Synonym of motormouthed


Inclined to talk too much
blabby chatty conversational gabby garrulous loquacious mouthy talkative talky voluble gossipy verbose long-winded windy loose-lipped effusive chattering communicative big-mouthed multiloquent gossiping chattery gushing glib gassy multiloquous wordy prolix babbling blathering able to talk the hind legs off a donkey with the gift of the gab forthcoming expansive loudmouthed vocal fluent profuse rambling gibbering yakking jabbering full of hot air having kissed the blarney stone articulate gobby prattling newsy eloquent slick verbal smooth rattling intimate yacking motormouth vociferous ranting over-talkative noisy ordinary familiar everyday spoken unreserved open prating informal taletelling bigmouthed spontaneous personal multieloquent relaxed wittering prosy gaseous tonguey bombastic wind-bag yakkity loose-tongued yakky blabbermouth drivellous outspoken outgoing running on at the mouth having kissed the Blarney Stone flap jaw excessively communicative grandiloquent rhetorical pompous pretentious orotund fustian magniloquent flowery oratorical inflated turgid rhetoric overblown flatulent tumid high-flown convoluted high-sounding grandiose declamatory highfalutin euphuistic aureate ostentatious pleonastic tedious periphrastic florid affected silver-tongued swollen overripe lofty overwrought theatrical sonorous rhapsodic histrionic windbag over-elaborate ornate mannered fulsome flamboyant actorly rotund purple overdone running on lyrical hyperventilated Ossianic all jaw big mouthed blessed with the gift of the gab showy blustering circumlocutory diffuse circuitous tiresome lengthy Ciceronian linguistic big-talking balderdash protracted tautological indirect extravagant stylistic epideictic discursive wandering digressive meandering stuffed shirt Demosthenic Demosthenean repetitious logorrheic tortuous redundant elaborate forceful fervid gesticulative senatorial loud impassioned persuasive expressive stagy intoning gesturing important noble vivid imposing stentorian elocutionary dramatic palaverous tautologous repeating involved repetitive ambagious logorrhoeic superficial shallow breezy tumescent full of air having kissed the Blarney stone

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