Synonym of paternal

Alternative for paternal

Synonym: fatherly,

Antonym: maternal,


Of, or pertaining to, one's father


Showing a kindness and care associated with a father
fatherly fatherlike paternalistic benevolent solicitous concerned kindly protective sympathetic compassionate warm familial friendly parental kind caring affectionate tender maternal benign supportive loving forbearing motherly patriarchal indulgent comforting good-natured watchful parent vigilant warmhearted fond gentle understanding cordial welcoming genial affable amiable soft kind-hearted pleasant brotherly amicable tenderhearted sisterly gracious congenial cheerful sociable likable warm-hearted good-humoured good-humored likeable softhearted kindhearted devoted sheltering matriarchal careful mindful defensive gallant wary possessive avuncular encouraging chivalrous overprotective clinging jealous unselfish soft-centred soft-hearted attentive maternalistic meek modest moral mild-mannered retiring angelic lovable moderate easygoing agreeable large-hearted tender-hearted humble quiet merciful reverent non-confrontational cool pacific respectful peaceable sweet-tempered laid back placid dove-like soft-spoken considerate unassuming obliging pleasing lamblike temperate unoffensive forgiving demure mellow humane shy decent lenient peaceful bland goodhearted dovelike harmless big-hearted hearty hospitable comradely enthusiastic heartfelt happy cheery sincere earnest wholehearted genuine charitable inviting neighborly liberal eager companionable approachable palsy-walsy palsy convivial matey amorous neighbourly bonhomous deep chummy empathetic responsive buddy-buddy generous hail-fellow-well-met helpful thoughtful outgoing collegial mild gregarious hail-fellow open beneficent sensitive clubby good-hearted pally nice benignant extroverted well-disposed social easy-going well disposed doting unreserved extrovert feeling conversable good-tempered sweet clubbable jovial tolerant easy magnanimous good adoring easy to get along with touchy-feely civil patient accessible demonstrative communicative polite ardent altruistic lovey-dovey complaisant amenable sentimental uninhibited engaging courteous empathic all heart receptive accommodating personable fervent passionate dear company-loving commiserative nurturing couthy emotional extraverted selfless intimate cozy cosy close condoling giving philanthropic smiling bleeding-heart delightful clubable expansive winsome familiar consoling pitying great-hearted regular chirpy soothing charming true unfeigned clement perky forthcoming expressive perceptive well meaning easy to get on with harmonious commiserating unrestrained mushy sympathizing bright unconstrained boon sunny humanitarian tight sympathising cooperative favourable sensible lovely effusive openhearted bighearted cheering reassuring bountiful calm reactive impressionable honest cuddly real amatory open-handed munificent unstinting open-hearted conscious lovesome civilized buoyant favorable faithful overindulgent thick fraternal positive enamored philanthropical constant enamoured civilised beaming urbane from the heart bona fide human mother well intentioned intuitive aware profound informal complete jolly blithe heartening talkative uplifting gushing calming inspiriting cognizant merry bounteous conciliatory total absolute upbeat chatty heartwarming gladdening devout glad inseparable propitious perceiving noble thorough chipper jocund gratifying fulfilling tactful loyal dinkum romantic confidential lively reverential solemn communal firm ebullient fast candid cherished inward especial favourite serious special backslapping full-hearted bosom winning impassioned near unpresumptuous prepossessing appreciative close-knit greathearted deferential comprehending whole-souled sweet-natured even-tempered authentic deeply felt dearest favorite benefic lavish heart-to-heart having heart in right place swell loving and giving bleeding heart open-minded buddy buddy as thick as thieves good company thick as thieves well-mannered smiley grinning natural relaxed nonmalignant nonthreatening affirmative inspiring guestfriendly guiding available best glowing fun affectious unstuffy treasured valued lovesick fiery irritable sensorial sensory vulnerable high-strung nervous fragile facile loquacious garrulous colonial bluff wonderful non-hostile approving confiding appealing free-handed free breezy copacetic besotted infatuated non-malignant accepting conflict-free broad-minded righteous glad-handering taking captivating enchanting stimulating boosting ingratiating self-effacing high enlivening joyous upper up piteous ruthful ungrudging like-minded concordant agreeing accordant voluble conversational overfond very dear protecting supporting caretaking interested as nice as pie simpatico reasonable sparing red-carpet foolish eleemosynary soft touch dutiful big public-spirited regardful wholesome princely heart in right place openhanded freehanded downright neighborly serene predisposed addicted welcome discursive talky old softie kissy-huggy very friendly admiring worshipping upfront square shooting right nice sunny side up docile barley-sugar attached beneficial auspicious advantageous fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple deepest unpretending meant appreciating vicarious do-good well-intentioned attention-seeking effervescent gushy venerating pretensionless undesigning actual undissembled lucky fortunate silly over tranquil awake alive susceptible boisterous unselfconscious exuberant honest to God twenty-four carat very kind diplomatic discerning partial huggy adulatory idolizing providential opportune sensitized flexible fervid erotic anacreontic amative loud equable chilled easy-oasy generous to a fault all over personal impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable bound up right conducive salutary submissive tame jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant sharp joyful worshiping idolising finely tuned supersensitive expressing adoration light-hearted gay active sentient alert influenceable respondent sensile replying persuadable quick to react acknowledging answering susceptive dexter touchy feely tuned in crazy over animated blithesome bubbly nearest and dearest on good terms nutty about soft on optimistic rosy jocose gleeful laughing gladsome vivacious mirthful sparky jocular eupeptic lightsome festive canty turned on to open to suggestions consolatory lighthearted sunbeamy quick to respond committed bright and breezy relieving assuaging emphatic unambiguous full unshakeable categorical unqualified easing satisfying rewarding solid staunch unlimited zealous unmitigated unconditional unrestricted unequivocal determined unflinching undivided heart-warming sure unswerving dedicated unadulterated steadfast unwavering steady unfaltering utter unalloyed enduring stalwart thoroughgoing undiluted unquestioning outright analeptic warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying upholding envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing mitigating revitalizing curing succoring solacing abating refreshing abiding entire fullhearted whole-hearted out-and-out without reservations never-failing hundred percent


Of, or denoting, the male or masculine gender or character
male masculine manly macho manlike mannish manful he- virile to do with men man-sized man-size strong red-blooded butch muscular strapping rugged brave bold robust vigorous courageous powerful swashbuckling hunky tough gallant fearless potent all-male stout-hearted muscly brawny chauvinist he-man laddish hardy ripped shredded well built buff jacked valiant daring well-built two-fisted heroic valorous jock chivalrous patriarchal male-controlled intrepid lionhearted sturdy resolute generative beefy beefcake stud hunk ultramasculine plucky adventurous dauntless archetypal sexist stereotypical aggressively male aggressive cocky unpleasantly masculine determined doughty mettlesome stout gutsy Ramboesque stalwart ape hairy adult stallion honourable caveman boyish honorable spunky ballsy firm tiger staunch stately confident self-reliant lion-hearted noble dignified colt undaunted audacious jockstrap man's men's favoring males unfeminine Amazonian unladylike male-oriented viragoish viraginous aggressively masculine tomboyish unwomanly hoydenish mannified all man masc of men husky solid substantial hefty burly forceful lusty fecund well made fertile studly powerfully built vibrant reproductive energetic sound procreative driving sexually potent vital stouthearted sinewy greathearted athletic spirited heroical gutty Herculean undauntable gritty unflinching thewy unafraid unshrinking dashing venturous indomitable game broad-shouldered fire-eating big rock-ribbed redoubtable well muscled mighty daredevil stark well-developed able-bodied unblenching unabashed mesomorphic venturesome nervy quixotic muscle-bound assertive great thickset unfearful puissant worthy unalarmed well knit muscled bruising hulky herculean heavyweight formidable meaty obdurate pumped up hearty feisty lean fit hard healthy sporty physical unswerving steadfast unwavering unfaltering unyielding unbending dogged stubborn active agile nimble lithe full-blooded overpowering full of determination adventuresome spartan full-bodied built well-knit musclebound wiry ropy stringy swole powerhouse great-spirited lumbering bulky sturdily built hulking towering huge tall stocky heavily built heavy gargantuan massive colossal mammoth gigantic imposing death-or-glory have-a-go high-minded urbane suave knightly chivalric magnanimous loyal elevated sublime just gentlemanly fair natural lofty high true courteous lordly virtuous courtly constant gentlemanlike benevolent great-hearted noble-minded well-mannered


Providing encouragement or emotional help
supportive caring encouraging helpful reassuring sympathetic understanding uplifting beneficent benevolent concerned empathetic giving inspiring inspiriting kind nurturing protective sensitive thoughtful attentive boosting comforting considerate empathic generous gracious gratifying indulgent kindly maternal philanthropic philanthropical stimulating affectionate altruistic charitable cheering compassionate fulfilling responsive soothing tender warm friendly loving solicitous unselfish tenderhearted warm-hearted appreciative good-natured fatherly gentle benign forbearing warmhearted obliging kind-hearted condoling approving cordial pleasant commiserative good accommodating feeling applauding admiring well-disposed sympathizing complimentary enthusiastic amiable affable patient humane favorable soft tender-hearted agreeable genial pitying positive respectful neighbourly softhearted sympathising magnanimous consoling neighborly kindhearted patriarchal favourable cooperative fatherlike selfless commiserating heartening soft-hearted tolerant motherly nice commendatory laudatory fond mindful all heart calming praiseful benignant receptive aware decent adoring lenient good-hearted perceptive affirmative big-hearted complaisant tactful devoted approbatory hospitable cheerful humanitarian doting parental consolatory amicable mellow sweet great-hearted bighearted merciful well disposed recommendatory clement good-tempered conscious satisfied accepting gladdening heartwarming chivalrous cognizant polite dear acclamatory public-spirited regardful bountiful compliant eager to please eager to help pleasing approbative sociable companionable acquiescent open-hearted open-handed bounteous munificent brotherly welcoming easy comprehending unstinting noble easygoing mild human goodhearted having heart in right place bleeding-heart well meaning large-hearted good-humoured well-intentioned good-humored parent lovesome condolatory congratulatory watchful sheltering matriarchal plauditory praising civil woke socially concerned socially aware forgiving laudative avuncular social culturally sensitive vigilant welcome soft-centred flattering adulatory convivial harmonious piteous ruthful careful intuitive free-handed sparing diplomatic discerning open-minded bleeding heart do-good loving and giving old softie paternalistic maternalistic sisterly ungrudging inclined commending assenting predisposed in favor of okay panegyrical worshiping worshipful encomiastic worshipping eulogistic idolizing sensitized reactive impressionable approachable perceiving impressible sensitised insightful knowing emotionable wholesome eleemosynary angelic lovable soft touch benefic calm liberal congenial greathearted propitious likeable unoffensive likable dutiful lavish princely delightful big well intentioned sweet-tempered gallant heart in right place openhanded openhearted courteous engaging freehanded well-mannered deferential condign finely tuned supersensitive easy to get along with easy to get on with socially conscious tuned in touchy feely pleased very kind generous to a fault interested turned on to idolising relieving assuaging knowledgeable moderate happy breezy easing rewarding satisfying ardent appreciating vicarious marshmallow softie heart-warming enlightened alive keen willing easy-going willing to please even-tempered favourably disposed passionate amatory mitigating analeptic revitalizing curing warming bolstering softening revitalising invigorating lightening succouring revivifying health-giving sustaining allaying succoring upholding solacing abating envigorating remedying alleviating restoring freeing refreshing loyal sentimental fervent close reverent earnest faithful reverential demonstrative biddable pliable amenable tractable persuadable pliant adaptable onside persuasible suasible game in the know close-knit bound up accessible useful forthcoming expressing adoration glad to be of assistance free open unsparing comradely fulsome freehearted self-sacrificing chummy civilized prodigal mannerly bonhomous civilised buddy-buddy urbane gregarious matey high-minded honest honourable jovial outgoing mild-mannered honorable just hearty permissive well-bred unassuming personable peaceful gentlemanly well mannered clubby charming peaceable handsome lofty ladylike extroverted soft-touch decorous fair loose palsy-walsy genteel conversable clubbable polished profuse palsy intimate conciliatory cheery excellent long-suffering pardoning modest hail-fellow-well-met unreserved reasonable placid pally fraternal self-denying lovely courtly collegial cultivated suave abundant mollycoddling condoning pampering quiet hail-fellow accommodative broad-minded acceptable ready temperate self-effacing natural equitable humble chirpy upright pacific plenteous mushy righteous extrovert unstinted winsome refined moral perky cool willingly given bland discreet company-loving well-behaved high uninhibited harmless politic couthy almsgiving going easy on disinterested regular cosy cozy lax self-forgetting light well bred overindulgent moralistic ample spoiling denying incorruptible well-meaning meek mother allowing stoical excusing permitting yielding serene plentiful touchy-feely conscientious resigned communal extravagant full stoic uncomplaining like-minded heedful worthy soft-shell unpresumptuous observant glowing ethical respectable tranquil unflappable winning virtuous rave prepossessing unrestrained restrained longanimous sweet-natured principled upstanding unctuous elevated great lordly submissive being big amorous cultured extraverted self-controlled self-restrained swell debonair good-mannered smooth clubable formal poised soft-spoken well behaved well spoken well brought up well-spoken self-forgetful unprejudiced vulnerable bubbly suitable becoming confident sensible wonderful immaculate personal thoughty guestfriendly amusing confiding hilarious jocose entertaining kindred funny amical comical attached vibrant happy-go-lucky compatible jocular on good terms understandable nonmalignant emotional rich beneficial nonthreatening goody-goody angelical spotless social-minded holy pharisaical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive unerring patriotic contributing donating prosocial pitiful advantageous worried anxious couth cosseting emollient letting assuasive favoring humoring appealing ingratiating responsible heartfelt stately informal brother's sibling familial genealogical profitable taking captivating enchanting unmarred pietistical pristine unflawed chaste graceful pietistic favouring humouring laid back wholehearted genuine sincere soft-shelled nonjudgmental overpermissive communicative relaxed guiding docile protecting supporting caretaking placable idealistic public- spirited heroic as nice as pie simpatico inviting eager beneficient valuable non-malignant live with backslapping Robin Hood good scout unmean Christian deep condescending obsequious punctilious copacetic familiar tight handy wellmannered non-confrontational lamblike shy demure dove-like sublime lively valiant goodish non-hostile virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful unkind unrelenting cruel excessive procrustean inexorable overgenerous favorably inclined favourably inclined well brought-up unconstrained knightly composed going along with salutary willing to forgive dovelike retiring overabundant immoderate intemperate profligate wasteful thriftless improvident conflict-free attention-seeking jolly bluff trustworthy buddy buddy easy-oasy equable chilled wild able to live with barley-sugar concordant agreeing square shooting accordant right nice user friendly on tap on deck dependable incorrupt Santa Claus proper merry casual free-and-easy unstinging exuberant reserved unobtrusive simple down-to-earth unpretentious downright neighborly jejune vapid dull subservient spiritless obeisant forbearant tame flat subdued kin elegant willing to help enduring imperturbable unexcitable upbeat joyous jocund glad chipper enlivening upper up sunny blithe overfond undemanding straight right true persistent philosophical persevering over the top living with romantic enamoured lovey-dovey addicted enamored has heart in right place equanimous untiring mild-tempered unruffled self-possessed inexcitable passive sunny side up going easy with stand-up subtle judicious delicate impassive philosophic fortitudinous weak spineless boneless silly over unimposing clean-living all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded prudent seemly with the patience of Job dexterous wise skilled adroit skillful cautious tactical deft skilful savvy dextrous treating with kid gloves treating something with kid gloves honeyed eulogizing sugary saccharine encomiastical with highest recommendation fair-spoken eulogising sycophantic celebrating honouring highly favourable fawning highly favorable honoring well-wishing with high praise

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