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Having a pleasant sound
melodic melodious euphonious lyrical tuneful harmonious lilting dulcet mellifluous sweet-sounding euphonic mellifluent sweet canorous harmonising harmonizing liquid lyric mellow symphonic symphonious agreeable blending chiming choral consonant enjoyable harmonic operatic orchestral pleasant-sounding pleasing rhythmic silvery songful tuned vocal easy on the ear rhythmical sweet-toned smooth honeyed soft pleasant soothing sonorous balanced in tune clear resonant flowing rich cadenced pleasing to the ear measured concordant metrical birdsweet eurythmic eurhythmic silver-toned bell-like poetic songlike expressive rhapsodic classical bardic emotional poeticized poetical congruous passionate personal subjective instrumental philharmonic golden catchy inspired sentimental romantic euphonous cadent well-tuned well-pitched in harmony in chorus in unison in concert deeply felt chantlike sing-song chant-like song-like light harmonized full silvery-toned round poppy foot-tapping easy-listening fluent pure euphonical pretty deep coloratura assonant accordant concert seraphic angelical graceful music harmonised ensemble clarion distinct well tuned melting chanting orotund rotund silver-tongued consistent polyphonic fluid silky matching congruent ariose sweet-flowing agreeing soulful singsong singing singable complementary coordinating toning periodic throbbing pulsating pulsing regular beating metric repeated even steady paced with a steady pulse vibrant ringing booming resounding loud reverberant reverberating plangent reverberative full-bodied powerful fruity strong sonorant thunderous thundering clangorous stentorian earsplitting echoing deep-toned heightened strident intensified enhanced electrifying blaring deafening clamorous piercing roaring blasting full-toned noisy profound thrilling slam-bang baritone carrying pear-shaped phat rounded sounding low throaty full-voiced loud-voiced robust plummy resonating eloquent significant bright big basso bass vibrating cacophonous stentorious lusty reverberatory rambunctious raucous vociferous magniloquent grandiloquent oscillating palpitating lively riotous prominent pompous fortissimo clearly audible ear-popping full-throated ear-piercing boisterous ear-shattering aquiver forceful harsh overpowering intense very loud ear-splitting head-splitting dinning obstreperous mournful plaintive melancholy


Of or pertaining to style, especially to linguistic or literary style
stylistic artistic aesthetic esthetic formal literary technical beautiful fine elegant lovely decorative stylish graceful ornamental tasteful exquisite pleasing creative expressive moving cultivated attractive emotional imaginative aesthetically pleasing subtle cultured picturesque ideal dramatic grand harmonious rhythmical stimulating refined sublime pictorial pretty handsome smart sophisticated classy luxurious fancy charming delicate majestic symbolic visual gorgeous fashionable polished comely discerning courtly swanky poetic vivid urbane chic enhancing schmick sensitive beautifying stately ornate plush nice striking ornamented arresting colourful pleasant colorful in good taste photographic pictographic appealing savory graphic glamorous artful inventive aesthetical discriminating high-quality expensive fastidious elevated figurative flowery graphical delineated restrained sculptural savoury upmarket ritzy coffee-table fit becoming fitting memorable impressive perceptive profound deep insightful arty swish glitzy written chocolate-box stunning drop-dead cute seemly good lovesome beauteous fetching bonny knockout taking fair ravishing goodly likely bonnie sightly spiffy quiet snazzy swank posh pure chaste unaffected gratifying rich classical precise unobtrusive splendiferous subdued uptown glossy well produced full of feeling printed published good-looking embellishing showy well-favored cosmetic adorning nonfunctional non-functional gingerbread furbishing florid dressy patterned festooned garnishing accessory elaborate heightening decorating decking for show scenic in print idyllic breathtaking setting off enchanting lush unsoiled luscious photogenic quaint as pretty as a picture opulent classic modish sumptuous dignified paradisiacal paradisiac paradisal paradisaical paradisaic distinguished dashing select choice suave noble decorous dainty rare ostentatious genteel affected debonair august superior high-class recherche aristocratic overdone stylized well-designed well-dressed a la mode well-bred


A play or film in which singing and dancing play an essential part. Musicals developed from light opera in the early 20th century


An enumeration or listing of connected names, facts, or events
recital account detailing description enumeration story tale telling narration narrative recapitulation rehearsal relation report catalog catalogue itemising itemizing list listing litany specification chronicle history record recountal recounting statement performance reading rendering fable musicale portrayal presentation run through recitation commentary rendition depiction version interpretation chronicling sketch chronology relating describing delivery detail blow by blow representation delineation portrait explanation exposition execution take commentaries yarn log run-down storytelling arrangement unfolding picture annals portraiture journal diary lowdown vignette singing playing archive definition memoir annal play by play narrating refrain repetition inventory voice-over roll anecdote variation story telling register series lecture naming cataloguing itemization take on archives recount homily sermon cataloging retelling opus plot read-through spelling out setting out calendar blog rattling off saga story line sequence of events write-up written account chronicon biography autobiography reading aloud characterization rundown explication brief study saying aloud information elucidation summary memoirs declaration illustration details summarization word picture writeup ABCs presentment monograph evocation confession epic prehistory public records adaptation reproduction slant realization impression perspective side view news analysis image communiqué make realisation the picture the whole picture outline construction review assessment construal clarification exegesis profile criticism evaluation illumination critique treatise diagram examination comment appreciation chart road map treatment understanding drawing essay appraisal discourse disquisition notice theme annotation tracing editorial judgement simplification crit judgment thumbnail sketch classification testimony gloss acclamation tribute affirmation testimonial assertion attestation claim resolution demonstration enactment viewpoint progress table survey praise recognition meaning answer decipherment graph conception apprehension rationale spin comprehension assimilation thread vita rating visualization point of view visualisation drift name development paraphrase setting down character sketch critical analysis restatement rewording condensation transcription action rough draft reason persona principle germ dissertation article thesis paper identity spring examen discussion exposé why and wherefore cause anatomization rough plan composition enucleation enunciation piece expounding tractate text tract cartoon design rap takedown slam slap pan put down textual examination rave flak critical essay reviewal zapper draft position paper underdrawing frame framework preliminary drawing lineaments skeleton layout aperçu maquette précis blueprint croquis esquisse ébauche figure form shape draught copy likeness configuration figuration doodle painting adumbration

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