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Only a short distance away or apart in space or time
close near close-up immediate nearby neighbouring neighboring next next-door proximate imminent impending upcoming about adjacent almost approaching beside coming nearly practically close by nearly here at hand regain one's health get back on one's feet adjoining contiguous handy accessible convenient abutting close at hand local close-by within reach near at hand near-at-hand next door just round the corner direct nearest bordering flanking around alongside ready warm close-at-hand available proximal not far from in close proximity at close quarters not far off not far away conterminous touching under one's nose within spitting distance within sniffing distance a hop, skip and a jump away closest intimate vincinal to hand in by hard abreast approximal coterminous not remote within stone's throw within range side-by-side peripheral reachable circumambient encircling outlying encompassing fringe circumjacent juxtaposed fringing enclosing border verging skirting easy to reach within walking distance of just around the corner from on deck a stone's throw from in neighborhood within easy reach of well placed for close to at close quarters to well situated for near to adjacent to central next to within spitting distance of a hop, skip and a jump away from handy for neighbourhood surrounding circumferential circumforaneous neighborhood joining walkable in the neighbourhood of within reach of hard by within earshot in the vicinity of on the doorstep within close range of within sight around the corner in spitting distance within striking distance within walking distance across the street on your doorstep in the ball park cheek by jowl a stone's throw away give or take a little on hand connecting conjoining readily available at the ready flush vicinal round the corner just a stone's throw away get-at-able approximate on tap connected attached bordering on interconnecting joined impinging bounding edging at your fingertips meeting on the brink on the edge of next door to at close range up-close and personal prospective short-term very near on the side community up-close in the vicinity back-to-back side by side vernacular easy to get to juxtapositional neighbouring on in contact contactual against approximate to abreast of cheek by jowl with by the side of proximate to contiguous with attached to foreseeable in easy reach in the area hot present in line champing at bit at beck and call close to hand at fingertips on call waiting in place easily available in order in the saddle covered in position


About to happen
imminent impending approaching coming forthcoming close near threatening looming brewing menacing gathering upcoming pending at hand nearing oncoming proximate about to happen anticipated expected fast approaching fast-approaching in store near-at-hand upon us expectant following handwriting-on-the-wall immediate ineluctable inescapable inevasible inevitable in the air in the wind likely looming large next on the way overhanging possible probable unavoidable unescapable in the pipeline on the horizon coming up in the offing in view on the cards to come in the cards in the stars just round the corner on its way on the agenda on the verge see it coming just around the corner close at hand near at hand round the corner future advancing due unborn eventual converging subsequent progressing near-term drawing near to be en route up-and-coming getting near gaining upon on us almost on one in prospect prospective planned ensuing later under discussion potential on tap downstream in preparation succeeding resulting coming soon in the wings on the go on hand consequent underway afoot up and coming about to be likely to happen latter down the line down the pike down the road successive considered awaited destined -to-be subsequential consecutive proposed soon-to-be coming after next off directly after coming next yet to come scheduled approximating short-term liable to happen onrushing convergent contemplated arriving in the works under way in production being prepared hovering happening soon portending awaiting ominous supplied predestined fated emerging foreseeable waiting to looking to moving closer appearing rising in the near future in sight nearly on us around the corner ultimate about going on happening current circulating around abroad intended extended at large stirring going about in circulation long-term after hoped-for intending would-be aspiring looked-for successional presumptive designate over the long term resultant posterior consequential postliminary pursuing succedent sequential running astir promised latent sequent supervenient late serial in the making later on in line following after on the trot next up doing the rounds


Almost to the same level, amount or degree
about almost nearly practically borderline fair fairly feckly most much near somewhere virtually well-nigh all but approximately next to more or less close to just about roughly around approaching as good as bordering on pretty much not quite to all intents and purposes not far off not far from nearing pretty nearly circa nigh on verging on pretty well in the vicinity of within an inch of some essentially something like in the region of plus or minus give or take a few of the order of in effect in essence as near as dammit in the ballpark round about or so or thereabouts say like in the neighbourhood of getting on for in the area of near to pushing in the ballpark of upwards of in the neighborhood in the neighborhood of give or take in round numbers plus-minus rounded up rounded down basically fundamentally close upon relatively for all practical purposes in substance pretty near close on for all intents and purposes near enough give or take a little effectively on average thereabouts very close ballpark figure effectually guesstimate implicitly well nigh morally positively really in all but name absolutely veritably simply not actually not absolutely in practical terms actually decidedly substantially as much as almost entirely very nearly almost completely plumb plain generally about to loosely for the greatest part on the edge of on the point of on the verge of on the brink of within sight of comparatively closely proximately somewheres scattered someplace elsewhere going on a ballpark figure of roughly speaking ± on or about very close to going on for in the order of in general there or thereabouts in a manner of speaking in the ball park someplace or other kicking around someplace or another any old place in one place or another parts unknown here and there around somewhere roundly nearabout round within a little close but no cigar intrinsically inherently at heart principally primarily potentially in reality chiefly in fact materially in truth bordering in actual fact kind of in the main in all important respects probably vaguely verging sort of indirectly impliedly for practical purposes if truth be told in sooth in actuality in practice tacitly elementally nominally firstly predominantly at bottom above all impendingly operatively imminently first and foremost au fond first of all most of all constructively pragmatically actively at the end of the day when all is said and done when you get right down to it operationally bindingly centrally determinately characteristically truly factually naturally intimately originally significantly


To approach or come near to
approach near close advance come come up draw on belly up close in draw near draw nearer creep up loom verge draw close draw closer come closer move nearer come nearer come near arrive come close draw edge converge proceed progress catch up border move towards reach draw nigh move closer sneak up roll up edge nearer move near edge near go near go nearer go close go towards bear down on loom up go closer get nearer get near move in get close gain on someone get closer head waltz up turn up push forward appear show up gain make move bear down pace march go forge make headway make progress go along go off surround get nearer to draw nearer to get near to come towards get close to advance towards close in on draw near to touch on get closer to border on come to gain on come up to come within reach of go up to come near to creep up on approximate to close to come close to draw up to move in on converge on verge on verge upon advance on be close to close the gap be similar to catch up on be near to touch catch resemble nudge neighbour neighbor catch up with narrow the gap between lean press weigh down improve gain ground move forward be verging on beckon overhaul gain ground on draw level with run down move towards someone compare with move toward equal roughly estimate correspond to guess stack up against or with be not unlike be not dissimilar to assess be tantamount to guesstimate approximate reckon value appraise get on for measure up to echo join be like compare impinge connect lie near contact abut parallel lie next to match adjoin incline trench incline towards incline to tend towards lean towards gravitate toward tend to be on the edge butt on be more or less brink on move on trend towards be not far from

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