Synonym of lovey dovey


Showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire
amorous amatory erotic affectionate ardent doting enamoured fond impassioned lovesick loving lustful passionate tender sexual aphrodisiac aphrodisiacal attached erogenous erotical erotogenic goo-goo hot in love kissy lovey-dovey romantic sexy smoochy spoony steamy amative enamored horny infatuated randy sentimental sportive boy crazy girl crazy sweet for sweet on turned on hot and heavy have a crush on adoring devoted caring warm touchy-feely lovesome intimate sensual mushy love indulgent solicitous warm-hearted overindulgent friendly amicable demonstrative idolatrous carnal illicit adulterous icky corny colourful maudlin colorful sloppy gentle tender-hearted attentive tenderhearted kind soft overfond comforting emotional predisposed sympathetic addicted responsive commiserative soothing silly over cuddly chummy besotted pally matey partial dear huggy soft on all over crazy over nutty about buddy-buddy foolish fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple smoochy-woochy kissy-kissy benevolent kindly maternal compassionate motherly nurturing thoughtful benign supportive considerate fatherly protective charitable warmhearted softhearted kindhearted understanding humane beneficent generous earnest fervent gracious mild merciful benignant good-hearted good-natured kind-hearted soft-hearted maternalistic admiring mother sheltering reverent reverential cordial paternal amiable watchful sensitive hospitable concerned empathetic loyal faithful sweet parental giving enthusiastic neighborly feeling neighbourly philanthropical eager deep goodhearted all heart great-hearted bleeding-heart large-hearted parent worshipping patriarchal matriarchal forbearing venerating guiding adulatory idolizing libidinous nice munificent worshiping idolising tolerant greathearted angelic benefic altruistic selfless torrid hot-blooded well meaning well intentioned well-mannered helpful humanitarian philanthropic yearning lascivious naughty wooing rapturous attracted languishing empathic fatherlike receptive patient open-hearted big-hearted genial affable pleasant hearty supporting protecting caretaking careful welcoming lenient forgiving comradely heartfelt congenial cheerful cheery sincere sociable happy wholehearted genuine bleeding heart inviting liberal companionable approachable likable close palsy convivial likeable bonhomous palsy-walsy good-humoured good-humored close-knit bound up avid rabid staunch fervid committed vehement dedicated true-blue fanatical dutiful steadfast big exuberant zealous devout intense resolute keen true expressing adoration


Excessively sentimental
syrupy sentimental sloppy mushy corny soppy schmaltzy mawkish saccharine cloying slushy maudlin drippy cheesy sickly weepy cutesy romantic touching lovey-dovey icky over-sentimental overemotional emotional gushing tear-jerking tearful nostalgic pathetic gushy tender simpering trite dewy-eyed sickly sweet soft-hearted three-hankie sugary sappy gooey soupy novelettish sugarcoated spoony fruity spooney sticky chocolate-box wet cornball twee treacly sick-making hokey toe-curling sloshy bathetic effusive jejune three-hanky inane soapy nauseating sweet dreamy sickening impressionable overacted affected idealistic demonstrative softhearted insipid sobby vapid passionate oversweet moonstruck languishing honeyed hearts-and-flowers soft visionary rosewater affectionate loving silly lachrymose sickly-sweet sugar-coated banal Mills-and-Boon oversentimental tacky cute fatuous excessive OTT hacky over the top bromidic kitsch cornpone kitschy melodramatic schlocky choking campy unctuous poetic over-emotional self-pitying dime-store ingratiating corn-fed candied goo-goo warmed-over teary feeble disgusting over-the-top too much cloyingly sweet moving misty-eyed stirring affecting poignant pretty emotive soft-focus picturesque romanticised attractive pretty-pretty romanticized powerful heart-rending heart-warming fulsome uplifting harrowing tragic impassioned heartbreaking soul-stirring haunting dramatic enthusiastic ebullient rhapsodic extravagant exuberant expansive hagiographical overdone unreserved unrestrained lyrical adulatory lavish oleaginous hagiographic exciting thrilling impactful impressive overenthusiastic over-enthusiastic over-effusive laid on with a trowel hyped up oily disturbing sad evocative plaintive heartrending precious sensitive affective melting wistful piteous pitiful upsetting saddening pitiable expressive histrionic gentle quaint bijou melancholy depressing dainty namby-pamby controversial dismal blubbery glib hammy voluble bitter painful distressing inflammatory contentious delicate down memory lane sorrowful old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed stale commonplace dull touchy miserable mournful wretched intense visceral perceptual noncognitive feeling intuitive warming agonizing gut-wrenching awkward hot-button difficult problematic uninhibited agonising agitating perturbing tragicomic affectional heartwarming stunning compassionate mind-blowing sympathetic responsive tactual tactile touchy-feely bittersweet old hat sweet-and-sour with a sting in the tail with mixed emotions


Very friendly, especially in an excessive or artificial way
palsy-walsy friendly amicable cordial genial companionable neighbourly neighborly warm warmhearted comradely collegial matey bonhomous chummy clubby pally palsy affectionate close confiding fond thick hearty intimate hail-fellow buddy-buddy hail-fellow-well-met lovey-dovey kissy-huggy very friendly sociable amiable cozy cosy familiar congenial tight affable good-natured inseparable gracious convivial pleasant bosom kind hospitable good-humoured especial good-humored gregarious as thick as thieves sympathetic near personal agreeable mellow on good terms kindly loving cheerful inward regular outgoing warm-hearted close-knit clubbable conversable thick as thieves social polite civil easy-going brotherly harmonious dear fraternal constant approachable welcoming easy cooperative confidential extroverted extrovert devoted well-disposed easy to get along with couthy obliging cheery charitable tender well disposed company-loving jovial enthusiastic heartfelt faithful special firm sincere cherished fast earnest happy wholehearted buddy buddy eager considerate helpful likeable likable nice backslapping communal responsive uninhibited clubable extraverted glowing red-carpet affectious clannish cliquey snug fresh free-and-easy officious dearest boon nearest and dearest favorite favourite conjoined joined at the hip in each other's pocket closely acquainted gentle merciful thoughtful generous courteous tight-knit on the best of terms well in close to inseparable from devoted to hand in glove on friendly terms peaceful lovable downright neighborly mild personable sweet winsome complaisant lenient winning delightful easy to get on with good-tempered charming swell copacetic sweet-tempered breezy pleasing engaging peaceable all heart attached non-hostile civilized conflict-free benevolent like-minded understanding empathic concordant agreeing civilised pacific accordant good treasured best valued benign fatherly genuine caring on top of each other comforting inviting compassionate maternal amorous liberal softhearted deep solicitous motherly kindhearted empathetic paternal square shooting right nice bluff jolly merry upper chirpy easygoing up cheering favorable perky chipper upbeat jocund high sunny enlivening favourable joyous blithe glad sunny side up tenderhearted indulgent tender-hearted kind-hearted soft humane open soft-hearted beneficent sensitive good-hearted supportive benignant doting unreserved feeling concerned big-hearted decent tolerant protective unselfish magnanimous adoring touchy-feely goodhearted patient accessible demonstrative communicative ardent altruistic amenable sentimental receptive accommodating encouraging forbearing fervent passionate commiserative nurturing emotional selfless condoling attentive large-hearted giving fatherlike philanthropic smiling bleeding-heart expansive forgiving consoling pitying great-hearted soothing true unfeigned clement forthcoming expressive perceptive well meaning commiserating unrestrained mild-mannered mushy sympathizing bright unconstrained humanitarian careful sympathising watchful sensible lovely effusive openhearted bighearted reassuring bountiful calm reactive impressionable honest cuddly real amatory open-handed munificent unstinting open-hearted conscious lovesome buoyant unassuming overindulgent positive enamored parental philanthropical enamoured beaming urbane maternalistic from the heart bona fide human mother well intentioned sheltering vigilant intuitive aware profound informal complete moderate heartening patriarchal talkative uplifting gushing calming inspiriting cognizant bounteous conciliatory total absolute chatty heartwarming gladdening devout propitious gallant perceiving noble thorough gratifying fulfilling tactful loyal dinkum romantic chivalrous lively reverential reverent solemn ebullient modest candid serious full-hearted impassioned unpresumptuous prepossessing appreciative greathearted deferential comprehending whole-souled sweet-natured even-tempered authentic deeply felt angelic benefic lavish heart-to-heart having heart in right place loving and giving harmless bleeding heart open-minded respectful good company well-mannered smiley grinning parent paternalistic temperate matriarchal natural relaxed nonmalignant avuncular nonthreatening affirmative inspiring guestfriendly guiding available fun unstuffy lovesick fiery irritable sensorial sensory vulnerable high-strung nervous fragile facile loquacious garrulous colonial wonderful approving appealing free-handed free besotted infatuated non-malignant accepting broad-minded righteous glad-handering taking captivating enchanting stimulating boosting humble ingratiating self-effacing piteous ruthful familial ungrudging voluble conversational overfond very dear protecting supporting caretaking interested as nice as pie simpatico reasonable sparing foolish eleemosynary soft touch unoffensive dutiful big public-spirited regardful wholesome princely heart in right place openhanded freehanded meek placid serene predisposed addicted welcome discursive talky old softie admiring worshipping upfront docile barley-sugar beneficial auspicious advantageous fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple deepest unpretending meant appreciating vicarious do-good well-intentioned attention-seeking effervescent gushy venerating pretensionless undesigning actual undissembled mindful lucky fortunate silly over tranquil awake alive susceptible boisterous unselfconscious exuberant honest to God twenty-four carat very kind diplomatic discerning partial huggy possessive wary defensive adulatory idolizing providential opportune sensitized flexible fervid erotic anacreontic amative sisterly loud equable chilled easy-oasy generous to a fault all over impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable bound up clinging overprotective jealous right conducive salutary submissive tame jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant sharp joyful worshiping idolising finely tuned supersensitive expressing adoration light-hearted gay active sentient alert influenceable respondent sensile replying persuadable quick to react acknowledging answering susceptive dexter touchy feely tuned in crazy over animated blithesome bubbly nutty about soft on optimistic rosy jocose gleeful laughing gladsome vivacious mirthful sparky jocular eupeptic lightsome festive canty turned on to open to suggestions consolatory lighthearted sunbeamy quick to respond committed bright and breezy relieving assuaging emphatic unambiguous full unshakeable categorical unqualified easing satisfying rewarding solid staunch unlimited zealous unmitigated unconditional unrestricted unequivocal determined unflinching undivided heart-warming sure unswerving dedicated unadulterated steadfast unwavering steady unfaltering utter unalloyed enduring stalwart thoroughgoing undiluted unquestioning outright analeptic warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying upholding envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating refreshing abiding entire fullhearted whole-hearted out-and-out without reservations never-failing hundred percent

Antonym of lovey dovey

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