Synonym of oratorical

Alternative for oratorical

‚ɑrə'tɑrɪkl ,‚ɔ- /‚ɒr-


characteristic of an orator or oratory


Relating to the art or practice of public speaking
grandiloquent rhetorical bombastic high-flown high-sounding orotund magniloquent declamatory fustian lofty pompous Ciceronian eloquent grandiose linguistic overblown overripe pretentious sonorous turgid verbal aureate epideictic euphuistic extravagant flatulent florid flowery gaseous gassy highfalutin rhetoric stylistic verbose windy Demosthenean Demosthenic silver-tongued dramatic elaborate elocutionary expressive fervid forceful gesticulative gesturing histrionic impassioned important imposing inflated intoning long-winded loud noble noisy ostentatious persuasive senatorial stagy stentorian theatrical tumid vivid ornate purple overwrought overdone magnific affected Ossianic wordy flamboyant pleonastic convoluted strained laboured articulate hyperbolic showy hifalutin hyperventilated stilted labored over-elaborate big complicated arty-farty mouthy effusive formal swollen fancy pedantic baroque fulsome erudite scholarly prolix ornamented bombast periphrastic exaggerated rotund exalted fluent haughty fussy boastful ranting la-di-da ponderous puffed braggart bragging self-important Falstaffian embellished sesquipedalian tumescent figurative grand-sounding portentous rococo redundant glib ornamental big-talking windbag puffed-up self-righteous majestic impressive mannered actorly tedious bold over-the-top curlicued tiresome boasting wedding-cake busy gingerbread overinflated discursive high oratorial high-falutin elevated heroic solemn very elaborate elegant sententious Miltonian epic Homeric stodgy high-minded snobbish booming melodramatic arresting decorative garnished rich luscious pontifical blathering blustering flashy shallow superficial breezy diffuse euphemistic stuffy tall lexiphanic overwritten euphistic tall-talking arty overelaborate high-wrought linguistical lexical vocabular rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash effervescent fizzy contrived carbonated vocal grand sparkling bubbly voluble loquacious stuffed shirt highly decorated palaverous repetitious full of hot air serious arrogant grave tautological complex involved detailed decorated excessive flattering well-spoken smooth-talking rhapsodical overestimated reiterating padded garrulous rambling circumlocutory circuitous lengthy gabby logorrheic talkative tortuous chatty protracted long talky ambagious vaunting egotistic long-drawn-out meandering expansive monumental vast prolonged overlong babbling prating gushing prattling indirect large wandering jabbering digressive big-mouthed wittering multiloquent multiloquous gobby logorrhoeic yacking with the gift of the gab learned superfluous roundabout swaggering iterative fine prim ambitious boring wearisome maundering sublime interminable circumlocutionary waffly overambitious full of verbiage OTT over the top empty yakking crass flaunted jaunty vain brazen garish gossiping chattering tautologous repeating repetitive gossipy conversational chattery full of air having kissed the Blarney stone communicative forthcoming motormouthed blabby magnificent tonguey able to talk the hind legs off a donkey flap jaw loose-tongued blabbermouth having kissed the Blarney Stone loose-lipped motormouth yakkity running on at the mouth prosy wind-bag yakky splendid stately glorious resplendent awe-inspiring superb lavish striking palatial august opulent plush imperial heroical classy massive royal gallant proud baronial regal luxurious flash swanky unfathomable cosmic impenetrable splashy overwhelming high-falutin' high-flying lordly


Characteristic of oratory


Having influence or power
important influential eminent powerful prominent extraordinary great outstanding worthy celebrated commanding controlling dominant eventful formidable head highest highly regarded notorious predominant pre-eminent premier prestigious prevailing prime prized renowned respected supreme top-level valued well-connected all-important alpha aristocratic authoritative big chief cogent deciding dignified distinctive distinguished elevated eloquent esteemed exalted fabled famed famous first-class foremost four-star glorious grand high-level high-powered high profile high-ranking high-up historical honorable honoured honored honourable illustrious imposing incomparable integral leading magnific magnificent majestic marvellous marvelous memorable mighty noble notable noted of influence of note phenomenal potent preeminent puissant recognised recognized reputable rich royal seminal senior signal successful superior top-ranking towering trusted upper upper-class VIP well-known good iconic resonant noteworthy acclaimed top venerable august significant star well known major revered admired well thought of of high standing big-time redoubtable lofty conspicuous major-league big-name of repute high lionized name consequential high-profile estimable lionised big-league legendary astral remarkable popular impressive exceptional bright principal paramount peerless major league main reputed respectable highly rated luminous considerable first visible storied excellent big league of distinction highest-ranking primary top-drawer key brilliant topmost finest central top-notch well-regarded stately momentous serious lauded monumental pivotal acknowledged vaunted venerated world-class heroic heavy-duty greatest heavy applauded feted infamous matchless unequalled unsurpassed well received strong much touted fundamental in the public eye much vaunted highly esteemed highly thought of high-minded public splendid essential unequaled capital unforgettable established superstar celeb historic professional proud surpassing far-reaching unrivalled big-shot sublime resplendent widely known transcendent of mark number one much-publicized inflated talked about intellectual front-page elite ruling regal immodest exaggerated excessive competent critical crucial core unrivaled efficient arresting lordly striking effectual regnant marked fine special arch- material portly staid vital celebrious redoubted supereminent big-gun arch solemn lead superb high-status salient appreciated sovereign laureate immortal epic extolled well-thought-of large pompous shining uplifting much-admired wonderful far-famed big name having made a name for oneself highly praised much publicized up there skookum worth mentioning stellar praised number ideal cardinal requisite intrinsic of considerable importance decorated ranking focal worthiest prizewinning executive beloved reliable indelible vivid catchy haunting prodigious indispensable necessary needed presiding high-grade magnanimous familiar eye-catching fearless tenacious high-end glamorous substantial self-important overblown superlative triumphal idealistic learned not to be ignored higher widely knowbn numero uno earnest high-priority weighty known best pronounced common in spotlight in limelight singular energetic dynamic heavyweight instrumental kingly everyday of consequence something else of importance grandiloquent landmark fateful gratifying noticeable arrestive underlined especial big-wheel responsible high-power grave upmarket conferring prestige expensive big time crack apical peak crowning tiptop maximal first-rate culminating five-star outside imperial hallowed valorous overbearing unparalleled gifted prior primal unexcelled first rate of the first rank nonpareil to be reckoned with top-tier dominating hot-dog high up high-flying in the limelight on the map decision-making trendsetting winning governing not to be forgotten never to be forgotten of great consequence meaningful groundbreaking triumphant fulfilling higher up awe-inspiring heroical massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out unmatched inimitable consummate out of this world talked of strictly business playing hard ball well paid marquee highfalutin' satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing higher-level a hard nut to crack effective cheering pleasurable higher-ranking formal greater reigning imperious demonstrative assertive domineering ceremonial ceremonious leonine lionlike page-oner courtly capable decisive able efficacious emphatic official hard better upward above uppermost overhead fearsome invincible portentous reverential conventional high-octane starchy in control mythical fabulous mythic mythological fairy-tale fictitious unreal folkloric imaginary apocryphal traditional fictional fantastic hypothetical imagined proverbial allegorical parabolic symbolic fanciful storybook made up enchanted magic make-believe magical decent of good repute upright sacred admirable trustworthy virtuous cherished reverend well respected proper with a good reputation principled honest decorous creditable sound dependable sedate meritorious genteel above board faithful of good standing truthful legit righteous refined golden gracious self-respecting high-quality well-beloved loved widely-known holy award-winning time-honored valuable well-liked deserving palmary praisable meritable sterling meretorious appreciable reserved liked reverenced highbrow composed master worshipped great-hearted couth sombre magisterial distingué somber nifty patrician premium sage cultivated moral beneficent valiant just so apex exemplary wise legitimate posh biggest largest matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped independent self-sufficient scrupulous accomplished recognizable highborn overmastering highbred gentle huge sovran overriding wellborn irreproachable conscientious anti-corruption number-one favored just straightforward constant sincere fair high-principled copper-bottomed widely praised well born silk-stocking blue-blooded upper-crust high-born favoured tried and trusted recognisable clean-living seemly correct polite befitting nice presentable neat tidy smart spruce accepted appropriate comely conforming suitable ordinary well bred moderate becoming mediocre de rigueur modest done of good report in high favor comme il faut salt of the earth valid authentic accurate factual true attested certified scholarly definitive verifiable veritable authenticated solid proven straight from horse's mouth documented supported convincing from the horse's mouth confirmed precise circumstantiated validated well founded verified more important more elevated most important

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