Synonym of melting

Alternative for melting

melts, melted, melting

Synonym: change, dissolve, liquefy, soften,

Antonym: freeze, solidify,


Gentle or loving


Arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness
pathetic heartbreaking moving pitiable touching affecting piteous pitiful distressing miserable poignant sad plaintive poor wretched harrowing disquieting disturbing doleful heart-rending stirring tragic upsetting agonising agonizing forlorn heartrending mortifying rueful sorry tender woeful distressful gut-wrenching mournful to be pitied commiserable meagre meager petty puny useless impressive emotional tear-jerking emotive saddening warming heart-warming impactful evocative sentimental sympathetic stunning wistful mind-blowing compassionate responsive dismal sorrowful melancholy tearful cheerless lamentable abject depressing dreary unhappy drear comfortless gloomy grievous disconsolate joyless dolorous desolate afflicted distressed teary deplorable morose glum melancholic bleak unfortunate sombre woebegone dejected somber grim depressed despondent depressive dire painful worthless lugubrious lonesome lonely dark solemn funereal crestfallen sullen blue cold anguished elegiacal low elegiac cast down drab disheartening spiritless dispiriting gray godforsaken morbid base mourning heartbroken oppressive dingy dejecting black chill murky tenebrific sepulchral grey darkening plutonian tenebrous saturnine bitter paltry mean suffering uncomfortable dreich sunless cloudy grieving down-and-out helpless traumatic Cimmerian in the dumps regrettable unlucky calamitous broken-hearted hopeless heartsick dull dispirited hapless lachrymose drearisome uninviting austere unwelcoming dour dim bare inhospitable stark bland powerless clinical draggy mopey impersonal vile scurvy wintery institutional wintry jarring downcast feeble arousing shabby commiserative lame defenseless down downhearted beggarly dreadful disastrous grief-stricken inconsolable despairing catastrophic agonized ruined regretful excruciating saddened brokenhearted dolesome nostalgic disappointing shocking terrible heavyhearted droopy hangdog heartsore derisible plangent ruthful weeping appalling agonised mirthless defenceless lamenting crushing unpleasant forsaken vexatious low-spirited long-faced destitute down in the mouth out of sorts down in the dumps ill-fated ill-starred merciful beseeching supplicating imploring entreating heartsickening lousy inadequate despicable contemptible insignificant cheap powerful uplifting telling soul-stirring intense discouraging demoralising demoralizing difficult affective haunting heartwarming disgraceful small impotent weak troublesome emotionally moving tragical agitating expressive perturbing passionate weepy discomposing funeral aching deploring bewailing bemoaning wailing awful fatal deadly ruinous lost heavy-hearted forceless toothless prostrate arousing affect cruel tortured racked horrific horrifying pensive heart-wrenching frightful grousing cranky crabby grumpy bellyaching beefing cantankerous forgotten abandoned homeless cataclysmic bad friendless uncared-for bereft galling devastating horrendous gruesome oppressed destroyed dragging cynical fruitless solitary pessimistic alone adverse lethal mortal fed up blubbering blubbery tear-filled bawling sobbing watery sniveling wet moist whimpering snivelling vulnerable weighed down fateful deathly destructive down and out unpowerful luckless in tears cursed doomed jinxed desperate broken unprosperous stricken snakebitten unsuccessful pained shattered troubled awkward snakebit burdened out of luck ill-omened in a bad way hard luck sad sack star-crossed sorrowing devastated choked gutted bummed hurting downtrodden sour cut up in the pits chap-fallen


Pronounced without any jar or harshness
liquid clear smooth fluent pure sweet dulcet mellifluous soft clarion distinct mellow melodious flowing honeyed lilting lyrical mellifluent musical soothing sweet-sounding sweet-toned tuneful euphonious harmonious melodic euphonic symphonious harmonic silvery songful pleasing rich lyric symphonic agreeable tuned pleasant birdsweet easy on the ear seraphic angelical euphonous resonant harmonizing canorous bell-like in tune golden silver-tongued silver-toned sonorous orotund pleasing to the ear well-pitched rotund chiming consonant orchestral harmonising blending enjoyable vocal pleasant-sounding rhythmic choral operatic fluid silky sweet-flowing full deep rhythmical vibrant ringing fruity full-bodied strong booming reverberant reverberating resounding balanced concordant round reverberative eurythmic eurhythmic powerful loud full-toned congruous expressive catchy well-tuned plangent rounded phat chantlike in chorus in unison in concert in harmony chant-like sing-song song-like light graceful refined unctuous pretty poppy foot-tapping easy-listening silvery-toned euphonical bright eloquent significant assonant accordant classical listenable instrumental philharmonic ensemble well tuned poetic vibrating sounding pulsating ariose sonorant baritone chanting rhapsodic songlike echoing full-voiced loud-voiced singsong singing singable carrying bardic emotional passionate poeticized poetical big throaty robust personal subjective plummy inspired sentimental soulful romantic deeply felt prominent polyphonic pear-shaped


Process of, or state of having been, made liquid


Present participle for leave or disappear unobtrusively
vanishing disappearing evaporating dissolving evanescing fading dispersing dissipating dematerializing fleeing flying sinking passing fading away going away petering out vanishing into thin air melting away vaporizing weakening waning ebbing clearing dwindling vaporising dispelling withering evanishing wilting going wasting away disintegrating failing parching concentrating flagging perishing declining drooping languishing sagging dying out fizzling out lagging emaciating decaying passing away dying drying up ceasing to exist lessening coming to an end receding breaking down growing less dropping out of sight eroding dehumidifying desiccating dehydrating crumbling decomposing volatilizing ablating diminishing subsiding diffusing scattering disassembling falling away ending gradually running dry unmaking dilapidating boiling away withdrawing breaking into pieces departing becoming invisible exiting leaving collapsing wasting fainting losing courage dropping caving in succumbing wizening mummifying giving out receding from view disappearing from sight going missing ending wearing off ceasing to be dimming falling shrivelling shriveling dying away etiolating folding deliquescing trailing growing faint thinning hushing growing dim abating rarefying tapering quieting tiring moderating attenuating growing feeble becoming unimportant pooping out fagging out slacking off becoming less loud trailing off tailing off passing off fading out dying on vine tuckering out breaking up decreasing degenerating deteriorating ceasing expiring stopping banishing quelling rising lifting draining lapsing clearing out driving away thinning out terminating elapsing halting finishing discontinuing concluding closing quitting determining running out coming to nothing falling through going down going downhill leaving off passing into oblivion dying down letting up winding up breaking off dead-ending winking out tapering off fragmenting eliminating trailing away depleting lowering rebating palling blowing over running its course drawing to a close plummetting plummeting guttering reducing squandering disbanding breaking apart releasing blurring coming to a halt checking allaying dying off winding down miscarrying aborting misfiring becoming less dulling spreading becoming weak draining away dropping off falling apart fizzling numbing becoming confused becoming indistinct becoming blurred becoming shadowy becoming vague making faint melting into thin air becoming extinct coming to naught going south becoming obsolete ceasing to be known leaving no trace disappearing from the face of the earth withering away ending in defeat ending in disappointment missing the mark slackening retrograding bating moldering mouldering running low easing off packing in wearing away going dead


Present participle for make or become more tender or loving
softening touching disarming mollifying relaxing affecting moving forgiving relenting yielding becoming lenient giving in showing mercy capitulating acquiescing unbending backpedalling backpedaling acceding giving way weakening surrendering succumbing submitting blinking bowing conceding quitting budging forbearing doing a U-turn backing down coming round having mercy folding having pity becoming merciful sympathizing giving quarter sympathising slowing knuckling under showing pity complying agreeing to something allowing something conceding something admitting something giving up dying away crying uncle doing an about-turn mellowing out letting go caving in laying back lightening up saying uncle letting happen cooling it coming around giving some slack changing one's mind easing up on going along with going easy on letting it happen changing your mind taking a softer line throwing in the towel admitting defeat deferring ceding conceding defeat falling throwing in the sponge raising the white flag buckling under showing the white flag agreeing accepting defeat laying down arms waving the white flag laying down your arms bending relinquishing crumbling abandoning going down going under packing it in tossing it in putting up white flag giving up the struggle assenting suffering defeat retracting collapsing accepting caving kowtowing resigning bowing out delivering indulging losing buckling knuckling breaking abdicating laying down falling victim pulling out handing over throwing in your hand eating crow rolling over giving yourself up coming to terms resigning yourself retreating changing compromising consenting giving oneself up adapting consigning entrusting foregoing leaving throwing up one's hands chucking it in playing dead throwing up the sponge falling in line eating humble pie adhering showing white flag giving in to agreeing with granting conforming hesitating wavering vacillating eating one's words truckling heeding observing desisting stopping presenting despairing forswearing waiving ceasing tendering dropping proffering easing off easing up leaving off chickening out bailing out handing in cutting out coming off second-best failing giving way to yielding to concurring with cooperating with complying with acquiescing in acting in accordance with crying quits folding up giving oneself over turning in turning over calling it quits losing out keeling surrendering to falling short having the worst defaulting getting the worst coming up short taking a licking coming to grief resigning oneself bending the knee hoisting the white flag giving ground humbling oneself bowing to something bowing to someone giving away the store coming a cropper taking a beating meeting one's Waterloo dropping a bundle suffering crashing out reneging backtracking breaking your promise dooing an about-face failing to honour having second thoughts defaulting on going back on backing out copping out breaking one's word


Present participle for to fuse or melt two things into one, especially in order to extract metal from ore


Present participle for to unite closely
welding bonding connecting fusing joining linking uniting binding blending soldering cementing melding sticking amalgamating combining knitting sealing splicing brazing consolidating gluing glueing gumming pasting unifying fixing repairing merging incorporating marrying coalescing intermixing interfusing compounding mixing associating agglutinating lumping together putting together conjugating interlacing weaving sticking together coadunating wedding assimilating mingling intermingling meshing homogenizing harmonizing commingling lumping emulsifying banding massing accommodating affiliating pooling converging comingling conflating embodying adding alloying interweaving immixing immingling subsuming yoking commixing absorbing compositing conglomerating compacting harmonising jumbling concentrating integrating synthesising interblending interpenetrating synthesizing homogenising desegregating becoming one joining together throwing in together melting into folding in symphonizing running into conjoining coming together getting together concatenating linking up coordinating interfacing fastening coupling annexing affixing securing adhering tying cohering chaining clamping pinning hitching interconnecting appending interlinking bringing together screwing bolting lashing taping riveting rivetting hooking bracketing catenating holding hooking up bridging slapping on hitching on tagging on pairing trussing strapping tethering roping clipping pegging cleaving make fasting tying up subjoining clasping allying nailing tacking on locking buckling fettering anchoring mooring tacking clinging gripping battening pinioning lodging snagging matching sticking fast holding fast hooking on plugging into melding with sticking on tiing in with mending patching sellotaping freezing harnessing plastering bending networking mortaring prefixing bootstrapping to stirring whisking latching onto hitching up attaching securely fastening together concreting premixing blunging interlocking interflowing admixing bleeding folding entwining teaming piecing together fitting stringing holding together sticking to juxtaposing assembling dovetailing leashing staying hewing mating remaining suffusing staying put holding on to clinging like ivy sticking like a barnacle sticking like glue freezing to holding on like bulldog holding on spanning consociating tagging clicking relating cojoining mixing up networking with joining up with knitting together making one knotting closing buttoning catching mortising


Present participle for become less intense, violent, or severe
subsiding easing moderating abating lessening diminishing dwindling ebbing receding waning slackening declining decreasing letting up lulling relenting calming remitting alleviating attenuating de-escalating falling quietening down softening tapering off ceasing dropping easing up fading lowering palling petering out shrinking slackening off stilling tapering weakening descending dying down dying out quietening terminating draining away dropping off falling away phasing down ratcheting down slipping melting away dying away easing off falling down settling down coming to an end coming to a stop levelling off flagging deteriorating decaying degenerating disappearing sinking dissolving fading away languishing retiring trailing failing withdrawing flowing away reducing slumping falling off tailing off plummetting plummeting contracting going down plunging growing less settling dipping shriveling shrivelling mitigating evaporating tumbling nosediving depreciating drooping growing smaller crashing trailing off quelling withering diving becoming smaller sagging relaxing slacking off slowing down draining vanishing dying off wearing off getting less collapsing retroceding regressing depressing downsizing fizzling out wearing away calming down winding down lightening wasting away curtailing tempering wasting crumbling stopping closing devaluating taking a nosedive dropping away flopping drying up blurring cratering minimizing wearing down running out growing faint growing dim falling back minimising coming to nothing curbing retreating wilting nose-diving quieting getting smaller restraining trailing away retrogressing downscaling decrementing relapsing allaying depleting running low narrowing down skidding assuaging going away rolling back flowing back going downhill becoming less toning down cooling off getting lower checking dropping down rebating becoming lower coming to a halt crumpling returning cutting down eroding faltering dying losing edge cutting lapsing growing weaker retrograding impairing giving out dampening toppling minifying thinning out sloping going lagging emaciating backsliding denting going back coming down condensing shortening losing tottering slaking tiring moving back slacking slowing relieving devaluing cutting back drawing back deflating dulling fainting subduing cooling mollifying taking the bite out taking the sting out taking the edge off knocking down losing ground hitting the floor going through the floor slashing modifying tailing away lolling finishing losing strength losing intensity degrading petering fizzling rescinding shaping bating elongating falling through modulating slanting down tilting downwards inclining downwards diluting blunting narrowing releasing deadening disengaging running dry growing spiraling spiralling going out dropping rapidly falling sharply thinning down phasing out pitching tripping slimming wrinkling muting palliating damping muffling going downwards reverting setting downgrading cascading stumbling losing its effect losing its effectiveness downturning compressing constricting becoming less intense closing out telescoping soothing cushioning making less turning down paring down pulling out backing away dying away or out dying away or down compacting becoming unproductive growing barren growing sterile desisting gravitating falling short moving away tightening squeezing becoming weaker dragging buckling cheapening worsening capsulizing capsuling constringing departing retracting backing soft-pedalling abridging amputating clipping thinning cropping soft-pedaling dipping below the horizon freshening allying frosting freezing infrigidating ceasing to yield bowing out scrimping becoming softer becoming quieter marking down getting softer getting quieter writing down backing off moving further off taking in slacking up caving in losing value atrophying devolving rotting hitting the dirt tipping over decreasing in value taking a header breaking down declining in price going into a tailspin folding up drawing away bending dangling coming to a halt end coming to a an end recidivating going backwards slipping back sinking back drifting back giving way vitiating debasing impoverishing trembling crippling halting limping abbreviating retrenching extenuating bowing hanging steadying placating numbing becoming blurred becoming shadowy growing feeble becoming vague becoming confused becoming indistinct dimming making faint getting worse going to pot hanging down stooping losing headway throwing back turning the clock back turning back stabilising smoothing over defusing quieting down ameliorating containing pacifying controlling stabilizing draping breaking up losing spirit going to the dogs fading out slouching slinging becoming limp tiring out leaning becoming flaccid lopping wearing out suspending letting down making smaller

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