Synonym of non confrontational


Having a considerate or kindly disposition
gentle kind affable amiable considerate genial mellow placid pleasant quiet agreeable caring compassionate pleasing soft tender benevolent benign friendly humane kindly laid back lenient lovable meek amicable decent good-natured humble kind-hearted likeable likable mild-mannered modest obliging respectful sociable softhearted unassuming understanding cheerful congenial demure dove-like easygoing lamblike loving merciful moderate pacific peaceable peaceful reverent shy sweet-tempered sympathetic temperate tender-hearted warmhearted angelic bland cool dovelike forbearing forgiving goodhearted good-humored good-humoured gracious harmless kindhearted large-hearted moral retiring tenderhearted soft-spoken unoffensive brotherly fatherly maternal motherly paternal sisterly calm easy serene docile sensitive subdued mild complaisant tame deferential soft-hearted charitable thoughtful affectionate beneficent giving nice munificent warm neighborly tolerant neighbourly greathearted feeling generous benignant benefic philanthropical warm-hearted well meaning well intentioned good-hearted all heart great-hearted well-mannered bleeding-heart big bounteous comforting public-spirited wholesome attentive eleemosynary unselfish cordial altruistic good-tempered unstinting soft touch cooperative regardful polite chivalrous indulgent bountiful pitying fatherlike clement sweet liberal gallant heart in right place accommodating hospitable philanthropic good openhanded helpful tactful openhearted propitious magnanimous big-hearted open-handed noble courteous supportive engaging freehanded patient dutiful lavish princely selfless delightful humanitarian responsive solicitous fond

Antonym of non confrontational

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