Synonym of over the fence


Of a punch, landing illegally, below the opponent's waist
below the belt unacceptable uncalled for unfair unjustifiable unjustified unreasonable unsatisfactory immoral inequitable off treacherous unethical unnecessary unprincipled unwarranted dirty dishonest dishonorable dishonourable low-down not on out of turn sneaky two-faced underhand underhanded unjust unscrupulous unsporting a bit much cowardly foul not cricket unsportsmanlike a bit thick out of order improper irregular not done inappropriate wrong incorrect beyond the pale excessive unsuitable unprofessional grey illegitimate shady unofficial against the rules gray back-door out-of-order contrary to the rules illegal nasty crooked fraudulent base corrupt mean despicable vile contemptible nefarious sordid detestable low ignominious execrable shameful disreputable ignoble illicit abject wretched unlawful rotten off-color currish shabby scurvy cheating low-minded snide paltry evil wicked sinful iniquitous vicious bad wrongful ungodly monstrous sacrilegious unholy profane abominable blasphemous hateful irreligious impious heinous unrighteous impure erring fallen villainous odious reprehensible horrible murderous dark offensive black diabolic godless diabolical fiendish atrocious barbarous notorious depraved disgraceful dissolute reprobate degenerate infamous perverted criminal shocking outrageous uncharitable unbecoming sullied undignified tainted lawless roguish bent egregious scandalous beastly scoundrelly stinking abhorrent rascally malfeasant warped peccable flagitious cruel dastardly unworthy obscene morally wrong degraded inelegant black-hearted menial servile lamentable caitiff disgusting deceitful crafty cheap squalid double-dealing beggarly ungentlemanly cunning devious sly wily deplorable lousy ratty shifty slick deceiving guileful shrewd ill-gotten unpleasant scheming grubby conniving scabby designing scummy Machiavellian scungy sneaking deceptive unsportsmanly sorry knavish calculating sleazy Janus-faced worthless lame


Outside the bounds of acceptable behaviour
beyond the pale disgraceful improper indiscreet irregular unseemly unsuitable deplorable distasteful insupportable intolerable not on objectionable offensive outrageous scandalous shocking unacceptable unreasonable exceptionable excessive indefensible inexcusable over-the-top too much unjustifiable a bit much not the done thing out of line out of order not quite the thing amateurish wanting below par bad won't do displeasing awful condemnable faulty low-quality not up to scratch imperfect poor horrible dreadful unsatisfactory execrable lousy inadequate scurrilous miserable trashy poor quality insufferable abysmal horrid low-grade God-awful impermissible pathetic disastrous stinking horrendous rotten cruddy substandard inacceptable not up to par half-baked laughable crude out pitiable low damnable second rate meager dire cheapo unappealing vile crummy dodgy tenth-rate deficient dissatisfactory bush-league abominable not cricket disagreeable obnoxious off below standard wrong questionable uninviting odious wack second-rate woeful abject wretched inadmissible less-than-stellar unimpressive defective inappropriate dubious two-bit terrible nasty of poor quality gross irremediable repugnant dismal grotty insufficient garbage from hunger rubbishy not up to standard undesirable crumby punk loathsome suboptimal subpar bush of low quality lamentable below average diabolical meagre third-rate poor-quality contemptible appalling shoddy sorry reject sad not up to snuff disappointing reprehensible inferior stinky second-class paltry mediocre worthless not quite the done thing pitiful hopeless atrocious tatty under par lame unwelcome unfit unwanted abhorrent ill-favoured despicable disgusting obscene ill-favored repellent repulsive sickening revolting noxious nauseating nauseous foul opprobrious frightful monstrous shameful irrelevant wicked loathly detestable unpleasant unpalatable censurable immaterial unallowable criminal sinful iniquitous rancid repellant fulsome infamous ugly hideous evil noisome horrifying rebarbative irritating unsavoury indecorous hateful disgustful dislikable invalid unspeakable egregious unforgivable unpardonable disreputable rude annoying invidious ghastly desperate immoral untrue red hot highly improper ignominious maligning indecent vilifying gossiping backbiting crying traducing detracting detractive heinous prohibited forbidden unqualified precluded disallowed inapposite inapplicable beastly unsavory poison inexpedient bogging excluded inapt unbecoming inept impertinent unadmittable not allowable barred ill-timed incompetent censored malapropos not acceptable banned unadmissible unsuited off-putting not appropriate not germane sick-making beside the point

Antonym of over the fence

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