Synonym of pathbreaking


Opening a new path or approach


Refreshingly different in nature to that which has previously existed
new creative fresh innovative novel original unique inspired neat newfangled cool hip artistic avant-garde clever contemporary different experimental fashionable futuristic happening hot imaginative in ingenious innovational innovatory inventive new-fashioned trendy unprecedented far out groovy modernist modish nontraditional out-of-the-box pioneering strange stylish trailblazing unaccustomed unconventional unfamiliar unheard-of unknown visionary way out with-it ultra-modern unexampled unexplored unhackneyed unusual unorthodox groundbreaking revolutionary uncommon singular ground-breaking exotic offbeat out of the ordinary radical outlandish off-centre rare abnormal advanced modern atypical exceptional extraordinary eccentric state-of-the-art modernistic bizarre neoteric unwonted originative disruptive untried alternative left-field special remarkable anomalous odd idiosyncratic aberrant refreshing distinctive avant garde extreme cutting-edge leading-edge uncustomary unparalleled unequalled unmatched unrivalled incomparable unrivaled unequaled matchless unexcelled amazing peerless breaking new ground phenomenal out-of-the-way signal without equal unheard of beyond compare irregular sui generis one of a kind surprising seminal recent individual resourceful nonconformist individualistic peculiar inspiring cutting edge outstanding Promethean heterodox prodigious freakish divergent striking weird perverse oddball record untypical freak fantastic cranky zany heteroclite outré momentous marvellous Bohemian outre marvelous miraculous preternatural unimaginable off-the-wall way-out just out without parallel off the wall first-time far-out in a league of its own welcome stimulating quirky forward-looking latest fringe unconforming non-standard artful transformational fertile alternate variational up to date brand new deviceful demiurgic productive out of the common not just another marginal up-to-date this season's new-fangled curious go-ahead funny queer unexpected variant altered alien foreign quaint ready imported not prepared out of the way inconceivable untested offensive obscure shocking outrageous unacceptable undiscovered unbelievable unthinkable unremarked disgraceful unsung unregarded preposterous funky little-known unlikely undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned nameless far cry little known heretical dissenting out-there unceremonious heretic dissident nonorthodox iconoclastic dissentient maverick informal never before encountered improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal out there flakey kinky beatnik flaky crazy sectarian anarchic untraditional schismatic exclusive classic essential exemplary ultimate prototypical typical quintessential model ideal off the beaten path consummate notable extraordinaire archetypal superlative something else unsurpassable separate utmost one-off exquisite without precedent nonpareil paramount unordinary primo incredible superior unparagoned supreme second to none unrepeatable in a class by itself one and only noteworthy purpose-built perfect standout once-in-a-lifetime unsurpassed irreplaceable best one-of-a-kind inimitable transcendent unrepeated all-time

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