trashy flimsy lean of no moment flighty two-bit subsidiary mediocre bootless neither here nor there nothing puerile ignorable shoddy reduced extraneous unsuccessful sorry abortive featherbrained sparing unsatisfactory unessential sterile beside the point subtle otiose mere of no value minor-league lower fractional junior time-wasting giddy smaller scatterbrained dizzy bush-league hairsplitting purposeless subnormal harebrained ditzy goofy inefficacious birdbrained not worth speaking of ditsy purportless yeasty wanting inconsequent tacky slim junky of no great concern lightheaded perfunctory ridiculous in vain light-headed to no avail light-minded cursory rubbishy of no use microscopic aimless substandard lowly despicable lame low-ranking bad null unusable low-grade diminutive impractical tangential lacking inutile spare fine weak bogus waste counterproductive ignoble abandoned narrow accessory dependent minus flippant lamentable hair-splitting inappropriate occasional impotent hopeless failed laughable insulting thin few tenuous skimp second-string ludicrous impalpable quibbling preposterous fussy no-good absurd outrageous risible below the mark cavilling nit-picking to no purpose obscure on a treadmill restricted tawdry frugal scrimpy everyday scratch bare nondescript sleazy common unimpressive ordinary disappointing unsound wanky subpar unacceptable dissatisfactory good-for-nothing gimcrack Brummagem sketchy desultory caviling momentary evanescent nasty slapdash passing potty motiveless inapposite farcical crummy low-quality rotten unconsidered defective abject drossy poor-quality rare wack crumby punk skin-deep impertinent inapplicable suboptimal scattered under chaffy younger subaltern rubbish unconsiderable off bush sour wrong ill sporadic of minor importance irrelative uncritical unhelpful sad thwarted imperfect uncommon infrequent of no merit rattlebrained fatuous foreign small potatoes thoughtless smalltime fickle unreal no good of no matter not pertinent not germane all the same exhausted nuanced depthless of no avail to no effect delusive below par surface-level not to the point faint elusive abstruse distinct middling basal no more than no dice in short supply strict hard to find next to none empty-headed seldom seen fine-drawn cryptic enigmatic fine-spun finespun straggling thin on the ground low in numbers hard to come by from hunger few and far between bird-brained esoteric half-baked next to no unfrequent recondite at a premium picky ne'er-do-well mild neglectable finicky sophisticated wee symbolic toytown commonplace niggly cockamamie cockamamy derisive comical dismal low precedence lilliputian peppercorn set unconsequential hand-to-mouth humble undemanding atomic vanishing unintellectual tinpot zero zilch zip indifferent wimpy runt shrimp depleted diddly little bitty bitty smallish ancillary low preference not a priority dead casuistic captious equivocating sophistical forlorn fragmentary unimposing hardly worth mentioning background auxiliary by-the-way by-the-by no biggie two bit big zero entry level of no significance rinky-dink feckless non-successful too little too late illogical asinine no great shakes diminished extrinsic less important uncelebrated featherweight imponderous incompetent failing irrational woeful not enough basic unreasonable doomed vacant unpurposed throwaway without depth expendable of less importance dispensable shy just only Sisyphean lost dwindling invalid wasted unneeded resultless impracticable very groundless related contributory supplementary contributing absolute unreasoning cut no good to gundy without rhyme or reason crude low priority fallacious nanoscopic frilly lacking substance save one's breath for nought not worth the candle faulty unworthy meretricious gaudy showy baseless nonrational of little import unsatisfying junk lemon ropy duff offensive unsuitable least smallest littlest slightest run-down lighthearted indistinguishable insensible barely perceptible no use execrable cut-rate tasteless schlocky cheapjack terrible vulgar cheesy bum low-rent schlock coarse bargain-basement garish powerless displeasing lowest rambling unfounded inconsiderate baulked misfired minutest tiniest fewest merest illegitimate distressing damaged intangible vague ephemeral indiscernible invisible shadowy inaudible unnoticeable imponderable unobservable unperceivable gradual undetectable indistinct inconspicuous just a no better than only a brummagem frustrated foiled glib simplistic unfructuous pants of no benefit at a low level lacking foundation very little smallest amount of least possible no-win misleading unnotable void without success shuck delusory balked schematic simple unrelated unconnected matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference no never mind hasty third-rate el cheapo trumpery not up to par jerry-built below average second rate not up to scratch minor league tenth-rate below standard not satisfying not up to snuff without grounds not serious without foundation two a penny not much cop inapt not a prayer in vicious circle going nowhere hurried facile surface ignorant oversimplified a dead loss unsaleable a dime a dozen detached disconnected unthinking unintelligent unscholarly remote independent unassociated unapt disparate dissociated outside less of little value of negligible value inapropos separate inappurtenant in the minority seldom found widely spaced unusual out of the ordinary not applicable off base not pertaining to off the topic not connected off the point not related nothing to do with out of place not connected with off the subject out of order not worth a hill of beans nodding slipshod offhand rapid rushed of no financial value fleeting inattentive quick one-dimensional wishy-washy partial insincere flash summary feigning would fetch nothing

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