Synonym of obeisant


Courteously deferential and respectful
dutiful deferential respectful servile reverential reverent courtly regarding respecting standing obedient subservient obsequious humble submissive slavish regardful fawning compliant ingratiating yielding biddable meek acquiescent docile pliant polite groveling tractable accommodating unresisting passive sycophantic duteous grovelling timid obliging resigned bootlicking admiring gracious amenable self-effacing appreciative manageable abject awed malleable craven self-abasing attentive unassertive worshiping devout menial cringing worshipful worshipping solemn pious resistless upholding longanimous civil courteous considerate toadying thoughtful complaisant lowly ignoble mannerly deferent law-abiding willing devoted agreeable ductile mild conformable complying subdued governable nonresistant spiritless tame venerating pliable lamblike controllable in one's power in one's clutches in one's pocket at one's beck and call under one's thumb venerational solicitous base chivalrous gallant truckling cowering subject downtrodden snivelling inferior loving adoring non-resisting well mannered well-mannered ingratiatory dancing at one's mercy sniveling a slave to mean patient forbearing consenting spineless supine under someone's thumb subordinate nonresisting soft disciplinable domesticated comformable obeying trainable surrendering teachable amiable giving-in placable kowtowing bowing down uncomplaining handleable cringey acceding assenting accepting cooperative flexible agreeing conforming unresistant approving persuadable tolerating persuasible tolerant unprotesting easy convincible acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive game ready easily persuaded Uriah Heepish well-trained good under control observant disciplined well trained well disciplined loyal well-behaved honoring honouring docious faithful hearsome sheeplike unquestioning wrapped around finger on a string gentlemanly polished genteel cultivated decorous refined urbane gentle well-bred decent civilized civilised kind diplomatic ladylike cordial cultured suave seemly discreet well behaved affable tactful well bred charming proper respectable politic sympathetic formal well brought up orderly noble debonair pleasant honourable genial sensitive sophisticated elegant understanding honorable conscientious punctilious friendly good-mannered dedicated responsible filial distinguished careful dignified mindful subtle judicious poised smooth perceptive becoming delicate well brought-up discerning correct prudent classy cautious graceful well-spoken heedful well spoken tactical restrained protective benevolent charitable hospitable gentlemanlike wellmannered amicable reputable caring adulatory kindly tender unselfish helpful well-brought-up responsive impeccable nice aristocratic idolizing soft-spoken circumspect developed de rigueur befitting like a sport deifying artful familial shrewd guileful wily astute conciliatory good-natured neighborly sociable bland concerned neighbourly condescending religious idolising persuasive glib slick wary calculating foresighted softly-softly kid-glove smarmy unctuous together cool facile svelte collected composed sonly sororal fraternal family affectionate daughterly unruffled silky possessed coolheaded equable oily sedate royal savvy skillful dexterous wise deft insightful skilled aware skilful adroit self-possessed self-composed dextrous smooth-tongued silver-tongued treating with kid gloves media-savvy obligatory binding befitting a son or daughter treating something with kid gloves incumbent on


Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree

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