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pejorative terms for an insane asylum


A scene of extreme confusion or uproar
babel bedlam chaos mayhem pandemonium turmoil uproar circus disorder hubbub hullabaloo hurly-burly jumble pell-mell scrum tumult whirlwind madness maelstrom three-ring circus wild disarray car crash scene of confusion all hell broken loose commotion confusion welter anarchy disturbance turbulence havoc zoo fracas riot swirl disarray asylum shambles seething mass trouble disorganization violence destruction disorganisation rumpus din clamour furore ruction racket ruckus frenzy blather bangarang corroboree hurricane williwaw kerfuffle foofaraw splore ballyhoo whirl hoopla hoo-ha fuss bother storm shindy furor moil hurry-scurry stir fun to-do do bustle helter-skelter coil clutter hurly clatter ado bluster hoo-hah hurry-skurry squall pother row bobbery stew hubble-bubble hurry brouhaha hassle noise craziness jangle clamor outburst alarums and excursions all hell breaking loose hue and cry agitation upheaval ferment unrest flurry excitement outcry flap disruption carry-on melee shouting brawl activity quarrel clangour clangor yelling song and dance palaver discord cacophony hustle and bustle free-for-all stink big scene convulsion babble blare stramash vociferation roar scene affray dither disquiet rattle upset lather splash discordance pantomime broil shout restlessness big stink shindig action buzz eruption distraction explosion bobsy-die lawlessness screaming strife altercation chatter fever decibels hysteria clang bruit folderol tempest outbreak performance controversy snafu donnybrook hustle tizzy perturbation rage fireworks aggro bagarre wildness rumble loud noise uprising revolution insurrection rampage argy-bargy tremor hubba-hubba hell broke loose scuffle clash howl babbling sensation katzenjammer bowwow disquietude rigmarole tizz instability ructions rebellion fight ululation fighting excitation delirium misrule hype panic backwash fray production tamasha annoyance caterwauling charivari drama craze mutiny mania rush upturn fuss and feathers complaint discomposure stridency fisticuffs exclamation liveliness Sturm und Drang anarchism lament remonstrance protesting clinker unruliness fuss and bother breach of the peace mob rule reign of terror comings and goings draft draught struggle flutter business upheavals worry rowdydow interruption shivaree bickering roughhouse fluster wrangle squabble fury uncertainty convulsions roaring baying blaring rampancy hurrah unsettlement seething spin scrap stooshie dust-up scandal party carousal frolic dance bash revel fancy merrymaking spree tohubohu to do wingding deliriousness enthusiasm lunacy protest fad provocation incitement rhubarb animation movement busyness ailment mix-up topsy-turviness anxiety hectic anxiousness distress heat fermentation feverishness thrill feeling elation passion emotion an outcry hectic activity scramble combustion chaotic situation shemozzle hurly burly life haste spot of bother tension fret tempest in a teapot mêlée much ado about nothing farce farcicality ridiculousness senselessness hell to pay devil to pay storm in a teacup conflict kick-up quake rough house flare-up trepidation melodrama monkey business shock hindrance whirlpool confused noise boiling troubles rioting sound disarrangement spasm tizz-woz goings-on flurry of activity tower jargon toing and froing roughness cataclysm incitation boisterousness tintamarre scrimmage earthquake street fight bouleversement nihilism misgovernment mobocracy wilding biffo entanglement static strike imbroglio discombobulation terrorism nongovernment hostility disregard ochlocracy paroxysm crash bang absence of government huddle snarl ataxia muddle thud blast peal ring boom shot sonance clank clink drumming detonation disaster dissonance jingle clanking overthrow stirring alteration turnaround shakeout switch catastrophe temblor jingling chink jangling clinking clanging chinking clashing loud sound flip-flop violent change about-face new deal major change seismic shift sudden change new ball-game jar reverberation rattling tintinnabulation raucousness stridor


A confused or complicated muddle or mistake
snarl-up mess confusion disorder disorderedness havoc muddle chaos disarray disorderliness disorganisation disorganization jumble shambles tangle bedlam botch bungle dishevelment hash imbroglio omnishambles anarchy comess complication snafu mare's nest mix-up foul-up balls-up mess-up screw-up snake pit disarrangement hell free-for-all chance-medley welter maelstrom morass mishmash ravel misorder heck state muss messiness tumble untidiness a mess car crash disaster fiasco hodge-podge complete mess babel mayhem pandemonium commotion turmoil unruliness madness clamor hullabaloo hubbub riot clamour lawlessness holy mess all hell broken loose utter confusion rat's nest clutter disruption topsy-turviness derangement tumult ataxia uproar furore upheaval irregularity furor frenzy hotchpotch sloppiness entropy confusedness muddiness hurly-burly hodgepodge snarl scramble a madhouse pig's breakfast discombobulation a three-ring circus heap trouble unrest ruckus rout grubbiness muck dirtiness racket fankle a shambles a muddle unholy mess huddle an omnishambles misrule hue and cry can of worms topsy-turvydom topsy-turvyness mistake misunderstanding untidy state calamity slovenliness scruffiness scrappiness grunginess anarchism fussing entanglement litter mass flurry disharmony disunity upset indiscipline bangarang dog's breakfast predicament chaotic place web rush troublesome situation unkemptness train wreck discomposure a maelstrom discord mobocracy error plight place of disorder incompetence inefficiency inadequacy disunion unconnectedness incoherence dissolution ineptitude ineffectiveness disjointedness grovel toss roll overturn noise rumpus mess and a half confused state miscalculation puzzle turbulence a dog's dinner a dog's breakfast ruction ructions a car crash wreckage din chaotic situation disquietude disquiet dog's dinner wild disarray lack of order perturbation ado stir consternation ferment bustle fracas wilderness row intricacy dislocation haze slip-up

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