Synonym of magic

Alternative for magic


deviltry devilry wickedness roguery mischievousness rascality shenanigans diablerie devilment roguishness evil wrongdoing naughtiness wrong sin iniquity prankishness evildoing trouble misdeed devilishment cruelty offence offense witchcraft witchery mischief-making high jinks black magic evil magic mischief impishness knavery devilishness waggery waggishness hob misconduct misbehaviour misbehavior badness funny business tomfoolery ill atrocity monkey business frolicsomeness waywardness injury harm transgression corruption hurt misdoing misfortune sabotage outrage vandalism catastrophe fault immorality sinfulness vileness friskiness depravity sportiveness playfulness pranks tricks dirty trick villainy prank gag viciousness vice turpitude degeneracy baseness perversity delinquency dishonesty larks capers dissipation heinousness perversion indecency goings-on crookedness jiggery-pokery nonsense carryings-on hanky-panky carry-on unscrupulousness evil-doing monkey tricks misdemeanour double-dealing bad behaviour evilness debauchery dissolution disobedience iniquitousness fiendishness peccancy criminality lawlessness shadiness bad infamy misdemeanor crime corruptness tricksiness larkiness impiety troublemaking malice malignity sportfulness profligacy licentiousness impurity pervertedness coltishness puckishness degeneration malfeasance nefariousness dissoluteness vulgarity diabolism lewdness dereliction looseness antisocial behavior evil behavior clowning joking jesting buffoonery shenanigan hatred damage spite animosity abomination monkey-business disgrace peccantness trickery imposture duplicity deception swindling deceit chicanery cheating fraud ill will scampishness pranksomeness espièglerie lawbreaking venality jocularity humorousness facetiousness wit drollness knavishness troublesomeness elfishness impropriety treachery scoundrelism malevolence dishonourableness unchastity foul play meanness injustice perniciousness wantonness lustfulness libertinism villainousness promiscuity decadence libertinage darkness shamelessness degradation obscenity scurrilousness decay scurrility squalor depravedness malefaction balefulness atrociousness immoral behaviour scandal lubricity flagitiousness bad behavior foulness ungodliness unholiness irreligiousness godlessness curse impiousness profanity blasphemy sacrilegiousness irreverence maleficence peccability cheekiness unrighteousness flagrancy lasciviousness debasement lechery lecherousness monstrosity rakishness enormity degenerateness decadency abjection dissipatedness salaciousness hideousness diabolicalness demoralization libidinousness demoralisation bawdiness immodesty coarseness grossness rudeness outrageousness sordidness prurience intemperance dreadfulness abandonment concupiscence sacrilege lack of morals lack of principles salacity overindulgence crudity monstrousness shamefulness smuttiness violation smut crudeness dirtiness ribaldry loucheness desecration illegality depravation carnality wrongness profanation indulgence filthiness impureness dirt filth nastiness raunchiness blueness raunch sinning sybaritism hedonism abandon voluptuousness incontinence odiousness self-indulgence contemptibility unseemliness fast living unfairness dishonour ugliness incivility despicability vitiation wrongfulness trespass indignity pornography felony tort unlawfulness dishonor sensuality malversation profaneness defilement racket excess revel heresy brutishness improbity immoderateness gluttony disrespect carousal binge revelry bender offensiveness tear lack of restraint pleasure-seeking la dolce vita life in fast lane rottenness ill-discipline mercilessness ruthlessness abuse indiscipline horseplay insubordination lowness bastardization unethical behaviour acting up egregiousness reprehensibility decline worsening decrease maltreatment hell deviance culpability deviation abnormality odium amorality deterioration moral decay miscreancy disagreeableness obnoxiousness unpleasantness indelicacy extravagance recklessness wastefulness guiltiness perviness brutality rankness abasement inferiority poorness execration infringement infraction contravention contamination unnaturalness kinkiness gross indecency indecent behaviour raciness dodginess horridness frightfulness imprecation fallenness imperfection foible eroticism erotism pederasty satyriasis boorishness fleshliness grubbiness incontinency ruttishness pruriency low-mindedness squalidness unsavouriness tawdriness shoddiness ignominy cheapness indecorum break sneak caper case hit job breach cybercrime bestiality bribery damnation covetousness sloth demerit pride unsuitability drunkenness horror e-crime reprobation notoriety disreputableness pettiness fraudulency profiteering reviling unlawful act delictum mortal sin fast one illicitness illegitimacy delict clandestineness sordidity taking the Lord's name in vain obloquy wretchedness irreligion malignance lust rot evil act immoral act ignobility act of wickedness fall from grace atheism disbelief paganism heathenism non-belief agnosticism apostasy scepticism unbelief doubt skepticism


Having or imbued with supernatural powers, attributes or qualities
enchanted magical powerful special charmed mysterious mystic bewitched enchanting supernatural thaumaturgic wizardly entranced numinous occult spellbound weird dreamlike Druidical exquisite fairylike fairy-tale miraculous necromantic perfect sorcerous thaumaturgical paranormal mystical preternatural transcendental unearthly spiritual mythical possessed uncanny psychic other-worldly supernormal unnatural otherworldly ensorcelled under a spell eerie metaphysical arcane secret supranatural spiritualistic spectral transmundane ghostly transcendent orphic imaginary legendary superhuman dark cabbalistic shamanistic hidden extramundane witchlike unaccountable phenomenal shadowy black oracular voodoo esoteric unknowable clairvoyant spooky nonrational abstruse cabalistic anagogic unusual mystifying abnormal non-rational bizarre inscrutable fabled fabulous make-believe astrological alchemistic quixotic telestic mysterial visionary religious ineffable hermetical extrasensory hypernormal inexplicable phantom unbelievable supersensory telepathic unworldly telekinetic mythological invisible superordinary unfathomable ghostlike fairy impenetrable unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible supermundane celestial rare obscure concealed unrevealed extraordinary superior supersensible supersensual unexplained supersensitive immaterial inner stargazing with a sixth sense out-of-body with second sight strange creepy odd queer eldritch cryptic far-out grotesque spookish freaky unreal eery haunting witching haunted parapsychological awful dreadful ominous rum horrific ghastly fearful flakey awe-inspiring uncouth oddball whacko flaky out of the ordinary supernal tranced runic demoniac diabolic ethereal wraithlike insubstantial incorporeal heavenly phantasmal phantasmic bodiless disembodied intangible unsubstantial impalpable discarnate dreamy scary apparitional unembodied airy nonmaterial unbodied aerial nonphysical sublime prodigious fantastic divine extraterrestrial unfleshly imponderable insensible freakish frightening spine-chilling chilling hair-raising formless vampiric wraithy spiritlike asomatous incorporate disbodied subjective disincarnate blood-curdling peculiar abstract sinister exceptional alien illusory ghoulish cadaverous singular scaring terrifying corpselike petrifying devilish deathlike uncorporal chimerical wondrous remarkable indistinct exalted anomalous demonic philosophical uncommon irregular fanciful atypical aberrant fiendish curious freak non-physical psychical empyreal wonderful untypical fey out of this world deviant funereal awesome outstanding deathly marvellous stupendous marvelous unnerving ontological surprising staggering hypothetical incredible shadowlike fantastical non-material uneasy discorporate gloomy melodramatic exanimate moving uplifting inspiring inspirational boundless airy-fairy superstitious disconcerting crawly eidolic holy wan pale hallucinatory nonmaterialistic too good for this world unlimited unconfined daydreaming astral daydreamy psychal subliminal phantomlike soulless macabre spine-tingling uncorporeal demonlike demonish disturbing not of this world nightmarish mental grisly demonly skeletal appalling sepulchral inappropriate hyperphysical Gothic inhuman undead signal untouchable theoretical zombielike unprecedented zombiesque vague dim corpse-like exceeding extraordinaire especial unwonted unique aberrated uncustomary bizarro intellectual elusive indefinite inspired inexplainable unheard-of supranormal ideal speculative unorthodox perverted deviative unrepresentative evanescent heroic notional conceptual perverse aberrational outlandish divergent devious non-typical deviate essential deep basic fundamental recondite very strange imperceptible to the touch evasive indeterminate slender imperceptible uncertain unobservable slight unquantifiable inappreciable eluding evading unapparent unsure great ideational profound high-flown universal theoretic stunning astonishing portentous astounding eye-opening amazing enormous godlike immense pretend concocted labored laboured contrary ersatz outrageous unconforming made-up imitation preposterous staged oversubtle unpractical academic not material Herculean herculean supramundane conjectural jesuitic difficult philosophic unphysical suprahuman eternal omnipotent bionic formidable supreme difficult to believe improbable unlikely unimaginable bewildering inconceivable spectacular striking incomprehensible impressive implausible breathtaking confounding beyond human more than human


Marked by a feeling of immense sentimental tenderness
miraculous magical breathtaking captivating charming enchanting fascinating marvelous marvellous astonishing magnetic irresistible spellbinding thrilling entrancing alluring attractive seductive charismatic appealing engaging hypnotic bewitching mesmerizing enthralling inviting elfin glamourous luring fetching glamorous prepossessing mesmeric tantalizing tempting compelling drawing arresting mesmerising tantalising pulling enticing beguiling delightful winning lovely intriguing pleasing beautiful winsome desirable ravishing pretty pleasant taking gorgeous striking cute riveting absorbing interesting fair provocative likable likeable good-looking agreeable eye-catching gripping bonny lovable comely adorable handsome siren dazzling smashing divine compulsive sexy heavenly come-hither dreamy elegant delectable beauteous nice-looking nice engrossing sweet stunning endearing attracting easy on the eye hypnotizing exciting fanciable sightly hot hypnotising sultry graceful seemly fine well-favored nubile amiable luscious tasty aesthetic mouthwatering specious likely good beckoning esthetic entertaining knockout goodly personable bonnie wonderful persuasive exquisite adorbs diverting delicate fit superb pulchritudinous consuming immersing involving on fleek unputdownable splendid drop-dead gorgeous electrifying as pretty as a picture photogenic flirtatious witching idyllic sensuous disarming dainty arousing spunky appetizing hunky erotic sublime orphic sirenic lush lovesome transfixing sensual picturesque inveigling rapturous smart stimulating intoxicating bodacious dishy well favoured teasing appetising titillating curious foxy fashionable seducing classy exhilarating very interesting fairy-tale thought-provoking resplendent aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing fine-looking radiant beddable magnetising magnetizing debonair amusing provoking drop-dead rousing camera-friendly larger than life congenial phat warm welcoming genial cutesy affable illecebrous enrapturing beseeching darling toothsome mouth-watering romantic bootylicious infatuating enamoring eligible open cordial encouraging Orphean choice babelicious immodest suggestive shameless dear camera-ready influential sophisticated cultivated sexually attractive raunchy amorous come-to-bed coquettish slinky sexually exciting passionate sexually arousing steamy strong in character trim dreamboat eyeful bijou polite cultured civilized suave as nice as pie full of personality tarty picture-perfect worldly witty very exciting well bred civilised couthy worldly-wise angelic physically attractive grand stylish shapely statuesque chic glitzy glam willowy dollish voluptuous dapper curvaceous symmetrical telegenic refined presentable ideal well-formed prettyish showstopping sheen ritzy well dressed impressive trendy opulent righteous flashy prestigious nifty magnificent glorious attention-grabbing stirring affecting looking like a million heady entranced charmed enchanted bewitched exceptional noteworthy refreshing mind-blowing fairylike moving meaty vibrant eventful unique newsy inspiring splashy relatable fabulous eye-opening amazing invigorating remarkable piquant vivid racy out of the ordinary pleasurable worthy of note spectacular fresh memorable preoccupying newsworthy portentous action-packed envigorating trenchant galvanising topical showy unboring wondrous emphatic galvanizing electric buzzworthy conjuring fiendish dreamlike too good to be true soporific somniferous somnolent narcotic sleep-inducing opiate sleep-producing slumbrous slumberous drowsy soothing sleepy sedative sexual numbing stupefacient stupefactive somnific trance-inducing soporose anodyne anaesthetic lenitive anesthetic calmative out of this world drawing attention


Denotes a sense of awesomeness, remarkableness, or extraordinariness
brilliant excellent fabulous wonderful brill fab terrific marvelous marvellous admirable beautiful delightful glorious lovely magnificent splendid sublime superb amazing fantastic great phenomenal sensational smashing super tremendous awesome dreamy fabby fantabulous gorgeous grand heavenly phat supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ace amazeballs bad cool crucial mean mega mind-blowing rad wicked def dope marvy sound beaut bodacious boffo boss bosting bully neat peachy radical bonzer capital dandy divine far out groovy jim-dandy spanking to die for too good to be true beezer champion corking cracking hypnotic ripping schmick spiffing swell top-hole topping wizard A1 barrie belting goodly keen kif lank on fleek out of this world pearler outstanding fine first-class first-rate stellar exceptional superlative top-notch tip-top superior crackerjack nifty good very good quality slick top remarkable impressive formidable unsurpassed sterling prime top-shelf high-class A-OK out-of-sight bang-up incredible extraordinary crack choice righteous virtuoso topflight hot classic dynamite prizewinning frontline primo gilt-edged gilt-edge first-string blue-chip five-star top-of-the-line par excellence number one noble supernal immense masterly bumper banner skilful consummate skillful blue-ribbon four-star peerless spectacular peachy keen numero uno gangbusters gangbuster famous enjoyable prize sik matchless accomplished dazzling bonnie bonny brag brave expert exquisite exo pleasant adept chillin' supreme able perfect world-class skilled proficient eminent pleasurable thrilling breathtaking hype tasty stupendous down gone class magical nice delectable congenial masterful adroit gifted talented competent exciting pre-eminent awesomesauce applaudable agreeable bosker gratifying satisfying pleasing felicitous way-out out of sight A-1 delicious delightsome notable savoury savory luscious jolly welcome palatable memorable capable sweet grateful wondrous prodigious dulcet unreal darling blessed blest worthy distinguished astounding pretty hotshot exemplary frabjous compleat splendiferous experienced sovereign best complete diverting deadly of high quality topnotch of the highest quality of the highest standard tiptop habile stunning top-drawer unforgettable important astonishing charming captivating enchanting amusing entertaining qualified striking unique demon coruscating special knowledgeable efficient practised practiced versed unparalleled trained singular scrumptious master veteran educated preeminent standout dexterous ducky leading savvy star fun premium hunky-dory dextrous greatest tops awe-inspiring far-out of the first water top-level on the ball super-duper up to speed no slouch out-of-this-world superfine tasteful cheerful bewitching entrancing radiant staggering arresting imposing beauteous splendorous splendacious mighty powerful miraculous colossal replayable redoubtable strong invincible indomitable paragon fly model eye-popping jaw-dropping commendable creditable sunny seasoned genial noted likable well-known celebrated sup rior likeable prominent meritorious ka pai awing creative moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable all very well well and good best ever like wow the dog's bollocks cat's meow puissant dominant estimable principal to your liking above average slap-up classical of a high standard not bad eventful imaginative unequalled mind-boggling deft predominant zero cool ingenious handy premier mint certified top-of-the-range fantastical virtuous top drawer legit top-flight baller crash hot nang outrageous No. 1 artful chief hundred-proof innovational innovative unexcelled optimum surpassing illustrious professed A-number-1 mostest enthralling innovatory genius unmatched unrivaled unrivalled whiz incomparable rare select faultless unbeatable flawless there sharp smooth clean inventive enterprising original cream transcendent uppermost quintessential untouchable a dab hand at nimble-fingered very able sharp as a tack on the beam know stuff no dummy effusive highest extreme winning excessive elite lead resourceful inflated renowned unequaled exaggerated worthiest flagship festive virtuosic top-grade in a class all by itself highest quality very best top-tier without equal of the highest order of the first order beyond compare too much prize-winning above and beyond of highest order award-winning top-class especial historic momentous whimsical happy major inspired noteworthy spesh main red-carpet primary celebratory of genius enviable signal laudable high-grade high-quality red-letter out of the ordinary of moment fit equal suitable polished sufficient crisp clever endowed fascinating engaging rapturous ravishing ambrosial ineffable yummy lush cheery alluring refreshing up to it know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know the ropes know one's stuff know the answers au fait very pleasant very agreeable very pleasurable very attractive greatly to one's liking attractive appealing blissful acceptable adorable favorable favourable amiable cordial fair paradisal affable friendly beguiling celestial interesting paradisiac immortal soft paradisiacal holy hospitable cheering superhuman paradisaic idyllic enticing angelic seraphic warm empyrean inviting good-humoured seductive good-humored godlike dainty kind copacetic supernatural paradisaical kindly amicable beatific decent lovable funny cherubic sociable good-natured comfortable humorous intoxicating satisfactory extraterrestrial good-tempered joyous rewarding intriguing ideal riveting relaxing mesmerizing exhilarating helpful comforting desirable obliging mellow mild convivial well-disposed gracious piquant tender warmhearted jovial appreciated comical appetizing witty hilarious mesmerising rich warm-hearted heartening passable chucklesome compelling adequate absorbing to one's liking precious delicate affectionate gentle approachable spellbinding recreative considerate succulent fetching propitious easy tempting stimulating personable neighborly taking delish neighbourly sympathetic toothsome winsome mouthwatering golden resplendent benevolent mesmeric flavorsome flavorful magnetic easygoing majestic sapid inspiring flavoursome tolerant toothy scrummy peaceful prepossessing jocular welcoming droll big appetising snug average gladdening soothing comely cute heartwarming common encouraging merry lovesome pleasureful engrossing titillating gripping stirring fine and dandy polite lively cozy companionable elevated cosy picturesque all right rousing lekker exalted provocative Elysian loving restful fun-filled okay caring mild-mannered moreish splashy showy mouth-watering calm bright joyful charismatic august proud compassionate civil yum-yum finger-licking kind-hearted fairy-tale understanding drop-dead knockout big-hearted softhearted good-hearted soft-hearted goodhearted accommodating tenderhearted tender-hearted large-hearted kindhearted sweet-tempered to one's taste moderate pulchritudinous harmless OK large elegant adorbs intimate social in order opportune fulfilling enchanted standard tolerable unexceptional endearing facetious glad irresistible fairish timely complaisant conversable chummy glamorous valuable halcyon comfy restorative unobjectionable homely dreamlike lighthearted glamourous well-favored side-splitting priceless aesthetic goodish flavourful cooperative attentive buddy-buddy vibrant flashy euphoric respectable gay scenic unspoilt benign mooi glossy flamboyant zingy homelike affecting fairylike esthetic light-hearted heaven-sent spiritual deluxe heady courteous recherche relishable romantic animated very nice nummy flavorous much needed curious distracting homestyle irie nectareous ambrosian electrifying utopian hypnotizing tantalizing compulsive yummo thoughtful nectarean Arcadian consuming inspirational unpresumptuous unassuming action-packed couthy immersing involving light kosher bighearted sweet-natured even-tempered clubbable thought-provoking gladly received unputdownable hypnotising tantalising nectarous admissible lenient electric galvanizing generous unselfish patient hep hip snug as a bug in a rug well meaning buzzworthy in the swim well intentioned respectful galvanising cooking with gas heroic shining triumphant splendrous effulgent time-honored esteemed famed venerable honored sexy babelicious bootylicious extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant balmy silvery suited extremely attractive sensual dear paradisic saintly adapted appropriate promising wanted deliciously light deliciously tender fantasy escapist superlunary well suited consoling loveable disarming immaculate bubbly something else paradisical honoured gladsome juicy lofty relaxed chocolate-box cutesy desired contenting long-awaited longed-for decorative easy to take confident positive spicy solacing renewing rejuvenating well-prepared quaint tangy lightweight confiding close faithful outgoing jocose kindred amical peaceable conciliatory fond like-minded loyal receptive attached comradely open happy-go-lucky compatible on good terms responsive spiffy peach ready pussycat photogenic hunky clear presentable constructive productive worthwhile peng lip-smacking restoring stylish enrapturing high humble modest ingratiating self-effacing beneficial idealized fit for a king dollish snazzy showstopping honorable good-looking dishy relief honourable statuesque foxy cunning reputable eye-catching sightly prettyish transfixing to your taste pastoral rustic attention-grabbing sustaining nourishing satiating happiness-inducing substantial up to snuff right on up to code trendy heart-warming inoffensive innocuous lordly elfin farcical telegenic elating copasetic super-eminent shipshape super-excellent calming gnarly ecstatic playful luring refined noticeable comic familiar transcendental sacred uplifting stately abstract melt-in-your-mouth provoking seducing informal entranced charmed bewitched hitting the spot frivolous trivial trifling laughable one and only uncommon unordinary meaty invigorating preoccupying portentous envigorating eye-opening racy newsworthy worthy of note fresh trenchant topical unboring newsy relatable vivid emphatic folksy gregarious middling so-so successful rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic arcadian homey petite trim slight graceful ludicrous waggish rib-tickling mirthful the most matey clubby breezy down-home laid-back fiendish conjuring very interesting recreational dry regular flourishing sylvan rip-roaring slim novel rollicking cushy up to scratch hair-raising prosperous thriving flighty chipper unserious serene idealised tranquil airy subtle dinky nuanced joshing wacky jokey gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy mushy as nice as pie sensitive simpatico reasonable plush easy to get along with palsy-walsy easy to get on with downright neighborly barley-sugar snuggly convenient booming auspicious providential eleemosynary soft touch indulgent merciful liberal fatherly regardful supportive unstinting chivalrous giving pitying brotherly greathearted great-hearted lavish princely benignant fatherlike clement gallant heart in right place philanthropic openhanded unoffensive humane dutiful bleeding-heart public-spirited motherly openhearted magnanimous feeling selfless deferential forbearing wholesome beneficent altruistic benefic maternal tactful open-handed humanitarian bounteous charitable bountiful philanthropical all heart munificent freehanded well-mannered very palatable very enjoyable cut up for grins lacy diaphanous well-made frail thin ethereal fragile feeble useful spirited dramatic sensible made well roaring palmy shaking charged impassioned kicky mind-bending heart-stopping exhilarative emotion-charged emotional trembling passionate emotive galvanic urbane amenable unreserved shivering vibrating soul-stirring anthemic stem-winding shuddering quaking inspiriting lucky prospering healthy boomy chirpy too funny for words frantic swinging blood-tingling overwhelming mad spine-tingling wild bonhomous peak fortunate privileged perky temperate civilized well disposed easy-going civilised poignant riot scream gas be a ball


Indicating the presence of a divinity
numinous magical mystic occult ghostly metaphysical weird ethereal otherworldly incorporeal extramundane immaterial intangible nonmaterial divine supernal unworldly nonphysical airy asomatous devotional discarnate disembodied holy platonic pure rarefied refined sacred unfleshly unphysical supernatural preternatural transcendental paranormal mystical unearthly spiritual other-worldly transcendent uncanny miraculous superhuman mysterious psychic necromantic phenomenal supranatural unnatural secret heavenly spectral supernormal transmundane hidden unknowable eerie phantom dark arcane unusual mythical celestial abnormal thaumaturgic wizardly sorcerous superior supermundane esoteric abstruse ineffable unreal orphic unfathomable fairy impenetrable rare obscure legendary mythological invisible superordinary unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible concealed unrevealed abstract sublime unaccountable visionary exalted nonrational cabalistic witchlike anagogic thaumaturgical fairylike religious unsubstantial insubstantial bodiless spooky inscrutable non-rational black shadowy oracular mystifying bizarre awe-inspiring fabulous superphysical supersensible extrasensory inexplicable hypernormal unbelievable hermetical astrological alchemistic extraterrestrial ghostlike extraordinary psychological psychical non-material inner formless unbodied uplifting moving inspiring inspirational boundless nonmaterialistic saintly special enchanted powerful spiritualistic theoretical astral supersensory daydreaming daydreamy dreamy fantastic cabbalistic shamanistic cryptic charmed strange creepy intellectual haunted ensorcelled witching parapsychological enchanting bewitched philosophical speculative ideal clairvoyant runic demoniac voodoo tranced diabolic conceptual notional odd queer eldritch entranced spellbound far-out grotesque spookish eery freaky haunting fundamental essential deep recondite basic awful rum horrific ghastly dreadful ominous fearful ideational profound high-flown theoretic universal Druidical exquisite perfect dreamlike fairy-tale flakey uncouth flaky out of the ordinary oddball whacko oversubtle impalpable unpractical academic supramundane philosophic suprahuman hypothetical conjectural ontological jesuitic eternal difficult mysterial imaginary quixotic telestic


Well-known from anecdotes and stories rather than experience
fabled legendary fabulous mythical mythic fairy-tale mythological fictitious folkloric heroic imaginary unreal apocryphal famed fantastic fictional hypothetical imagined proverbial traditional allegorical famous parabolic storied symbolic enchanted epic extraordinary fanciful important impressive made up magical make-believe outstanding remarkable storybook wonderful invented chimerical visionary made-up fabricated created false pretended supposititious fictive nonexistent whimsical symbolical untrue fantasy mythologic fantastical romantic illusory figmental pretend ideal fantasied chimeric imaginal phantasmic phantasmal phantom notional larger-than-life ancient told improbable unhistoric customary imaginative dubious unhistorical unverifiable related doubtful handed-down mock phantasmagoric non-existent dreamed-up intangible immaterial fancied fake insubstantial theoretical seeming nebulous artificial sham insincere ostensible dreamlike impalpable phoney reachy unsubstantial unnatural weird hallucinatory suppositious replica aerial faux misleading phony imitation unbelievable incredible delusive out of this world reproduction spurious delusory illusive bogus deceptive ethereal specious concocted fallacious pseudo simulated counterfeit mistaken deceitful abstract synthetic fraudulent erroneous ersatz shadowy factitious quixotic dreamy substitute feigned apparent unfounded assumed phantasmagorical dummy spectral forged manufactured transcendental speculative vague imitative man-made spiritual unsound mimic trumped up deceiving invalid incorporeal conceptual contrived semblant conjectural trumped-up plastic surreal metaphysical devised utopian incorrect ghostly airy blue-sky bodiless wild unearthly absurd faked irrational academic supernatural illusionary discarnate theoretic deluding beguiling illogical ridiculous hyped up sophistical bizarre ungrounded fishy wrong otherworldly inaccurate supposed unbodied vaporous extravagant inexact untruthful imagal nightmarish psychedelic poetic faulty non-physical suppositional unsubstantiated misguided distorted flawed unreasonable putative baseless groundless nonphysical nonmaterial impractical ideational imprecise affected imponderable Kafkaesque conjectured far-fetched unrealistic blue sky fantasized dream transcendent off without foundation oneiric idealized ghostlike dim unclear indistinct all in the mind disembodied capricious unembodied play-play vain untouchable unworkable intellectual idealised impracticable formless wraithlike philosophical fantasised apparitional subconscious mental virtual unfeasible product of someone's imagination curious inexistent subjective unconscious idle queer pipe dream psychological high-flown counterfactual truthless improper disincarnate thought up crackpot offbeat fool's paradise tenuous foundationless unproven casuistic misrepresentative colored abstruse psychosomatic unsupported uncorroborated unconfirmed recondite imperceptible to the touch slender misinformed all in one's head coloured ill-founded indefinite gone unlikely floating cooked-up questionable so-called ivory-tower sophistic unpractical numinous mystical nonconcrete without basis indeterminate uncertain cod mad facsimile put-on mechanical strained forced on cloud nine unreasoned adulterine not genuine unworldly reasonless in the mind falsie way off implausible phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic phantasmagorian inane unread mocking filled with dreams delusional hollow prepared chimeral Barmecidal Barmecide float wistful acted improvised created out of thin air non-material estimated conceived dreamt up trancelike trance-like invisible dream-filled nonnatural suppositive misty hazy off the mark non-natural in your head dicey iffy contrary to fact unattainable stress-related stress-induced uncorporeal dodgy model toy faint dreamish hypnagogic manmade off beam full of holes way off beam preposterous ivory-towered Utopian unachievable unauthentic extraterrestrial apish hokey quasi make believe unheard of tall meretricious snide inauthentic mercurial elusive figment of someone's imagination evanescent flakey far out fairy tale kinky flaky framed ungenuine bent bum pirate out-of-reach engineered preternatural other-worldly counterfeited rare evasive imperceptible unobservable insensible slight unquantifiable inappreciable eluding evading unapparent unsure pinchbeck cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take non-viable starry-eyed silly impossible in the clouds untested unverified unwarranted unjustified unattested indescribable indefinable nonmaterialistic paranormal celestial extramundane religious foolish senseless idealistic half-baked obscure pie-in-the-sky pie in the sky castles in the air essential deep basic fundamental perfectionist expressive absent wanting lacking missing nonvalid unreliable profound universal esoteric creative supersensory daydreaming astral daydreamy crazy potty academical presumed ephemeral gratuitous bottomless mendacious uncalled-for off-base oversubtle dead flimsy empty blank departed extinguished vacant void null gossamery defunct negative lost perished extinct not applicable naive nonrealistic not sensible nonsensical fresh exotic original infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night supramundane superhuman jesuitic unfleshly supermundane difficult philosophic unphysical suprahuman ontological superior eternal supranatural inspired artistic inventive eccentric fancy quirky originative flighty perceptual presupposed provisory casual contestable disputable assumptive stochastic debatable postulated problematic contingent equivocal conditional conjecturable refutable guessed presumptive suspect proposed pretending artful brilliant unconventional freaky radical fertile freakish ingenious genius experimental innovative keen not backed up by evidence innovational unorthodox vivid revolutionary astute emotional subliminal passed on passed away too little too late far-out Promethean head in the clouds avant-garde out of touch with reality dishonest null and void few and far between


To perform magic tricks
conjure produce generate create effect make materialise materialize summon bring about give rise to make something appear whip up produce as if by magic cause engender initiate occasion spawn induce provoke beget originate precipitate prompt bring catalyze kindle promote yield effectuate introduce trigger form inspire foster bear develop invoke enkindle hatch institute muster found breed result in do bring on catalyse lead to achieve accomplish inaugurate multiply perform bring to pass set up touch off get up bring into being draw on translate into spark off sow the seeds of stir up work up incite instigate set off arouse stimulate elicit excite start evoke activate work rouse set in motion bring forth put in motion foment call forth trigger off contribute to establish begin spur bring out affect be the cause of animate awaken spark encourage fire launch waken actuate realize contrive inflame cultivate make for realise turn out drive make happen draw forth stir invent rally end in forge conceive fire up enact organize engineer wake give render concoct kickoff advance call into being compose fan move design devise put in place constitute construct actualize organise culminate in manufacture brew fashion mould agitate build be at the bottom of raise mold be conducive to dream up propagate quicken put together churn out formulate revive craft assemble entail innovate come up with fabricate whet pique enliven ferment vivify awake give birth to think up deliver contribute provide afford author execute make possible pioneer start the ball rolling abet supply fan the flames of secure ignite open procure frame turn on bring off further finish in commence get going impassion instill instil run necessitate earn involve return net cook up invite fetch give off start off compel bring into existence knock off knock together procreate fix make up draw manage coin carry out attain carry through pick fulfil complete be instrumental in discharge synthesize parent urge galvanize plant motivate plan mean emit conduce influence pull off mastermind issue conduce to terminate in spell bestir fulfill galvanise amount to install cause to occur cause to happen release draw out improve bring in come out with synthesise knock out set going add up to open up machinate usher in instal kick off erect father implant knock up shape throw together rev up perpetrate conduct push forward carry off add to discover help administer progenerate implement imagine impel have a hand in tender pay have a part in mother improvise wreak confect furnish bestow inculcate lead give birth play a part in increase brainstorm fuel get cast redound to expedite play a role in get under way get in operation sire pull in project get things rolling force exercise scheme get functioning get off the ground get working rake in pay out inspirit set start up drum up lay the foundations of cause to be kick-start lay the first stone of put up draw up hammer out structure switch on set the ball rolling give forth egg on crank up get the ball rolling key up sow the seeds hone refine be a source of reproduce muster up work on have lodge birth call down accelerate deposit inflict be a factor in wax present sway compass mobilize mobilise set in open the door for dispose stir something up succeed turn pose impart whip something up be responsible for forward oil the wheels of have the effect of be partly responsible for equal imply leave result embark on set down give life to sow grow into breathe life into stoke up reap gross lend disseminate expel broadcast goad bring into the world reignite rekindle bring up recall run into prime suscitate gain prod have as a consequence have as a result be the origin of nurse nurture agitate for agitate against plot evolve jumpstart piece rig germinate fructify exhilarate energize exacerbate intensify spur on buoy push energise model incorporate flip throw pull draft set on fan the flames risk wake up enforce mint find float write engage educe conceive of strike burn extort piece together patch together whip out fit together rustle up cobble up sculpture eke out cobble together rig up prepare emerge trump up lay eggs spitball break open come out sketch process set out trip bang out trot out crank out build up extend expand add fuel to the flames add fuel cost enflame extract kick something off induct start out throw up get underway thrill exact grow pipe layer accrue wing jam ad-lib hit on fake fangle envision vamp transmit be the inventor of evince sharpen ordain run up endow draught derive obtain consummate patent ring in settle up sketch out hash out block out proffer harvest administrate finalize infuse attract come upon toss off kick out mass-produce offer blossom admit beam succeed in get smoking burn up arrange for court finish impress be the mother of break the ice be the father of pump out torch tempt solicit conclude direct grind something out ingrain entice set light to set alight set burning strike up set a match to set on fire set fire to woo allure control arrange haul in put on put match to light put a match to insinuate imprint imbue give out finalise turn the trick put across stage-manage supervise coordinate regulate orchestrate superintend entreat lure countenance command gather in maneuver manipulate wangle manoeuvre finesse finagle negotiate sell for infix engraft ask for preside over oversee work out be in charge of have the bright idea of be the brains behind think of beg for invest bow settle rev drum into drive into drill into hammer into din into call for bring on oneself flirt with leave the door open to break in put into operation

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