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pertaining to or of the nature of metaphysicswithout material form or substancehighly abstract and overly theoretical


Based on abstract reasoning
abstract theoretical intellectual ideal philosophical speculative conceptual notional abstruse basic deep essential fundamental recondite esoteric high-flown ideational intangible profound spiritual supernatural theoretic universal unreal academic immaterial impalpable incorporeal oversubtle transcendental unpractical unsubstantial bodiless conjectural difficult discarnate eternal hypothetical insubstantial jesuitic mystical nonmaterial nonphysical numinous ontological philosophic superhuman superior supermundane suprahuman supramundane supranatural unfleshly unphysical suppositional impractical imaginary conjectured putative suppositious pure suppositive assumed unsubstantiated transcendent visionary unrealistic nonconcrete fanciful not practical supposed illusory fancied paradigmatic imagal unfathomable complex serious weighty unapplied impenetrable obscure mysterious dark vague on paper presumed quixotic formularized codified pedantic hypothetic in theory as a premise formalistic analytical postulated general unproved instanced problematical idealized ideological contingent in the abstract tentative logical imaginative unearthly idealised academical presupposed unproven untested presumptive unfounded groundless imagined indefinite uncertain suspect doubtful based on guesswork non-practical postulatory non-technical blue-sky nominal higher experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive unpragmatic irrelevant useless alleged ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish apparent inferred indeterminate casual contestable disputable equivocal assumptive stochastic concocted questionable conditional conjecturable debatable refutable provisory proposed guessed unconfirmed pretending problematic purported suspected surmised supposititious made up postulational guessing unresolved surmising guesstimated figured reputed likely asserted inferential on a hunch on a long shot


Indicating the presence of a divinity
numinous magical mystic magic occult ghostly weird ethereal otherworldly incorporeal extramundane immaterial intangible nonmaterial divine supernal unworldly nonphysical airy asomatous devotional discarnate disembodied holy platonic pure rarefied refined sacred unfleshly unphysical spiritual supernatural bodiless insubstantial unbodied celestial spectral unsubstantial unearthly heavenly formless transcendental mystical transcendent impalpable preternatural other-worldly psychic unembodied wraithlike dreamy aerial imponderable visionary incorporate apparitional spiritlike disbodied shadowy dreamlike disincarnate uncorporal insensible subjective astral paranormal phantom extraterrestrial phantasmal saintly phantasmic discorporate imaginary esoteric nonrational abstruse cabalistic anagogic psychical religious unreal godlike goddesslike immaculate angelic godly beatific deific saintlike deitylike supreme seraphic empyreal blissful cosmic superhuman blessed immortal hallowed empyrean ambrosial omnipotent supernormal deiform omnipresent rapturous deistic cherubic blest omniscient paradisaical transmundane almighty beyond human virtuous elysian superterrestrial out of this world all-powerful not material mysterial sorcerous hidden unknowable quixotic telestic unaccountable secret thaumaturgic witchlike necromantic wizardly nonmaterialistic abstract psychological non-material inner supersensory daydreaming daydreamy fantastic star starry stellar mysterious fanciful remote cosmological starlike astronomical sidereal starly astrophysical stellular indescribable illusory indefinable inscrutable arcane vague chimerical obscure imagined untouchable indistinct unclear figmental illusive fancied non-existent hallucinatory delusive ineffable non-rational vaporous ghostlike ephemeral illusionary inexistent orphic hermetical imperceptible to the touch puny false too little too late fly-by-night unsound slender infirm petty idle decrepit more than human


Beyond the rational

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