Synonym of old time


From or reminiscent of an earlier time or era
vintage antique ancient old-fashioned old-world quaint traditional bygone former historic past ancestral antiquarian classical early folk heritage oldfangled old-school old-style old-timey retro retrograde time-honoured dated obsolete olden old style outdated outmoded out-of-date veteran old archaic antiquated antediluvian superannuated out of date outworn prehistoric defunct passé unfashionable old hat mouldy obsolescent moldy behind the times anachronistic moth-eaten old-fangled out of old medieval mossy out of style creaky square backward-looking fusty out of the ark musty clunky not with it out of fashion mediaeval dead old-fogeyish olde worlde of yore crusted feudal aged immemorial horse-and-buggy rinky-dink vieux jeu square-toed extinct frumpish frumpy rusty primeval primordial late worn-out demoded primaeval earlier démodé behindhand previous out-of-style primitive has-been forgotten passe conservative one-time historical long-ago sometime long-gone age-old unhip fossilized superseded corny not current hoary old-hat unstylish remote erstwhile of the old school ex- fossilised venerable dowdy departed onetime quondam old as the hills foregone gone by way back way back when horse and buggy picturesque first odd neolithic Noachian moribund prehistorical kaputt kaput timeworn tired hackneyed stale period nostalgic neglected rococo disapproved Stone Age not modern grown old done of olden days out of it pristine lost back-number retrogressive time-worn expired vanished prior hoar one time past it long-standing at the time primigenial enduring last ageless then as old as the hills very old long gone done to death faded anachronous parachronistic backwards backward back number evocative of yesteryear gentlemanly courteous dateless passé overfamiliar last year's classic disused chivalrous ceremonious courtly gallant craft fogeyish crusty timeless elderly exhausted abandoned cobwebby well-established in period style old world long past long ago long departed decayed old as Methuselah unoriginal once aboriginal relic demode original cast-off crumbling antwacky boring dull dinosaur bent unusable past your sell-by date past its sell-by date completed finished old as Adam redundant latter gone bypast nonextant out of commission out of use unremembered unrecalled tried and true tried and tested long-lived of long ago lasting earliest long-established established ritualistic ritual oldie decrepit belated forepassed gone-by recent in the olden days of an earlier time ex back when in the good old days older ages ago once upon a time of a former period whilom past recall latter-day lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion charming in oblivion sunk in oblivion water over the dam water under the bridge down memory lane gothic colonial Victorian artful cute baroque ingenious Gothic appealing enchanting captivating affected pleasing pretty discontinued senescent had it done for unpopular unprogressive on its last legs discarded tacky tasteless cheesy deprecated fossil fallen into disuse styleless drab trashy inelegant past its prime orthodox dead and gone fogyish long in the tooth button-down over the hill ticky-tack ticky-tacky anachronistical yesterday overused threadbare inflexible broken-down archaistic antediluvial hacky barbaric dry as dust old fashioned having seen better days stuck in time old school no longer fashionable clapped out no longer used withdrawn written off dropped unobtainable at an end no longer in fashion not in waning declining primal decommissioned not fashionable yesterday's atavistic deceased dying out grizzled silver-haired grey-haired white-haired silvery-haired grizzly senior doddering becoming obsolete ageing disappearing getting on longevous doddery geriatric demised on the wane on the way out undesirable on the decline of an advanced age advanced in years worn lot of mileage traditionalistic breathless cold fallen asleep low lifeless aging out-of-fashion no longer in use dusty obscure not long for this world past your prime not as young as one used to be not as young as one was no spring chicken nonexistent familial family deemed obsolete going out of use going out of fashion growing old back delayed preceding elapsed overdue invalid down the drain inanimate exanimate from the past ultraconservative reactionary lineal oral unwritten buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative handed-down ingrained ossified fixed deep-seated hard-and-fast bourgeois conventional straight stick-in-the-mud unadventurous Pooterish traditionalist fuddy-duddy conformist strait-laced diehard stuffy mumsy dreary shabby dingy daggy scruffy badly dressed blowsy homely stodgy poorly dressed badly-dressed baggy plain poky unkempt sloppy


(of a custom or tradition) Respected or valued because it has existed for a long time
time-honoured long-established customary established fixed traditional usual age-old ancestral conventional enduring folk historic lasting long-lived long-standing old-world classic familiar habitual old proven respected ritual ritualistic ancient routine set venerable wonted tried and tested tried and true perennial time-honored inveterate accepted normal common regular standard prevailing accustomed orthodox popular classical typical confirmed general acknowledged recognized prescriptive sanctioned universal recognised ordinary abiding stock expected approved official deep-rooted stable long-term authorized everyday received widespread permanent prescribed widely used rooted well worn authorised steady constant durable persistent firm surviving long-lasting settled agreed traditionary immortal natural endorsed correct stereotyped characteristic frequent immemorial acceptable prevalent going current doctrinal understood passed run-of-the-mill household mainstream ongoing fashionable regulation ceremonial agreed upon undistinguished staid admitted predominant unadventurous taken for granted conformist touted preferred unopposed in vogue arrived at bog-standard plain legit well-known okayed serious highbrow overall majority strong matter-of-course favorite favourite ruling uneventful commonplace public humdrum concert heavyweight heavy symphonic continuing eternal formal dyed-in-the-wool repeated periodical periodic remaining lifelong fast steadfast persisting reliable resilient long-running legal proper bona fide ceremonious legitimate stated lawful valid tried and trusted representative entrenched time-hallowed well-established addicting repetitious practised practiced iterative disciplined mechanical reiterative perfunctory iterated consistent systematic cyclic seasoned methodical automatic wont sop chronic stipulated standard operating procedure same old in the groove playing it safe by the numbers according to Hoyle in a rut ageless ingrained staunch well established timeless old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized true appropriate secure unshakable vested certified allowed supported undying memorable unforgettable deathless ratified affirmed backed validated permitted legalised legalized made official vouched for certain chosen OK'd


Displaying outstanding skill, knowledge, or experience in a given field
veteran adept expert proficient consummate experienced hardened long-serving master old practised ace crack established mature seasoned accomplished battle-scarred compleat complete crackerjack educated good great masterful masterly practiced professed qualified skilful skilled skillful versed virtuoso worldly-wise mean professional disciplined exercised inured long-time practical pro sophisticated steady trained vet weathered well trained well versed wise worldly been around from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday up to speed wise to ways of the old school competent talented adroit able capable dexterous deft dextrous gifted clever knowledgeable brilliant polished efficient excellent handy fine first-rate wizard apt artful tasty stellar workmanlike savvy superb nifty first-class outstanding bravura well-versed habile tested delicate sharp magnificent supreme marvellous impressive genius smart familiar wicked tried superlative marvelous effective ingenious formidable a dab hand at schooled slick au fait top-notch on the ball suitable effectual fit superior demon exceptional deadly elite whiz multiskilled multitalented refined big league out of this world quick certified sure-handed fitted taught well-rounded tutored all-round all-around instructed proper leading splendid versant learned world-class topflight dazzling up to snuff old hand brainy dynamite cool there smooth tuned in time-served wised up a hand at wonderful reliable useful finished serviceable prepared intelligent smashing fab very good working exquisite hotshot magic conversant tip-top suited specialist peerless brill facile knowing the score class best adequate hot A1 with it extraordinarily skilled on the beam very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled exceptionally good highly trained highly qualified sensible advanced quintessential habituated accurate satisfactory very well exemplary ultimate perfect matured toughened fluent impeccably credentialed virtuosic faultless balanced leet preeminent transcendent ready first class drilled phenom hep hip handpicked deluxe choice capital worldly wise been there versed in licensed chartered switched-on acquainted well-informed right on errorless dead-on spot-on thorough sure-fire well sporting exact on-target precise trustworthy stringent certificated equipped well credentialed sussed well up in patriarchal full of years of long standing past your prime methodic methodical systematic clean rounded accustomed sport hardy nimble-fingered know one's stuff very able no slouch sharp as a tack top-drawer no dummy top-hole equal eligible well up champion authorized dynamic ultraefficient up on broken in licenced proved accepted authorised feasible like a pistol having the goods adapted knowing the ropes has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task up to it having the right stuff having know-how up there green thumb able to perform old-timer the right stuff knowing one's stuff in the know sensational fabulous terrific tremendous fantastic employable long-term realizable killer useable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable dominant awesome supremely skilled canny star top topnotch distinguished super experient applied firsthand empirical real objective hands-on active existential actual experiential experimental empiric heuristic non-theoretical pragmatic factual in the field how-to grand neat keen topping cracking divine fantabulous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious heavenly prime lovely glorious sterling peachy swell phat radical dandy groovy corking unsurpassed bully jim-dandy dope sublime boss remarkable quality admirable high-class amazing out-of-sight beaut spiffing bonzer boffo beautiful rad amazeballs primo phenomenal on fleek mega A-OK number one blue-ribbon immense righteous classic prizewinning blue-chip first-string five-star top-shelf top-of-the-line famous frontline par excellence ripping gilt-edged bosting supernal banner matchless noble bang-up gilt-edge bumper numero uno prize delightful select brag gangbusters gangbuster extraordinary peachy keen mind-blowing tiptop gorgeous four-star bonnie bonny notable crucial bodacious A-1 unrivaled incredible hype down brave def gone schmick unrivalled dreamy pre-eminent fabby sound spanking beezer goodly incomparable unparalleled belting far out premium sik chillin' premier marvy spectacular of the first water too good to be true pearler lank kif barrie exo finest estimable eminent breathtaking greatest splendiferous applaudable meritorious striking worthy noted second to none out of sight stupendous unequalled unexcelled nimble of the highest quality stunning unequaled prodigious top-class wondrous sovereign awesomesauce illustrious unmatched bosker of high quality bad of the highest standard optimum tops agile way-out top-tier without equal of the first order beyond compare memorable thrilling attractive commendable standout principal unique choicest first to die for prominent nippy astounding flawless chief noteworthy unreal singular uppermost splendorous creditable rare surpassing inspired unbeatable highest out-of-this-world high-grade top-level top-grade top of the line top of the range super-duper top drawer of the highest order inimitable too much enjoyable astonishing distinctive high desirable priceless invaluable praiseworthy bright exciting astute important powerful laudable mighty coruscating precocious honourable strong respectable predominant main celebrated cunning deserving foremost perceptive apex banging paramount primary resourceful unprecedented hunky-dory better honorable endowed head finely judged untouchable far-out prompt effusive extreme winning excessive solid industry leading number-one world class lead renowned inflated exaggerated worthiest worthy of admiration worthy of commendation zero cool high-quality awe-inspiring optimal a cut above the rest unsurpassable best ever in a class all by itself highest quality best possible very best top-of-the-range ka pai top-quality the dog's bollocks prize-winning above and beyond nonpareil class act of highest order superfine shining at unexampled piked pleasurable bewitching captivating charming enchanting entrancing radiant unforgettable arresting hypnotic impeccable staggering redoubtable tophole imposing invincible indomitable beauteous frabjous scrumptious delectable splendacious pleasant paragon fly model creative nice effortless businesslike sup rior puissant imaginative golden cream artistic specialized moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable stirring sunny all very well well and good shrewd legit outrageous special flagship exclusive like wow cat's meow innovational innovative reputable well-known crafty pretty high-end A-grade award-winning awing enthralling innovatory specialised well executed sly paradisiacal idyllic blissful paradisiac elevated elegant august lofty exalted proud inspiring affecting inventive enterprising original mint fantastical virtuous top-flight baller crash hot nang No. 1 having the know-how cut out for having a knack for the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout number 1 tight worthwhile fleet cute forward clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically dream meritable venerable valuable eventful mind-boggling sufficient improved ideal enhanced five star top quality of the highest type grade A high quality highest-quality top grade best-quality crisp key central influential profound momentous consequential hundred-proof one-in-a-million utopian crown vintage dominating Grade A record-breaking big-time undefeated unbeaten sans pareil miraculous colossal copacetic having good hands A-number-1 mostest have the goods ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know the ropes know the answers better than usual of the best quality better than average cat's pajamas hunky dory intense vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz forcible eye-popping jaw-dropping honest up to the mark reputed palmary nasty decent believeable organic well-thought-of of genius cardinal impassioned batting a thousand salt of the earth not too shabby biggest senior larger higher greater bigger major elder well-done arch- hot tamale most excellent most important

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