Synonym of overcoming

Alternative for overcoming

overcomes, overcame, overcoming

Synonym: conquer, defeat, drive off, frustrate, overpower, surmount, upset,

Antonym: submit,


Being victorious, typically as revenge for a previous defeat
getting beating defeating besting winning against prevailing over surmounting triumphing over dispatching licking taking conquering getting around mastering overbearing overmatching skunking stopping subduing trimming upending vanquishing quelling curbing subjugating quashing getting the better of controlling taming bridling solving repressing getting over getting control of getting a grip on gaining mastery over bringing under control getting under control dealing with overwhelming overpowering routing trouncing crushing tanking clobbering overthrowing thrashing destroying undoing drubbing excelling outstripping outdoing stuffing surpassing outclassing worsting hammering demolishing suppressing downing crucifying pasting weathering whipping surviving slaughtering devastating flooring prevailing rendering helpless stunning oppressing bringing someone to their knees rendering shellacking rising above winning over coming out on top outliving coming out on top of running rings around throwing gaining a victory over knocking over taking to the cleaners rendering incapable knocking out walking all over hurdling making mincemeat of owning wiping the floor with shocking walking over grinding down rendering powerless blowing out of the water winning doing down reducing checking stifling moderating mitigating restraining easing soothing pacifying allaying diminishing lessening smothering squelching squashing assuaging calming mollifying relieving putting an end to tempering softening alleviating putting down extinguishing abating killing dampening silencing deadening annihilating dominating weakening stilling dulling creaming palliating cracking down on lulling inhibiting cooling quieting settling decreasing toning down tranquilizing relaxing stamping out lightening composing appeasing containing quietening taking the edge off constraining holding back murdering frustrating clamping down on putting a stop to snuffing out placating thwarting ending wiping out breaking slapping down subjecting lowering reining in regulating keeping in check nipping in the bud quenching putting the kibosh on blowing out flattening attenuating blunting governing smashing depressing restricting putting the lid on terminating cushioning damping massacring ruling humbling subordinating overrunning calming down damping down keeping a tight rein on shutting down pounding limiting walloping wallopping pulverizing finishing bettering marmalizing totaling totalling halting soft-pedalling soft-pedaling getting rid of beating down giving someone a drubbing pulverising bearing down preventing hindering demoralizing topping abolishing muffling whomping hegemonizing gentling sinking curtailing upsetting outplaying arresting beating hollow waxing trashing sweetening slamming putting paid to triumphing trampling skinning dispiriting holding in keeping under control easing off keeping down giving someone a hiding blowing away taking the sting out demoralising sapping tyrannizing diluting burying undermining cowing ruining ebbing muting salving holding keeping outshining helping measuring transcending caning dropping defeating utterly overturning pulling in crippling discouraging torpedoing keeping the lid on de-escalating lambasting sitting on keeping under thumb cooling off gaining control of trampling on pipping at the post putting a damper on holding down tyrannising snowing under disheartening dismaying daunting dejecting impeding conciliating shaking exceeding propitiating satisfying deterring eradicating outperforming eliminating scotching lullabying becalming gagging directing enervating casting down modifying mellowing enslaving overshadowing disarming comforting ameliorating subverting putting a lid on lenifying zapping strangling keeping a lid on swamping winning a resounding victory over putting away choking back settling down going one better than cutting off pouring oil on knocking for a loop keeping back bringing down holding sway over knocking for six bringing to heel gaining ascendancy over hushing deflating hampering unnerving fading smoking capping declining unmanning busting subsiding disciplining whupping smoothing dwindling tapering remitting whopping steadying eclipsing slackening whapping saddening muzzling enfeebling dusting extenuating unseating defusing extirpating chastening humiliating chilling chillin bombing shrinking tromping dispelling chilling out falling dropping off slowing retarding incapacitating slaking decking quelching banishing tapering off debilitating qualifying outrunning bulldozing stemming tanning biting back obliterating outmaneuvering doing better than ratcheting down making peace with gaining control over phasing down quieting down knocking sideways balming squaring pouring cold water on throwing cold water on putting an stop to bringing to an end outmanoeuvring knocking the stuffing out of taking the bite out smoothing over cracking down picking apart bringing to ruin bringing under the yoke putting in the shade coping with putting out KO'ing quietening down rolling back reining back edging out taking it all tailing off stroking modulating turning down playing down dimming marring waning persecuting stymieing cutting receding darkening foiling spoiling minimizing re-collecting collecting disabling dashing bringing to a stop bringing to a halt relenting influencing annexing wrecking devitalizing trumping disappointing exploiting impairing contenting benumbing confining abasing swaying sobering paralyzing paralysing recovering reining negotiating downscaling sedating dictating knocking off commanding whacking steamrolling doing for interfering with letting up occupying staggering outwitting resisting passing dismissing handicapping corking whitewashing pommelling pommeling making dejected disinclining making downhearted stabilizing dying down dying away discontinuing dropping away palling dying out reassuring distressing flogging slacking guiding freezing improving on queering prostrating overmastering taking down wasting immobilizing slaying edging disparaging delimiting overtopping weighing down simmering down keeping in line putting the brakes on checkmating coercing forcing bottling up interrupting holding in check buffering outmatching outgunning blasting enthralling draining away cutting down decimating ambushing overtaking stabilising buttoning up cutting to pieces winning a victory over cutting back withholding petering out putting someone in their place getting the upper hand over decelerating getting through mowing down taking apart giving someone a pasting outhitting nosing out bearing down on cooling down dulcifying bringing to screeching halt putting damper on running roughshod over unburdening bringing low cutting short choking off keeping within bounds buttering up entrapping garrotting tyrannizing over making less intense immobilising neutralizing ruling over weeding out falling away overriding taking over working over butchering routeing laying back outdistancing blotting out giving someone the blues knocking spots off taking to cleaners removing riding roughshod over shushing winding down taking a load off getting the upper hand minimising taking care of putting the stopper on keeping lid on shipwrecking neutralising keeping in driving off wiping off map cooling out running rings round outflanking trampling underfoot fighting back finishing off throttling messing up making nice pwning plowing under blocking out towering over bringing to knees outjumping keeping under scuppering nullifying submerging swallowing pocketing outsmarting dissipating mullering censuring defeating easily defeating heavily exterminating outranking expunging shooting down outfighting beating up corking up squishing scrunching masking numbing satiating sating hog-tying putting half nelson on assuring harshing surfeiting filling making calm desisting managing clamping down putting to rest driving away chasing away addressing improving rejecting improving upon cauterizing gaining the advantage over doing in making a fool of getting one up on steamrollering making it past making it over yoking anaesthetizing mopping up running circles around clouding shading deepening circumventing astonishing rendering speechless dishing obtunding gruntling discomfiting succeeding over confounding keeping control of keeping on a string shaming overpassing outpacing shooting ahead shaking off putting to shame sabotaging gratifying cooling it becoming weaker unlaxing coasting coming to an end fading away dismantling breaking down commuting anesthetizing whelming drowning stupefying tiring injuring cauterising exhausting obstructing keeping in subjection seizing piping down keeping it down decreasing the volume keeping in submission reducing the force of excusing ceasing taking the edge rocking to sleep taking it easy blocking enduring fixing up burying the hatchet conning greasing clearing the air with pacificating restoring harmony to making peace imposing peace upon smoothing someone's ruffled feathers kissing and making up icing forcing down disrupting contracting rationing ailing troubling mincing cresting vaulting leaping climbing temperating meeting halfway pegging trammelling trammeling decrementing degrading bedimming entrammelling fettering entrammeling disintegrating crumbling loosing refreshing nixing soberizing invading demoting shooting ahead of outrivaling outrivalling hosing boxing in putting a limit on tying up stemming the flow of keeping tight rein on slowing down treading treading on strangling at birth disfranchising shaving minifying paring narrowing slashing striking spanking putting lid on keeping inside clamping putting kibosh on spiking driving underground bottling bringing to naught bothering deactivating chagrining wearying perturbing throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of disrating downgrading taking possession of appropriating capturing taking control of desolating dipping couching scaling down trimming down trimming back marking down whittling down clipping dialing down paring down stepping down rounding down making cutbacks in disenfranchising depriving getting hooks into hobbling determining deciding brightening making lighter bringing to a standstill smoothing out demilitarising taking the heat rescuing resolving saving padding demilitarizing clearing the air disconcerting rattling impoverishing casting a pall over bumming out curing counteracting paling humouring colonizing sweeping making crestfallen indisposing making dispirited disempowering reconciling compelling underyoking succouring punctuating varying succoring solacing consoling colonising kicking around holding sway reeling back in ousting coming first taking the honours taking the prize getting last laugh carrying the day being successful causing instability gaining a victory taking the crown gaining mastery of winning out winning through winning hands down prevailing against taking the cake abusing dumbing censoring conditioning forming snarling disturbing unglueing abashing nonplussing blowing up disarranging taking steam out discountenancing embarrassing psyching out ungluing disordering disorganizing jumbling muddling getting to unsettling unzipping sending up lissing clamming getting down making someone fed up weighing heavily on throwing a pall over making less bright making dim humoring making faint deposing shaping affecting moulding saying nothing closing up bringing an end to breaking up taking load off bringing respite to bringing aid to bringing aid assisting aiding making something bearable letting up on maltreating uplighting disburdening reducing weight making less pouring out jettisoning changing upraising thinning disencumbering shifting emptying throwing out freeing levitating unloading facilitating putting off calling a halt concluding running down winding up completing bringing to a close wrapping up closing altering underlying touching dethroning depleting downsizing monitoring adjusting predisposing shepherding disposing impacting on being a factor in having an effect on exerting influence on acting on working on molding inclining having an impact on putting out of action rendering defenseless deescalating removing the fuse from making harmless disbanding stripping invalidating making safe unarming disqualifying toppling making up denying patching things up untroubling playing up to smoothing down bitting harnessing leashing wronging training cornering inspecting rallying straitening debarring growing less larrupping larruping ill-treating putting to flight shutting out putting to rout throwing back in confusion blowing out of water beating back cleaning up on staying gaoling detaining hemming in impounding putting a brake on hogtying hogtieing jailing circumscribing having on a tight leash pulling back tying down pinning down locking up boxing up imprisoning scourging housebreaking punishing supplanting uncrowning unthroning treating harshly domiciliating putting screws to straining torturing tormenting encumbering worrying weighing heavy upon harrying ruling with an iron hand pressing overloading hounding putting upon aggrieving ruling with a rod of iron vexing besetting putting the squeeze on annoying saddling outraging plaguing despotizing harassing riding picking on taxing setting limits on imposing limits on removing from power doing away with removing from office unhorsing domineering mortifying depreciating bossing leading intimidating bullying housetraining teaching breeding herding heading monopolizing overruling being in the saddle calling the tune having the whip hand over handling leading by the nose ruling the roost in having mastery over running calling the shots wearing the trousers presiding over pushing around having ascendancy over having the upper hand in ruling the roost running the show laying down the law heading up sitting on top of exercising control over pushing about bossing about preponderating having one's way having upper hand monopolising playing first fiddle having the upper hand over bossing around house-training domesticating rounding up bringing up breaking in dumbfounding overawing stretching blanking bowling over shutting off taking out laying out rolling over gaining the upper hand over


Present participle for to subdue or hurt physically or violently


Very great in amount, size, intensity or degree
overwhelming enormous huge massive immense prodigious profuse shattering staggering towering devastating fantastic formidable inordinate stupendous tremendous vast astronomic humongous mind-blowing sweeping amazing astounding breathtaking crushing great mind-boggling very large awe-inspiring awesome paralysing paralyzing stunning exciting eye-opening astonishing wondrous extraordinary incredible wonderful remarkable marvellous miraculous fabulous spectacular sublime marvelous grand monumental eye-popping impressive awful sensational monstrous amazeballs unbelievable large phenomenal super surprising dazzling jaw-dropping colossal gigantic big severe mammoth mighty gargantuan striking titanic giant mountainous astronomical whopping shocking elephantine mega substantial humungous cosmic monster jumbo considerable herculean whacking bumper ginormous leviathan portentous exceptional imposing walloping gigantesque oceanic oversized heroic awe-striking fantastical pharaonic cosmical cyclopean supersize heroical supersized galactic vasty planetary very great Brobdingnagian Herculean super-duper Himalayan king-size king-sized king size out of this world magnificent traumatic savage extensive inconceivable terrible unthinkable brilliant humbling majestic epic implausible ineffable impossible unreal unspeakable untold unutterable terrific extreme improbable unlikely fascinating glorious unheard of unthought of unimaginable thumping hulking weighty rare splendid thumping great far-reaching undreamed of enthralling whacking great whopping great beyond one's wildest dreams beyond the realm of reason superhuman supreme large-scale extended splendorous fine stirring gee-whizz magical unco electrifying far-out wide expansive incalculable unlimited eternal thrilling infinite immeasurable endless comprehensive broad boundless voluminous ample limitless startling heart-stopping catastrophic earth-shattering dreadful cataclysmic sizeable capacious sizable gross unimagined empyreal sensorial some theatrical blinding dramatic enchanting bewitching captivating heart-stirring theatric mind-bending measureless hefty illimitable heavy grandiose widespread almighty unconvincing indescribable unconceivable uncompelling unheard-of incredulous bulky interminable exorbitant expanded unwieldy excessive generous inapprehensible unique singular incogitable undreamed-of unordinary unknowable incomprehensible uncommon doubtful spacious abundant prolific plenteous overgrown mundo detailed Gargantuan commodious handsome unbounded significant all-inclusive far-flung spread-out stretched-out very big never-ending whale of a legendary outrageous extravagant consequential major beyond belief full of it not understandable rad serious important critical out-of-this-world top drawer meaningful crucial superb telling impactful material distressing dynamite utmost smashing fab fat radical titantic all-important surpassing belief too much harrowing distressful agonizing upsetting grievous afflicting disturbing painful scarring tormenting tragical agonising demoralising deplorable demoralizing nerve-racking extremely upsetting gut-wrenching mondo whopper great big

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