Synonym of lusting after


Present participle for become fond of, especially without an obvious reason
taking a fancy to burning for desiring fancying finding attractive approving of going for having a crush on having a pash on having a thing about having eyes for having the hots for leching after leching over liking loving carrying a torch for having a soft spot for having taken a shine to taking a liking to taking a shine to taking to adoring favoring favouring preferring yearning for lusting for falling for having an eye for pining for falling in love with cottoning to aching for spoiling for cherishing treasuring delighting in admiring holding dear grooving on worshipping worshiping idolizing glorifying lionizing doting on lionising mooning over idolising looking up to marveling at putting on a pedestal lavishing affection on enjoying getting high on having a liking for appreciating thinking the world of prizing taking delight in taking great pleasure in valuing having regard for savoring feeling affection toward getting a charge from of hankering for rating highly getting a kick from of rejoicing in enjoying greatly having a great liking for taking pleasure in having a thing for having a high regard for relishing leaning toward taking satisfaction in exulting in revering digging going a bundle on basking in esteeming taking joy in getting a thrill out of getting a buzz out of taking an interest in taking great delight in glorying in taking a thrill to having a taste for having a weakness for rating finding enjoyable madding about reveling in having a predilection for embracing getting a buzz from of lapping up getting off on getting a bang out of finding pleasure in deriving pleasure from finding irresistible having a fondness for thinking well of liking to indulge in getting a charge out of savouring respecting having a preference for finding appealing adulating getting a kick out of going in for deriving satisfaction from having a passion for finding agreeable having a proclivity for finding satisfaction in having a penchant for holding in esteem having an affection for thoroughly enjoying wallowing in


Present participle for desire
wishing for desiring coveting craving fancying hankering for hungering for longing for thirsting after wanting yearning for hankering after pining for thirsting for lusting for aching for itching for yenning for setting one's heart on needing sighing for hungering after hankering aspiring to dying for salivating for repining for spoiling for having a yen for yearning wishing desiderating pining thirsting hoping for dreaming of aching hungering longing jonesing for panting after crying out for envying pining after burning for panting for liking panting requiring feeling like itching choosing eating one's heart out over looking forward to having your eye on having a yen burning caring for seeking missing relishing hoping having a need for having one's heart set on having a fancy for feeling in need of preferring lusting having eyes for having an urge for inclining toward dreaming sighing enthusiastically anticipating earnestly awaiting zealously anticipating fervently awaiting awaiting hungrily anticipating anticipating with enthusiasm impatiently anticipating earnestly anticipating vigorously anticipating intently anticipating intently awaiting counting the days until fervently anticipating energetically awaiting vigorously awaiting expectantly anticipating waiting for actively awaiting zealously awaiting spiritedly anticipating spiritedly awaiting expectantly awaiting longingly anticipating eagerly awaiting expecting awaiting with anticipation hungrily awaiting ardently awaiting thirstily awaiting wishing to awaiting with pleasure energetically anticipating ardently anticipating anticipating thirstily anticipating breathlessly awaiting having an eye on awaiting with enthusiasm enthusiastically awaiting anticipating with pleasure really wanting eagerly anticipating longingly awaiting actively anticipating breathlessly anticipating impatiently awaiting awaiting with gusto anticipating with gusto craving for begrudging anticipating with anticipation counting the hours until having a fancy suspiring jonesing feening regretting the absence of carrying a torch having hots for suspiring for having an inclination for giving eyeteeth for eating your heart out desiring intensely taking a fancy to feeling inclined to feeling the need for feeling up to having the inclination for having a passion for yenning setting your sights on feeling a need for favouring favoring electing endorsing loving rathering leaning toward taking to feeling inclined toward taking a shine to welcoming going for taking a liking to suggesting approving of opting for having a preference for selecting leaning towards having a longing licking one's chops having need of having as one's aim having as one's goal wishing to have praying for asking for begging adoring having the hots for aspiring aiming aiming for finding sexy finding sexually attractive leching after leching over dying over turning green objecting to cherishing appreciating drooling over having hard feelings enjoying esteeming admiring savoring digging savouring sanctioning having a thing for having the horn for having a thing about delighting in having a craving for falling for having a yearning for rejoicing in reveling in getting off on affecting


Having a strong desire or craving
hungry eager greedy keen avid craving yearning athirst covetous thirsty aching desirous hot longing pining raring thirsting voracious agog antsy anxious ardent crazy desiring dying enthused enthusiastic excited hankering impatient insatiable itching itchy juiced pumped wild gagging gluttonous nuts predatious ravenous solicitous stoked edacious esurient geeked hoggish hungered insatiate intemperate piggish rapacious ravening swinish unfilled unsatisfied gung ho hopped-up hepped up covetous of desirous of hankering after in need of in want of with an appetite with a yen great passionate zealous champing at the bit willing fervent appetent intent chomping at the bit ambitious ready interested vehement animated fanatical keen as mustard wishful spirited dedicated ready and willing wholehearted earnest lively fervid acquisitive grasping breathless hopeful exhilarated thrilled motivated keyed up psyched devoted inspired restless raring to go energetic moved wishing exuberant mad keen determined bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bursting ebullient hot to trot rarin' to go as keen as mustard vivacious intense committed restive inclined stirred aroused avaricious stimulated piggy dying to devouring psyched up fired up gormandizing obsessed driven wanting warmblooded delighted titillated amenable disposed intent on wolfish assiduous awakened gutsy zestful high-spirited diligent aflame full of beans gannet-like game hearty beside oneself feverish close grabby gulping guzzling close-fisted grudging carnivorous gobbling impassioned burning unquenchable worked up elated on fire electrified unappeasable prodigious sprightly heated encouraged roused hoping pleased perfervid industrious animate rhapsodic mad uncontrollable engaged glad gross desperate happy ripe self-starting conscientious nutty hung up potty tumultuous selfish omnivorous daft fiery expectant charged high dynamic warm itching for on tenterhooks dying for afire prehensile waiting with bated breath gone on active self-indulgent juiced up cranked up in a hurry pumped up geared up needing wistful languishing approving striving coveting mercenary moneygrubbing touched atingle enamoured very keen lusting edgy curious prepared impetuous restored refreshed revitalized enamored vigorous enthralled chafing straining gotta have fierce up rabid revitalised cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry sapless set lacking habitual unreluctant diehard crude rude fain longing for hoping for gourmand gourmandizing dotty nutso infatuated with devoted to enamoured of hot for smitten with straining at the leash quenchless set on bent on fascinated passional inspirited galvanized energized minded consumed with desire urgently requiring predatory keen on full of enthusiasm wacky forceful concerned tantalized unqualified influenced activated uplifted all agog all a-gog boorish tantalised bugged zesty gaga favourably inclined anxious for yearning for ambitious for eager for partial to crazy for wild for in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on turnt red-hot on pins and needles in suspense frantic frenzied hysterical raving uproarious delirious chafing at the bit in the mood vicious galvanised energised have eyes bigger than one's stomach aggressive proactive bullish banzai up for on for of a mind pysched up ready for willing for avid for unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained crying out in great need of stirred up parsimonious stingy miserly penurious pennypinching tight tight-fisted dry as dust importunate clamorous urgent demanding insistent crying pressing unsatisfiable exigent limitless lustful hopeful for envious aspiring towards amorous aspiring keen for very excited jumping up and down in a frenzy on the edge of your seat dirty filthy mean take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic self-driven buoyant joyous joyful jovial up for it never satisfied greedy for ravening for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for uncontrolled excitable enlivened overjoyed euphoric enraptured ecstatic sordid unclean squalid brutish turned on aspiring to jolly exultant in urgent need compulsive elevated giddy piqued peppy tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated unable to be satisfied insatiat alive blissful jubilant empty gorging starving starved dog-hungry sating cock-a-hoop very hungry starved to death emotional demonstrative torrid devout sincere religious incandescent hot-blooded heartfelt warm-blooded superheated flaming steadfast blazing glowing deep obsessive profound true infatuated resolute extreme genuine strong staunch faithful loyal violent unwavering firm unfeigned serious effusive fond absorbed responsive unreserved emphatic fanatic uninhibited constant deeply felt loving single-minded pious honest fixated cordial dutiful steady addicted true-blue frenetic loud purposeful noisy gushing true blue expressive vociferous consuming engrossed sworn stanch hooked over-enthusiastic cheerful affectionate deep-seated tender smitten good captivated raging card-carrying outspoken addicted to frank fulsome unflinching stubborn obstinate possessed feeling strident forthright full-hearted extravagant bona fide immoderate unfaltering lavish affable powerful resolved lyrical fixed furious from the heart sentimental excessive bigoted gushy amiable preoccupied gung-ho settled open vocal real raw occupied welcoming overenthusiastic dyed-in-the-wool thorough deep-rooted impulsive sympathetic concentrated immersed pledged supportive voluble thrilling warmhearted ungovernable fast warm-hearted go-ahead in love inflamed studious OTT dinkum crazy about down-the-line deep-dyed over the top adherent tenacious solid bent dogged persistent strong-willed overwrought strong-minded gritty plain-spoken indomitable untiring unhesitating inveterate complete hectic profuse full direct candid busy reinvigorated friendly kindly rapt soapy forcible focused unrestricted unconstrained maniacal heightened genial oleaginous hagiographical hagiographic expansive adulatory unctuous fired absolute total stalwart pushy mushy wanton unruly abiding cheery positive acute over-effusive messianic opinionated pleasant kind sensitive full-throated sexy oily sure deepest involved inspiring militant benevolent caring unswerving raucous exciting ferocious comforting biased high-powered hospitable focussed amicable compassionate empathetic red-blooded uncompromising touchy-feely angry tempestuous thoroughgoing heartwarming irrepressible attentive nervous glib sultry eloquent stirring dependent ablaze gracious comradely riveted congenial obsessional good-natured concentrating enchanted sociable licentious hopped up crazed hyped up all-consuming extremist bewitched neighborly swivel-eyed companionable authentic berserk mad about whole-souled bonhomous convivial matey chummy attached palsy spellbound very enthusiastic neighbourly solemn buddy-buddy sizzling hard-working adoring nuts about palsy-walsy out-and-out irrational dependent on habituated two-fisted confident under the influence laid on with a trowel jonesing for wrapped up strung out heart-to-heart given over to jonesing on queer amped-up proselytizing evangelistic rapturous blunt temperamental reborn poetic allegiant rash bound amped arousing titillating dizzy melodramatic susceptible abject entrenched inflexible dithyrambic incensed engagé decided hardboiled buckled down persevering severe hard-core rooted extraordinary intrenched exceptional radical aglow revolutionary overcharged free-spoken admiring consecrated aflutter revolutionist responsible tried tried-and-true supreme rousing grave explosive mettlesome volatile spunky fond of sweet on verklempt sentient beguiled besotted charmed hell-bent doting big bubbling over fuming open-mouthed passionate about enthusiastic about pronounced hyper potent articulate wild about goody-goody worshipping self-directed self-motivated worshiping venerating heart-and-soul revering pietistic riled up moving poignant precipitate headlong affecting high-pressure hotblooded quickened proselytising evangelical lovesick carried away using peppery gingery visionary resilient taken love-struck seduced wackadoodle wackadoo maudlin irresistible besetting compelling overwhelming steamed up confirmed bred-in-the-bone dear agreeable collegial goody two-shoes iron-willed feisty ultra cozy polite mellow social on the make smooth-spoken facile plainspoken fluent free venting stentorian round erratic monomaniacal partial headstrong domineering credulous willful contumacious incorrigible overemotional overdone mawkish nostalgic upfront affectious clubby cosy thunderstruck astounded flabbergasted participating driving unstinting unambiguous unshakeable categorical erotic steamy sensual hard-nosed pyretic febrile born-again hail-fellow-well-met red-carpet hail-fellow wasted shooting up abusing with a … habit prone unpretending meant rebel unlimited unmitigated unequivocal unconditional undivided corny jejune affected dreamy insipid overacted inane impressionable bathetic icky cloying idealistic moonstruck zealotic fireball shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about nutso over foaming at the mouth off the air on the warpath fit to be tied on edge sagacious plucky self-confident unyielding unbending twenty-four carat actual undissembled honest to God pretensionless undesigning unalloyed unadulterated utter revived invigorated heartened reassuring sweating with bated breath nuts for high on hardy decisive brave tough assertive courageous wild-eyed terrorist unchecked rampant coming on strong enduring undiluted unquestioning outright contributing influential activist manic clamant obstreperous independent perceptive heroic self-assertive take charge intolerant agitated neurotic entire fullhearted mad on employed working concupiscent salacious lewd lubricious libidinous satyric lascivious lecherous randy horny burning up flushed fevered febrific overzealous loudmouthed understanding uplifting nurturing affirmative inspiriting firm in spirit certain stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful fortified cheered hopping bustling forward overflowing runaway uncurbed dewy-eyed unreasonable illiberal prejudiced one-sided partisan overpowering whole-hearted hyperactive helpful yawping yauping ranting vociferant vociferating blatant shouting squawking caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling lovey-dovey infuriated narrow-minded berko hundred percent romantic turned-on prurient tied-up go-getting infected naked insane corybantic deranged freaked out overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased bitten unwell virulent flipped ill blubbery hammy protective cheering heartening appreciative calming soothing gladdening outpouring overactive supported aided emboldened reassured renewed rowdy boisterous distracting shrill generous without reservations never-failing through and through unhampered unhindered unstoppable uncontainable unbounded full-on abandoned riotous backslapping stimulating boosting pleasing fulfilling encouraging gratifying turbulent undisciplined unmanageable ungoverned unconcealed chaotic madcap gay predisposed imbued accustomed hyped welcome in a tizzy back-slapping single-hearted old faithful high-strung fearless optimistic like one possessed free-flowing true to the end deep-felt unbridled gone watchful transfixed gripped consumed enrapt lost good natured given to abusing spaced out used to in the habit of using wedded to given to prone to given to using intrigued observant mesmerized all over someone hypnotized entranced held alert enticed mesmerised hypnotised really into head over heels deep in caught up locked in dialed in fatherly benign inviting liberal approachable likable maternal charitable likeable softhearted motherly kindhearted paternal good-humoured good-humored

Antonym of lusting after

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