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A healthy and vigorous-rooted plant that is used in grafting, most commonly as a sound base to support a scion that bears desirable fruit in orchard culture
rootstock wellspring agent ancestor ancestry antecedent author base beginning causality causation connection creator derivation determinant egg element embryo fount fountain fountainhead generator germ impulse inception inducement influence inspiration mainspring mother motive nucleus occasion parentage principle producer progenitor provenance root roots seed source spring stock well provenience horse's mouth origin cause start birthplace genesis cradle rise foundation etymology dawning basis seedbed commencement origination dawn radix onset starting point begetter history father originator pedigree genus species strain make initiator architect inventor upwelling paternity maternity specialist rising authorship place of origin opening home starting place birth creation launch emergence outset inauguration conception font beginnings seat head initiation nativity outbreak embarkation entrance entry ingress opener alpha introduction forging fons et origo git go blast off square one early stage early stages day one well head seeds infancy origins heart reason reasons motivation nursery prime background breeding place babyhood attribution ultimate cause nascence nascency incipience incipiency generation baseline starting commencing stem well spring debut early days very beginnings core pupilage incunabulum youth early years nonage first phase early life immaturity childhood minority embryonic stage formative years initial stages fundamental bedrock backbone theory essence rationale institution basics vehicle organization essential medium carrier key organisation authority principal infrastructure chief constituent nitty-gritty primary element important part key component

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