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Having a covert or obscure meaning
obscure enigmatic unclear incomprehensible perplexing puzzling baffling cryptic mysterious equivocal uncertain unfathomable ambiguous arcane concealed Delphic dense impenetrable indeterminate nebulous abstruse confusing deep elliptical hidden inexplicable mystifying unexplained vague difficult foggy hazy indefinite indistinct dark double-edged doubtful dubious elliptic enigmatical fuliginous inscrutable murky mystic oblique occult oracular recondite unintelligible esoteric obfuscated amphibological hard imperceptive nubilous purblind tenebrous beyond comprehension as clear as mud secret bewildering complicated cabalistic profound complex mystical involved fathomless sibylline unaccountable unknowable clouded hermetic abstract uncanny cabbalistic inexplicit hermetical secretive heavy imprecise wildering hard to understand clear as mud intricate veiled over one's head little known ungraspable incognizable questionable covert sphinxlike clandestine strange clear as dishwater indecipherable paradoxical recherché confused unexplainable cloudy inconceivable difficult to understand rarefied inconclusive Greek thick beyond one's grasp shadowy impossible to understand inexact evasive debatable involuted unsettled coded soupy beyond one smoggy undetermined apocryphal knotty open to question ill-defined unimaginable beats me subtle borderline muddy indecisive fuzzy orphic acroamatic unconfirmed shrouded in doubt insoluble indiscernible muzzy muddled magical elusive unresolved involute cloaked undefined convoluted illegible unestablished unknown indistinguishable problematical Delphian undecided unascertained cloak-and-dagger confounding Greek to me unsolvable unexplicit inaccessible challenging labyrinthine above one's head hard to follow up in the air yet to be decided private indirect uncomprehensible inner beyond understanding undiscoverable hypermetric insolvable mysterial ineffable incalculable substantial condensed concentrated cerebral intellectual arguable dubitable in question at issue chancy unsure problematic peculiar odd little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way reticent discreet open to debate open to argument bamboozling surprising furtive unrevealed weird cryptical vacillating meaningless teasing stickling stumping bemusing misleading surreptitious of high density inarticulate incoherent black uninterpretable riddling undisclosed jumbled anagogic periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory suspicious circuitous really hard very hard speculative technical incredible illogical garbled far-out contradictory equivocating duplicitous blurry roundabout sketchy slurred mumbled blear gnomic not easily understood impressionistic non-committal scrambled senseless shifty open disreputable inaudible all Greek to me sphinx-like tricky two-edged mind-boggling sophisticated hard to solve byzantine vexing thorny rambling detailed elaborate fancy advanced gnarly hard to explain entangled fiddly tangled troublesome mind-bending undecipherable thought-provoking full of twists and turns thickset beclouded hazed overcast louring all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand beyond your grasp above your head all Greek to you tortuous Byzantine labyrinthian Gordian baroque daedal Daedalian inexplainable curious unreadable bizarre tough underlying complicate serpentine interlaced unsolved unanswerable queer indescribable undefinable personal stealthy undercover inextricable awkward repressed unapparent winding individual internal cumbersome mazy covered mixed knotted Daedalean hi-tech fanciful supernatural intense ulterior subliminal dry weighty serious metaphysical secreted funny intimate unnatural unresolvable highbrow arduous subjective cagey shrouded in mystery mazelike taxing full of surprises beyond you irresolvable unconcluded refined too deep without a solution unable to be solved indigestible labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthiform labyrinthic labyrinthal unusual astonishing unparalleled extraordinary freakish freak uphill terrible ramified reticular formidable effortful freaky fluky spooky rum unheard-of unwonted uncommon disguised off the wall implied subconscious masked suppressed underhand underground muffled conspiratorial hush-hush camouflaged sneaky muttered halting faltering hesitant backstairs closet hinted at hesitating stuttering stammering stumbling sly sneak privy underhanded sneaking stealth speechless mute voiceless in ambush on the QT unenlightened hugger-mugger behind someone's back behind-the-scenes unseen top-secret surprise backdoor hole-and-corner unexposed unrecognizable invisible shielded unrecognisable hooded screened tongue-tied disjointed unvocal mumbling blurred maundering clumsy poorly spoken ravelled sinuous twisted ornate rococo heterogeneous multifaceted multifarious variegated nuanced raveled high-tech long-drawn-out can of worms maze-like mixed up drawn-out


Lacking in intelligence, or unable to comprehend ideas
stupid dumb dense unintelligent brainless mindless obtuse dull witless vacuous thick slow dopey unsmart simple doltish dim thickheaded fatuous oafish lamebrained boneheaded chuckleheaded birdbrained bonehead senseless lamebrain dunderheaded pinheaded airheaded dopy knuckleheaded lunkheaded gormless softheaded dorky bubbleheaded soft half-witted dim-witted slow-witted brain-dead weak-minded thick-witted empty-headed foolish idiotic moronic imbecilic daft ignorant silly dozy cretinous dull-witted imbecile dippy wooden-headed vapid simple-minded pea-brained muttonheaded asinine bovine crazy naive slow on the uptake dof blockheaded dotish inane dunce-like fat-headed gullible soft in the head pig-ignorant not the full shilling simpleminded chowderheaded blockish feebleminded thick as two short planks as thick as two short planks half-baked stolid sluggish glaikit goofy dead from the neck up thick-skulled tomfool unreasoning thoughtless unwise divvy barmy harebrained wooden deficient dotty scatty featherheaded uncomprehending insensitive feather-brained lumpish daffy braindead unthinking loopy feeble-minded thick-headed sappy illiterate weak uneducated limited clueless dummy scatterbrained clownish unschooled screwy shallow untaught ill-advised imperceptive giddy puerile hebetudinous imprudent crass injudicious cloddish lethargic torpid damfool vacant halfwitted irrational fool dimwitted boorish nitwitted not intelligent short-sighted very stupid slow on uptake mentally deficient mentally handicapped nonliterate immature childish unlearned benighted ill-mannered analphabetic uninstructed crackpot unread unlettered mad comatose heavy slumberish rude untutored dark blind unperceptive unimaginative thick-skinned rattlebrained Boeotian credulous feeble stupefied anencephalic anencephalous numbskulled log-headed loggerheaded clottish inept jerky hebete woodenheaded superficial numskulled impassive fatheaded foolishly stupid addle-brained batty dappy duncelike cockamamy insensate laughable shortsighted dizzy frivolous featherbrained skittish ditzy flighty nonrational surd idiotical boobish fallacious unconsidered invalid unreasoned notional buffoonish ridiculous indiscreet ludicrous unreasonable not with it unresponsive thick as mince pie-faced negligent careless without thought neglectful forgetful know-nothing hare-brained pea-brain out to lunch soppy inattentive unmindful mooning rash unaware spaced-out out daydreaming moony lagging stunted arrested underdeveloped out of it touched pinhead dumbbell underachieving dumdum yo-yo subnormal numbskull dumbo exceptional mentally defective gorked defective backward held back retardo retarded nonsensical absurd nutty wacky preposterous insane lunatic cuckoo ill-considered kooky pointless loony zany whacky balmy reckless looney kookie foolhardy irresponsible screwball cockeyed crackbrained risible illogical incautious oblivious inexperienced impolitic green impractical unwitting uninformed innocent unintellectual unsound unconscious potty insensible unenlightened untrained unknowledgeable heedless fantastic nescient in the dark misguided meaningless uninitiated unconversant improvident cockamamie derisible misinformed infantile uncultured impulsive apprenticed uncultivated unsuspecting inappropriate futile bizarre blind to deranged empty inadvisable crackers mental nuts cracked bonkers farcical hasty unknowing unworkable ill-conceived impracticable insipid brutish wacko lifeless incognizant absent-minded nerdy unearthly indelicate outrageous unscholarly inanimate unacquainted fruitless cock-eyed wet behind the ears purposeless blundering unstudious coarse gross madcap complacent callow idiotish squirrelly bone-headed inert erratic unstable smoothbrained addle-pated trifling worthless phlegmatic placid donkeyish obstinate fanciful fantastical extravagant unrefined somnolent unpractical tearaway unsophisticated derisive derisory comical incompetent idiot unreal as daft as a brush unrealistic unworldly inactive listless inconsistent mentally slow unqualified pathetic unhinged vain wishy-washy flat innocuous slothful chowderhead sheepheaded gratuitous not bright poor wild eccentric feather-headed smooth-brained grotesque weird strange peculiar incongruous odd queer doolally gonzo devoid of intelligence undesirable unfortunate muddle-headed a brick short of a load as green as grass two sandwiches short of a picnic bad risky aberrant ill-informed off your head off your trolley unversed indiscriminate wanton off the air up the pole mechanical brainsick cranky demented crazed loco maniac wud maniacal bedlam meshugge bughouse psychotic slang fruity unbalanced haywire bats gaga moonstruck whacko psycho meshuga certifiable instinctive barbarous barbaric flakey not all there looney tunes bedlamite not quite right flaky loony tunes fried inadvertent non compos mentis unintended precipitate remiss automatic uncalled for spontaneous involuntary reflex unpremeditated intuitive unintentional blank in the ozone off the wall out of one's gourd expressionless inexpressive deadpan unmeant blunt untactful feckless napping unheeding vague dreaming dreamy inscrutable poker-faced absent abstracted glassy numb catatonic stony emotionless uninterested idle incurious motionless indifferent unexpressive


To make or render (more) blur or opaque

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