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nurtures, nurtured, nurturing

Synonym: bring up, care for, feed, foster, mind, nourish, nurse, raise, rear, tend, train,


Need to nurture


Present participle for to teach, train or educate in a given field


Very loving in nature
devoted loving fond caring affectionate dear gentle supportive benevolent lovesome tender adoring doting kind tenderhearted warm thoughtful motherly sympathetic protective maternalistic maternal comforting mother kindly compassionate sheltering understanding protecting watchful caretaking careful supporting feminine ardent friendly considerate cordial passionate amatory concerned attentive faithful amiable loyal sentimental reverential generous fervent close solicitous reverent demonstrative earnest guiding parental warm-hearted bound up close-knit expressing adoration indulgent charitable humane kind-hearted magnanimous benign soft selfless good-natured kindhearted warmhearted soft-hearted helpful altruistic gracious unselfish mild tender-hearted beneficent merciful good-hearted liberal benignant humanitarian softhearted fatherly responsive chivalrous amicable noble genial sweet neighborly big-hearted congenial neighbourly good chummy affable sociable lenient intimate goodhearted touchy-feely sensitive pleasant decent approachable open-handed hospitable philanthropic buddy-buddy lovey-dovey feeling forbearing large-hearted tolerant giving disinterested self-sacrificing denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted self-denying obliging self-forgetting matey open pally amorous inseparable paternal empathetic familiar great-hearted self-forgetful companionable forgiving emotional pitying gallant good-humoured attached good-humored comradely patient pleasing fatherlike nice brotherly constant fast special cherished all heart thick firm agreeable clement mushy forthcoming tight empathic public-spirited easy complaisant philanthropical bighearted welcoming well-disposed cheerful munificent likeable palsy-walsy accommodating likable mellow cuddly confidential treasured valued enamoured bleeding-heart well meaning boon easygoing convivial enamored civil well-mannered courteous overindulgent unstinting bosom especial delightful commiserative inward good-tempered expressive polite near personal sisterly cozy encouraging cosy bonhomous hearty greathearted open-hearted effusive lovable thick as thieves angelic as thick as thieves gushing soothing bland sweet-tempered unreserved communicative conciliatory receptive ungrudging expansive unrestrained happy patriarchal best unconstrained candid uninhibited heroic cooperative peaceful peaceable on good terms sparing easy-going permissive romantic courtly valiant favourite condoling interested commiserating consoling tactful honourable honorable free bounteous bountiful openhanded freehanded moderate dearest favorite big moral comprehending benefic sympathizing temperate sympathising having heart in right place bleeding heart openhearted respectful unassuming engaging urbane unoffensive mild-mannered loving and giving regardful well intentioned unctuous princely stately suave harmless soppy parent admiring worshipping fraternal venerating matriarchal cliquey adulatory idolizing courageous clannish melting avuncular lovesick soft-centred clubbable vigilant clubby diplomatic ladylike decorous gentlemanly civilized worshiping idolising besotted infatuated bubbly regular very dear paternalistic brave personable appreciating vicarious nearest and dearest confident genteel well-bred well mannered mannerly unsparing foolish lovely mindful wholesome fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless couth like-minded amusing confiding outgoing hilarious favorable conversable jocose entertaining kindred social vibrant funny happy-go-lucky compatible amical comical jocular jovial overfond enduring deep-rooted abiding durable reliable long-standing long-lasting eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful deferential calm lavish heart in right place quiet placid unpresumptuous charming prepossessing winsome fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple partial huggy worried anxious civilised predisposed addicted impassioned noble-minded valorous as nice as pie appealing taking captivating simpatico reasonable sweet-natured barley-sugar winning enchanting even-tempered staunch steadfast stable steady freehearted fulsome meek humble soft-spoken shy non-confrontational pacific laid back lamblike demure dovelike modest retiring cool dove-like all over heedful human knightly piteous ruthful silly over fervid erotic anacreontic amative favourable crazy over old softie open-minded well disposed do-good well-intentioned nutty about honest moralistic virtuous ethical principled respectable upstanding righteous conscientious upright soft on pampering permitting soft-shell emollient assuaging mollycoddling assuasive lax compliant pardoning favoring humoring spoiling excusing light condoning yielding letting allowing humouring favouring high-minded just fair going easy on live with being big elevated high lordly goodish lofty great on top of each other enthusiastic heartfelt wholehearted genuine cheery sincere inviting eager deep palsy


Giving someone support or confidence
encouraging supportive reassuring sympathetic affirmative inspiring inspiriting understanding uplifting caring cheerful comforting compassionate empathetic enthusiastic feeling helpful kindly sensitive warm affectionate appreciative approving benevolent calming cheering concerned gladdening heartening heartwarming kind positive protective responsive soothing boosting fulfilling gratifying pleasing stimulating welcome giving beneficent thoughtful attentive philanthropic indulgent considerate generous philanthropical gracious empathic maternal paternal charitable altruistic rewarding satisfying loving tender consoling condoling commiserative solicitous warming touching stirring heart-warming gentle pitying humane benign commiserating fatherlike forbearing benignant tenderhearted warmhearted softhearted kindhearted sympathizing warm-hearted tender-hearted good-hearted kind-hearted soft-hearted soft fatherly sympathising having heart in right place all heart enjoyable moving affecting promising propitious auspicious gladsome soul-stirring hopeful patriarchal avuncular vigilant cheery consolatory heartfelt sweet pleasant exhilarating joyous merciful lenient humanitarian relieving assuaging decent selfless unselfish neighborly tolerant neighbourly obliging human easing doting motherly bighearted clement genial piteous goodhearted ruthful interested magnanimous sparing good-natured big-hearted well meaning loving and giving old softie open-minded large-hearted well disposed well-disposed well-intentioned open-hearted bleeding heart do-good great-hearted bleeding-heart appreciating comprehending vicarious mitigating analeptic upholding revitalizing curing solacing abating bolstering envigorating remedying softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring alleviating revivifying health-giving restoring sustaining allaying succoring freeing refreshing

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