Synonym of nontraditional

Alternative for nontraditional


not conforming to or in accord with tradition


Not related to tradition
liberal unconventional unorthodox nonconventional progressive nonorthodox radical open-minded broad-minded advanced tolerant revolutionary permissive indulgent unbiased unprejudiced unbigoted catholic forbearing libertarian receptive freethinking impartial left nonconformist antitraditional anticonventional large-minded contemporary modern antiestablishment progressivist reformist flexible revisionist dispassionate undogmatic reforming unshockable cosmopolitan responsive open nonconservative fair just free-thinking left-wing left of center nonjudgmental wide forward-thinking free thinking enlightened easy-going free laissez-faire latitudinarian high-minded non-partisan lenient right-on humanitarian soft lax reasonable understanding moderate receiving rational noninterventionist intelligent avant-garde interested politically correct free and easy sympathetic magnanimous forgiving charitable clement merciful broad kind kindly kind-hearted compassionate humanistic big mild considerate accepting humane accommodating generous loose patient easy-oasy complaisant easy favourable easygoing favorable gracious benevolent kindhearted benign gentle tender thoughtful friendly obliging caring all heart general anti-discrimination non-discriminatory liberalistic non-restrictive liberal-minded acquiescent unprescriptive live-and-let-live unrestricted hands-off agreeable susceptible overindulgent permitting approving allowing fond compliant soft-hearted tender-hearted doting cosseting mollycoddling pampering accommodative gratifying giving soft-shelled overpermissive generous to a fault long-suffering going easy on going along with able to live with tenderhearted unselfish beneficent altruistic benignant sensitive empathic commiserative accessible civilized sentimental good-natured righteous pitying good-hearted nice genial amicable philanthropic good helpful amiable warmhearted approachable big-hearted warm softhearted human empathetic bleeding-heart civilised stoic stoical uncomplaining excusing condoning sophisticated easy with easy on


Not traditional, or departing from tradition


Extremely modern
ultramodern modern contemporary new current newfangled modernistic mod designer hot latest advanced fresh now futuristic modish revolutionary progressive stylish radical today up-to-date state-of-the-art present-day new-fashioned up-to-the-minute space-age red-hot avant-garde new age cutting-edge leading-edge high-tech forward-looking ahead of its time twenty-first century creative innovative unique original novel neat inspired innovational trailblazing modernist out-of-the-box pioneering experimental hip trendy clever different in unheard-of unexampled unconventional unaccustomed fashionable inventive strange groovy unexplored pathbreaking happening ingenious unknown visionary innovatory with-it unhackneyed way out far out ultra-modern cool artistic unprecedented unfamiliar imaginative recent up to the minute cutting edge contemporaneous present newest au courant topical in vogue voguish trendsetting up to date in fashion with it brand-new a la mode extant groundbreaking latter-day neoteric leading edge just out hi-tech ongoing instant all the rage existent popular updated nouvelle modern-day hot off press 21st-century chic flash snazzy contempo immediate coeval nifty avant up abreast present-time twenty-first-century modernised modernized faddish leading newly discovered highly developed ground-breaking science fiction ahead of the times bang up to date recently developed in-thing never-before-seen supermodern hippest in style concurrent smart automated coincident surrealistic synchronous gimmicky coexistent simultaneous coexisting coincidental timely high-end bleeding edge late coetaneous swinging high-style complex sophisticated landmark breakthrough forward future à la mode natty coterminous brand new ultra modern go-ahead kicking kicky tony just released just issued coextensive fly spiffy sassy plugged-in stylin' in the news hot off the press synchronic quite recent common knowledge de nos jours in the mainstream live alive on front burner burning existing latter mystic occult balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist alternative spiritual forefront nowadays started Age of Aquarius prompt being crystal healing begun commenced already at this moment for the time being just now even now in duration going on in process under consideration ad hoc SOTA most recent

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