Synonym of mesmerizing

Alternative for mesmerizing

mesmerizes, mesmerized, mesmerizing

Synonym: bewitch, hypnotise, hypnotize, magnetise, magnetize, mesmerise, spellbind,


Capturing one's complete attention in magical fashion
fascinating captivating enthralling entrancing alluring gripping charming appealing attractive riveting absorbing spellbinding compelling hypnotic enticing mesmeric magnetic compulsive bewitching enchanting engaging intriguing engrossing exciting beguiling interesting seductive delightful irresistible arresting magical unputdownable charismatic involving inviting immersing consuming transfixing thrilling fetching luring glamourous glamorous lovely tantalizing winning tantalising elfin pleasing hypnotizing beautiful hypnotising heavenly entertaining dreamy tempting stimulating diverting dazzling gorgeous winsome delectable prepossessing somnolent amusing very interesting somniferous soporific narcotic endearing opiate pleasant sedative idyllic drowsy divine slumberous ravishing taking titillating somnific intoxicating provocative curious soothing numbing anaesthetic anesthetic preoccupying fairy-tale anodyne thought-provoking sleep-inducing sleepy glorious enchanted enrapturing sublime slumbrous likable likeable striking dreamlike dramatic addictive orphic pretty desirable calmative stirring attention-grabbing wonderful rapturous seducing very exciting eye-catching fairylike memorable monopolizing provoking action-packed exhilarating dozy snoozy tranquillizing dull monopolising calming electrifying tranquilizing nodding deadening quietening balmy enveloping picturesque immersive transporting readable magic intense come-hither totally absorbing romantic drawing pulling forcible arousing puzzling sirenic disarming all-consuming obsessing controlling distracting heavy siren bonny influential Orphean somnifacient strong in character full of personality larger than life agreeable adorable superb magnificent cute heady entranced charmed bewitched mind-blowing impressive lovable bodacious infatuating dainty sweet beauteous comely enamoring delicate fair adorbs elegant nice graceful conjuring exquisite fiendish boring affecting smashing magnetising choice babelicious magnetizing amiable monotonous exceptional noteworthy refreshing on fleek good-looking too good to be true deadly dull easy on the eye as nice as pie moving meaty vibrant breathtaking astonishing eventful unique newsy inspiring splashy relatable marvelous fabulous eye-opening amazing invigorating remarkable piquant vivid racy out of the ordinary pleasurable rousing worthy of note spectacular fresh newsworthy portentous envigorating trenchant marvellous galvanising topical fine showy unboring wondrous emphatic galvanizing electric buzzworthy sleep-producing stupefacient stupefactive trance-inducing soporose lenitive mesmerising handsome stunning good lovesome sightly knockout darling aesthetic tasty esthetic enjoyable congenial luscious sexy gratifying pulchritudinous seemly bonnie drop-dead fit likely satisfying fanciable nice-looking foxy precious splendid hot well-favored dear delightsome welcome jolly drop-dead gorgeous blessed goodly blest stylish radiant felicitous grateful loveable dulcet grand sultry angelic nubile as pretty as a picture out of this world lush delicious refined genial classy beddable cutesy spunky scenic bootylicious affable well favoured savory savoury tasteful sensuous great sensual fun erotic persuasive resplendent fashionable dishy palatable attracting blissful sexual happy personable smart shapely sophisticated sexually attractive quaint friendly presentable becoming chic majestic neat favorable scrumptious cultivated chocolate-box cultured favourable joyous easy on the eyes cuddly come-to-bed ideal sensational admirable cheery beckoning statuesque suave polished paradisal fantastic photogenic fine-looking cheerful debonair acceptable ingratiating insinuating comfortable twee excellent witty peachy inveigling artistic hunky cunning well-favoured cherubic specious discerning cordial cheering courtly opulent couthy urbane paradisiacal stately trim relaxing rewarding buxom blooming symmetrical brilliant relishable well-formed plush select distinguished dashing aesthetically pleasing paradisiac rare fine and dandy recreative beaut superior incredible flamboyant snazzy recherche spiffy mouthwatering very beautiful good-natured witching copacetic jaw-dropping miraculous funny panoramic easygoing flirtatious simpatico sympathique polite sympatisch humorous dignified welcoming droll teasing comical luxurious chucklesome sumptuous Elysian innocent flashy hospitable colourful hilarious colorful dinky merry aesthetically appealing lively cherubical wholesome gladdening glad unspoilt fantastical extraordinary perfect side-splitting gay priceless fragile super suitable dollish clear swanky kawaii mild picture-perfect fab terrific ambrosial comforting euphoric capital light-hearted hunky-dory appetizing soft telegenic heartwarming swank commendable showstopping slick prettyish astounding ethereal dandy well-dressed paradisaic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious stupendous paradisaical splendorous pleasureful schmick strong dapper swell to one's liking staggering irie appetising eye-popping powerful pretty-pretty startling clean-cut well favored pretty as a picture a ten sympathetic illecebrous extremely attractive celestial picture-postcard sweet-natured preferable poised beseeching cherished warm-hearted affectionate devastating studly exotic mysterious goodlooking cherishable phat extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant flattering childlike perky toothsome nurturable appreciatable prizable civilized dreamboat eyeful bijou warm snug suited eligible convivial superlunary seraphic empyrean worldly physically attractive a sight for sore eyes top civilised adapted appropriate jovial immodest suggestive shameless nostalgic quixotic canny with good taste well bred worldly-wise voluptuous curvaceous positive satisfactory enhancing heartening festive mouth-watering coquettish sexually arousing amorous sexually exciting steamy raunchy slinky passionate well suited groovy mooi lekker glitzy silvery golden sweetheart aces sociable okay gregarious white-hat good-humoured good-humored chivalrous adventurous glam enviable valuable worthy sound sunny gladsome celebratory petite slight encouraging open tarty ritzy well dressed sheen willowy doll face well-chosen joyful bright A1 rad glossy ace OK honorable sterling boss in order relief prime honourable reputable zingy spanking not bad slim trendy righteous prestigious nifty peach ready pussycat camera-friendly placating pacifying mollifying conciliatory strange outlandish bizarro to your liking to one's taste to your taste airy subtle nuanced passable elating deluxe copasetic first-rate super-eminent shipshape first-class super-excellent gnarly ecstatic indomitable uncontainable overriding ineluctable invincible unconquerable inevitable good egg all right all heart pacific peacemaking placatory conciliating appeasing propitiatory ducky brill cool heart-warming bonzer champion corking topping wizard ripping cracking spiffing drawing attention frabjous beezer ineffable yummy looking like a million farcical lacy tender diaphanous light well-made deft frail thin feeble very pleasant awesome propitiating top-hole very agreeable very attractive greatly to one's liking very pleasurable classic modish comic awe-inspiring facetious laughable jocular discriminating idealized halcyon silky convincing silken insinuative saccharine deferential ingratiatory fastidious harmonious ludicrous waggish rib-tickling mirthful noble decorous like a dream come true mind-boggling special unheard-of mind-bending heart-stopping prodigious enlightening fairytale-like unbelievable far-out unimaginable sensorial far out enlivening empyreal fabled tremendous dream-filled peaceful pastoral rustic ornamented genteel affected fancy ornate ostentatious groomed photographic pictographic novel whimsical rollicking restrained high-class overdone august aristocratic stylized pictorial unsoiled symbolic decorative fitting sensitive joshing wacky jokey gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy boffo poignant riot restorative scream clever fun-filled gas well-designed hip dressy a la mode rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic utopian arcadian well-bred quiet posh rich unobtrusive in good taste splendiferous uptown pure chaste unaffected classical precise subdued cut up for grins sylvan Arcadian be a ball spick and span sleek dressed to the teeth snappy well-turned-out dolled up well-tailored spiffed-up besuited dressed to kill trig fly fashionably dressed natty as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox well-presented with it well-groomed soigné spruce too funny for words restful calm serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil noticeable conspicuous obvious marked evident prominent distinct manifest salient unmistakable notable clear-cut visible distinctive outstanding kenspeckle noisy pronounced bold significant surprising grabby uncommon commanding catchy gee-whizz appreciable observable phenomenal perceptible telling jazzy lofty dynamite signal forceful singular unusual cogent arrestive confounding bizarre


(rare) Instigating the curiosity or attention of someone
interesting attracting appealing to drawing engrossing exciting fascinating intriguing tempting captivating entertaining enthralling luring snaring tantalizing titillating affecting amusing arousing distracting engaging gripping hooking perking up pleasing pulling touching mesmerising moving riveting rivetting tantalising turning on beguiling bemusing enchanting grabbing immersing piquing absorbing bewitching floating someone's boat lighting someone's fire occupying preoccupying sitting up tickling someone's fancy arresting busying enwrapping spellbinding entrancing charming hypnotizing enrapturing transfixing magnetizing bedazzling dazzling transporting thrilling ensorcelling magnetising hypnotising catching up holding spellbound alluring delighting involving enticing holding diverting seducing wiling ravishing wowing witching rapturing bowling over killing tickling pink enamoring winning over ensnaring gratifying overwhelming carrying away gladdening catching tickling stirring knocking out capturing winning knocking dead tickle to death stimulating enamouring inviting sending slaying persuading impressing monopolizing leading on amazing sweeping off one's feet monopolising striking astounding inveigling stupefying stunning satisfying infatuating baiting awing aweing blowing away holding the attention of rousing overawing inflaming astonishing teasing dazing overcoming cheering exhilarating decoying flooring coaxing intoxicating betraying soliciting staggering overpowering provoking bedevilling bedeviling wooing solacing elating inducing regaling rapping delectating enslaving taking catching the eye of making a hit with sucking in holding in awe electrifying employing influencing consuming engulfing disporting obsessing cajoling fixating compelling dumbfounding overjoying humouring beckoning humoring courting turning someone on inspiring vamping taking up pulling in giving pleasure to sweeping off your feet steering putting under a spell whetting the appetite of appealing making happy sweeping someone off their feet roping in coming on bringing in taking somebody's breath away tormenting contenting sparking plaguing whetting wakening pleasuring taking aback leaving speechless gaining seizing fixing misleading elevating rejoicing deluding stirring up kindling blinding entrapping harassing recreating confusing filling indulging tricking quickening concerning controlling giving someone a thrill doing it for someone getting going subjugating enlivening grooving trancing arriding fulfilling sending into raptures pleasing greatly soaking taking someone's breath away holding one's attention giving someone a kick keeping busy going over big relaxing drawing one's attention catching hold of making someone's mouth water tying up sweeping off feet striking dumb taking your breath away rooting to the spot subduing giving a buzz hitting the spot bewildering keeping maintaining getting someone going subjecting grabbing the attention of keeping amused turning one's head turning one on agitating giving joy to giving great pleasure to giving someone a charge obtaining getting securing picking up tickling the fancy of sending into transports galvanizing charging scoring jubilating exulting glorying wrapping up binding arousing the curiosity of arousing curiosity tickling your fancy tickling one's fancy burying arousing one's curiosity capturing one's imagination mattering to whetting one's appetite engaging one's attention catching one's eye leading freaking out calling holding attention using up attending prompting dragging training hitting on roping drawing in palpating grappling fracturing one panicking knocking 'em dead getting one's jollies put ting'em away breaking one up endearing making merry cracking up comforting ecstasizing inspiriting enveloping blurring surprising eliciting calling forth bringing forth arguing into bringing around keeping up keeping alive absorbing yourself in throwing yourself into losing oneself in getting lost in switching on pumping up galvanising inclining deceiving trapping filling with delight exerting influence on catching someone's eye exerting a pull on holding your attention cornering becoming lost assimilating hogging sewing up upping on applying giving the come-on to getting under someone's skin owning putting under magic spell forspeaking putting the whammy on voodooing casting a spell on putting horns on ruling egging one on mousetrapping conning leading astray tolling touting shilling leading up garden path dominating possessing haunting hounding petrifying paralysing indicating signing summoning demanding commanding asking bidding besetting befooling besotting torturing halting gorgonizing immobilizing freezing having a get-together nurturing treating to laughing it up partying fracturing tossing a party giving a party refreshing preying on sweeping you off your feet making a fool of palsying stopping in one's tracks rooting stopping dead riveting the attention of paralyzing stopping one dead stopping someone in their tracks immobilising heartening uplifting appeasing mollifying having a grip on becoming an obsession with eating up preying on your mind taking control of taking over having a hold on taunting warming firing interesting greatly animating converting placating brightening up making content bringing joy to suiting agreeing with giving someone pleasure getting one's kicks cheering up making someone feel good bucking up warming the cockles of the heart buoying up gladding giving a lift annoying thwarting worrying badgering beleaguering pestering gnawing frustrating baffling harrying propitiating conciliating pacifying sweetening assuaging gentling keeping someone hanging on winding up making mouth water flirting with keeping hanging putting off guard urging winning the affection of unarming convincing disarming setting at ease

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