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Synonym: characterless,


Common or lacking interesting features or characteristics
unremarkable commonplace uninteresting prosaic mundane ordinary common plain average bland characterless boring humdrum dull everyday routine unexceptional normal insipid trite workaday unmemorable colourless undistinguished vanilla usual quotidian typical uninspired uninspiring mediocre simple ornery unnoteworthy hackneyed anemic anaemic colorless generic empty garden gray grey garden-variety run-of-the-mill bog-standard common or garden plain vanilla bog standard blending into the background nothing to write home about unexciting pedestrian middle-of-the-road stale uneventful flat drab tame monotonous tedious dreary lifeless dry unimaginative lacklustre lackluster standard unpretentious conventional spiritless so-so jejune soulless no great shakes a dime a dozen neutral vapid wishy-washy wearisome sterile banal mainstream modest OK cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue faceless featureless lame second-rate tired antiseptic nothing special ho-hum indifferent passionless insignificant middling homespun homely vacuous unimpressive fair familiar feeble regular passable limp zestless tiresome customary barren inconspicuous stodgy stuffy forgettable leaden arid weary jading heavy not up to much blah stupid monochromatic ho hum dull as dishwater weak unimportant trivial lustreless unostentatious anonymous pallid suburban torpid unanimated indistinctive noncommittal run-of-the-mine run-of-mine medium second-class humble tolerable bloodless non-stimulating stock inoffensive inconsequential unnoticeable predictable inferior nothing unstimulating dime-a-dozen bromidic stiff wooden yawnsome numbing weariful old slow wearying drudging ponderous tiring garden variety dry as dust mind-numbing lacking excitement lacking interest not much cop impersonal tepid unexceptionable household ubiquitous frequent anodyne habitual acceptable adequate decent unspectacular general nitty-gritty day-to-day terrestrial practical casual informal negligible neglectable platitudinous fair-to-middling clinical stereotyped unchanging bleak dowdy desolate institutional dead threadbare mechanical okay corny hacky not bad deadpan blank expressionless deadening unspirited nowhere irksome as dry as dust plebeian par for the course plastic white-bread mean two a penny useless unrelieved accustomed irrelevant inconsiderable paltry formulaic low-grade worn-out stereotypical no big deal pointless piddling immaterial worthless ignorable meaningless whatever neither one thing nor the other not worth mentioning of little consequence of little importance of no importance of no consequence of no great concern of no account beige unobtrusive half-pie dusty intermediate no-frills basic samey dreich deadly restrained draggy reserved soft nothing to get excited about fair to middling muted folksy inelaborate unornamented austere rustic normophilic uncomplicated uncluttered unelaborate unembellished elementary clean undecorated unadorned understated middle of the road subdued subtle light discreet mild conservative sober undistinctive unappealing pabulum zero waterish milk-and-water flavourless sapless flavorless nerdy wimpy pure and simple your basic quiet unflashy repressed low-keyed low-key toned-down unoriginal derivative overworked overused old hat clichéd set timeworn well-worn worn out hack played out cornball shopworn traditional moderate musty moth-eaten unvaried time-worn wonted not so hot popular established fairish prevailing hokey cliché repetitious familiar tune warmed-over ready-made natural prevalent worn bathetic amateur amateurish overdone repetitive unvarying cliched truistic drained used-up chain exhausted mildewed all right orthodox dime-store accepted satisfactory plodding respectable obligatory hackney cliche stereotypic platitudinal run of the mill characteristic hoary archetypical cobwebby widespread ten a penny serviceable good unobjectionable sufficient fixed antiquated banausic archetypal obsolete representative expected recognized classic good enough lacking variety universal staple recognised lowly matter-of-fact presentable uncreative innocuous not very good public daily settled well worn fairly good inane prosy matter-of-course reasonable cliché-ridden dim current fine unadventurous dullsville goodish going classical regulation bush-league typic pretty good standardized standardised proverbial domestic outdated outmoded poor majority O.K. overall monochrome sufficiently good moderately good defunct out of date monotone square big yawn true derived watery soporific lacking variation pervasive time-honoured acknowledged chronic out of the ark allowable admissible nothing out of the ordinary harmless meh out-of-date family old-hat tripe not too bad warmed-up yawn imitative archaic soul-destroying boilerplate tidy dull as ditchwater uninventive ruling listless jake passé received comfortable treadmill unromantic namby-pamby unentertaining unenjoyable fatiguing apathetic competent rife rampant endemic shared prolix prescriptive commensurate proper midway dragging up to standard midsized native median up to scratch sufficing time-honored midsize middle off-the-shelf past their sell-by date prescribed menial straightforward diurnal usual thing long-winded enough businesslike in-between unartistic workday old-fashioned constant of poor quality unaspiring unambitious toneless uniform ineffective silly extinct extensive fair enough peaceful gentle unoffending indecisive unfateful noneventful inconclusive lusterless actual practicable diddly prose antediluvian dumb cornfed facile noplace superannuated mindless unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed vieux jeu whitebread periodic formalistic minimal annoying irritating unlively unpassioned canonical laborious formal readily available widely available half-hearted inadequate plain-Jane unextraordinary scheduled vexatious boresome phoned in antwacky superabundant boiled down without punch diluted halfhearted safe familial without variety cut and dried fuddy-duddy one-size-fits-all overlong mimetic plenty nothing to shout about able cromulent raw dispiriting wintry wintery oppressive downcast sorrowful damp windy seasonal methodical matter-of- fact numerous in use ongoing cheap and commonplace collective crude meagre simplistic meager sombre somber monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song reiterated samely unchanged considerable repeated known grind limited driveling fatuous tenuous drivelling nebbish slight mimic admitted domiciliary pervading predominant enervating interminable deadly dull depressing endless long-drawn-out dismal mortal exhausting poky snooze generous abundant significant appreciable marked noticeable goodly sizable worthwhile substantial sizeable biggish inert static sluggish prototypical well established vulgar acquired honoured widely held honored livable unimpeachable well-known acquainted flat as pancake puts one to sleep apish prototypal model ideal presentational quintessential signature broad effete mawkish fetid past bent foetid yesterday's out unsophisticated homey home obvious starch confirmed common variety well known recognisable recurring recognizable slavish random non-specific across the board par halfway medial central midmost intermediary medium-sized mediate mid middle-sized boiler plate gone off played-out old-chestnut old-saw epigonous epigonic ample better than nothing like a dinosaur favourite favorite canned outclassed déclassé to be expected only to be expected foreseeable in character indicative inherent steady symptomatic emblematic consistent distinguishing … all over true to type true to form in keeping distinctive anticipated likely individualistic unsurprising idiosyncratic foreseen on the cards reliable automatic methodic rigid emulative systematic turgid imperfect sorry poorer low-quality shabby worse lousy sad bad substandard junk wretched lemon tawdry low-rent good-for-nothing base two-bit traditionary off-the-rack bought mass-produced store-bought store off-the-peg ritual proven suitable staid appropriate agreeable ceremonial ritualistic solid alright fit palatable sound tried and true doctrinal taken for granted conformist sanctioned widely used rooted tried and tested immemorial valid fitting convenient correct up to the mark assuaging swell up to snuff kosher snug quite good in order up to par assuasive appeasing pleasant completely understandable A-OK totally fine most common


Too small or unimportant to be worth consideration
insignificant unimportant negligible trifling trivial inconsequential inconsiderable irrelevant nugatory paltry petty meagre minor scanty flimsy immaterial footling measly nominal frivolous inappreciable insubstantial meaningless unsubstantial incidental minute nonessential peripheral picayune piddling pointless slight worthless dinky fiddling infinitesimal niggling piddly piffling pimping secondary small casual extraneous lightweight little minimal minuscule purportless senseless lesser light meager de minimis non-essential small-fry no-account of little consequence of little import of little importance of minor importance of no importance of no account of no consequence of no moment nickel-and-dime Mickey Mouse not worth mentioning not worth speaking of marginal smaller second-rate two-bit minor-league low-ranking small-time of no great concern of little account lilliputian shoestring cheap mean base foolish peanut chicken inessential superficial not worth bothering about tiny pettifogging small-bore penny-ante twopenny-halfpenny shallow subordinate valueless inferior puny ignorable neither here nor there exiguous silly derisory pitiful pathetic mingy poxy unnecessary inadequate subsidiary trite idle token contemptible lower junior scratch inconsequent miserable insufficient beside the point useless nothing unessential no great shakes time-wasting imperceptible futile impractical potty of no value slender neglectable everyday beggarly commonplace empty frothy zero zilch tinpot zip null indifferent ancillary shabby unconsiderable wanky bush-league obscure smalltime ineffectual uncelebrated momentary diminutive atomic microscopic skin-deep evanescent vanishing by-the-way by-the-by background auxiliary minus accessory tacky dependent low second-string vain hollow loitering jejune inane idling vapid insipid banal skimpy unconsidered runt inappropriate wimpy shrimp extrinsic tangential less important no big deal no big thing below the mark no biggie all the same small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero hardly worth mentioning expendable of less importance occasional dispensable related contributory supplementary contributing


Not happening or encountered often
uncommon rare unusual odd strange curious peculiar queer singular uncustomary unfamiliar bizarre extraordinary novel abnormal offbeat unconventional weird atypical irregular unexpected deviant freakish outlandish alien funny oddball out-of-the-way quirky scarce unaccustomed unique freaky infrequent outré arcane eccentric egregious exotic extreme fantastic few original out of the way outre startling surprising unorthodox wonderful something else way out off the wall unheard of few and far between out of the ordinary thin on the ground different unwonted exceptional new anomalous unprecedented special remarkable aberrant fresh unknown phenomenal untried left-field inventive innovative innovatory especial innovational avant-garde ingenious advanced creative modern freak imaginative groundbreaking revolutionary incredible aberrated pioneering newfangled inconceivable preternatural off-centre neoteric contemporary state-of-the-art new-fashioned ultra-modern ground-breaking alternative radical experimental trailblazing futuristic unheard-of originative modernistic disruptive extraordinaire cutting-edge cutting edge leading-edge isolated out-of-the-box just out sporadic uncharacteristic unordinary exceeding conspicuous atypic refreshing obscure foreign quaint untested latest recent remote unexplored uninvestigated recondite little known out of the common breaking new ground seldom occasional dissimilar avant garde distinct altered variant ready imported clever artful brand new up to date fundamental progressive transformational not prepared drastic unhackneyed this season's new-fangled up-to-date variational Promethean deviceful uncanny mysterious inexplicable intriguing game-changing world-shattering up-and-coming forward-looking beyond your ken noteworthy prodigious memorable eminent astonishing prominent unparalleled outstanding awesome amazing significant distinguished far-out awe-inspiring visionary inspired inspiring seminal distinctive artistic funky far cry


Not able to be adequately defined or described
inexpressible indescribable indefinable undefinable undescribable inconceivable indefinite ineffable incommunicable uncommunicable unspeakable unspecifiable unspecified unthinkable inenarrable inexpressable unexpressible unimaginable unutterable elusive impalpable intangible nameless preternatural sublime subtle unanalyzable unanalysable unbelievable untellable beyond description beyond words beggaring description defying description unheard of abstract obscure unknowable indistinct wonderful marvellous fantastic incredible baffling overwhelming vague mysterious fugitive puzzling untold marvelous impossible ambiguous astonishing fabulous amazing astounding breathtaking staggering unthought of deceptive fleeting transient transitory incomprehensible incalculable incorporeal indeterminable dim unclear hazy hard to define hard to describe evasive implausible mind-boggling misleading unimagined equivocal unconvincing fantastical improbable unlikely unheard-of incredulous unconceivable uncompelling empyrean divine empyreal transcendental sacred heavenly celestial ideal deep holy ethereal transcendent spiritual inapprehensible exceptional unique singular mind-blowing incogitable undreamed-of rare unordinary uncommon doubtful extraordinary elusory undreamed of fraudulent illusory not understandable beyond belief full of it unspecific oracular fallacious beyond the realm of reason beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams too sacred for words fugacious occult greasy deceitful imponderable insubstantial tenuous phantom shy evanescent stonewalling volatile tricky

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