Synonym of naff


Ostentatiously attractive or impressive
flashy flamboyant loud ostentatious showy garish gaudy glitzy tasteless brash snazzy jazzy tacky tawdry vulgar bold conspicuous expensive extravagant obtrusive pretentious swanky crude flash flaunting lurid splashy trashy fancy fancy-pants flaring glittery meretricious nifty noisy pizazzy pizzazzy razzle-dazzle ritzy swank bling bling-bling Brummagem in bad taste kitsch over the top tinselly blatant brazen catchpenny cheap chintzy florid glaring glittering ornate sparkling tinsel cheap and nasty in poor taste brassy common tatty brummagem bright raffish gimcrack screaming bilious shabby sleazy shoddy kitschy colorful bombastic outrageous elaborate brilliant colourful cheesy harsh over-bright violent distasteful unattractive nauseating sickly overwrought overdone plastic cheap-jack crass cheapjack rubbishy paltry corny junky worthless poor sporty dirty offensive twopenny-halfpenny nasty moth-eaten down-at-heel dilapidated beat-up ratty scrubby dog-eared miserable timeworn tumbledown run-down tatterdemalion second-rate scruffy seedy down-at-the-heels neglected dumpy threadbare mangy grungy mean bombed-out untidy unbecoming low waxy dingy outmoded unsuitable slovenly poky unkempt faded broken-down messy out-of-date stodgy sloppy frumpy OTT affected theatrical over-elaborate pompous superfly dicty dashing classy grandiose chichi specious high-flown peacocky tony fussy sumptuous rococo baroque resplendent luxurious rich frilly superficial sham gross actorly pinchbeck flaunted unrefined exhibitionistic uptown splurgy gay spectacular jaunty ambitious arty-farty kenspeckle commanding striking bodacious prominent catchy noticeable eye-catching grabby marked pronounced arresting remarkable emphatic dramatic big epic overambitious high-sounding sensational opulent histrionic splendiferous common as muck contrived arty intricate arabesque decorative decorated precious too much bougie cutesy over-the-top bourgie embellished ornamental ornamented adorned swish deluxe busy elegant posh select spiffy quality sophisticated towering extreme devilish superior prime fanciful special froufrou fancible unusual cushy highfalutin custom beautifying high-class high-quality lively confident buoyant exuberant vibrant barnstorming animated swashbuckling energetic vivacious rakish camp over the top OTT


Cliched or corny
cliched corny dull hackneyed lifeless old overused passé stereotypical timeworn trite unimaginative unoriginal stereotyped stale tired stock overworked banal commonplace clichéd threadbare platitudinous vapid set prosaic flat bromidic worn shopworn cliché well-worn exhausted cornball hokey musty ordinary mildewed bathetic uninspired routine common jejune chain drained pedestrian stereotypic platitudinal worn-out moth-eaten used-up run-of-the-mill ready-made old hat warmed-over familiar tune conventional hack derivative hacky formulaic orthodox time-worn played out truistic worn out inane well worn vieux jeu predictable obsolete cliche antiquated humdrum hackney obligatory cobwebby overdone hoary everyday dime-store outdated outmoded standard cliché-ridden old-fashioned archaic uninteresting boring average out of the ark passé defunct mundane unexceptional quotidian unremarkable undistinguished tedious dead bland out of date vanilla repetitious out-of-date usual customary garden-variety normal dusty antediluvian dated superannuated middle-of-the-road mainstream unfashionable forgettable unmemorable indifferent unexciting outworn mediocre rusty lacklustre lackluster so-so dreary monotonous tiresome mind-numbing ho-hum wearisome colorless stupid insipid traditional familiar imitative colourless bog-standard bush-league ornery half-pie tripe formal plain vanilla uneventful no great shakes prevalent not so hot not much cop cut-and-dried not up to much nothing to get excited about a dime a dozen nothing to write home about standardized cliché conventionalized silly mass-produced typecast common or garden uncreative ineffective rehearsed superseded unsophisticated anachronistic bygone antique unspontaneous standardised staple old-hat old-chestnut old-saw played-out artificial worn thin unvaried warmed-up facile cornfed pabulum zero trivial nowhere nothing noplace square dumb blah ho hum prevailing going current popular regular basic dull as dishwater mimetic foetid past mawkish zestless fetid yesterday's out bent effete disused typical established mimic gone off past their sell-by date like a dinosaur apish obsolescent unhip readily available widely available ancient medieval neolithic prehistoric fossilized Noachian mossy moribund mediaeval demoded prehistorical kaputt behind the times kaput slavish epigonic epigonous canned fossilised out of style out of fashion Stone Age emulative methodic rigid fixed mechanical systematic plain prescribed automatic extinct numbing slow wearying weary jading drudging tame drab leaden arid monochromatic heavy ponderous dry stodgy tiring stuffy widespread antwacky cut and dried fuddy-duddy cut-and-dry workaday garden variety standard-issue dime-a-dozen obvious unnoteworthy middling matter-of-course starch characterless natural plebeian garden lowly ten a penny boiler plate


Of lesser value or quality (than second-rate)
third-rate substandard abject abysmal appalling atrocious awful dismal dreadful terrible bad deplorable duff execrable frightful inadequate inferior insufficient lamentable miserable pitiful poor shoddy unsatisfactory wretched cheapjack lousy rubbishy tinny trashy unacceptable bum crummy diabolical dire indifferent mediocre rotten sad tacky tatty grotty pants ropy rubbish bodger direful egregious ropey below standard jerry-built low-grade half-pie poor-quality cheap and nasty cheap-jack tenth-rate no great shakes not much cop a load of pants not up to much of a sort cheap tawdry junky common second-rate low-rent trumpery gimcrack el cheapo worthless average cheapo meretricious pitiable dud grubby junk below par cheapie kitsch dime-a-dozen ratty tinhorn shabby dime-store cruddy a dime a dozen scroungy deficient bush-league Brummagem bottom-rung run-down twopenny-halfpenny two a penny two-bit nasty entry-level pinchbeck punk subpar brassy below average low-end lemon sorry second-class paltry rinky-dink tattered lame base rickety flimsy insubstantial ramshackle makeshift schlock badly built cheesy kitschy crude schlocky cut-rate gaudy coarse bargain-basement tasteless vulgar sleazy brummagem thrown together pathetic poxy imperfect low-quality useless not up to snuff under par disagreeable dissatisfactory disgraceful suboptimal woeful abominable sub-par faulty defective wanting hopeless contemptible dodgy chronic not up to scratch laughable unsound horrible middling ordinary God-awful flawed unexceptional subnormal pedestrian horrendous valueless not up to par the pits leaving much to be desired poorer downmarket odious inept disastrous good-for-nothing hack déclassé pits disappointing amateurish horrid poor quality damnable less-than-stellar low unpleasant crumby gross of poor quality of low quality garbage wack godawful beastly sucky shocking very bad negligent careless shameful repugnant bungling of little value distasteful revolting repulsive lacking vile repellant repellent end-of-the-pier of no value not up to standard hellacious weak sauce piss-poor rancid offensive hideous loathsome obnoxious slipshod objectionable of no financial value stinking god-awful from hunger scurrilous insufferable derisory second rate meager off wrong grim irremediable bush meagre reprehensible stinky indefensible commonplace trifling throwaway tinpot Mickey Mouse twopenny second-best strictly for the birds not cutting it impaired for the birds second class broken inexpert ineffectual incompetent off-color poorly uncomfortable ill hateful sour unsaleable of negligible value hellish disgustful rebarbative loathly no good dilapidated plastic dingy scruffy seedy pretentious broken-down inglorious mean low-down foolish-looking catastrophic silly ridiculous calamitous rueful absurd ghastly ludicrous tragic distressing regrettable cataclysmic affecting unfortunate meritless rough won't do over the fence impermissible inacceptable exceptionable not on unappealing intolerable dubious insupportable not quite the done thing displeasing condemnable half-baked out not cricket unreasonable questionable uninviting improper inadmissible unsuitable unimpressive inappropriate undesirable beyond the pale unseemly reject out of order would fetch nothing outrageous tricky weak feeble bad news raunchy downer icky unspeakable diddly fallacious grungy bummer detestable not good grody erroneous not the best blah craptacular without value excruciating fulsome noxious disgusting nauseating scandalous obscene foul abhorrent sickening ugly evil noisome nauseous low quality of no worth of little worth nickel-and-dime of little financial value from hell ten a penny

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