Synonym of overflowing

Alternative for overflowing

overflows, overflowed, overflowing

Synonym: cascade, flood, inundate, run over, spill,


Existing in large amounts or numbers
swarming teeming abounding thronged brimful copious filled full overfull plentiful rife bountiful congested cram-full jammed overcrowded profuse replete superabundant choked crowded overloaded overpeopled overpopulated overrun spilling over crammed full jam-packed running over abundant brimming cornucopian exuberant full to bursting full to overflowing inundant inundatory packed like sardines scaturient torrential bulging at the seams like Piccadilly Circus thick on the ground bursting at the seams full to the gunwales like the Black Hole of Calcutta packed crammed stuffed chock-full lavish bursting plenteous loaded flush ample rich generous bounteous liberal awash prolific fat galore thick luxuriant chockablock chock-a-block chockful aplenty bumper large opulent heavy plenty heaving populous mobbed inexhaustible lank considerable substantial great infinite lousy thronging seething overfilled no end voluminous lush inundated huge fraught flooded prodigal excessive comfortable extensive well-provided a gogo cramped wall-to-wall alive riotous fruitful filled to capacity crawling full of handsome unstinting swamped multitudinous extravagant busy numerous crushed saturated productive a dime a dozen sufficient boundless full up fulsome overwhelmed bristling fertile filled to the brim dense flowing countless sizeable innumerable laden myriad complete solid commodious wealthy affluent crawling with well-supplied gorged in abundance filled up huddled up to the hilt immoderate abounding in rank full to capacity unlimited deluged flourishing superfluous hoatching massed chocker rampant thick with munificent alive with covered glutted packed out burdened overburdened full to the top stinking with overrun by lined no end in sight up to the rafters weighed down clogged deep well-stocked thriving immeasurable lacking overprovided overstocked gushing flushed measureless whacking fecund broad dripping oversupplied verdant overgrown sumptuous profusive extreme openhanded vigorous sardined elbow-to-elbow many green large-scale stacked big lousy with pullulating multiple jungly multifarious manifold plenitudinous filled to the rafters stocked fit to bust well supplied well stocked jampacked compressed tight weighted suffused padded plethoric level with in plenty full to the brim chock-full of full to the gills jammed full topped up overabundant extra surplus in excess topfull overbuilt overstuffed charged pregnant groaning full of commotion overladen rolling mucho no end of whopping abundant in thumping hopping infested bustling encumbered diffuse well provided knee-deep in stinking jumping overfed supplied luxurious imbued impregnated spacious solid with people packed to the gunwales jungle-like effusive buzzing hoaching hotching roomy expansive capacious unrestricted weighted down knee-deep arranged rammed consigned bundled tumid chock wrapped filled with loaded with brimming with decent inordinate gushy open-handed unrestrained fit to burst bloated satisfied hefty enough and to spare to the roof permeated occupied significant weedy prosperous leafy grown fructuous over the top bulging comprehensive plugged blocked obstructed good substantive sweeping global wholesale SRO thickset clean impeded gridlocked blocked-up booming exorbitant unwieldy tidy exhaustive Himalayan stuffed-up close sold out mob scene full house stiff with topped off wordy prolix verbose mega high Brobdingnagian outsize cumbersome epic major compact packed to capacity cram full completely full jam-full occluded mucous stoppered blocked up stopped up stopped closed stuffy standing room only up to here serried snarled up heaped populated endless wide-ranging wide-reaching far-reaching a mess of coming out of ears humming generously proportioned diverse miscellaneous varied multifold numberless uncountable incomputable legion sundry several motley unnumbered mixed uncounted disparate vast multiplied unremitting assorted prevalent incalculable frequent limitless unbounded various cram-full of having a copious amount of like sardines having a considerable amount of monied moneyed deep-pocketed fat-cat silk-stocking well-off well-heeled well-endowed well-fixed well-to-do appreciable enough competent swimming improvident healthy generative yielding breeding proliferant spawning producing respectable proliferous easy sizable adequate flowering breedy virile gravid bearing hebetic pubescent procreant black feracious arable vegetative uberous loamy childing puberal bringing forth flowing with milk and honey with child princely unsparing unselfish magnanimous ready benevolent ungrudging beneficent kind grand detailed immense well-situated thorough goodly willingly given unstinted largish biggish untold suitable reasonable fair umpteen satisfactory in-depth satisfying beaucoup high-yielding very many pure natural multiplex elegant stink with goodish bushy wide multitudinal pleasant gracious proliferative impenetrable condensed concentrated dilatable extended distensible spacey expandable rolling in money gross impassable resplendent fancy well off reproductive reproducing generating high-volume eco-rich chic fine gilded free from hardship prodigious close-packed free notable meaningful serious important big-hearted free-handed elaborate blossoming halcyon burgeoning buoyant successful golden bighearted freehearted open charitable kind-hearted freehanded lucrative prospering growing blooming honest excellent honourable high-minded tolerant considerate kindly loose just noble soft-touch honorable altruistic moderate thoughtful willing greathearted helpful lofty hospitable philanthropic kindhearted equitable minute elaborated particular expanding circumstantial particularized seriatim specific explicit exact precise painstaking proliferating propagative accurate boomy fruit-bearing appropriate commensurate commensurable innumerous requisite acceptable proportionate sufficing blow-by-blow particularised a lot of lots of plenty of piles of overflowing with rich in rife with bursting with replete with fit congruous tolerable proper fitting stacks of millions of loads of all kinds of a shedload of scores of a great many infinite numbers of a great deal of billions of oodles of a swag of a bunch of zillions of quite a few an abundance of gazillions of a profusion of a multitude of a multiplicity of heaps of bazillions of masses of a slew of bags of quantities of a quantity of dozens of tons of a great number of hundreds of thousands of scads of in detail broad-ranging overloaded with brimful with teeming with jam-packed with fraught with swarming with jammed with packed with agreeable average passable serviceable apposite apropos suited whole correct necessary fitted minimal unobjectionable entire unabridged awash with crowded with charged with solid with crammed with chock-a-block with stuffed with well supplied with well stocked with well provided with chocker with well-suited enow as much as you need all right as much as is necessary good enough encyclopedic intact perfect integral plenary absolute cyclopedic embracive compendious panoramic encyclopaedic itemized total universal long compleat itemised inclusive choate uncut largest omnibus all-embracing all-inclusive in depth all-encompassing broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in most more than enough


Showing or expressing emotion in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner
effusive demonstrative unrestrained enthusiastic extravagant lavish unreserved ebullient exuberant gushing fulsome profuse gushy touchy-feely uninhibited emotional outpouring unconstrained vociferous over the top free-flowing OTT all over someone expansive excessive expressive affectionate loving sentimental generous lovey-dovey exaggerated overdone abundant soapy open approachable warm responsive copious rhapsodic hagiographical lyrical adulatory unctuous oleaginous hagiographic prodigal ample mushy friendly forthcoming communicative cuddly over-effusive plentiful oily immoderate liberal prolific superfluous over-enthusiastic tender warmhearted candid hyped up galore extreme inordinate riotous laid on with a trowel plenteous superabundant maudlin sensitive tactual tactile overemotional mawkish nostalgic actorly wholehearted theatrical dramatic overacted bathetic icky cloying moonstruck jejune inane corny languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid unlimited dewy-eyed blubbery glib hammy voluble exorbitant extortionate undue high sky-high unreasonable needless unwarranted unnecessary disproportionate overextravagant steep plethoric fancy-pants unstinting unconscionable overweening intolerable overgenerous uncalled for outré teeming luxuriant bountiful open-handed bounteous opulent swarming profusive openhanded sumptuous plenty abounding aplenty crawling with no end a dime a dozen thick with alive with overmuch stiff insane towering overdue devilish fancy unmerciful baroque intemperate outrageous wanton self-indulgent profligate too much a bit much surplus wild indulgent overindulgent enormous preposterous unmeasurable extra reckless abandoned uncontrolled unbridled decadent over the odds dizzying uncurbed redundant uncalled-for unbounded hedonistic imprudent overkill sybaritic unrestricted severe supererogatory epicurean dissolute overboard criminal pleasure-seeking dissipated wasteful unchecked overabundant excess too many boundless limitless de trop in excess prohibitive O.T.T. inflated sensual heavy way out debauched gratuitous over-the-top harsh substantial out of control supernumerary spare lotus-eating hedonic punitive super irrational unhampered rampant uncontrollable fast-living luxurious runaway licentious unjustified out of all proportion voluptuous egregious violent monstrous pleasure-loving huge surplus to requirements voluptuary bacchanalian pampered ridiculous rigorous serious recrementitious stratospheric supernatural more ruinous drastic greedy unhindered punishing sharp draconian raw excessively high audacious unfettered swingeing unrelenting rash additional radical heedless libertine out of hand overblown desperate extraordinary dire dissipative unjustifiable unwarrantable improvident unbalanced forceful careless great vast unfair unneeded increased absonant strong too-too immense over monumental massive remaining impetuous unacceptable dispensable ludicrous momentous far-reaching expendable crippling strict useless illogical free inessential tremendous tough unjust humongous ungovernable unwanted prodigious giant whopping epic austere incontinent too great gross nonsensical shameless nonessential oppressive up to here unmitigated unyielding astronomical louche leftover unrequired unusual saturnalian carnal improper residuary epidemic widespread extensive pandemic raging rife pleonastic superfluent rampaging flagrant pervasive devil-may-care unasked self-gratifying turbulent proliferating spreading like wildfire on the rampage raised untempered boosted exceeding overinflated very too passionate parsimonious effete sweeping tempestuous over the limit large significant going too far easy plushy overpriced expensive blown up out of all proportion hard considerable voluminous champagne a lot absurd inexcusable sizable sizeable luxury-loving Lucullan sensualist senseless unused unproductive disposable uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous uncivilized ungodly horrifying unholy stringent left over waste not required to spare big substantive onerous cruel grievous rough depraved gluttonous gourmandizing sinful extraneous on your hands unessential far-fetched impulsive capricious cavalier bitter brutal hardhanded rugged grim luscious lush Dionysiac far-out posh pricey unrightful imbalanced unlawful wrongful peremptory unprovoked arbitrary brash carefree heightened escalated handsome healthy jacked up major beyond the pale murderous trying excruciating burdensome searing binge-eating fast-paced rank aggressive dominant tumultuous grandiose unconfined vehement prevalent infinite immeasurable stupendous fantastic astronomic hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable salacious gourmand connoisseur foodie sensuous unshackled untrammelled out of bounds above average abnormal intensified mega mighty mammoth thumping silly monster mountainous gargantuan colossal gigantic uncompromising stern unbending spreading clamorous blustering unruly boisterous exceeding bounds rambling fecund predominant threatening multiplying flourishing growing furious undisciplined unimpeded natural unsuppressed robust intense fast irresponsible frivolous foolhardy costing an arm and a leg volatile irrepressible unbound loose unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable rigid zealous remorseless exceptional consequential super-duper exciting temerarious daredevil slack gadabout fast and loose corrupt unrepressed fanatical downright unconventional uncommon thorough absolute remarkable unseemly ferocious spontaneous frank flamboyant impertinent indiscriminate blunt ungoverned immoral impotent plenary untrammeled lawless bizarre fabulous utter sheer mass out-and-out dear out of proportion supererogative exacting extremely high out of sight over one's head more than one can afford more than can be afforded


Exceeding what is normal or necessary
supererogatory superfluous surplus extra redundant excess excessive supernumerary spare needless dispensable unneeded inessential expendable useless nonessential unwanted leftover inordinate gratuitous remaining extravagant unrequired exorbitant lavish profuse residuary superfluent pleonastic superabundant abounding extreme overmuch unasked supererogative uncalled-for in excess de trop unnecessary unproductive undue disposable unused left over waste not required to spare extraneous unessential on your hands surplus to requirements additional unimportant irrelevant worthless optional uncalled for non-essential pointless unwarranted futile peripheral too much residual beside the point avoidable supplementary left unconsumed incidental purposeless causeless extrinsic wanton insignificant over inconsequential casual replaceable reserve trivial undesirable more added further discarded fresh supplemental accidental uncritical noncompulsory too many fortuitous haphazard going begging chance prodigal random odd available immaterial inappropriate uneaten inapposite meaningless senseless impertinent cosmetic surviving untouched inapplicable inapt unprofitable minor fruitless unrelated irrelative still available aimless unmerited valueless outstanding hollow vestigial to no purpose not needed other collateral add-on not pertinent increased farther wide of the mark complementary off the subject bonus new without rhyme or reason not to the purpose left behind undesired groundless skippable scrap unusable removable free wasteful disproportionate in hand over the top in reserve net not essential consumable usable sacrificable inconsiderable nett remanent special top-up ancillary supporting auxiliary accompanying deadwood petty luxury vestigal balance continuing to play with beside the question wide of the point of no consequence not important nihil ad rem not at issue not significant left-over excess baggage able to be sacrificed unavailing inane nonsensical absurd hopeless ineffectual unfinished lingering over and above disliked unloved rejected goalless wasted in vain idle friendless forsaken shunned insane fatuous empty footling rest of in addition uncherished objectless unconnected another contributory one more new-found alternative on the side purportless impotent nongermane ineffective unpopular outcast uncared-for drifting frivolous wandering inadmissible adventitious tangential not germane adrift intrusive annoying improper unbecoming neither here nor there not to the point indecorous nothing to do with it out of place unfitting unseemly uncared for untimely inept unseasonable unapt unjustified unjustifiable undeserved unjust unfair fulsome unsuitable underhanded sinister unwarrantable illegal ill-timed ill-advised more than enough


Present participle for to boil to such an extent as to overflow its container

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