Synonym of only just


By a small margin
recently barely hardly just scarcely narrowly slightly by a whisker marginally by the narrowest of margins by a nose at a push by a very small margin almost not scantly little by the skin of one's teeth by no means imperceptibly almost only just barely somewhat not quite no way by a narrow margin ill scantily with difficulty nearly only with effort no more than by a hair only with difficulty at most just possibly scarce nominally negligibly close by a hair's breadth by inches by very little by narrow margin at best not more than not until no greater than as little as insignificantly inconsiderably inappreciably only slightly hardly at all to a small degree to a small extent on a small scale faintly rarely none usually no noway not much not infrequently comparatively gradually detectably sparsely sporadically seldom perceptibly simply with effort not measurably pretty near not often not likely not a bit not at all not by much not noticeably once in a blue moon with trouble not notably practically not almost inconceivably not markedly occasionally now and then once in a while uncommonly sometimes irregularly intermittently from time to time every now and then every once in a while periodically on occasion hardly ever at times every so often now and again at intervals off and on scarcely ever on occasions unusually almost never spasmodically every now and again on the odd occasion on and off certainly not unfrequently erratically unoften interruptedly piecemeal fitfully now by fits and starts discontinuously only now and then on rare occasions only occasionally in fits and starts ever and anon once or twice here and there noways never sparingly nothing nowise definitely not surely not not regularly at random time to time on no account under no circumstances semioccasionally whimsically inhabitually a few times not very often in a few cases once and again

Antonym of only just

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