Synonym of motherly

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befitting a mother; warm and nurturing


in a maternal manner; as a mother


Having a kind or caring nature
kindly benevolent kind compassionate humane caring gentle mild warm helpful sympathetic benign generous tender benignant considerate beneficent charitable fatherly loving magnanimous thoughtful merciful neighbourly good indulgent lenient mellow neighborly patient softhearted tenderhearted understanding warmhearted well meaning decent gracious kind-hearted good-hearted warm-hearted kindhearted soft-hearted tender-hearted well-disposed loving and giving affectionate maternal good-natured goodhearted solicitous comforting large-hearted soft feeling empathetic great-hearted selfless giving altruistic genial responsive fatherlike big-hearted bleeding-heart sensitive hospitable amiable friendly doting affable pleasant humanitarian empathic concerned fond philanthropic amicable tolerant philanthropical attentive congenial likeable open-hearted sociable cheerful likable obliging forbearing angelic good-humoured good-humored all heart cordial nice sweet pitying unselfish munificent liberal agreeable paternal greathearted clement supportive benefic respectful pleasing lovable well intentioned well-mannered brotherly easygoing unoffensive sweet-tempered receptive touchy-feely courteous wholesome accommodating noble quiet placid polite big gallant deferential soft touch chivalrous tactful propitious dutiful princely bounteous good-tempered regardful meek laid back eleemosynary unstinting cooperative calm open-handed lavish delightful public-spirited bountiful heart in right place openhanded openhearted engaging freehanded hearty humble modest mild-mannered unassuming welcoming moderate reverent soft-spoken temperate shy peaceful bland moral retiring non-confrontational cool pacific peaceable dove-like lamblike forgiving demure sisterly dovelike harmless comradely enthusiastic heartfelt cheery sincere earnest happy wholehearted genuine inviting eager companionable approachable palsy convivial matey amorous deep chummy bonhomous buddy-buddy consoling commiserative human sympathizing encouraging condoling palsy-walsy commiserating piteous ruthful bighearted sympathising having heart in right place sparing old softie open-minded well disposed bleeding heart do-good well-intentioned easy easy-going complaisant gregarious charming sentimental outgoing civil amenable clubby open accessible easy to get along with personable clubbable permissive broad-minded conversable pally company-loving urbane unreserved jovial favourable compliant winsome accommodative mushy couthy winning favorable even-tempered breezy going easy on smiling buoyant extroverted extrovert conciliatory downright neighborly hail-fellow-well-met emotional lovely soothing prepossessing unpresumptuous sweet-natured appealing accepting willing taking enchanting captivating acquiescent generous to a fault chirpy social marshmallow softie simpatico reasonable as nice as pie pardoning pitiful condoning perky courageous heroic cozy swell copacetic regular cosy eager to please eager to help valiant courtly barley-sugar favourably disposed willing to please brave easy to get on with civilized cosseting pampering gratifying mollycoddling fearless honourable bold intrepid dauntless honorable stout-hearted righteous long-suffering informal mannerly civilised soft-shelled nonjudgmental overpermissive noble-minded valorous communicative natural relaxed uninhibited stoical uncomplaining stoic unctuous stately suave forthcoming knightly going along with restrained resigned self-controlled self-restrained longanimous ladylike gentlemanly able to live with diplomatic cultivated genteel decorous soft-shell unflappable well behaved well-behaved well mannered discreet debonair going easy with living with being big well bred well brought up obsequious well spoken poised politic punctilious well-bred well brought-up well-spoken condescending polished good-mannered smooth


Having maternal qualities

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