Synonym of over elaborate


Excessively elaborate


Highly ornate and extravagant in style
baroque showy elaborate ostentatious ornate decorated fancy rococo flamboyant florid ornamented extravagant fussy embellished busy elegant decorative rich flowery gingerbread ornamental exaggerated overdecorated lavish bedecked bizarre curlicued grotesque gilt wedding-cake over-elaborate very elaborate overwrought bedizened gingerbreaded gingerbready overdone high-flown overblown overripe grandiloquent aureate euphuistic high-wrought over-embellished over-ornate overworked strained laboured overembellished labored cluttered convoluted magniloquent bombastic oratorical rhetorical orotund high-sounding inflated pleonastic purple turgid tumid highfalutin fustian arty hyperventilated Ossianic frilly chintzy precious highly decorated contrived beautiful detailed complex complicated adorned flashy flash resplendent jewelled superficial metaphorical opulent tawdry gilded luscious glossy bright jeweled flaunting magnificent glamorous sparkling splashy gaudy wordy verbose embroidered fine sumptuous dazzling meretricious colored brilliant glitzy coloured variegated excessively ornate overornate fancily decorated highly wrought luxurious posh sophisticated plush classy swanky exquisite high-class intricate hifalutin magnific rhetoric figurative deluxe garnished sonorous stylish overstated swish refined pretentious grandiose cultivated artistic snazzy handsome fancy-pants beautifying select dignified aristocratic superior ritzy grand chic stately choice delicate skillful skilful redundant prolix diffuse declamatory windy euphemistic swollen impressive garish with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles gee-whizz crowded palatial gorgeous luxury over-detailed splendid glittering costly untidy mixed-up excessive messy muddled disarranged staged disorderly graceful tasteful fashionable attractive excessively ornamental elitist snobby swank snotty high-hat upmarket lavishly appointed persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish plushy lush potty expensive discerning polished pretty spiffy quality towering extreme devilish classic modish embellishing prime fanciful jazzy special urbane courtly smart distinguished palatian Lucullan stuffy froufrou fancible unusual cushy custom chichi cosmetic adorning enhancing cultured lovely dashing aesthetic charming majestic nice suave noble decorous nonfunctional non-functional high-quality dainty rare comely genteel affected debonair over the top furbishing a la mode august dressy patterned well-designed festooned garnishing accessory setting off heightening decorating well-bred schmick well-dressed recherche decking esthetic stylized for show OTT


Stated, displayed, or presented too grandly or prominently
overstated exaggerated excessive inflated overblown extravagant overdone overemphasised overemphasized flamboyant showy flashy garish gaudy loud blown up larger-than-life attention-grabbing over-the-top puffed up undue inordinate disproportionate immoderate fulsome overripe too much overworked needless over-enthusiastic unfair over-effusive over-elaborate unnecessary gushing effusive laboured unreasonable actorly theatrical forced melodramatic sensationalistic stagy preposterous hyped affected OTT O.T.T. camp beyond the pale elaborate labored highly coloured over the top a bit much hyped up beyond all bounds laid on with a trowel dramatic histrionic hammy artificial mannered actressy stagey ham ostentatious hyperbolized stilted overweening pretentious overacted unreal bloated theatric overplayed overdrawn unnatural outsize outsized unrestrained hyperbolic magnified overwrought overestimated overdramatized pompous campy schmaltzy sensational staged operatic spectacular comic superfluous farcical animated expressive overacting thespian splashy catchy blown-up hyperventilated intemperate steep profuse extreme amplified aggrandized tall puffed-up overemotional overdramatic exalted sensationalist embellished unrealistic embroidered fabulous overkill impossible stylized fantastic farfetched over-sensational sensationalized sentimental too-too highly colored a bit thick out of proportion hokey cloak-and-dagger sensationalised cliff-hanging blood-and-thunder barnstorming demonstrative lavish confident arresting impressive gushy ceremonious acting up prodigal expansive wholehearted unreserved generous superficial legitimate acting tragic emotional dramaturgic vaudeville show amateur meretricious posturing unlimited Daliesque wild exuberant far out camped up


To describe or express in too exaggerated terms
embroider elaborate embellish exaggerate colour catastrophize color hyperbolize magnify pad stretch gild varnish aggrandize amplify blow-up distend dramatise dramatize elaborate on enhance enlarge enlarge on expand falsify flesh out fudge heighten inflate lie overdo overembellish overemphasise overemphasize overestimate overstate puff romanticise romanticize touch up yeast add detail to add flesh to ginger up jazz up blow up build up dress up exaggerate information go into detail about play up make federal case spread on thick stretch the truth make mountain out of molehill overdraw distort overplay lay it on thick misrepresent misreport expand on augment fabricate bend blow up out of all proportion lay it on with a trowel develop make a mountain out of a molehill pervert emphasize boost garble exalt misstate overstress extend misinterpret pile it on cook manipulate emphasise misrelate add to misquote fill out disguise fake put a spin on make a big thing out of reinforce warp brag boast corrupt lay it on with a shovel hike massage make too much of something belie broaden make a big thing of blow something out of all proportion build on twist pyramid slant strain put on cook up blow out of proportion oversell make a production out of over-elaborate overpitch lay it on add colour supplement doctor expatiate on draw the longbow shoot a line caricature intensify overvalue refine spin alter change perfect improve make a drama out of a crisis polish make a big deal out of something go to extremes tamper with overrate overcharge put flesh on the bones of adulterate make a federal case of fix fiddle lay on ham up pile on quote out of context promote equivocate palter prevaricate con take out of context give a false account of draw the long bow make a production of phony up trump up ham it up make a song and dance about make a fuss stretch a point interlard blow up out of proportion juggle expatiate patch interfere with tinker with emphasize too much detail fiddle with over-embroider over-embellish over-colour aggravate put flesh on expand upon increase give details improve on puff up overwrite make a mountain out of make mountain of molehill swell pump up sensationalize explain escalate parody dilate maximize cram surcharge maximise widen fill bloat balloon spread conceal travesty poison airbrush play-act beef up drive up swell up go up cheese blarney blow smoke give a false idea of miscolor cloak pass off bias cover up beard mask mangle skew pirate confuse angle dress snow execute playact melodramatize stage enact act farcialize show perform splash burlesque produce tragedize present sensationalise round out dilate on dilate upon enlarge upon grace coat forge give color to play to the gallery play to gallery make a performance of play on heartstrings adorn deck brighten enrich sugar-coat window-dress camouflage overdo it embellish the truth over-praise soft-soap pay extravagant compliments overstate the case sweet-talk give fulsome praise lay on with a trowel counterfeit overdramatize overuse gloss over garnish beautify ornament bedeck go overboard with belabour carry do to death invent overload overreach camp up overwork overburden overtax overindulge hype fatigue belabor overtire pressure up debase overexaggerate scam romance paint begild aureate engild overlay wash tinsel whitewash plate aurify glitter vitiate talk big strain yourself pull the longbow go overboard drive oneself make a thing about make a thing of run riot wear down contravene salt four-flush deceive contort rig traverse gloss deacon fib go too far wear yourself out bite off too much run into the ground make a big thing about put on an act fake it frame up pile it on about pretty up loud talk lay it on thick about big up lay it on with a trowel about accentuate overact stress point up chew the scenery tear a cat ham mug accent attach too much importance to strengthen deepen overpraise labor labour highlight underline redouble consolidate step up dwell on harp on amp up emote attach too much weight to raise compound multiply impress exacerbate worsen inflame make worse jack up hike up rouse rise intensate expound on go on about lay too much emphasis on harp on about place too much emphasis on go on drive home labor at show off get carried away chew up the scenery theatricalize magnify importance make larger allow too much for overcalculate express emotion lay too much stress on give someone a sob story make something out of nothing concentrate acclaim go over the top about go on and on about sharpen applaud praise mount sweeten quicken gain strength pick up advance overplay it heat up lighten pour it on set off spike darken add fuel whet point tone up heap on run up jump up fan the flames of camp it up make much of glorify overprize foreground underscore spotlight feature punctuate press illuminate exceed overreckon overassess rate too highly assess too highly think overesteem italicize accelerate supersize exaggerate the worth of stoke italicise focus attention on give prominence to call attention to draw attention to turn spotlight on bring to the fore lay emphasis on put emphasis on bring attention to think too highly of expect too much of praise too highly think too much of exaggerate the merits of prize too highly lengthen add turn up make louder soup up

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