Synonym of outstretched

Alternative for outstretched


fully extended especially in length


To an overwhelming, or broad extent
wide overwhelming broad sweeping widespread immense universal full latitudinous overarching outspread comprehensive all-encompassing far-reaching vast expansive extensive spacious ample large huge sizeable sizable roomy voluminous expanded great big rolling capacious generous rambling boundless commodious comfortable immeasurable thick fat beamy spread out far reaching wide physically substantial considerable hefty global wholesale humongous prodigious enormous massive colossal tremendous gigantic wide-ranging significant unlimited abundant exhaustive mammoth mega good whopping monster epic copious wide-reaching measureless bulky walloping excessive jumbo hulking detailed plenteous bumper handsome major exorbitant unwieldy whacking large-scale Brobdingnagian Himalayan elephantine mighty monstrous monumental grand astronomical incalculable mountainous gargantuan ginormous eternal stupendous giant infinite endless humungous limitless super astronomic herculean gross cosmic weighty inordinate illimitable heavy terrific titanic grandiose almighty oceanic gigantesque interminable awesome towering leviathan extreme formidable heroic cosmical imposing populous thumping pharaonic prolific cyclopean planetary heroical overgrown mundo vasty galactic Gargantuan oversized unbounded profuse overflowing numerous teeming superabundant opulent plentiful deep lavish bountiful sufficient galore substantive Herculean supersize booming immoderate extravagant tidy thumping great very big whacking great king-size whopping great never-ending supersized very great very large king-sized outsize cumbersome high far-flung spread-out stretched-out super-duper whale of a all-inclusive king size generously proportioned mass nationwide leading thundering stuffed heavy-duty intercontinental mondo strapping heavyweight packed healthy husky awash bull oversize ponderous across-the-board worldwide international whopper important chock-full brimming burly crowded super colossal a whale of a


Stretched upwards

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