Synonym of mind bending


(informal) Influencing or altering one's state of mind
exciting stimulating thrilling stirring exhilarating rousing inspiring breathtaking electrifying intoxicating galvanising galvanizing charged exhilarative electric galvanic kicky overwhelming challenging baffling complex complicated confusing difficult puzzling mind-blowing heart-stopping mind-boggling hair-raising rip-roaring moving dramatic invigorating envigorating heady emotional astonishing amazing lively eye-popping stunning gripping animating fascinating inspiriting incredible sensational startling wondrous awesome spirited astounding awe-inspiring spine-tingling spectacular staggering stupendous wonderful inspirational captivating enlivening energizing riveting stem-winding anthemic dynamic energetic energising enthralling magnificent enchanting arousing eye-opening jaw-dropping striking impressive emotive impassioned animated passionate provocative refreshing emotion-charged soul-stirring shocking provoking motivating stimulative remarkable miraculous marvelous marvellous fabulous out of this world action-packed uplifting vigorous exhilarant sexy powerful thought-provoking exalting enthusiastic hearty explosive encouraging unbelievable knife-edge surprising mind-altering cliffhanging awakening prodigious fantastical wild brilliant fantastic dazzling intense memorable beautiful empyreal unique sensorial amazeballs bewitching heart-stirring glorious galvanical inflammatory agitational brisk heartrending heartbreaking strong imbued suffused fraught laden loaded full saturated pervaded permeated filled potent vitalizing compelling elating hallucinogenic compulsive suspenseful stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic nerve-racking edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-charged motivational affecting heartening bracing revitalizing cheering gladdening splendid outstanding eye-catching grand never to be forgotten gee-whizz unforgettable picturesque arresting persuasive impactful ripping adrenaline-fueled boisterous rollicking riotous uproarious vibrant influential triggering instigating inciting meaningful piquing affective poignant touching instigative impelling intriguing interesting sparkling entertaining giddy revitalising quickening animative tonic elevating exhilaratory piquant tense adrenalizing exalté appealing hectic titillating extraordinary giving one food for thought jolting far-out resplendent like a dream come true blissful unimaginable fabled beguiling splendorous heavenly sublime out of the ordinary ethereal special divine unheard-of charming portentous majestic far out tremendous enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled magical volatile buzzy adrenalized power-driven magnetic AC plug-in DC juiced motor-driven absorbing electrical electronic rechargeable battery operated theatrical shaking trembling some blinding theatric awe-striking shivering quaking vibrating shuddering frantic blood-tingling exquisite swinging delightful fab large boss mad zero cool engaging engrossing entrancing spellbinding unputdownable involving mesmerizing mesmerising important significant immersing consuming momentous amusing hypnotic imposing mesmeric noteworthy preoccupying irresistible buzzworthy enticing vivid effective great witty notable restorative transfixing historic exceptional inviting monopolizing attention-grabbing clever diverting heart-rending heart-warming consequential vital tear-jerking alluring seductive superb excellent monopolising newsworthy forcible fast-moving formidable pleasing emphatic massive vivifying first-class first-rate addictive shock-horror controversial scintillating sentimental phenomenal enjoyable conspicuous signal haunting contentious readable racy commanding distinguished fresh bold pleasant profound fine cool pleasurable stately royal topical telling very interesting super material relevant expressive devastating monumental eventful suggestive towering eloquent trenchant relaxing satisfying influencing prompting shareable viral fashionable trendy heart-pumping edgy Hitchcockian ensational seducing better than expected rejuvenating sensitive curious very exciting obsessing all-consuming controlling bright terrifying roller-coaster frightening salty spicy colourful totally absorbing superior fast-paced reviving delicate juicy tender ebullient charismatic hypnotizing tantalising hypnotising attractive breathless sententious funny insane touchy healthful cordial fortifying salubrious rejuvenative rallying effervescent coruscating vivacious meaty worthy of note unboring newsy splashy relatable prepossessing tantalizing showy colorful upsetting crazy unreal up-tempo health-giving high strengthening healthy hyper esthetic highly impressive problematic awkward hot-button glittering bad daring ridiculous deep primo like wow swell hunky-dory groovy dandy delicious lavish terrific luxurious humorous scandalous horrifying aesthetic agreeable fun distracting congenial recreative droll nice glinting glimmering smart sprightly heartwarming affectional good accomplished hilarious chucklesome graphic climactic enormous skilled skilful consummate skillful admirable masterly comical high-octane essential serious paramount urgent front-page critical crucial far-reaching white-knuckle august easy worth reading well-written easy to read worthwhile well written ingenious gratifying rewarding smooth huge harrowing tragic scream riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless crack ace world-class expert stellar lurid appalling sensationalistic revealing bodacious sudden noisy studied renewing reinvigorating saccharine lachrymose sugary cloying syrupy pathetic mawkish over-sentimental breath-taking profuse shattering immense cracking crash-hot nifty sensationalist screaming gee-whiz catchpenny soppy mushy cornball weepy gooey schmaltzy cutesy drippy sappy overcoming inordinate sweeping vast paralyzing astronomic very large crushing humongous paralysing dignified incendiary of note of substance wizard mean hokey inflaming yellow melodramatic indelible celebrated seditious roborant lovey-dovey famous catchy imperial portly heroic staid noble regal heroical magnific epic lofty grandiose gallant proud baronial solemn Homeric fiery crackerjack insurgent rabble-rousing anarchic noticeable extravagant tabloid sultry vulgar coloured pointed prominent rough pungent excessive livid coarse marked X-rated salient colored three-hanky cherished lasting demagogic illustrious rebellious fomenting agitating revolutionary something to write home about mega one for the book pretentious overblown big something else ominous distinctive unfading timeless hate-mongering intemperate rabid mutinous well-done efficient perpetual everlasting immortal renowned undying notorious eternal treasured imperishable enduring not to be forgotten superlative observable supreme seditionary incitive like a red rag to a bull capable convincing able coherent cogent standout rememberable surpassing remembered plausible on the ball weighty aggressive rational logical vehement lucid punchy reasoned pertinent mighty histrionical sufficient well-founded articulate definitive well reasoned high-powered credible hard-hitting puissant reasonable authoritative unanswerable successful direct sound graceful acute well founded performant clear powerhouse stamped on your memory fixed in the mind red-letter


Confusing or puzzling
perplexing complex hard strange weird baffling bewildering complicated confusing difficult inexplicable intricate involved knotty mysterious mystifying paradoxical puzzling taxing thorny funny labyrinthine odd peculiar unaccountable unfathomable convoluted disconcerting enigmatic impenetrable ticklish worrying befuddling Byzantine confounding difficult to understand spiny wildering beyond one elaborate tangled undecipherable tricky recondite incomprehensible esoteric fathomless inscrutable deep abstruse sophisticated problematical gnarly dark challenging murky serious hidden weighty concealed insolvable insoluble problematic tough uncanny heavy awkward hairy unanswerable untold hard to understand as clear as mud obscure unclear unintelligible abstract profound mind-boggling detailed troublesome fancy vexing entangled mystical thought-provoking rambling beyond one's grasp advanced involuted ambiguous enigmatical involute unsolvable hard to explain beyond comprehension hazy above one's head fiddly opaque over one's head cryptic full of twists and turns hard to solve byzantine bizarre curious unusual queer extraordinary abnormal unexpected offbeat uncommon atypical quirky quaint anomalous out of the ordinary eccentric outlandish unfamiliar freakish unconventional remarkable different singular aberrant deviant freak erratic crazy whacky bizarro wild kooky kookie rum incongruous queerish sticky outré sensitive irregular oddball delicate rare off-kilter Gordian prickly wacky unique out-of-the-way funky dodgy screwy catchy weirdo far-out kinky tricksy tortuous unnatural touchy Daedalian spaced-out unorthodox way-out off-the-wall labyrinthian untypical unco off the wall nasty uncustomary wacko cranky freaky exceptional suspicious dubious eerie baroque daedal out of the way confused off-centre spooky zany unaccustomed ridiculous ludicrous complicate fantastic questionable fishy serpentine idiosyncratic creepy left-field unwonted unexplainable trying surprising irksome bothersome foreign aberrated controversial inextricable unheard of droll vexed really hard dicey uncertain daggy nettlesome interlaced stupefying formidable astonishing out there disorienting inconceivable bemusing astounding unparalleled surreal absurd vexatious uncharacteristic impossible mazy irrational unpredictable winding inexplainable concerning indecipherable long-drawn-out drawn-out precarious very hard novel beyond understanding outre cumbersome embarrassing out of place ravelled exceeding especial extraordinaire jumbled mixed dense knotted preternatural dilly phenomenal arduous critical unordinary raveled hi-tech weird and wonderful mixed up Daedalean intriguing amazing unbelievable unintuitive radical stunning eye-popping staggering intractable long-winded plotty rummy risky upsetting out of the common frustrating out-there mazelike contradictory inconsistent touch-and-go whimsical indivisible inseparable misleading fiendish indescribable undefinable unresolvable unpleasant grotesque comical offhand illogical muddling labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthiform labyrinthic labyrinthal loaded doubtful harassing arcane uphill terrible ramified reticular effortful shady dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal suspect like herding cats severe problem blurring unsettling off-key fluky fanciful fantastical foolish cockamamie nonsensical insane unreal slang preposterous unthinkable unimaginable avant-garde prodigious loner cool original flakey unhinged touched demented mad unbalanced flaky unstable undependable rocky unsolved irresolvable unresolved unconcluded muddlesome mistakable kittle messy sinuous twisted circuitous contentious ornate unheard-of mystic unknowable breaking new ground new interesting unexplored untried alien unknown newfangled exotic operose strenuous demanding daunting rococo heterogeneous multifaceted multifarious variegated nuanced muddled provocative disconsonant inapropos irrelevant disparate incongruent incoherent devilish without a solution unable to be solved heated way out off-beat high-tech can of worms maze-like off the rails bugged out indissoluble impossible to separate unexplained divisive scandalous emotive volatile elusive random clear as mud devil of a very devil of a uncomfortable hair-trigger echinated briery annoying stimulating pointed anomalistic scarce nonstandard out of line off-base off-color like nothing on earth


Mentally challenging

Antonym of mind bending

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