Synonym of meretricious

Alternative for meretricious


Superficially or garishly attractive but of no real value
flashy garish gaudy tawdry chintzy loud kitschy pretentious tinselly trashy cheap glitzy ornate tacky gimcrack showy tinsel flash glaring tasteless tatty vulgar Brummagem fakey brash ostentatious flamboyant splashy extravagant obtrusive swanky swank jazzy kitsch blatant brazen brummagem fancy overdone screaming glittering ritzy flaring florid flaunting bling-bling razzle-dazzle naff conspicuous snazzy lurid overwrought brilliant over-elaborate bright noisy raffish theatrical luxurious affected crude bold splendiferous resplendent opulent sumptuous brassy over the top fancy-pants plastic in bad taste aureate pompous sensational dashing classy peacocky histrionic tony OTT elaborate superfly superficial dicty over-bright violent harsh cheap and nasty glittery distasteful unattractive nauseating bilious gilded sickly bling colorful catchpenny sparkling colourful clashing glowing blinding blazing jarring shining grandiose bombastic outrageous expensive kenspeckle commanding bodacious prominent noticeable eye-catching pronounced remarkable dramatic striking catchy grabby marked arresting emphatic pizazzy pizzazzy nifty splurgy gay specious sham in poor taste pizzazz frou-frou chichi coarse gross pinchbeck pzazz trumpery crass cheap-jack cheapjack rubbishy paltry gussied up putting on the ritz prosperous festooned shabby shoddy junky worthless poor dirty offensive common sleazy sporty twopenny-halfpenny fussy decorated baroque ornamented busy rococo beautiful detailed complex embellished complicated adorned elegant gingerbread gingerbreaded flowery bedizened overdecorated gingerbready bedecked wedding-cake overelaborate high-wrought jewelled metaphorical decorative glossy jeweled ornamental wordy embroidered lavish rich variegated fancily decorated highly wrought luscious magnificent glamorous verbose fine dazzling colored coloured high-flown oratorical curlicued turgid fustian intricate purple grandiloquent overblown overripe very elaborate exaggerated euphuistic highfalutin rhetorical formal convoluted over-embellished over-ornate overworked magniloquent inflated orotund high-sounding laboured strained overembellished towering extreme devilish tumid posh Ossianic labored sophisticated frilly jaunty spiffy spectacular self-righteous cluttered contrived precious written sententious dignified solemn poetic lofty overinflated discursive overstated impressive bizarre plush overornate excessively ornate stagy grotesque undue overdue insane overweening stiff immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant unconscionable excessive overextravagant steep overmuch unmerciful stylish casual informal fluent eloquent booming melodramatic declamatory elocutionary whimsical garnished actorly skillful skilful trendy multicolored multicoloured pleonastic gilt flaunted exhibitionistic uptown natty gee-whizz convivial merry arty hyperventilated delicate meticulous peacockish exciting camp literary smart sharp arty-farty with all the extras with all the options swashbuckling flaming luxuriant fun minute with bells and whistles rakish snappy schmick sassy highly decorated dainty exact painstaking deluxe swish quality superior select prime fanciful special froufrou fancible unusual cushy custom beautifying high-class high-quality


Based on pretense or insincerity
false spurious bogus hollow specious counterfeit fake faked fraudulent imitation mock pseudo sham artificial deceitful insincere phoney plastic deceiving deceptive glib misleading phony superficial put-on feigned contrived pretended unnatural forced affected assumed simulated factitious strained mechanical pretend ersatz manufactured substitute synthetic cast chemical mannered stilted exaggerated actorly laboured overdone overripe ham hammy campy shallow labored theatrical put on pat disingenuous slick forged make-believe fabricated fictitious trumped-up unauthentic invalid queer not genuine inauthentic fallacious snide adulterine cod dummy framed ungenuine apocryphal pirate unreal bent bum faux man-made imitative mimic so-called reproduction replica fakey stiff facsimile studied wooden nonnatural quasi- ostensible hokey pseud self-conscious professed overworked unconvincing unspontaneous avowed quasi imaginary constrained falsie imitated manmade untrue hyped up made-up machine-made apparent seeming surface elaborate planned derivative human-made non-natural made makeshift constructed model toy overblown invented concocted imagined fishy pseudonymous adopted improvised mealymouthed apish low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior low-grade manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche voulu staged unsatisfactory substandard adulterated virtual wannabe wrong would-be self-styled purported copied gingerbread phoney-baloney phony-baloney posed rigid inflexible grudging bound binding conscripted slave begrudging stringent coercive forcible stagy not real not legit not kosher posey pretentious alleged overly planned knock off as it were to all intents and purposes awkward counterfeited conceited playacting melodramatic affectated fraud wreck wired put unglued uptight tight choked taut farfetched hypocritical in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope bluffing shammed falsified supposed masked lying impostrous in name only quack charlatan cheating covered concealed dissimulated imposturous dud hoax trick not what it is cracked up to be


Inferior in quality
cheap substandard inferior common shoddy tawdry worthless cheapo junky tacky bad trashy grotty average mediocre crummy pitiable pitiful rubbishy dud lousy grubby inadequate junk poor tatty cruddy lame nasty paltry shabby base ratty sorry subpar cheapie deficient kitsch lemon punk ropy rubbish sad scroungy tinhorn trumpery wretched brassy Brummagem cheapjack duff gimcrack naff pinchbeck tattered tinny execrable poor-quality second-rate third-rate below par low-grade run-down two-bit entry-level low-end cheap and nasty low-rent below average below standard bush-league dime-a-dozen dime-store rinky-dink bottom-rung a dime a dozen twopenny-halfpenny el cheapo not up to much second-class two a penny brummagem gaudy useless showy valueless schlock trifling miserable cheesy rotten schlocky cut-rate bum coarse bargain-basement terrible tasteless vulgar garish sleazy flimsy tinsel poxy cheap-jack catchpenny thrown together of a sort awful deplorable dreadful unsatisfactory unacceptable appalling dire atrocious abysmal lamentable dismal crude pants diabolical low-quality dissatisfactory pathetic suboptimal a load of pants imperfect under par direful wanting disagreeable contemptible sub-par tenth-rate not up to snuff jerry-built dodgy faulty abject the pits indifferent middling unsound poorer ordinary downmarket insufficient frightful flawed unexceptional subnormal pedestrian horrible hack egregious good-for-nothing déclassé leaving much to be desired defective bodger abominable disastrous horrendous off wrong crumby wack less-than-stellar grody not up to scratch rough poorly low seedy horrid unspeakable garbage bush half-pie woeful gross beastly laughable damnable makeshift not up to par manky sick slipshod dilapidated hateful drecky crook ill off-colour dirty loathsome vile mean out of sorts detestable off colour objectionable end-of-the-pier disappointing piss-poor repulsive meagre no great shakes sucky weak poor quality grim not much cop chronic disgraceful insufferable reprehensible stinking meager from hunger odious scurrilous irremediable indefensible stinky weak sauce God-awful second rate of poor quality not up to standard of low quality insubstantial rickety ramshackle badly built kitschy commonplace plastic dingy scruffy pretentious broken-down inglorious low-down inept revolting second-best strictly for the birds blah uncomfortable unpleasant repellant repellent unwell second class for the birds ropey downer icky diddly bummer not good erroneous sour bad news fallacious grungy godawful not the best queasy nauseous yucky raunchy hellish rancid disgustful hellacious rebarbative loathly nauseated shlocky calamitous hideous ghastly shlock unsightly scabby scummy scurvy gruesome sordid godforsaken off-color harmful run down down at heel under the weather worst extremely bad unseemly impermissible exceptionable distasteful offensive intolerable insupportable displeasing obnoxious improper inadmissible unsuitable inappropriate undesirable amateurish unimpressive rock-bottom lowest of the low the dumps dubious hopeless unreasonable questionable repugnant condemnable out won't do over the fence inacceptable not on unappealing not quite the done thing half-baked not cricket uninviting beyond the pale reject out of order feeble craptacular lacking


Seemingly well-reasoned, plausible or true, but actually fallacious
specious deceptive fallacious misleading casuistic false sophistic unsound beguiling deceitful deceiving deluding delusive delusory plausible sophistical apparent baseless bogus captious colorable credible empty erroneous flattering hollow idle illogical inaccurate incorrect insincere likely nugatory ostensible ostentatious phoney phony presumable presumptive pretentious probable seeming sham sophisticated spurious unfounded untrue vain wrong seemingly correct apparently right plausible but wrong invalid fabricated mistaken flawed fake illusory mock unreal unreliable inexact fraudulent misguided distorted counterfeit faulty unsubstantiated fictitious pseudo untruthful groundless artificial imaginary unsupported imprecise without foundation off flimsy invented defective weak unreasonable manufactured factitious trumped-up ersatz pretend ill-founded faked concocted trumped up iffy shaky imitation simulated questionable in error unproven ungrounded unjustifiable dodgy unjustified chimerical unwarranted counterfactual implausible illusive foundationless uncorroborated synthetic irrational apocryphal untenable wide of the mark forged plastic without basis contrived out made up substitute feigned pretended tenuous off beam full of holes fishy fanciful unnatural falsified dummy way off glib indefensible insupportable unconvincing superficial dubious off target imagined dishonest fallible fictional mythical suspect unconfirmed misrepresentative made-up visionary fantastic misinformed fabulous improper not genuine reasonless put-on nonvalid untrustworthy dicey uncalled-for gratuitous bottomless ambiguous economical with the truth off-target off-base not exact not accurate unsustainable unwarrantable off base way out doubtful disingenuous make-believe illusionary inexcusable unforgivable assumed untested unverified unattested unpardonable chancy rocky disreputable risky strained forced mechanical affected conjectural notional chimeric imperfect mad faux lying undependable unreasoned truthless uncertain speculative ideal discrepant colored absurd unauthentic inexpiable snide queer inauthentic coloured faithless cod imitative man-made unacceptable senseless preposterous cooked-up flakey unstable flaky adulterine reproduction mimic mythological ungenuine without justification abroad replica supposititious open to doubt askew way off beam falsie all wet open to question off-beam not backed up by evidence hyped up wide way off-beam deluded unarguable undefendable refutable inadmissible cooked up hallucinatory chemical cast unprovoked fakey confusing unfitting impostrous evasive unfactual nonfactual delusional unauthorized misconceived without substantiation without merit off the mark contrary to fact amiss fancied non-existent manmade tricky nonrational illegitimate unreasoning insubstantial quixotic copy pirated casuistical not trustworthy so-called nonnatural shallow duplicate quasi unstraightforward unbacked inconsequent inconsequential uncalled for not backed up causeless unfaithful careless wild non-natural facsimile Barmecidal Barmecide whimsical fictive semblant suppositious pat awry cunning devious cheating pretending copycat copied unsubstantial incongruous adrift mendacious engineered unassured unsure without cause unauthorised without reason counterfeited hypocritical equivocal garbled unoriginal crooked dud pinchbeck erratic cynical without explanation way-out not true way-off doesn't wash not right perplexing bewildering mistakable demagogic catchy distracting confounding puzzling erring wrong number all off devised fantasied phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal phantasmic arbitrary blue sky pipe dream fluffed dissimulating dissembling not precise out of line astray on the wrong track not working out of commission at fault misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated treacherous insignificant prepared bad double-dealing hollow-hearted devoid of validity two-faced slick framed bum pirate bent laboured labored mannered pseud quasi- stilted put on overdone stiff worthless model studied trick exaggerated actorly toy improvised wooden not kosher hokey self-conscious phony-baloney professed purported overripe fantasy Hollywood plant brummagem crock fantasized dream duplicitous pseudo- knock-off dreamed-up adopted won't fly soft shell avowed alleged theatrical supposed underhand pseudonymous overworked ham hammy crafty guileful shady sharp unspontaneous quack virtual hoax play-play shifty unscrupulous illegal imposturous imitated constrained unprincipled would-be fast underhanded rogue fantasised representative phoney-baloney bootlegged rehearsed legendary unauthenticated unqualified repro surface uncanonical campy miniature derivative overblown elaborate planned debatable wannabe self-styled made makeshift constructed apish not what it is cracked up to be low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior ostensive semi- nominal allonymous experimental unsatisfactory substandard adulterated mealymouthed posed near reported not real not legit terminologically inexact voulu manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche staged lookalike gingerbread posey as it were mock-up conceited melodramatic affectated awkward playacting fraud charlatan bluffing shammed masked in name only covered concealed dissimulated not the case knock off to all intents and purposes sly sneaky scheming null stagy overly planned perfidious Machiavellian rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible null and void void nonbinding inoperative subtle slippery foxy wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked slim not binding uncollectible double-faced Punic false-hearted in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique astucious indirect wily acted swindling criminal corrupt illicit dishonourable unlawful Janus-faced defrauding unfair dirty unjust unethical shonky knavish bamboozling dishonorable against the law


Conspicuously or obviously bad, wrong or offensive
blatant obvious glaring patent flagrant open evident manifest overt transparent palpable pronounced unconcealed unmistakable brazen clear conspicuous naked sheer undisguised bald outright shameless straightforward unabashed unashamed barefaced flaunting impudent noticeable unblushing undeniable arrant audacious brash brass-necked cut-and-dried egregious gross indisputable insolent ostentatious rank striking unembarrassed unmitigated bold obtrusive unrepentant unsubtle brassy crying deliberate flashy garish gaudy glitzy loud overbold prominent protrusive screaming showy snazzy without shame in plain sight saucy forward defiant impertinent cheeky brazen-faced pert immodest presumptuous pushy cocky sassy bold-faced wise cocksure nervy brassbound arch fresh smart-alecky indecent spunky tawdry hotshot gutsy flip bald-faced gritty contumelious as bold as brass outrageous shocking dreadful heinous enormous scandalous atrocious utter complete disgraceful terrible reprehensible monstrous wicked shameful iniquitous villainous capital out-and-out out and out frank temerarious plain serious downright absolute inordinate unqualified grievous apparent excessive exorbitant major extreme significant immoderate awful notorious infamous flagitious flagitous grody flaming bare-faced stick out like sore thumb hanging out unconcerned confident undismayed undaunted fearless unflinching unawed unshrinking depraved incorrigible abandoned brazenfaced dissolute rude lewd immoral forthright abashless unchaste composed reprobate high-handed profligate wanton unshamed unprincipled improper hardened poised unrestrained unaffected bold as brass

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