Synonym of nullifying

Alternative for nullifying

nullifies, nullified, nullifying

Synonym: annul, avoid, invalidate, negate, neutralise, neutralize, quash, void,


Present participle for make legally null and void
invalidating voiding abolishing annulling abrogating quashing repealing rescinding cancelling canceling revoking disannulling dissolving negating reversing undoing vacating vetoing abating avoiding counteracting countermanding neutralising neutralizing nulling obliterating obviating terminating countervailing rebutting recalling rendering invalid setting aside annihilating axing cancelling out canceling out casting aside compensating confining counterbalancing declaring null and void killing limiting nigging offsetting reneging restricting rolling back scratching scrubbing squashing striking down torpedoing trashing vitiating zapping doing away with rendering null and void bluing pencil bringing to an end forgetting it stamping out taking out washing out wiping out calling all bets off bringing to naught retracting overruling withdrawing overturning overriding repudiating taking back overthrowing nixing putting an end to recanting ending disallowing scrapping removing aborting dismantling calling off dropping stopping erasing ruling against lifting discharging effacing eradicating destroying eliminating expunging rubbing out calling back discontinuing deleting blacking out blotting out extinguishing renouncing denying dismissing disclaiming making void abjuring abandoning cutting defeating balancing counterpoising rooting out snuffing out ditching negativing suspending rejecting exterminating dumping discarding extirpating liquidating compensating for frustrating backpedaling backpedalling finishing forswearing redressing counterchecking quelling ruining wrecking making up for shattering crying off sweeping away putting a stop to putting the kibosh on disaffirming suppressing disestablishing calling throwing out counterweighing making ineffective halting backtracking on getting rid of ceasing contravening prohibiting crushing disowning reneging on declaring invalid balancing out finishing off cleaning up demolishing decimating weaselling out weaseling out working against doing in contradicting backing out of making null and void undermining putting the lid on putting paid to upsetting altering chopping subverting excising countering correcting opposing dashing disqualifying downing deracinating ignoring superseding blocking abnegating scotching counterordering going back on outvoting breaking off impairing blackballing turfing preventing crossing smashing slaughtering turning down conquering shooting down unsaying closing down dispatching devastating queering scuppering stymieing dishing giving something the chop ruling out backing out wracking massacring wasting refusing censoring putting down withcalling knocking something on the head deleing going against crosses out striking out blanking out blue-penciling blue-pencilling wiping off the map wiping from the face of the earth going back on one's word wiping off the face of the earth putting a line through divorcing devaluing weakening declaring unfitting circumducting discounting bleeping retreating disregarding dishonouring disobeying blowing sky-high butchering bringing to a close holding a funeral interring putting to rest burying inhuming entombing putting six feet under laying in the grave waiving dishonoring forgetting backwatering getting off the hook refusing to fulfil repelling hushing up bottling up shutting down corking up remitting knocking out blowing KO'ing putting damper on breaking calling in wangling out equalling out doing a U-turn on purging omitting redlining refuting retiring prevailing dominating predominating defying flouting knocking on the head crawling out of pulling the plug belaying defacing excluding editing blacking disbanding disavowing impugning traversing dinging stonewalling belying disproving opting out worming out standing down throwing over antagonizing antagonising riding roughshod over trampling underfoot eliding adjourning checking arresting trampling upon remedying equalizing phasing out concluding proroguing breaking with taking off editing out stroking out whiting out inking out blocking out Xing out drawing back pulling back taking away equilibrizing evening out foreswearing turning thumbs down breaking up winding up disuniting bowdlerizing scoring out wiping off redacting scratching out overcoming counterweighting defusing equalising deactivating rendering ineffective subduing junking thwarting derailing shedding rendering inert forsaking apostatizing relinquishing stabilising responding righting lessening counterworking reducing rectifying bucking stabilizing fixing shooting disorganizing winding down severing destructing postponing loosing closing splitting up collapsing unmaking laundering scraping off striking cutting out bowdlerising blotting trimming removing all traces of blanking gutting evening up squaring up jettisoning backing down backing off backtracking dialing back worming out of eating one's words welshing wiping slate clean flying in the face of bringing laying to rest banning changing resolving into fading out rendering void oversetting dispensing with desisting forbidding marring prostrating interdicting spoiling inhibiting squelching doing for quitting pulling up interrupting proscribing outlawing barring embargoing packing in cutting short bringing down knocking down disrupting boycotting precluding putting kibosh on creaming totalling vaporizing pulverizing desolating totaling nuking razing laying off stopping midstream cutting off sabotaging overwhelming vaporising beating benothinging pulverising overpowering murdering dissenting disapproving burning discountenancing censuring passing declining calling a halt knocks it off calling it quits pulling the plug on banjaxing scarring playing havoc with fouling up placing an embargo on pulling down tearing down making a mess of screwing up lousing up messing up cruelling euchring staining disfiguring throwing away passing by not going for giving the thumbs down to refusing permission to passing on giving thumbs down giving the red light to blighting decaying tainting injuring afflicting damaging disappointing glitching up throwing a spanner in the works of putting a damper on making a hash of blowing a hole in throwing a monkey wrench in the works of overlooking passing over paying no attention to taking no notice of putting aside forgoing surrendering giving up yielding brushing off paying no heed to shrugging off bypassing sacrificing ceding brushing aside glossing over taking no account of neglecting laying aside having done with abdicating spurning desisting from shutting out turning a deaf ear to slurring over overpassing turning your back on leaving out doing without handing over turning over debarring kicking signing away minimizing dispelling deferring banishing whitewashing putting away shutting the door on tuning out blinking at winking at skipping laughing off putting out of one's mind contemning putting out of your mind papering over letting go consigning to oblivion shelving paying no mind thinking no more of looking the other way minimising making light of living with sending to Coventry missing playing down letting pass refraining from turning a blind eye to closing your eyes to extracting taking with a pinch of salt giving no credence to doubting underselling disbelieving pooh-poohing forbearing resigning weeding out staying granting sinking holding up putting to one side tabling leaving reserving putting off delaying holding off allowing blanking over ceasing to think of letting bygones be bygones dismissing from your mind erasing from your mind ceasing to remember stopping thinking about putting behind you getting over erasing from memory devoting disremembering rebuffing kissing off despising relegating laughing away scouting scanting failing to care for failing to look after paying little attention to trifling with leaving alone keeping at arm's length underestimating skimping on not caring for procrastinating over keeping one's distance leaving undone overleaping turning one's back on failing to remember losing sight of failing to provide for depreciating having nothing to do with thinking little of not troubling oneself deserting evading shirking procrastinating letting slide throwing to the winds passing up pretermitting not caring dedicating pledging consecrating betraying laying off of bringing to a stop jacking in packing up knocking off abstaining from bringing to a halt calling a halt to keeping back tabooing saying no to zinging disacknowledging throwing parting with offering up forfeiting unlearning discarding from memory stopping using ostracizing violating breaching infracting stopping having losing giving excepting keeping out evicting ejecting bouncing driving out putting an embargo on discluding freezing out denying access to forcing out putting out leaving out in the cold ousting refusing to admit missing out sidelining not counting warding off occluding ostracising closing out estopping expelling blacklisting refusing admittance locking out bating disbarring preventing from entering counting out turning a deaf ear unminding brushing away letting off easy shutting eyes to pardoning leaving out of account conniving glozing over turning a blind eye unheeding cold-shouldering excusing forgiving leaving be trampling on failing to comply with failing to observe


Present participle for to frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
frustrating thwarting foiling blocking checking stopping baffling countering defeating disappointing spoiling circumventing forestalling barring dashing balking baulking crushing derailing hindering impeding obstructing quashing scotching stymieing confronting fettering hampering snookering stifling beating checkmating crippling discomfiting hamstringing hobbling inhibiting neutralising neutralizing banjaxing fouling up putting a stop to scuppering annulling arresting cancelling canceling conquering counteracting cramping crimping forbidding halting licking negating obviating outwitting overcoming precluding preventing prohibiting ruining screwing up stumping doing for nipping in the bud hanging up holding up putting a brake on putting the kibosh on putting the lid on cramping one's style dashing one's hope standing in the way of upsetting the applecart giving the run around rendering null and void curbing restraining opposing putting paid to evading avoiding repressing staving off skirting sidestepping averting steering clear of warding off heading off bilking nobbling overturning rattling juking ditching dodging upsetting escaping bypassing getting out of skipping circumnavigating messing up shaking shaking off putting the stopper on putting the mockers on retarding restricting defending against holding back interfering with stalling trammelling shutting out trammeling holding off stonewalling putting a spoke in someone's wheel offsetting bucking smashing impairing eluding deflecting limiting interdicting disrupting queering traversing rooting promoting crabbing disconcerting buffaloing bollixing ducking fazing taking wind out of crashing unsettling taking down wrecking keeping lid on contravening scuttling invalidating debarring squashing repelling suppressing confounding deterring shuffling off repulsing undoing parrying giving the slip running circles around running rings around giving the run-around counterplotting blanking crossing burying halting in its tracks throwing monkey wrench in upsetting the apple cart throwing a spanner in the works getting the better of throwing a monkey wrench in the works beating down lousing up causing setback upsetting one's apple cart taking wind out of sails putting end to refraining from stultifying putting an end to desisting steering clear abstaining from resisting shrinking from shying from skipping out on staying away restraining from shirking abstaining withstanding staying away from getting around forbearing giving up refusing leaving off doing without withholding from fending off desisting from anticipating renouncing kicking shunning breaking the habit of helping counterbalancing making up for forgoing forbearing from eschewing keeping from denying yourself encumbering interrupting delaying shackling getting in the way of slowing cumbering slowing down handicapping interfering handcuffing braking suspending borking sabotaging shutting down getting in the way throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of hog-tying shutting off staying confusing freezing pausing shelving bridling manacling remitting embarrassing putting off intermitting clogging obscuring cutting off tying up short-circuiting closing off stilling catching intercepting standing fencing snafuing skinning drawing up picking off bringing up pulling up fetching up finishing off finishing something coming to a standstill playing off cooking someone's goose not moving petering out standing off sandbagging throttling taking out of play putting the brakes on screening monkeying with weighing down complicating discontinuing damming chaining entangling binding postponing detaining retardating bringing to a close making an end of withholding deferring protracting proroguing prolonging choking holding confining constraining saddling with giving a hard time putting back slowing up bringing to screeching halt holding off on keeping back choking off holding over bogging down making late backing off setting back disturbing affecting influencing tampering discommoding inconveniencing incommoding jamming troubling conflicting


Present participle for state that one refuses to admit the truth or existence of
denying contradicting gainsaying repudiating negating opposing refuting disproving negativing rebutting backpedaling backpedalling challenging contesting debunking disaffirming discrediting exploding retracting controverting countering declaring untrue disallowing disavowing disclaiming disconfirming disowning dissenting from invalidating quashing rebuffing rejecting confuting disagreeing with taking back banning begrudging blocking contravening curbing disacknowledging disagreeing disbelieving doubting excluding forbidding forgoing preventing recanting restraining revoking sacrificing shooting down spurning tabooing withsaying calling on enjoining from holding back keeping back not buying shooting down in flames shooting full of holes saying no to taking exception to turning thumbs down standing in the way belying puncturing exposing ridiculing demolishing deflating discarding putting paid to picking holes in proving impossible cutting down to size blowing sky-high blowing up knocking the bottom out of proving wrong giving the lie to blowing out of the water driving a coach and horses through disputing calling into question questioning confounding resisting impugning showing to be false fighting crossing arguing breaking falsifying oppugning proving false traversing proving to be false debating querying flying in the face of combatting combating taking issue with assailing making a nonsense of withstanding objecting to blowing sky high bucking reversing overturning confronting overthrowing contending running counter to impeaching arguing against tearing down calling in question taking a stand against protesting against counteracting obstructing thwarting hindering brushing aside checking repelling canceling cancelling conflicting with arguing with parrying crushing defeating taking on squelching defying attacking cancelling out canceling out silencing undermining answering going against discounting addressing busting showing up fighting against declaring to be untrue battling standing up to disapproving of arguing about giving thumbs down to facing down putting down setting aside quibbling over dismissing renouncing forswearing annulling proving unsound frustrating deceiving naysaying impeding balking clashing with dueling duelling vanquishing subverting bringing to naught shutting up baulking weakening discussing daring differing withspeaking putting under suspicion casting doubt on poking full of holes raising doubts about pooh-poohing examining mooting poking holes in knocking bottom out of shooting holes in knocking props out throwing out finding unfounded altercating bandying canvassing counterclaiming destroying canvasing wrangling saying the opposite of pettifogging refusing to accept denouncing calling in contending over topping abnegating convicting everting burning defending against pleading against retaliating against throwing down investigating demurring about rebelling against feuding with rallying against enquiring remonstrating interrogating coming to blows with rivalling testing litigating tackling demurring against rivaling accosting inquiring calling out having bone to pick bandying words concerning picking an argument with wondering about differing with quibbling about agitating against putting up argument arguing the pros and cons of having an argument about dissenting against hammering away at showing to be wrong picking a bone proving to be wrong defending oneself against barring counterattacking burning down disposing of replying to facing disliking zapping zinging tarring slamming trashing criticizing blasting knocking smearing traducing mistrusting contending with suspecting taking struggling against distrusting criticising dissenting setting your face against putting up a fight against encountering striving against speaking out against taking a stand searching out taunting protesting withstaying turning the tables taking issue not countenancing speaking against gainstaying bombarding neutralizing frowning at standing up and be counted against assaulting quarreling with disapproving neutralising cutting to shreds sticking it to casting doubt upon thumbing nose at throwing doubt on throwing the book at pinning on coming down on running down skinning alive swipeing at casting aspersions upon unbelieving scorning not accepting giving no credence to scoffing at not believing not swallowing


That is diametrically opposed to something
contradictory antithetical contrary opposite conflicting discrepant incompatible inconsistent irreconcilable opposed paradoxical contrasting antipodal antipodean clashing diametric diametrical different divergent incongruous opposing polar repugnant adverse against agin ambiguous antagonistic anti antithetic at variance con contradictive converse counter counteractive differing in opposition negating oppugnant ornery reverse self-contradictory at odds no go discordant dissimilar disagreeing disparate inconsonant inharmonious poles apart antipathetic mismatched unalike unlike mutually exclusive distinct diverse contrastive unrelated dissonant nonidentical unequal incongruent distinctive varying separate variant distant contrasted unharmonious antonymous non-identical out of sync unsimilar distinguishable deviating out of keeping at loggerheads unmixable incomparable in conflict inimical quarreling diametrically opposed not in keeping other in disagreement inverse obverse out of line out of step unsuitable disconsonant quarrelling unconnected dissenting heterogeneous independent alternate disproportionate alternative hostile ill-matched irregular offbeat like night and day not the same like chalk and cheese contrarious antonymic on the outs cross varied oppositional manifold unique incoherent unassociated discriminable sundry incompatible with opposed to contrary to conflicting with diverging contrarient uncongenial discrete disharmonious foreign particular inconformable anomalous streets apart jarring at variance with various otherwise warring another incommensurable differentiable differential at odds with distinguishing factious individual not alike complementary in contention arguing unsuited antipathic inappropriate polar opposite exclusive contrariant unfavorable unfavourable respective incommensurate polarized irreconcilable with inconsistent with contradictory to extreme counterbalancing antitypical express especial single altered ill suited uncoordinated frictional acrimonious dichotomous oppositive disjoint directly opposed to polarised divergent from differing from contrasting with different from different to nothing like untypical unnatural off-key atypical factional as like as chalk and cheese unmistakable contradistinctive contradistinct bipolar out of place mutually incompatible wayward perverse impossible refractory difficult inimitable unfriendly irresoluble reluctant hateful on a sour note miscellaneous assorted multifarious not similar inconstant unadapted competing reversed weird myriad divers mismated contrapositive violative not so not as such other than supposed far from far cry out of tune out of harmony at outs flip-side not capable of comparison march to a different drummer omnifarious indiscriminate mixed diversified whale of difference dissentient eclectic motley facing enemy restrictive repelling battling exposing protesting denying confronting controverting defensive disputed crossing allergic objecting combating defending obstructive gainsaying disputing rival alien at cross-purposes up against adverse to unacceptable to antagonistic to unusual for hostile to foreign to in conflict with oppugnant to repugnant to inimical to alien to inverted backward reciprocal uneven unequivalent averse adversarial against the grain prohibitive prohibitory confining remote removed irrelevant to incompatible to incongruent with unequal to incomparable to immaterial to unrelated to piebald patchwork wide-ranging raggle-taggle ragtag kitchen-sink magpie promiscuous variegated composite mongrel multiplex jumbled mosaic mingled odd legion amalgamate conglomerate confused unallied transposed rearward retrogressive retreating retroverted backwards back-to-front bottom-to-top changed turned right-to-left flipped reverted retrograde directed backwards turned over

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