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last or greatest in an indefinitely large series


Occurring at position n in a sequence
consummate last max maximum most outside paramount supreme top ultimate utmost uttermost umpteenth extreme highest greatest utter topmost maximal full superlative all-out complete total absolute major sheer unqualified enormous greatest possible biggest categorical profound downright pure maxi thorough outright unconditional quintessential thoroughgoing best stark unmitigated ideal whole unsurpassable matchless transcendent pre-eminent greatest amount of flat-out out-and-out largest determined concentrated mostest farthest unrivalled optimum final unsurpassed furthermost outermost furthest incomparable preeminent remotest farthermost unequalable unmatchable apogean significant surpassing very aftermost outmost endmost towering unrivaled terminal furthest away farthest away categoric fair plumb definite unadulterated unalloyed arrant dreadful rank solid bodacious dead flat deadly conspicuous clean blooming flawless excellent impeccable positive perfected chronic finished errant blank peerless inimitable unreserved straight-out cotton-picking deep-dyed undiminished unlimited perfect simple regular stone crashing unequivocal real entire veritable right proper unrestricted plain undiluted dyed-in-the-wool infernal right-down blasted direct comprehensive explicit wholehearted through and through gross in every respect undivided blessed confounded wholesale genuine full-bore unambiguous clear exhaustive certain unrestrained indubitable unbounded firm conclusive blatant plenary overt intense unmodified unmistakable inveterate true unbroken unquestionable unremitting all-fired sure unrelieved clear-cut full-scale straight out prize undeniable patent no catch unmixed express naked emphatic flagrant glaring unstinting sweeping unvarnished fixed unquestioning point-blank extraordinary all out without reservations full-on constant no ifs ands or buts infinite limitless honest straight severe apodictic palpable sincere unmistaken mere elaborate brazen decisive accurate steadfast uncompromising intensive detailed unblemished exact obvious assured unabridged authentic barefaced undisguised exclusive resolute unalleviated unconstrained open rigid everlasting double-dyed all determinate actual wide in-depth rigorous out and out specific steady full-blown minute true-blue perpetual eternal endless abundant uncontrolled no holds barred without reservation no kicker no strings no fine print incessant royal true blue candid pronounced frank continuous unrelenting serious staring capital egregious quite single altogether customary unstinted transparent adamant assertive insistent bloody bald unregenerate usual shameless decided monstrous atrocious infamous notorious vile peremptory relentless austere blunt stone-cold enduring abiding never-failing unfaltering arrogant uncorrupted wholesome unadorned unabated effusive gushing rightly so called untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending through-and-through horrible huge unembellished point blank great oppressive sublime untarnished habitual undying confirmed persistent unsoftened harsh grim high acute resounding definitive forthright no joke unhesitating untouched unaltered overarching undisputed totalitarian uninterrupted inclusive unshaken deep in every way unshakeable personal immediate completed exceptional tremendous unshakable intricate meticulous experienced indescribable raging sovereign mortal fulfilled extensive embedded constructive virtual practical inevitable implicative inarticulate intrinsic hidden inferential unquestioned implicit unuttered contained precise one hundred per cent no strings attached mother of all very great firsthand penetrating developed accomplished mature essential elemental encyclopedic particular spot-on valid dinkum special encyclopaedic intimate first-hand faultless ripe strict dead-on certified good faithful pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable focused undistracted collective admissible sound factual engrossed unshared consistent undoubted watertight veridical immaculate amen inerrant bona fide bang on undistorted solemn unswerving dedicated united absorbed unflagging focussed unanimous committed scrupulous attentive continued concerted fast deliberate circumspect diligent vigilant intent right on lock stock and barrel most extreme most significant


Not stated clearly or exactly
unspecified unidentified undefined unstated indefinite indeterminate undesignated undetermined unfixed unmentioned unquantified unstipulated uncertain undecided unknown arbitrary mystery obscure vague any certain general given one some this not specified such-and-such a … unsettled unnamed unexplained unresolved imprecise anonymous inexact inconclusive secret unrevealed unascertained untold undiscovered unrecognized unnoted unperceived pending unheard of unfamiliar unrecognised unsure unbeknownst uncounted unpredictable borderless uncategorized indeterminant unclassified nameless undistinguished strange undeclared understood woolly non-specific unclear unlimited limitless unbeknown unspecific infinite immeasurable endless measureless unfathomable illimitable horizonless boundless bottomless unrestricted unbounded immensurable fathomless open open-ended approximate wooly sitting on the fence hesitant abeyant faltering hesitating equivocal irresolute wavering incalculable vacillating unproven doubtful dark undisclosed hidden concealed undivulged mysterious unestablished unapprehended noteless in limbo in the balance up in the air ambiguous confused moot unanswered ongoing disputed arguable debatable vexed unsolved unconfirmed problematic iffy in a state of uncertainty up for grabs in a state of limbo clouded open to debate betwixt and between not decided dubitable waffling to be decided pendent borderline in doubt ill-defined loose indistinct hazy fuzzy nebulous blurred evasive pale misty shadowy blear bleary gauzy dim blurry murky dubious faint muzzy indistinguishable inexplicit foggy opaque oracular intangible broad innumerable indeterminable inexhaustible wide noncommittal undependable

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