Synonym of lost in time


Of a bygone era
lost bygone past former old ancient antiquated archaic dated forgotten old-fashioned previous defunct historical late long-gone obsolete olden old-time one-time outdated redundant antique erstwhile ex- oldfangled outmoded out-of-date outworn superseded unrecalled unremembered worn-out consigned to oblivion dead expired extinct latter-day lost and gone of old of yore out of date passé vanished way back way back when departed earlier finished completed long-ago nonextant done gone gone by bypast belated sometime foregone forepassed quondam past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion down memory lane water over the dam water under the bridge disregarded lapsed buried erased disremembered repressed suppressed out of mind blotted out gone clean out of someone's mind left behind past recollection blanked out prehistoric antediluvian prior immemorial primeval primordial fossilized primaeval earliest fossilised early remote distant primigenial superannuated discarded medieval ended discontinued prehistorical obsolescent mediaeval neolithic long gone long ago primitive onetime one time last at the time very old then Stone Age first out of the ark predictable inevitable inescapable ordained certain predetermined unavoidable fated destined removed abandoned mossy demoded disused deep moribund over rusty anachronistic from the past Noachian kaputt kaput aged wiped out unemployed stagnant moth-eaten recent behind the times pristine old hat spent old-fangled older ex fallen into disuse no longer in use olde worlde no more accomplished elapsed long past long departed past its prime gone-by in the olden days of an earlier time ages ago once upon a time back when of a former period in the good old days having seen better days ago old fashioned latter dead and buried over and done with over and done whilom venerable primal dateless démodé deprecated dinosaur timeworn atavistic relic antwacky fossil past your sell-by date had it done for past its sell-by date dead and gone of long ago

Antonym of lost in time

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