Synonym of mended

Alternative for mended

mends, mended, mending

Antonym: break,


In good health
whole healthy fine fit well better strong wholesome fresh normal vigorous hale healthier right good recovered refreshed ok rehabilitated sound active healed lively cured restored bouncing hearty invigorated robust fitter hardy sturdy able-bodied all right fighting fit hunky-dory in shape physically fit well-conditioned alive and kicking as fit as a fiddle fine and dandy fit as a fiddle fit as a flea full of life hale and hearty in excellent shape in fine feather in fine fettle in good condition in good form in good health in good kilter in good physical condition in good physical shape in good shape in good trim in tip-top condition solid as a rock sound in body and limb strong as an ox OK energetic spirited vital dynamic vibrant peppy animated vivacious bouncy perky full of beans zestful sprightly sparkling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed sparky zippy bubbly high-spirited gay jaunty in the pink flourishing blooming effervescent thriving brisk airy pert snappy full of vim and vigour stalwart buoyant enthusiastic frisky exuberant spry animate forceful dashing kinetic springy spanking peart mettlesome jazzy pizazzy pizzazzy go-go bright and breezy lusty chirpy chipper right as rain up to snuff bursting with health racy stout ebullient cheerful strapping excited powerful quick husky indefatigable merry tireless frolicsome alert upbeat fiery happy zesty breezy spunky red-blooded in rude health full of get-up-and-go full of vim ball of fire as fit as a flea solid tough firm sane well-built passionate athletic nimble rugged bustling alive muscular busy elated agile fun-loving vivid glowing impassioned bold frolic crank gamesome intense aerobicized eager zealous virile feisty trim zingy bright flush zappy driving unflagging untiring industrious gingery forcible hyper enterprising effective up to par full of the joys of spring full of pep outgoing bubbling barnstorming in peak condition youthful skittish scintillating blithesome blithe cheery happy-go-lucky carefree jocund fun sunny bushy-tailed healthful bright-eyed mobile sporty sinewy brawny occupied together able luxuriantly enlivened exciting electrifying burly stable flamboyant dazzling eventful dexterous full of zip on the move dextrous deedful on the go jumping humming happening stirring colourful vehement buzzing rousing potent colorful rude buff hefty jacked beefy hunky powerhouse ardent fervent aggressive hopping astir abuzz determined coruscating intensive stimulating staunch stark iron thewy thickset storming resounding ballsy punchy sensitive vibrating emphatic radiant gutsy responsive in trim have-a-go hard-hitting roaring full-blooded all-out rough high-octane powerfully built pushy as strong as a horse abubble as strong as a ox aboil solidly built full of spirit strenuous high-powered heated substantial intact energised vitalized energized activated boisterous fast durable bombproof unimpaired undamaged daring flawless wide-ranging undecayed hard well-constructed perfect rigorous safe unhurt unblemished joyful irrepressible full of fun hanging together holding together gallant jolly playful strong as an lion strong as an horse go-getting wick persuasive take-over steamroller raring to go full of energy efficient take-charge hard-driving


Past tense for to atone or make amends for

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