Synonym of media savvy


Quickly and critically discerning
astute canny penetrating politic sharp shrewd acute artful cunning ingenious quick quick-witted razor-sharp subtle bright brilliant calculating clever crafty discerning insightful intelligent intuitive knowing perceptive sagacious savvy smart wily discriminating piercing sharp-witted adroit brainy clear-eyed clear-sighted foxy hard-boiled hardheaded heads-up heady incisive judicious keen pawky perspicacious sly streetwise suss wise argute long-headed on the ball sapient whip-smart not born yesterday quick off the mark quick on the uptake sharp as a tack slick sensible scheming sage devious guileful fly cagey designing smooth far-sighted slippery farsighted far-seeing disingenuous in the know prudent tricky alert cute observant beguiling underhand dodgy profound cagy deep accurate probing experienced inside calculated shark astucious on the inside wised up on top of up on conniving unscrupulous Machiavellian controlling serpentine manipulative percipient thoughtful sensitive rational discreet aware reasonable circumspect critical practical careful enlightened sound knowledgeable fine cautious sane wary logical watchful ready vigilant analytical sober erudite attentive genius gnostic informed sophisticated understanding rapier-like considerate nimble realistic heedful worldly-wise down-to-earth trenchant clear penetrative matter-of-fact skilful open-eyed learned commonsensical responsible skillful well-thought-out guarded analytic refined level-headed chary mature grounded delicate razor-edged knife-like sharp-sighted awake searching fast supersmart conservative gingerly safe ultrasmart responsive downy sharpened resourceful street-smart street smart deft good keen-witted exceptional diplomatic dexterous thinking apt nimble-witted dextrous well-reasoned agile hyperintelligent cultivated razor-like cerebral balanced reflective cultured levelheaded commonsense no-nonsense insighted strategic together witty reasoned just pragmatic well-founded cool ratiocinative sophic judgmatical judgmatic well-advised enquiring questioning inquiring thorough mindful reserved scrupulous finely honed all there not missing a trick having all one's marbles leery softly-softly precautious on guard on your toes interested on the lookout on the qui vive exquisite whiz einstein shady sneaky underhanded shifty razor sharp contemplative sentient scholarly self-aware educated joined-up philosophical sussed plotting tasteful showing great knowledge with great knowledge hip intellectual precocious able frugal hep businesslike hard-headed complex intriguing exacting detailed selective with it precise as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork hard-nosed graceful tactful full of insight reasoning conscious reliable fastidious stable steady adult dependable tuned in wise to with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground minute close-lipped knows what's what acuminous ear to the ground proportional symmetrical well-proportioned well-adjusted close-mouthed exact cognitive kid-glove nobody's fool having smarts examining exploratory inquisitive researching intense pointed investigative curious mental like a clam civil harmonious on lookout having foresight moderate controlled mentally stable temperate noncommittal not rash cognizant considered grown-up worldly polished smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five quick on the trigger conceptual with all one's wits about one expedient deliberate sharp-eyed well-balanced eagle-eyed advisable wide-awake keen-eyed playing one's cards close to one's chest punctilious desirable tactical hawk-eyed concentrating efficacious tentie regardful focused tenty beady-eyed Argus-eyed seemly seasonable judicial well judged common-sense well advised well-judged surveying deducing correct eager considering alive comprehending intentive advertent discovering on one's toes detecting contemplating focussed observative with eyes like a hawk valid solid hard coherent firm consequent justified well-grounded serious-minded commonsensible well thought out well-informed full of common sense conversant reticent measured apprehensive hesitant tentative provident suspecting suspicious forethoughtful restrained au courant in right mind keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs all ears walking on egg shells with eyes peeled thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves taking it slow on your guard playing safe belt-and-braces hedging one's bets with reservations watching one's step watching out on the watch with one's eyes peeled steady-going


Having a familiarity with, or knowledge of, the world
worldly sophisticated worldly-wise cosmopolitan experienced knowing urbane aware knowledgeable mature astute blasé cultivated enlightened grasping materialistic perceptive politic seasoned selfish shrewd smart avaricious covetous cultured greedy unprovincial worldly-minded callous cool disenchanted hardened mondain opportunistic power-loving practical self-centred self-centered unprincipled uptown been around having been around worldly wise well versed in the ways of the world refined polished suave smooth debonair civilized svelte elegant stylish jet-set classy chic citified intelligent initiated mondaine erudite civilised world-weary well-bred wise streetwise old with experience matured well travelled old hand been there in the know battle-scarred trained expert qualified canny savvy cunning practised long-serving sensible learned judicious adept veteran established consummate competent not born yesterday skillful practiced accomplished skilful weathered professional sagacious well versed vet pro well trained unbelieving on the ball reliable responsible adult dependable discriminating broad-minded unprejudiced liberal well-travelled level-headed grown-up catholic planetary gregarious metropolitan public ecumenical proficient master crack ace masterful skilled great virtuoso crackerjack complete masterly good compleat versed educated professed mean travelled well-traveled global international traveled disciplined exercised knows one's stuff wise to ways up to speed from way back long-time old-time inured steady of the old school time-served well-versed habituated tested tried familiar instructed prepared toughened sharp acute clever percipient sage calculating insightful bright discerning brilliant wily conversant sentient perspicacious cognizant observant au fait well up in versed in quick brainy quick-witted clued-up tuned-in well-informed sharp-witted clear-sighted with-it clear-eyed well informed

Antonym of media savvy

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