Synonym of not wanted


Excessive or superfluous
de trop surplus excess excessive extra supernumerary unwelcome too much superfluous spare supererogatory in excess redundant inordinate extravagant surplus to requirements unneeded dispensable expendable useless unwanted additional unnecessary exorbitant profuse lavish remaining leftover needless unused inessential disposable superfluent too many not required nonessential unrequired overflowing uncalled-for unessential left over superabundant extreme unasked uncalled for residuary abounding overmuch pleonastic gratuitous going begging supererogative wanton wasteful over the top disproportionate on your hands unproductive undue waste extraneous to spare left odd reserve residual not needed over more added fresh supplementary unconsumed further optional other supplemental prodigal uneaten increased new another farther immoderate untouched unconscionable unreasonable extrinsic irrelevant intemperate worthless plethoric steep towering dizzying unmeasurable overabundant alternative auxiliary ancillary undesirable top-up surviving avoidable enormous exaggerated futile accidental boundless stiff uncritical profligate limitless super noncompulsory dissipated indulgent unbounded causeless fortuitous available recrementitious stratospheric overboard supernatural overkill casual haphazard relief sky-high free chance self-indulgent way out random substitute beside the point outstanding backup unwarranted unrestrained vestigial fallback second preposterous still available discarded unrestricted alternate extortionate in reserve overdue insane overweening intolerable outrageous peripheral unlimited overextravagant devilish uncurbed add-on overindulgent left behind OTT bonus back-up out of all proportion over-and-above a bit much complementary secondary undrunk unjustifiable unwarrantable incidental in hand baroque fancy unmerciful accompanying untempered irrational scrap unusable net supporting unimportant trivial unmerited unprofitable nett remanent pointless cosmetic purposeless vestigal balance continuing to play with left-over non-essential on the side unfinished lingering special collateral contributory one more new-found in addition over and above rest of emergency unbridled standby replacement substantial vast uncontrolled immense grandiose tremendous gross improvident monstrous infinite prodigious huge monumental immeasurable astronomic imprudent massive stupendous humongous astronomical fantastic unhampered thumping whopping giant mega silly monster extensive ridiculous unchecked mountainous ludicrous epic mighty gargantuan colossal unfettered mammoth overgenerous gigantic uninhibited super-duper O.T.T. over the odds fall-back in store more than enough

Antonym of not wanted

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