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oppresses, oppressed, oppressing

Synonym: crush, persecute, suppress,


Present participle for to put down or control by cruelty or force
abusing subjugating suppressing crushing maltreating persecuting subduing enslaving repressing tyrannising tyrannizing wronging hegemonizing ill-treating mastering overcoming overpowering overwhelming exploiting scourging subjecting keeping down treating harshly aggrieving annoying besetting coercing despotizing distressing dominating encumbering forcing grinding down handicapping harassing harrying holding down hounding outraging overloading overthrowing plaguing pressing riding ruling ruling over saddling smothering straining taxing tormenting torturing trampling vexing worrying holding sway over putting down trampling on trampling underfoot tyrannizing over beating down picking on putting upon riding roughshod over walking all over bringing to heel putting screws to weighing heavy upon bringing someone to their knees bringing under the yoke putting the squeeze on ruling with a rod of iron ruling with an iron hand devastating prostrating intimidating flooring whelming overmastering swamping snowing under browbeating terrorizing quelling bullying keeping under thumb terrorising threatening menacing domineering victimizing vanquishing quashing conquering defeating brutalising victimising brutalizing pushing around breaking squashing domineering over enthralling squelching keeping under reducing kicking around vandalizing barbarizing yoking afflicting molesting weakening destroying vandalising disfranchising mistreating disenfranchising hobbling depriving scaring overbearing cowing manhandling getting hooks into treading hectoring frightening misusing licking keeping in subjection keeping in submission mishandling taming dictating treading on humbling pacifying colonizing subordinating pushing about underyoking hammering compelling clobbering triumphing ill-using playing the heavy with messing over ordering about ordering around gaining ascendancy over gaining mastery over gaining control of colonising dictating to lording it over bearing down holding sway reeling back in bringing to knees wiping the floor with ruling despotically having someone under your thumb cracking down on treating brutally extinguishing silencing wrecking ruining obliterating killing strangling icing quelching stamping out blowing away putting a stop to putting an end to snuffing out forcing down bearing down on slapping down clamping down on blotting out


Present participle for cause distress or anxiety to
depressing burdening saddening discouraging afflicting dejecting disheartening dispiriting daunting harassing tormenting weighing down crushing dashing vexing casting down getting down lying making despondent making gloomy troubling bumming out hanging over lying heavy on making desolate preying on weighing heavily on bringing down taking the heart out of distressing worrying bothering plaguing disturbing upsetting perturbing dismaying grieving haunting besetting gnawing at bugging torturing agitating nagging aggrieving harrowing ailing disquieting agonizing discomposing irking fazing concerning fretting straining agonising stressing desolating annoying bedeviling bedevilling trying pestering demoralizing harrying beleaguering paining shaking disconcerting demoralising irritating unsettling dampening getting to racking flustering weighing on hassling rattling perplexing alarming aggravating fussing obsessing making sad burning up causing suffering to making anxious wounding abasing hurting niggling discomforting flurrying making miserable frazzling exercising dampening spirits distempering unhinging putting a damper on making unhappy derailing hagriding bringing tears to your eyes causing anxiety to freaking out weirding out making uneasy preying on your mind giving a hard time anguishing mortifying taking over besieging chagrining enervating wearying possessing breaking taxing pressing down on debilitating displeasing dulling discomfiting tearing appalling hounding taking control of throwing distracting unnerving causing anguish to dragging down making blue pressing exasperating discombobulating breaking one's heart beating down nagging at despairing ruffling teasing needling alaruming putting into a funk making wretched pricking tantalising undoing tantalizing casting a gloom upon turning off chafing persecuting spooking knocking for six giving someone the blues knocking the stuffing out of stirring up knocking sideways niggling at making uncomfortable causing concern to making someone fed up pouring cold water on throwing cold water on causing discomfort to breaking someone's heart eating at driving up the wall dashing hopes wringing shattering flooring weighing downing deploring recurring abashing touching causing disquiet to provoking infesting nettling preoccupying maddening inconveniencing festering psyching out putting off throwing off dashing the hopes of moving incommoding stewing fearing sweating coming back to gnawing wearing rankling casting a gloom on puzzling overcharging grinding stabbing cutting rankling with miffing peeving discountenancing offending cursing staying with sapping interrupting injuring angering confounding causing anxiety hacking you off giving a bad time giving someone grief flipping out making waves sticking it to giving it to dishing it out dishing out causing trouble to dogging pushing strapping indisposing martyring nit-picking subjugating lowering overwhelming subduing suppressing stifling chilling chillin getting at picking on diminishing squelching devitalizing weakening smothering doing a number on throwing off balance ticking off arousing anxiety in pushing buttons making it tough for cutting up draining humbling quelling overcoming deadening extinguishing overpowering curbing defeating causing anguish causing someone distress causing pain beating dragging damping darkening cowing running down reducing to tears knocking the wind out of damping down bearing down on harshing one's mellow casting a pall over scaring keeping under harshing someone's mellow frightening badgering bearing down importuning testing hectoring goading dunning sweating out stinging discommoding riling breaking the heart of galling narking cutting to the quick chastening hacking off disappointing shocking affronting disgruntling hurting somebody's feelings outraging unmanning frustrating horrifying devastating affecting deterring slighting disillusioning disgusting disenchanting searing disobliging undermining shaking up dissing sickening pothering making dejected making downhearted disinclining giving offence to bewildering letting down putting down bringing low hitting hard striking stirring exciting insulting rousing thrilling piercing embittering repulsing excruciating nauseating jarring repelling piquing damaging scarring traumatizing harming keying up turning incapacitating crazing flipping rocking the boat laying up getting on your wick winding up getting across cramping turning on firing up egging on getting someone making a scene taking the wind out of your sails shattering the illusions of dampening the spirits of mourning causing suffering bleeding causing sorrow causing offense lambasting startling making crestfallen disparaging making dispirited humiliating disrespecting slapping crucifying pushing the buttons of surprising getting traumatising taking aback panicking thumbing nose at throwing a pall over terrifying paralysing hurting the feelings of dumping on tearing to pieces doing in affrighting terrorising mystifying nonplussing dumbfounding flummoxing paralyzing embarrassing terrorizing snafuing screwing up lousing up filling with consternation messing up fouling up mucking up softening melting giving a turn throwing into a tizzy putting the wind up arousing sympathy arousing pity tugging at the heart tugging at your heartstrings


Present participle for to cause (someone) pain, suffering or distress
afflicting troubling distressing tormenting bothering worrying plaguing upsetting torturing harassing vexing paining harrowing besetting annoying bedeviling bedevilling racking agonising agonizing persecuting irking irritating burdening hurting grieving pestering harrying wounding cursing excruciating anguishing ailing straining trying stressing besieging exasperating affecting taxing crucifying smiting martyring discommoding blighting pursuing gripping pressing striking taking visiting buffeting buffetting causing suffering to causing trouble to hounding hassling victimizing beleaguering abusing badgering victimising bugging picking on disturbing assailing punishing tyrannizing haunting terrorizing tyrannising mistreating injuring ill-treating giving someone grief terrorising discriminating against devastating wronging dogging ravaging nagging maltreating causing agony to perplexing hunting provoking facing attacking riding confronting raiding giving a hard time preying on bullying killing having it in for harming frustrating aggravating mortifying grinding wringing aggrieving ruining destroying rending stabbing piercing perturbing convulsing inflicting anguish on importuning shaking rocking excoriating buttonholing causing pain to gnawing at nagging at scourging lying heavy on weighing heavily on bending someone's ear molesting executing embarrassing heckling inflicting pain on inflicting suffering on overwhelming hampering entangling aggressing scolding taunting disparaging berating weighing down driving up the wall hectoring reviling reproaching domineering putting the squeeze on giving the business jumping on one's case giving a bad time martyrizing hanging nailing to cross putting to death hanging on a cross nailing to a cross marauding needling falling on falling upon pushing hazing upbraiding overriding starting in on giving the needle using beating immolating demonizing having a down on demonising making things hot for someone getting at pushing around having your knife into punishing unfairly leaning on stacking the deck catching enslaving dominating tyrannizing over setting upon attacking repeatedly pressing hard taking advantage of seizing plundering depredating eating exploiting extorting blackmailing feeding on bleeding intimidating loading preoccupying consuming weighing fleecing living on devouring living off depressing


Present participle for to rule over or control arbitrarily or arrogantly
domineering dominating tyrannising tyrannizing bullying browbeating intimidating hectoring pressurising pressurizing bulldozing ruling subjugating persecuting terrorising terrorizing threatening menacing bossing overbearing railroading prevailing predominating preponderating reigning blustering squeezing swaggering bending henpecking bossing around bossing about strong-arming riding roughshod over pushing around ordering about ordering around leaning on pushing about dictating to giving orders to lording it over trampling on walking all over ruling the roost calling the shots kicking around running the show using strong-arm tactics on keeping under thumb running things putting the screws on being in the saddle ruling with an iron hand leading by the nose pushing the buttons throwing your weight around ruling with a rod of iron bending to your will controlling dictating commanding governing influencing running overruling harassing monopolizing conquering monopolising hassling exercising control over laying down the law putting pressure on having the upper hand over telling someone what to do dragooning giving orders repressing acting the tin god determining regulating pulling rank on steering having power over having control of having command over pressuring putting screws to mangling bringing pressure to bear on bringing pressure to bear putting the bite on putting the squeeze on imposing on directing mastering hegemonizing overpowering leading vanquishing subduing overshadowing eclipsing subordinating swaying subjecting pacifying outshining heading handling presiding over taking over heading up prevailing over having ascendancy over having upper hand sitting on top of ruling the roost in wearing the trousers holding sway over having the upper hand in having mastery over playing first fiddle calling the tune having one's way having the whip hand over ordering tormenting victimizing mistreating maltreating kicking about abusing treading on victimising picking on supervising overseeing superintending pushing spearheading captaining quarterbacking managing taking charge being in charge administrating trying to control


Present participle for to exert influence over or dictate the outcome of
controlling managing directing supervising governing overseeing superintending leading heading administering commanding regulating guiding ruling bossing overlooking administrating stewarding captaining dominating influencing tending domineering quarterbacking dictating disciplining predominating subjugating subjecting hegemonizing affecting micromanaging regimenting besteering bewielding puppeteering presiding over heading up calling the shots running the show calling the tune holding sway over ruling the roost pulling the strings being in the saddle reigning over having authority over running things holding the reins dealing with being in the driving seat calling the signals wearing the trousers having someone eating out of one's hand having someone in one's hip pocket having someone in the palm of one's hand having something in the palm of one's hand holding the purse strings having a hold over holding purse strings pushing buttons ordering suppressing controlling strictly systematizing manipulating organizing methodizing systematising organising bringing into line ruling with a rod of iron keeping a tight rein on running conducting fronting mastering having control of helming having charge of chairing masterminding orchestrating spearheading handling piloting occupying tyrannising marshalling coaching officering tyrannizing maneuvering driving officiating swaying operating marshaling wielding steering manoeuvring taking the chair of wearing the crown holding power wielding the sceptre holding sway sitting on the throne occupying the throne overruling reigning superabounding sitting taking the reins of exercising power leading the way exercising authority over being in charge assuming command of prevailing over holding dominion over having authority exercising control over taking over holding office taking the chair


Present participle for to deter or cause to feel fear, especially by threats of violence
intimidating threatening bullying pressuring scaring terrifying browbeating frightening harassing menacing cowing daunting domineering hounding pressurising pressurizing subduing terrorising terrorizing harrying persecuting tyrannising tyrannizing bulldozing coercing hectoring railroading dragooning forcing obliging unnerving awing aweing buffaloing bullyragging compelling overawing riding ruffling tormenting affrighting badgering blackjacking blustering bogarting constraining enforcing spooking steamrollering appalling bludgeoning plaguing leaning on strong-arming mau-mauing pushing about pushing around picking on scaring off twisting someone's arm using strong-arm tactics on scaring the bejesus out of subjugating bossing about bossing around goading pushing impelling overbearing nagging pestering castigating despotizing riding roughshod over petrifying alarming lording it over twisting one's arm putting heat on frighting scarifying startling alaruming panicking shocking victimizing horrifying putting through the wringer putting the chill on striking terror into striking terror in dismaying upsetting victimising holding a gun to one's head filling with terror inspiring panic in putting the frighteners on making it hot for someone scaring to death frightening out of your wits putting the fear of God into making things hot for someone cajoling making driving assailing wheedling importuning arguing obligating muscling talking sandbagging besieging besetting swaying impressing prevailing on having someone do something pressing putting the screws on coming at putting pressure on insisting on troubling putting the heat on vexing issuing threats to disconcerting rattling fazing discomfiting disheartening embarrassing chivvying worrying psyching out turning on the heat irritating swaggering baiting dominating teasing heckling hassling warning imperiling endangering periling hazarding venturing risking compromising jeoparding imperilling adventuring jeopardizing abusing fulminating forewarning admonishing scowling blackmailing cautioning growling comminating snarling portending chillin bothering jeopardising looming impending gambling with chilling lowering threatening to harm walking heavy flexing muscles threatening to kill making threats to making threats against looking daggers making threat whipping around uttering threats to shaking fist at scaring hell out of


Present participle for to overload or overtax
overburdening burdening encumbering overloading loading overtaxing overwhelming overfilling taxing overcharging exhausting overstraining overstretching saddling straining lading weighting weighing down lumbering tasking weighing testing pushing overworking pressuring wearying freighting stressing charging troubling cumbering surfeiting overtasking embarrassing retarding obstructing trammelling trammeling stretching trying draining surcharging landing sapping enervating weakening overexerting piling hampering tiring emptying fatiguing making demands on wearing out putting too much in challenging overusing inflicting imposing imposing upon imposing on making heavy demands on putting pressure on preying on weighing heavily on pushing too far putting a strain on pressing hard on pushing to the limit entrusting saddling with handicapping crushing snowing dumping on snowing under bearing down on adding weight to worrying thrusting topping investing dumping leaving ballasting piling it on endowing making heavier thrusting something on unloading on inflicting something on yoking dumping with exerting hindering impeding fobbing something off on to extending making heavy overextending overreaching driving racking pressing wrenching knackering distending tensing giving responsibility for tightening exerting excessively driving too far working oneself into the ground overdoing it running yourself into the ground making too many demands on working too hard exerting to the limit knocking oneself out pressing down bearing down pulling down weighing upon loading down holding down


Present participle for to oppressively cause someone or something to do too much work


Extremely serious or urgent
dire terrible alarming appalling awful dreadful horrible disastrous frightful grim catastrophic desperate ruinous shocking calamitous cataclysmic critical crucial crying fearful pressing woeful atrocious cruel distressing extreme grievous unspeakable urgent direful dismal drastic gloomy grave harrowing outrageous serious crippling devastating dread fearsome forbidding formidable frightening ghastly godawful hair-raising hopeless horrendous horrid horrifying intimidating irretrievable miserable ominous redoubtable scary spine-chilling terrifying wretched abysmal bodeful chronic exigent lousy parlous portentous afflictive deplorable fierce heartbreaking lamentable regrettable scowling terrific ugly unfortunate monstrous hideous bad tragic gruesome horrific upsetting disturbing grisly abominable destructive macabre dangerous unpleasant fatal loathsome revolting harmful worrying disgusting repulsive unnerving severe daunting unfavourable repugnant unlucky sinister odious unfavorable sad menacing offensive adverse baleful nightmarish sickening repellent lurid abhorrent evil injurious painful fateful bleak deadly detrimental unpropitious cataclysmal chilling disagreeable nasty disquieting heinous execrable vile creepy threatening perilous lethal depressing baneful detestable petrifying heartrending distressful hellacious damaging beastly hurtful gross deleterious dismaying dark unhappy noxious spooky pitiful poor troublesome bitter sombre disheartening somber disadvantageous undesirable eerie pernicious distasteful obnoxious shameful damning agonizing foul hard harsh hairy hostile traumatic inauspicious bloodcurdling hazardous agonising unwelcome grewsome difficult tough untoward brutal egregious rotten perturbing solemn nauseating ill-fated excruciating sorry startling crushing nightmare black pathetic disconcerting wicked heart-rending from hell discouraging desolate scaring tragical inhuman irksome vexatious precarious displeasing objectionable foreboding annihilative cheerless sorrowful insufferable grody devastative unsettling intolerable annihilatory gut-wrenching savage mortal morbid trying inopportune tremendous hateful inimical unutterable discomforting unhealthy unpalatable doleful heavy nauseous toxic taxing unfriendly wounding maleficent morose acute ill-starred noisome galling yucky prejudicial negative shattering troubling onerous dreary melancholy sober stinking disappointing mournful unwholesome malignant mean very bad hapless suicidal cancerous nocuous forlorn indescribable sick joyless malicious eradicative disgustful loathly comfortless exacting malefic glum violent icky grotesque repellant ill dicey sick-making spine-tingling inexcusable intense reprehensible pitiable spartan awesome subversive murderous austere awkward prejudicious discomposing unearthly concerning disgraceful oppressive rough drab worrisome abject apocalyptic poignant ghostly awe-inspiring corrupting overwhelming counterproductive untimely poisonous uncomfortable diabolical drear piteous corroding uninviting venomous extirpative depressive incendiary undermining obscene mortifying sullen inhospitable grotty gut-churning off-putting life-threatening blood-curdling tormenting unpleasing bothersome God-awful risky gory virulent dodgy unforgivable shuddersome catastrophal ghoulish mischievous ravaging nocent corrosive ferocious costly saddening straitened unbearable rigorous humourless humorless luckless moving unsightly arduous sedate melancholic wrackful funereal scandalous unpromising vulgar vexing punishing sore unsavory godforsaken mean-looking despicable torturous unsafe infelicitous weird nerve-racking unsavoury ill-boding rancid fulsome annoying afflicting uncongenial sobering problematic tricky unkind weighty environmentally unfriendly demoralizing bloody sticky tight profound dreaded vicious great thorny prickly delicate ignominious rugged astounding ill-advised inexpedient demoralising dispiriting challenging knotty rueful unacceptable intensive unsuccessful impressive blameworthy perplexing inexpressible problematical ticklish chancy iffy dispirited burdensome hardhanded glaring unpardonable anguished powerful brooding sordid imposing mirthless doomed contemptible malign consequential cold unrelenting searing stiff unendurable dubious questionable suspect peracute rubbish too bad inconvenient desolating harassing agitating troublous yukky sour terrorizing lugubrious dingy stressful pestilential lethiferous pestiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous messy gnarly eldritch sepulchral unlovely affecting malevolent excessive terrorising heart-wrenching scurvy irritating hellish tear-jerking jinxed festy yucko gray grey bewildering afflicted shadowy out of luck causing fear strenuous troubled heart-breaking ill-omened unamusing death-dealing bloodthirsty feared bone-chilling unadvantageous eery unstable enormous untold unpopular undesired Kafkaesque undescribable blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder terribly bad irredeemable squalid loss-making apocalyptical fire-and-brimstone climactic climacteric blighting earth-shattering explosive exquisite indefensible blistering keen almighty heavy-duty vehement deep furious wrong strange sublime unwelcoming sanguine crummy sacrificial thrilling nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal regretful inferior discommoding plaintive evil-looking unsatisfactory fraught overpowering nefarious iniquitous flagrant punk tenebrous inordinate tortuous scabrous stern inexorable stringent annihilating stupefying mighty strong impoverished indigent scungy unappealing uncool frozen exciting breathtaking erosive cutthroat consumptive heartstopping unsuited pitiless murky hellfire dour unforgiving sinful insalubrious aggressive unapproachable pressuring browbeating bullying flagitious testing staggering stunning astonishing amazing significant considerable fell callous lou corruptive shady spookish stirring despondent dejected striking afraid massive earnest glowering surprising all-powerful touching exceptionable shameless like death warmed up death-obsessed insidious imperilling imperiling villainous mephitical irritable aggravating revulsive frustrating distressed major predictive prophetic revealing oracular a pity gnawing blood-stained nagging biting resolute doughty indomitable invincible commanding nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking suggestive of evil insupportable unbelievable inconceivable inapt unsuitable inappropriate unseasonable far-reaching star-crossed discommodious deathly unsought hair-curling cliff-hanging extraordinary suspenseful unwanted pulse-pounding unimaginable grinding big toilsome very great abortive valiant controversial sensitive ill-suited sinistrous forsaken cursed destitute unprosperous hard-pressed tortured doubtful treacherous jeopardous rocky full of hardship strained ineffable shivery shuddery vomitous tasteless putrid unlikable sleazy filthy causing excitement raunchy grungy surfeiting bogging sleazeball unappetizing squicky rebarbative cloying skanky scuzzy brave imminent courageous disconsolate beyond words preternatural undefinable snakebitten snakebit blighted yecchy in a bad way blue cringe-making beyond the pale vomit-inducing stomach-churning stomach-turning very unpleasant indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil dejecting dolorous dolesome accident-prone ruthless relentless merciless depressed tough luck down on luck behind eight ball bad break hard luck too horrible for words remorseless intemperate inclement provoking dirty pensive lachrymose derisible plangent withering hard-hearted meagre hurting meager god-awful immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting wasteful draining exhausting

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