Synonym of magnifico


A wealthy and influential businessman or businesswoman
magnate tycoon baron mogul notable chief leader bigwig grandee industrialist king lord noble entrepreneur financier prince nabob proprietor VIP aristocrat captain czar honcho lion monarch Napoleon plutocrat prelate tsar aristo bashaw big shot captain of industry fat cat merchant prince nob personage top executive V.I.P. big hitter big noise businessperson capitalist figure kahuna merchant name peer big wheel heavy hitter Mister Big big cheese important person millionaire multimillionaire billionaire big businessman supremo zillionaire potentate squillionaire executive director boss administrator investor top dog big gun wealthy businessman Big Daddy Big Chief top banana big enchilada wealthy person business person moneybags dignitary heavyweight celebrity notability biggie somebody hotshot big fish star luminary personality superstar heavy celeb rich person megastar public figure big name leading light deep pocket celebutante macher mandarin worthy icon panjandrum kingpin Croesus standout have ikon light household name notoriety famous name money cause celebre robber baron silk stocking person of note major leaguer backer master pillar of society man of means head honcho big kahuna high muckamuck high muckety-muck pooh-bah speculator moneymaker joss bankroller kingfish royalty owner banker big bug power nawab richling operator someone brass hat key player bigfoot big nibs wheel top brass great authority giant rich man guru big-timer famous person person of means character hero eminence money man face big leaguer high-muckety-muck muckety-muck poo-bah muck-a-muck high-muck-a-muck big boy taipan toff ruler manufacturer producer money-spinner feudal lord industrial magnate financial magnate deputy viceroy governor person manager well-known person very important person factory boss factory owner muckymuck bigshot person of influence top cat pillar of the community hotdog dignity high-up big-time operator multimillionairess multibillionaire gazillionaire lady muck lord muck big chief Daddy Warbucks Mr. Moneybags dynast princess queen ace immortal mahatma big stuff cynosure big deal the cheese Dives loadsamoney yuppie liberal bourgeois landowner moneyed person person of substance Midas oligarch legend headliner expert inspiration the boss the money one who signs the checks economic liberal idol head nouveau riche important personage top name guiding light stockbroker commander wonder prodigy muckamuck commandant headman foreman helmsman skipper taskmaster jefe skip commanding officer principal moneyed man man of wealth wealthy individual Mr Moneybags woman of means chieftain figurehead Capt. representative grubstaker broker supporter businessman staker businesswoman usurer sponsor manipulator CEO CFO mistress four-striper officer boss man exec pilot guide top number one supervisor cap major player old man muckety muck powerful person powerful batter influential person grand poobah great gun person in charge Santa Claus investment banker money lender merchant banker team leader straw boss higher up pilot in command person who writes the checks


Magnificently impressive in nature
splendid magnificent grand imposing impressive luxurious rich sumptuous superb costly dazzling gorgeous lavish resplendent glorious ornate deluxe elegant expensive majestic noble opulent palatial proud regal spectacular stately beautiful fine plush splendiferous handsome kingly posh princely swanky august baronial brave epic gallant grandiose heroic heroical imperial magnific massive monumental plushy ritzy royal splendacious splendorous splendrous swank swish magnolious palatian baroque flamboyant Homeric splashy solid gold striking awe-inspiring dignified luxuriant lush fancy luxury extravagant lofty awesome stunning Lucullan breathtaking sublime great marvellous elaborate classy marvelous silken luxe exalted Babylonian distinguished Lucullian ostentatious luscious elevated palace remarkable pretentious first-class brilliant commanding lavishly appointed arresting amazing extraordinary upmarket upscale stylish wondrous lordly superior fit for a king illustrious pompous showy exquisite statuesque excellent towering terrific fabulous glitzy stupendous sensational staggering dramatic out of this world ambitious outstanding incredible fantastic astonishing wonderful astounding mind-blowing queenly stirring fit for a queen glittering eye-catching de luxe formidable choice tremendous high-class exclusive powerful aristocratic large eminent classic affluent sensuous overwhelming solemn something else well-appointed vast valuable precious jaw-dropping divine ominous vivid transcendent glamorous prodigious fancy-pants exciting chic snazzy flashy colourful radiant exaggerated smashing fab supreme super sovereign Olympian gaudy bright comfortable haughty imperious sybaritic exuberant epicurean unreal sensual voluptuous upholstered prodigal well appointed bombastic first-rate colorful in the lap of luxury mind-boggling colossal celestial amazeballs eye-popping heavenly palatine gee-whizz sightly considerable scintillating coruscating intense courtly ravishing priceless select no-expense-spared invaluable inestimable large-scale indulgent ample elitist snobby snotty high-hat persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish potty high-born ceremonious excessive fit for a prince quality special honourable honorable notable rarefied godlike high dynamite admirable fit for a princess champagne legendary lux prime absorbing penetrating cultivated ornamented refined overdone stuffy tall in the saddle over-the-top over the top flash mythological classical loaded pricey comfy portentous worthy maestoso bigger than life high-flown resounding frilly riotous profusive velvet profuse dear ultra cool unfathomable theatrical egotistic high-falutin' high-flying dainty rare delicate recherche magisterial slap-up authoritative renowned magical very good abundant portly venerable humbling spiffy embellished well-proportioned Junoesque phenomenal trim shapely poised graceful beyond price long extended picturesque huge arduous Herculean inspiring memorable unforgettable marathon unique exhilarating intoxicating larger-than-life very great very large very long tall and dignified big never to be forgotten spine-tingling mind-bending mega loud moving effective garish overblown forcible vibrant bold lurid one for the book something to write home about immoderate flaring jazzy razzle-dazzle noisy brash hedonistic pampered gratifying pleasurable florid brightly coloured swashbuckling bling gay brilliantly coloured self-indulgent pleasure-loving flakey peacockish flaming camp flaky outrageous sporty gassy chichi fashionable smart sophisticated tony tasteful modish schmick trendy dashing generous bountiful prosperous high-toned dicty peacocky artistic attractive well-off decorative swankish tawdry meretricious wealthy upper-class substantial genteel pleasant plentiful easy cushy nice snappy sharp bounteous well-fixed well-situated liberal discerning a la mode aesthetic gracious well-heeled polished gilded high-quality cultured well-to-do intricate urbane decorated charming lovely suave comely overwrought glaring screaming tinsel histrionic adorned fussy esthetic affected busy up-market rococo ornamental beautifying over-elaborate prominent OTT yuppie festooned formal with-it agreeable finest par excellence respectable aureate coffee-table leafy appealing au courant five-star arty high fashion upper-crust salubrious glossy well produced high-status detailed with good taste haute swell prolific full fat swagger sprauncy plummy larney conspicuous splurgy vulgar la-di-da top-drawer plenteous garnished recherché tasteless obtrusive chi-chi copious executive unstinting unsparing sensory skilful skillful kitsch suitable sufficient cornucopian extreme devilish with all the extras wedding-cake with all the options with bells and whistles spacious roomy kenspeckle bodacious noticeable grabby pronounced superfly catchy marked emphatic pleasure-seeking fleshly carnal fanciful profound tinselly bling-bling aplenty well off satisfactory adequate froufrou fancible custom unusual highfalutin expansive capacious commodious sizeable decorous sensorial bacchanalian affective pleasing free from hardship debonair extensive spacey stylized teeming moneyed abundant in abounding in superabundant high class munificent far-out fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated startling arrestive surpassing fascinating electrifying confounding perfect well-designed well-dressed fleshy sensualistic deep passionate physical aesthetically pleasing primrose well-bred well furnished pretty embellishing cosmetic adorning enhancing nonfunctional non-functional gingerbread dressy garnishing decking furbishing patterned accessory setting off heightening decorating for show

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