Synonym of mawkish

Alternative for mawkish


Sentimental in an exaggerated or false way
sentimental corny sloppy soppy cheesy emotional mushy schmaltzy drippy sickly treacly cloying cutesy gushing icky oversentimental sappy twee bathetic cornball gushy maudlin novelettish overemotional saccharine sloshy sugarcoated sugary weepy fruity gooey hokey lachrymose romantic slushy soupy spooney spoony sticky banal feeble nauseating sickening syrupy teary trite wet lovey-dovey over-sentimental tear-jerking sick-making toe-curling chocolate-box three-hanky self-pitying three-hankie tearful sickly-sweet touching pathetic nostalgic jejune inane effusive oversweet affected soapy honeyed dewy-eyed tender simpering impressionable sweet dreamy overacted idealistic demonstrative hearts-and-flowers softhearted moonstruck languishing insipid vapid passionate sobby Mills-and-Boon tacky kitsch melodramatic visionary rosewater sugar-coated affectionate loving cute kitschy precious sad romanticized moving silly poignant tragic sickly sweet soft heart-rending fatuous soft-hearted romanticised excessive hacky OTT unctuous bromidic cornpone schlocky choking campy over the top ingratiating candied dime-store histrionic corn-fed over-emotional warmed-over disgusting heavy exaggerated cloyingly sweet melancholy depressing pretty picturesque attractive pretty-pretty soft-focus plaintive namby-pamby stirring affecting fulsome dismal enthusiastic stale old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed commonplace dull emotive ebullient rhapsodic extravagant exuberant expansive hagiographical overdone unreserved unrestrained lyrical adulatory lavish oleaginous hagiographic powerful heart-warming uplifting harrowing impassioned heartbreaking soul-stirring haunting dramatic overenthusiastic oily exciting thrilling impactful impressive over-effusive hyped up over-enthusiastic laid on with a trowel old hat


No longer new and interesting or exciting
stale banal stereotyped trite commonplace hackneyed threadbare flat tired unoriginal antiquated platitudinous overworked stock warmed-up common corny derivative run-of-the-mill unimaginative uninspired archaic cliche cliché-ridden cobwebby defunct hack hackney insipid moth-eaten musty obligatory obsolete outdated outmoded shopworn timeworn warmed-over well-worn worn out worn-out cliché clichéd hacky overused passé repetitious bent dead effete foetid fetid old hat out out of date out-of-date past vapid yesterday's zestless played out gone off like a dinosaur out of the ark past their sell-by date dull stereotypical bromidic worn prosaic pedestrian routine conventional ordinary hokey set old cornball exhausted bathetic time-worn old-fashioned familiar tune stereotypic jejune chain drained mildewed platitudinal dated used-up ready-made cliched well worn hoary truistic predictable unfashionable ancient outworn rusty humdrum superannuated antique antediluvian bygone old-hat behind the times superseded overdone formulaic out of fashion boring everyday dime-store disused fossilized frayed imitative obsolescent prehistoric anachronistic medieval neolithic Noachian mossy moribund mediaeval demoded prehistorical kaputt kaput square standard fossilised Stone Age out of style aged uninventive copied plagiaristic second-hand plagiarized non-innovative familiar rehashed tedious shabby tripe ragged tattered unhip old-time traditional vieux jeu oldfangled cribbed olden decrepit dusty extinct plagiarised used has-been dinosaur moldy unstylish mouldy horse and buggy cliché orthodox standardized inane silly conventionalized quotidian old-chestnut old-saw played-out uncreative ineffective mass-produced typecast tarnished faded unsophisticated standardised cheesy sentimental kitschy feeble lined worn thin rehearsed discarded discontinued weathered broken-down rundown unspontaneous formal dog-eared wrinkled geriatric battered artificial out-of-fashion gone obscure no longer in use old-school deprecated fallen into disuse fossil past it mundane dreary monotonous tiresome vanilla historic abandoned uneventful uninteresting unpopular the worse for wear had it done for past its sell-by date dead and gone mind-numbing ho-hum antwacky démodé unvaried wearisome old school last year's no longer fashionable out-of-style not with it vintage unusable stupid facile cornfed pabulum zero trivial nowhere bland nothing noplace dumb blah seedy ratty raggedy ho hum out of commission out of use dull as dishwater sometime remote primeval primordial former decayed old as Methuselah quondam primitive late once aboriginal early venerable age-old relic old as the hills erstwhile immemorial of old pristine onetime done of yore demode original cast-off crumbling primaeval passe sere deteriorated destroyed etiolated useless shot impaired depleted secondary echoic secondhand copycat evolved obtained procured borrowed acquired ancestral inferential derived subordinate cognate connate caused inferred hereditary coming from not original


Liable or tending to weep
weepy tearful crying sobbing weeping lachrymose teary wailing whimpering blubbering sad sniveling snivelling distressed emotional greeting unhappy upset blubbing in tears larmoyant howling maudlin miserable sensitive teary-eyed close to tears on the verge of tears with tears in one's eyes mournful sorrowful disconsolate woeful forlorn depressed despondent downcast gloomy doleful down blue grief-stricken moist melancholy down in the mouth watery dejected glum rueful bawling heartbroken downhearted sorry woebegone joyless crestfallen low heavy-hearted heartsick desolate low-spirited heartsore down in the dumps saddened anguished inconsolable morose heavyhearted dolorous lugubrious sombre dispirited despairing somber cheerless brokenhearted droopy cast down dismal disheartened blubbery lamenting troubled melancholic sullen pitiful lamentable grieving disappointed rheumy discouraged hurt bereaved demoralized grieved tristful wistful broken-hearted down-hearted demoralised afflicted hangdog in doldrums in grief in the dumps tear-filled depressing dreary pitiable wet wretched painful distressing aggrieved bitter regretful dolent misty-eyed misty displeased pained worried distraught sorrowing mourning unfocused blurry blurred pathetic heartrending saddening heartbreaking drear perturbed bothered dewy-eyed disturbed tormented concerned shook antsy discombobulated burned uptight bugged sore contused poignant cloudy cut up all torn up shook up bad funereal piteous dirgeful pessimistic down in dumps moody out of sorts sick at heart pensive down in mouth morbid hapless crabby languished gray broken black dysphoric bowed down negative fed up languorous grey triste listless languid comfortless spiritless sulky saturnine harrowing grievous heart-rending funeral plangent aching deploring agonized plaintive bewailing bemoaning dolesome easily moved calamitous ruthful deplorable dire regrettable afflictive dolorific in floods of tears agonised with tears in your eyes disheartening dispiriting discouraging bleak upsetting tragic distressful dejecting grim disappointing mirthless down and out traumatic hopeless demoralizing unfortunate moving demoralising agonizing discomposing downbeat terrible oppressive tear-jerking agonising unpleasant dragged long-faced destroyed heart-wrenching poor depressive drab dreadful difficult excruciating shocking troublesome crushing defeatist daunting in low spirits torn up sunk in gloom in the doldrums vexatious uncomfortable cold abject helpless lost dingy horrific appalling horrifying derisible mortifying dark frightful lonesome forsaken forgotten abandoned lonely homeless hurtful touching friendless destitute uncared-for bereft disenchanting unfavorable unfavourable grave oppressed dragging cynical defenceless fruitless solitary defenseless alone weighed down grumpy hurting bleeding in a blue funk in pain bummed out let-down not happy

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