Synonym of made certain


To have engaged in the discovery of facts or information
established found out determined ascertained discovered discerned identified confirmed verified checked checked out figured out learnt learned conceived distinguished divined double-checked sized up uncovered worked out detected judged made sure picked up picked up on put the finger on put a name to put one's finger on recognized described remembered recollected located fingered recalled decided corroborated settled deduced certified intuited fixed fixt validated substantiated named placed spotted pinpointed flagged pinned down pointed out diagnosed isolated called to mind found analyzed selected singled out labeled labelled ferreted out marked out made certain of tagged decided on pegged keyed keyed out settled on sussed out carded separated made up your mind on buttoned down diagnosticated ID'ed made out tabbed picked out IDed determinated analysed recognised checked up on known knew known by sight gotten a fix on founden fand knew again known again knew by sight got a fix on seen saw perceived got understood grasped apprehended comprehended appreciated sensed cognized registered twigged caught on to assimilated caught savvied tumbled to dug deciphered decoded compassed cottoned on to seized grokked cottoned to beheld made realized gotten gat read realised fathomed followed beholden took in taken in sussed noticed absorbed absorpt caught on had an aha moment hit on observed got the picture latched on to gotten the picture accepted come to know gathered mastered digested heard made sense of got the drift of acquired readen fathomed out got the message gotten the message hit upon interpreted penetrated unearthed descried imbibed become aware of become conscious of become cognizant of made head or tail of came to know got on to felt admitted processed imagined thought kept up with were aware of been aware of was aware of apperceived envisaged gotten the hang of envisioned soaked up got it cottoned on got the hang of revealed disclosed dug up contrived obtained attained exposed rooted out achieved gained dug out nosed out had a hunch gotten wise to run down got wind of the fact hunted up got wise to routed out wised up to got wise to the fact tracked down lit upon scouted up scared up thought of turned up sniffed out hunted down dredged up doped out looked up allowed granted concluded told unravelled unraveled believed construed integrated got to know unlocked became aware of became conscious of tracked featured gotten on to visualized got into took on board soaked in visualised puzzled out had gotten the idea got the message about latched onto got the picture about considered got the idea familiarized oneself with felt in one's bones got the point of became cognizant of saw the light caught the drift seen the light had knowledge of pieced together taken on board made of figured added up rumbled espied got wind of glimpsed were cognizant of been cognizant of absorbed mentally was cognizant of taken up debunked ran down explored elicited tolerated gotten to the bottom of gotten to know encountered got to the bottom of gotten it gotten wind of took up developt developed acknowledged formed cultivated fostered conceded suspected evolved countenanced devised permitted confessed owned concocted materialized came upon scented incorporated untangled guessed disentangled respected had information smelt smelled deemed inferred ingested tasted translated cracked noted pinned flashed copied latched on got one's head around come upon got the idea of gotten the drift hazarded sorted out conceived of clicked with heard of appraised fancied gotten into regarded become conscious of the fact that felt in gut watched embraced drank in had a handle on visioned become aware of the fact that held felt certain had down pat anticipated materialised imaged drunk in had knowledge viewed trusted become conscious had a feeling got the impression of got the drift had a funny feeling got clued up about had experience of entertained credited own seen the point of saw the point of broke broken brake gotten the gist got the gist gotten the point got the point taken took taken notice of took notice of holden gotten the impression got the impression just knew got vibes just known gotten vibes saw through seen through gotten vibrations got vibrations got through one's head became aware of the fact that wised up saw daylight seen daylight gotten through one's head became conscious of the fact that became conscious sighted


Made certain and protected against discontinuance or change
assured secure sure certain guaranteed dependable sound confirmed ensured fixed sealed settled solid clinched established impeccable infallible reliable unerring unfailing faultless indubitable irrefutable nailed-on sure-fire unquestionable cinched clear-cut decided definite insured pronounced racked set surefire undoubted nailed on absolutely certain beyond doubt in the bag nailed down on ice sewed up fail-safe true safe accurate absolute foolproof good perfect undeniable exact incontrovertible flawless precise unambiguous clear inevitable conclusive correct demonstrable questionless firm resolute deadly positive unimpeachable inerrant trustworthy open-and-shut can't-miss certified spot on bound never-failing excellent provable undoubtable evident foregone safe to say unswerving error-free uncanny meticulous scrupulous a sure thing concluded a dead cert errorless dead spot-on unmistaken invariable just inerrable watertight iced unshakable affirmed direct effective inch-perfect cast-iron secured attested iron-clad sewn up copper-bottomed calculable confident steady steadfast on the mark bang on on target unanxious trusty carefree able undoubtful hopeful sanguine responsible trustable tried easy determined well-founded shoo-in tried and true tried and tested locked on tried-and-true categorical unequivocal indisputable decisive palpable irrevocable authoritative concrete unmistakable genuine recognized obvious confirmable real patent doubtless verifiable manifest incontestable determinate convincing transparent unqualified recognised failsafe as sure as eggs is eggs

Antonym of made certain

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