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loss of the ability to move a body parta condition marked by uncontrollable tremor


affect with palsy


Having a sociable or friendly nature
friendly cordial genial amicable warm companionable neighbourly neighborly comradely warmhearted matey chummy collegial bonhomous hearty buddy-buddy hail-fellow hail-fellow-well-met palsy-walsy amiable sociable affable congenial gracious good-natured pally clubby pleasant convivial gregarious hospitable kind sympathetic good-humoured cozy good-humored cosy outgoing agreeable social intimate mellow civil kindly polite brotherly extroverted affectionate cheerful conversable extrovert approachable fraternal harmonious easy-going welcoming cooperative fond tight warm-hearted familiar close obliging cheery tender charitable easy clubbable thick regular heartfelt enthusiastic jovial sincere earnest wholehearted communal couthy well disposed company-loving happy eager backslapping considerate responsive well-disposed buddy buddy easy to get along with helpful uninhibited dear clubable extraverted loving personal near confiding gentle merciful thoughtful generous confidential bosom kissy-huggy lovey-dovey very friendly benevolent glowing courteous affectious snug officious inseparable fresh red-carpet fatherly benign genuine caring comforting inviting maternal liberal likable solicitous peaceful free-and-easy thick as thieves motherly compassionate amorous likeable softhearted deep kindhearted empathetic paternal peaceable all heart civilized non-hostile conflict-free like-minded understanding empathic pacific concordant agreeing accordant civilised right nice square shooting jolly bluff merry upper favorable chirpy perky easygoing chipper upbeat jocund high up sunny enlivening favourable cheering joyous blithe glad sunny side up tenderhearted indulgent mild tender-hearted kind-hearted soft humane devoted open soft-hearted beneficent sensitive good-hearted supportive nice benignant doting unreserved lenient feeling concerned good-tempered sweet big-hearted decent tolerant protective unselfish magnanimous good adoring touchy-feely goodhearted patient accessible demonstrative communicative ardent altruistic complaisant amenable sentimental engaging receptive accommodating encouraging forbearing personable fervent passionate lovable commiserative nurturing emotional selfless condoling attentive large-hearted giving fatherlike philanthropic smiling bleeding-heart delightful expansive forgiving winsome consoling pitying great-hearted soothing charming true unfeigned clement forthcoming expressive perceptive well meaning pleasing easy to get on with commiserating unrestrained mild-mannered mushy sympathizing bright unconstrained boon humanitarian careful sympathising watchful sensible lovely effusive openhearted bighearted reassuring bountiful calm reactive impressionable honest cuddly real amatory open-handed munificent unstinting open-hearted conscious lovesome buoyant faithful unassuming overindulgent positive enamored parental philanthropical constant enamoured beaming urbane maternalistic from the heart bona fide human sweet-tempered mother well intentioned sheltering vigilant intuitive aware profound informal complete moderate heartening patriarchal talkative uplifting gushing calming inspiriting cognizant bounteous conciliatory total absolute chatty heartwarming gladdening devout propitious gallant perceiving noble thorough gratifying fulfilling tactful loyal dinkum romantic chivalrous lively reverential reverent solemn firm ebullient modest fast candid cherished inward especial favourite serious special full-hearted winning impassioned unpresumptuous prepossessing appreciative close-knit greathearted deferential comprehending whole-souled sweet-natured even-tempered authentic deeply felt dearest favorite angelic benefic lavish heart-to-heart having heart in right place swell loving and giving harmless bleeding heart open-minded as thick as thieves respectful good company well-mannered smiley grinning parent paternalistic temperate matriarchal natural relaxed nonmalignant avuncular nonthreatening affirmative inspiring guestfriendly guiding available best fun unstuffy treasured valued lovesick fiery irritable sensorial sensory vulnerable high-strung nervous fragile facile loquacious garrulous colonial wonderful approving appealing free-handed free breezy copacetic besotted infatuated non-malignant accepting broad-minded righteous glad-handering taking captivating enchanting stimulating boosting humble ingratiating self-effacing piteous ruthful familial ungrudging voluble conversational overfond very dear protecting supporting caretaking interested as nice as pie simpatico reasonable sparing foolish eleemosynary soft touch unoffensive dutiful big public-spirited regardful wholesome princely heart in right place openhanded freehanded downright neighborly meek placid serene predisposed addicted welcome discursive talky old softie admiring worshipping upfront docile barley-sugar attached beneficial auspicious advantageous fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple deepest unpretending meant appreciating vicarious do-good well-intentioned attention-seeking effervescent gushy venerating pretensionless undesigning actual undissembled mindful lucky fortunate silly over tranquil awake alive susceptible boisterous unselfconscious exuberant honest to God twenty-four carat very kind diplomatic discerning partial huggy possessive wary defensive adulatory idolizing providential opportune sensitized flexible fervid erotic anacreontic amative sisterly loud equable chilled easy-oasy generous to a fault all over impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable bound up clinging overprotective jealous right conducive salutary submissive tame jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant sharp joyful worshiping idolising finely tuned supersensitive expressing adoration light-hearted gay active sentient alert influenceable respondent sensile replying persuadable quick to react acknowledging answering susceptive dexter touchy feely tuned in crazy over animated blithesome bubbly nearest and dearest on good terms nutty about soft on optimistic rosy jocose gleeful laughing gladsome vivacious mirthful sparky jocular eupeptic lightsome festive canty turned on to open to suggestions consolatory lighthearted sunbeamy quick to respond committed bright and breezy relieving assuaging emphatic unambiguous full unshakeable categorical unqualified easing satisfying rewarding solid staunch unlimited zealous unmitigated unconditional unrestricted unequivocal determined unflinching undivided heart-warming sure unswerving dedicated unadulterated steadfast unwavering steady unfaltering utter unalloyed enduring stalwart thoroughgoing undiluted unquestioning outright analeptic warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying upholding envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating refreshing abiding entire fullhearted whole-hearted out-and-out without reservations never-failing hundred percent


To cause to be ineffective or immobilized
paralyse paralyze cripple disable hamstring immobilise immobilize incapacitate prostrate anaesthetize anesthetize appal appall arrest astound bemuse benumb close daunt daze deaden debilitate demolish destroy disarm enfeeble freeze halt lame nonplus numb petrify stun stupefy transfix weaken knock out make inert make nerveless shut down stop dead bring to grinding halt maim mutilate injure handicap disfigure damage impair torpefy dislimb mangle attenuate undermine sap unstrengthen blunt stifle dismember sideline deface make lame enervate mar spoil hurt ruin harm exhaust put out of action tire deform batter distort soften wreck shatter fatigue drain devitalize do in blemish break vitiate knacker wear out wound weary indispose contort etiolate reduce waste total flaw crush overtire frazzle poop deactivate disqualify make feeble tire out lay low hack lacerate hock butcher twist overtax torture stop disenable dilute diminish cut emasculate misshape make weak crab compromise scar bloody endamage mangulate lessen unfit take it out of wash out wear down take out bring to a halt fag out cross up hack up water down warp vandalize bring to a standstill impoverish buckle tax maul rend squinch erode trash screw hog-tie malform blight amputate whack disempower gnarl uglify lower inactivate jam smash adulterate kibosh unbrace muzzle pinion sabotage hogtie overextend conk out overdo run ragged overexert draw overfatigue tucker overwork poop out bankrupt burn out peter out deplete knot skew decrease hinder scratch temper calm lay up render inoperative bruise eviscerate thin abate wince tear apart render infirm cut up make inoperative invalidate extenuate vandalise assuage make powerless shoot down render incapable soothe tucker out throw monkey wrench in tear limb from limb take the edge off put out of commission hobble unhinge unnerve defile tarnish hospitalize sully restrict make unfit spike render powerless bend jade subvert bow disfeature bush encumber hamper obliterate bring to a grinding halt disfashion invalid hospitalise exenterate disembowel lay someone up tag confine to a wheelchair confine to bed make unattractive make misshapen distort the shape of clip wings eat away wear away rob from make ugly tear bend out of shape dilapidate wear to a frazzle seize chop crumple outwear bust harass wear kill root put on the sick list suck dry use up dull take it out of one wear oneself to a frazzle make tired nearly kill wear oneself to a shadow wipe out run into the ground do up carve slay cut about hash slit separate mash slice flay slash dampen chop up become unable to move become immobilized grind to a halt seize up become stuck crool scathe expurgate censor bowdlerize clamp wheel-clamp pique aggrieve foul prejudice burn grieve pain wax torment distress sting cool tie action render inactive bowdlerise ravage allay moderate muffle prevent from moving prevent from working disjoint dissect sever mollify sate appease relieve slake damp alleviate cauterize ease contract foul up draw blood shake up do mischief to tone down make feebler cut to pieces mess up hash up mayhem massacre gimp castrate truncate defuse hebetate desensitise cauterise desensitize obtund put a damper on anatomize joint disarticulate grimace reduce the power of deprive of force sunder limb constrict shrink deflate mitigate devaluate rarefy lighten dissipate offset reduce the powers of pull the teeth of remove the sting from dislocate part cut off the limbs of disband deescalate remove the fuse from skin subdue neutralise render defenseless strip make safe subjugate occupy make harmless neutralize unarm fell floor drop level down depress overthrow mow defeat knock down knock over mow down bowl over bowl down make weary make helpless make impotent bring someone to their knees bring low


Hold one's attention
transfix fascinate hypnotise hypnotize mesmerise mesmerize stun spellbind bewitch captivate engross paralyse petrify enthrall enthral entrance hold astound enrapture grip rivet stupefy freeze gorgonize halt immobilise immobilize enchant paralyze root stop dead root to the spot rivet the attention of stop one dead stop someone in their tracks stop in one's tracks charm beguile absorb arrest delight bedazzle allure dazzle intrigue magnetize hold spellbound enamor magnetise please ensnare wile rapture grab wow involve catch up ravish attract thrill draw bemuse divert transport entertain witch engage entice occupy interest tickle pink knock out enamour enwrap amuse busy knock dead immerse hold in awe win lure numb compel hook preoccupy titillate kill benumb anaesthetize seduce pique enslave carry away anesthetize win over tantalize infatuate excite gratify distract delectate overwhelm tantalise gladden appeal to subdue slay subjugate render motionless take turn on bowl over put under a spell tickle become rooted to the spot ensorcell impress strike satisfy fix fixate monopolize fill be unable to take one's eyes off subject affect influence tickle someone's fancy obsess engulf monopolise tempt hold one's attention stop animate fire intoxicate interest greatly attach arouse appeal invite kindle stir overpower provoke stimulate catch hold the attention of grab the attention of forspeak voodoo capture bedevil vamp send trick control put under magic spell put horns on cast a spell on sweep off one's feet tickle to death put the whammy on become horror-stricken become horror-struck stand stock still go rigid stand still become paralysed stop suddenly become motionless stop in your tracks incapacitate hamstring prostrate disable cripple appall daze close deaden make inert shut down weaken make nerveless daunt bring to grinding halt destroy enfeeble nonplus appal disarm debilitate demolish lame own make happy sweep off feet make a hit with get under someone's skin pull woo persuade hex inveigle overjoy move exhilarate rap elate give a buzz give someone a kick content cheer give pleasure to coax pleasure blow away inspire rejoice suck in float someone's boat decoy go over big hit the spot catch the eye of trance electrify cajole lead on betray bait solicit humour humor touch suit warm sweep off your feet rope in fulfil arride whet the appetite of glad induce amaze beckon fulfill stir up cheer up light someone's fire bring in pull in make someone feel good agree with mislead be of interest to ensorcel spell overcome curse possess rouse delude inflame entrap elevate endear blind seize gain befool solace indulge regale court hoodoo quicken enthuse send into raptures groove condemn steer turn someone on come on please greatly draw one's attention oblige catch hold of give someone a charge give joy to give the evil eye buck up make content pick up be a hit with be attractive to come on to be the ticket warm the cockles of the heart get one's kicks sweep sombeody off his/her feet capture your imagination bewilder turn one on spark dumbfound score jubilate glory exult agitate tease waken whet stagger confuse awe make hit with fall in love with send into transports take someone's breath away tickle the fancy of astonish besot tie up give great pleasure to call prompt recreate disport overawe take someone's fancy whet someone's appetite lead secure get obtain bring forth call forth elicit argue into bring around incline freak out put in a trance put a spell on make somebody's day make someone content make someone glad make someone pleased be agreeable to do one's heart good snare get going get someone going give someone a thrill do it for someone train rope drag hit on draw in floor panic relax give the come-on to arouse one's curiosity be interesting to matter to engage one's attention capture one's imagination concern perk up sit up catch one's eye whet one's appetite fill with delight tickle your fancy be a source of fascination to tickle one's fancy arouse the curiosity of engage someone's attention arouse curiosity arouse someone's curiosity fracture one put 'em away get one's jollies break one up knock 'em dead exert a pull on exert influence on make a fool of feast gas lift catch someone's eye indicate bid sign summon demand ask command sweep you off your feet work up initiate get started show introduce rally charge motivate brighten make someone's mouth water fuel galvanize razzle-dazzle recompense give pleasure requite baby make a hit fill the bill favour do the trick coddle do one proud pamper favor mozz accurse flush haunt galvanise juice sweep someone off their feet put the mozz on point the bone at put the evil eye on take somebody's breath away jinx fire up key up fire with enthusiasm knock one's socks off pump up race one's motor fool deceive dominate scratch pat irritate make somebody laugh convulse prickle brush kittle itch vellicate tingle caress hearten uplift con dupe mollify appease enliven hoodwink madden take in placate convert bamboozle take control of take over have power over drive mad conciliate pacify propitiate sweeten gull double-cross brighten up string along cheat sweet-talk sucker soft-soap snooker cast a spell over have mastery over assuage gentle buoy up bring joy to misguide shaft have humbug spoof juggle snow misinform burn buffalo gammon hornswoggle bluff cozen gaff hoax diddle give someone pleasure give a lift butter up do someone's heart good make a hit with someone exploit flimflam rook manipulate gyp stick have on scam take advantage of jockey shave play fake out finesse chisel set at ease urge win the affection of put off guard convince unarm undermine someone's resistance eat someone up impose on put one over on lead up the garden path pull a swifty on pull a fast one on play for a sucker take for a ride

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