Synonym of overfond

Alternative for overfond


excessively fond


Loving and affectionate
fond adoring devoted loving tender affectionate caring warm doting indulgent attentive kind tenderhearted amorous overindulgent solicitous addicted enamoured enamored lovesome lovey-dovey mushy predisposed responsive romantic sentimental sympathetic warm-hearted silly over gentle benevolent kindly maternal comforting compassionate motherly passionate ardent touchy-feely nurturing thoughtful benign friendly supportive amatory considerate fatherly soft protective lovesick charitable warmhearted softhearted kindhearted dear amicable understanding demonstrative humane beneficent generous earnest fervent gracious mild merciful benignant good-hearted good-natured erotic kind-hearted soft-hearted maternalistic infatuated tender-hearted admiring sexual mother sheltering reverent reverential sexy steamy cordial paternal amiable watchful aphrodisiac attached sensitive erotogenic aphrodisiacal erogenous erotical hospitable impassioned concerned empathetic randy chummy loyal faithful emotional matey sweet parental giving enthusiastic neighborly buddy-buddy feeling neighbourly philanthropical eager deep goodhearted all heart great-hearted bleeding-heart large-hearted parent besotted worshipping foolish patriarchal matriarchal forbearing venerating serving silly fatuous fascinated struck simple guiding adulatory idolizing soothing commiserative sensual libidinous nice munificent worshiping idolising tolerant greathearted angelic benefic altruistic selfless torrid hot-blooded well meaning well intentioned well-mannered helpful humanitarian philanthropic yearning lascivious naughty wooing rapturous attracted languishing empathic fatherlike receptive patient open-hearted big-hearted genial affable cuddly pleasant hearty huggy pally partial supporting protecting caretaking careful welcoming lenient forgiving comradely all over heartfelt congenial cheerful cheery sincere sociable happy wholehearted genuine bleeding heart inviting liberal companionable approachable likable close palsy convivial likeable bonhomous crazy over soft on nutty about palsy-walsy lustful good-humoured good-humored close-knit bound up avid rabid staunch fervid committed vehement dedicated true-blue fanatical dutiful steadfast big exuberant zealous devout intense resolute keen true expressing adoration hot goo-goo smoochy spoony in love kissy sportive horny amative sweet on turned on boy crazy girl crazy sweet for lovey dovey hot and heavy have a crush on

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