Synonym of on us


An imperfection, fault or bad name associated with someone or something
blot brand slur spot stain stigma smirch smudge taint blur deadweight incubus millstone odium oppression task tax bar sinister black eye disgrace dishonour blemish dishonor smear shame discredit scar infamy ignominy disrepute disesteem disfavour obloquy mark flaw reproach humiliation disfavor blame demerit black mark loss of face defect fault imperfection besmirch tarnishing blight suggestion hint corruption blot on the escutcheon bad name repugnance repulsion opprobrium disapprobation distaste animus animosity hostility contempt blotch smut speck streak fleck disapproval aversion revulsion hatred hate reprobation antipathy detestation condemnation dislike execration loathing abhorrence notoriety censure enmity disgust patch splodge dot pop dab splotch stripe blob abomination unpopularity malice resentment dispprobation rebuke fingermark dirty mark smutch ill repute macule soiled spot imputation slight ingloriousness tarnish besmirchment lost face scandal degradation disrespect derision abasement embarrassment indignity ill fame reflection scorn vilification contumely derogation debasement ill-repute disparagement abuse defamation denigration offence slander damage mortification disregard impropriety excoriation ill favour outrage villainy debasing atrocity offense aspersion loss of reputation outrageousness shamefulness vitiation injury immorality affront discourtesy insult ignobility bad reputation cloud disdain depreciation detraction discomfiture low esteem disreputableness mockery loss of honor bad odour ill favor lack of respectability wickedness deprecation ridicule notoriousness enormity harm scornfulness despite evil loss of respect snobbery defiance stubbornness despisal recalcitrance audacity condescension criticism crime comedown prostitution pollution humbling disbarment misgrace sin meanness turpitude culpability venality strife baseness vituperation revilement castigation calumny upbraiding denunciation stick invective attack calumniation reviling lambasting libel verbal sideswipe tongue-lashing bad-mouthing insults flak aspersions stricture mud-slinging objurgation scurrility bad press animadversion character assassination scolding tirade signifying slagging off


Something that is one's duty or responsibility
burden responsibility weight duty liability load obligation charge stress task worry albatross encumbrance mantle cross to bear millstone round one's neck job function commitment assignment role business incumbency mission undertaking office concern imperative devoir work engagement calling occupation care need commission province answerability trouble exercise place trial chore accountability effort hardship post part position affair strain service enterprise venture requirement capacity contract buck pledge trust problem pigeon brief detail tax station ball and chain interest field deadweight difficulty millstone ought demand drain pressure right imposition directive prerogative operation privilege committal custody remit instruction briefing moral obligation obligatoriness constraint boundness importance veneer understanding promise plan system pain culpability must accountableness inconvenience challenge gauntlet bother test headache moral imperative labor labour difficult task progress productivity affliction compulsion errand misfortune call instinct impetus motivation motive cognition endeavour employment drag cumber burthen more trouble than it's worth expensive possession objective goal vocation project quest fun and games long row to hoe piece of work stint piece of business gig process endeavor unwanted responsibility chain punishment dead weight hindrance grievance anxiety blame shackle cross workflow mental weight white elephant thorn in one's side Herculean task excess baggage sphere preserve department lookout activity area of interest bailiwick area of activity baby entanglement involvement thing pursuit action purpose act exploit campaign appointment trade situation scheme profession proceeding deed procedure play expedition use line move berth game drill programme program maneuver adventure manoeuvre performance connection proposition implementation career exploration racket billet setup do aim bag reason day job livelihood craft grip niche lesson slot step practice matter object utility coordination target raison d'être attempt feat caper behavior experiment essay run behaviour deal hazard try course of action stunt employ line of work métier way dodge trip contribution what one is into walk of life application maneuvering journey message basis placement time lifework issue mark manoeuvring spot struggle hassle outfit shift doing avail living striving measure consignment spell odd job area case course escapade plunge period stake flutter walk end crusade fling investment gamble speculation experience romp risk turn idea ground plan game plan art avocation session skill tour of duty pet project nine-to-five intention intent leap in the dark participation workings secondment antic justification round action point beat happenings arrear employment status hire practise taskwork management control influence field of expertise posting opening movement example good benefit advantage expertise competency competence skillset set task dealings deployment accomplishment shot vacancy result outcome flier flyer proceedings event person's task forte throw peril chance stab wager jeopardy crapshoot voyage usefulness worth merit behoof effect value chores industry opportunity job description lay solution designation gain spec legation embassy command return profit path route wish ambition aspiration pretension ideal servitude focus rôle hang chosen work rat race lick grindstone day gig moonlight daily grind line of business hope holy grail desire action item backlog patronage custom business enterprise formal order proposal point killer beast bear conception suggestion wheeze consideration expectation scope sense relevance design principle wont destination to-do biz domain realm routine housework cause ballgame faculty channels development domestic work shopping collection delivery hobby pastime plan of action meaning power jurisdiction training progression thing to be done territory follow through big idea hard time complication transaction line of country specialism speciality evolution growth hard work hard row to hoe hard mountain to climb happening shop homework conundrum question incident dilemma knot perplexity KP terrain demesne fief barony firmament precinct specialty discipline element circle arena fiefdom kingdom front lark turf puzzle quandary nut predicament analysis experimentation research term area of responsibility class classification administration sphere of activity dominion carrying out running working execution performing operating functioning puzzlement thing to do stretch tour matter of contention point of contention bit share hitch tenure piece of research quota watch


Responsibility to prove something

Antonym of on us

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