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interpret the moral meaning ofspeak as if delivering a sermon; express moral judgementsimprove the morals of


Tending toward excessive moralization
moralistic preachy didactic sententious homiletic homiletical sermonic pedantic trite priggish pietistic pious sanctimonious self-righteous pompous holier-than-thou pi canting sermonizing Pharisaic Pharisaical sermonising instructive donnish edifying instructional hypocritical goody-goody smug doctrinal teaching pontifical self-satisfied superior unctuous Pecksniffian mealy-mouthed Tartuffian expository unco guid too good to be true sermonical lecturelike pedantical complacent pharisaic didactical supercilious hoity-toity haughty affected pretentious noble egotistical preachifying ponderous judgmental judgemental serious upright self-important strait-laced high-minded pointed educational enlightening academic dogmatic preceptive informative pedagogic improving educative informational churchy tuitional bookish illuminating schoolmasterly formal scholastic erudite pharisaical insincere moral abstruse heuristic propaedeutic deceiving bigoted censorious religiose stuffy false teacherly teachy advisory teacherish exhortative schoolmasterist hortative admonitory disciplinary disquisitional preaching to keep up appearances moralising learned informatory pedagogical explanatory elucidative helpful revealing illuminative literary schoolish doctrinaire inkhorn useful explicative explicatory descriptive explanative exegetic illustrative interpretive expositive interpretative exegetical stilted punctilious arid egotistic fussy formalistic hairsplitting overnice dry ostentatious particular nit-picking dull telling scholarly elucidatory revelatory tutorial explaining demonstrative graphic diagrammatic allegorical clarifying hermeneutical school profound professorial cultural cautionary communicative intellectual newsy factual forthcoming cerebral egghead highbrow expositional exemplifying representative typical prefatory annotative expounding evaluative describing pictorial illustrational evincive delineative discursive guiding informing comparative illustratory pictoric symbolic specifying indicative hermeneutic declarative emblematic corroborative sample by way of explanation expressive analytical metaphoric imagistic iconographic figurative


Following the precepts of a religious practice
pious religious devout godly holy saintly dedicated devoted spiritual reverent righteous God-fearing prayerful churchgoing dutiful sainted faithful born-again clerical divine ecclesiastical moral moralising orthodox priestly reverential sacred smug virtuous pure blessed hallowed believing saintlike devotional sanctified consecrated angelic god-fearing good pietistic sacrosanct venerable revered venerated innocent upright perfect unworldly spotless humble seraphic glorified just chaste clean immaculate practising committed pietistical faultless untainted uncorrupt godlike sublime undefiled practicing scriptural blest consecrate sacral sinless sacramental unprofane theological celestial churchly church heavenly theistic enshrined supernatural numinous solemn ordained beatified canonized deified goody-goody canonised reserved messianic special obedient evangelic apostolic Christian blameless ethical doctrinal reverend uncorrupted stainless irreproachable beatific worthy guiltless charismatic superhuman deific transcendent sectarian conformist late upstanding seraph cherished law-abiding conforming schismatic deistic sacerdotal pontifical canonical ministerial late lamented full of good works observant evangelical worshipful ritual worshiping ceremonial of blessed memory immortal exalted worshipping inviolable reverenced eternal anointed devoted to God dedicated to God supplicant supplicating pleading beseeching soliciting entreating imploring suppliant supplicatory ecclesiastic pastoral non-secular prelatic parsonical untouchable unassailable ecclesial bible biblical non-temporal churchy worshipped papal episcopal worshiped honoured otherworldly ethereal dogmatic hierological metaphysical mystical theologic respected honored adored purified classical prophetic clerkly vicarial set apart hieratic rectorial presbyteral among the angels theocratical cleric monastic monkish rabbinical parsonish parochial diaconal inalienable unchallengeable unalterable absolute unbreakable impregnable intemerate firm uninfringeable indestructible unbreachable inviolate

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